The Soldier Comes Home

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Hi, this is L.A.Wicker. I wrote this story after seeing a bad-ass movie called, ‘Home of the Brave’. But, this is my take on a young lady coming home after being blown up in Iraq. My editor thinks I’m wrong about my comments, but ofw, Oh Fucking Well! I hate that ass-hole in the white house and he has caused so much pain and hurt, over bull-shit! He only has a few months left, them we’ll have a muslem in there. That’ll be a new one. Enjoy!


Jim hurried through the house making sure that everything was perfect for Holly’s return home and he hoped that it was. She had just spent a year in Iraq, thanks to lies from the government and a president that should have been impeached.

“Well shit, I guess that’s all I can do.” Jim said with a long, drawn out sigh, looking at a few of the many things he had done for Holly. “Guess I best get my ass down to City Hall before they start calling me,” he added as he grabbed his car keys and cell-phone from a small table next to the front door and he left.

The drive downtown, took less than five minutes and the Mayor Tom Johnson greeted Jim. “I was just about to call you. We were about to go out to the airport, but I wanted to wait for you.” The large, overweight man said with a chuckle.

‘That was mighty white of you since she’s my daughter!’ Jim laughed to himself as he looked around and could not believe how many people had shown up for Holly’s return home. Hardly anyone in town even knew her, but they were all here and working really hard to get everything set up.

“I’m glad you did.” Jim said as he got out of his car and lit a quick smoke, before this crazy day got started. “I just wanting to make sure my house was finished and ready for her,” he added and puffed away on the smoke.

“Relax, everything will be fine.” The Mayor said with a big smile. “You’ve been working on your place for three months and all of the people in town are ready to help you.”

Jim shook his head and hoped it was finished and ready for the love of his life. “I hope so. Oh, I’m going to let her get relaxed and used to being home, before anyone comes around. So, if you’d spread the word, I’d be thankful.” he replied with a smile.

“Are you going to be helping her or is someone from the V.A. coming by?” The Mayor asked with a little shock.

“I think that I can handle things just fine. I changed and took care of her when she was a baby!” Jim laughed, but the Mayor did not.

“Only if you’re sure, Jim. She’s a mite bigger now!”

“I’ve got it covered so please tell everyone to stay away!” Jim snapped at the fat man.

The mayor was a little shocked at the way Jim spoke to him, but she was Jim’s daughter and he would know what was best for her. “Ok,” he replied and walked away.

“Fat mother-fucker, you didn’t give a shit about us, until you heard about Holly being on CNN and them coming here for her homecoming. But, I told them to go a suck a dog’s dick too and they won’t be coming!” Jim laughed under his breath, watching the people running around like ants, before it rained on them.


Jim stood waiting at the long set of stairs, waiting for Holly to appear from the small airplane and his heart was pumping so fast, he thought that he was having a heart attack. He hadn’t seen her in three long years and at long last, she was home and back in his life.

He felt someone tap on his shoulder and when Jim turned to see who it was, he saw the Mayor standing there. “So, where are all of the news people? They said that they would be here when her plane landed.” The Mayor asked.

Jim just smiled at him and replied. “They won’t be here. I told them to go fuck off! Nobody cared about Holly when she lived here, so why should they start now?”

“We’ve went through a lot for this and you told them ‘not’ to come?” The Mayor asked as anger rushed through his fat body and hoped that Jim was just fucking with him.

“Why should they be here? Holly has been through enough, without someone trying to shove a fucking camera up her ass! They don’t give a shit about her! They just wanted a quick story about a young girl getting her arms blown off and how her life will never be the same!”

“What am I going to tell these people? They’ve worked so hard on this and I’m going to look like a fool!”

“If the shoe fits.” Jim laughed and his eyes were filled with a beautiful, young lady, standing at the top of the stairs.

She stood tall and so very proud, even with all that she had been through over the last four months. Her dark, brown hair was blowing in the soft, summer breeze and across her pretty face. Her pretty, brown eyes saw her Daddy and they were filled with joy and very large tears of happiness.

Holly tossed her small travel bag aside, ran down the steep stairs and jumped into his arms. “Daddy, I missed you so much!” she cried and hugged him with her ‘new’ rubber arms, that the army had given her to replace her own. How wonderful of them!

He held her tight and Jim knew that she would never, ever leave him bahis firmaları again. “Oh baby, I’ve missed you too!” Jim whispered as he hugged her wonderful body to his and something crossed his mind. Holly wasn’t wearing her uniform. “Where’s your uniform, baby?” he asked her, but Jim didn’t really care, he loved seeing Holly in her skin-tight jeans.

“In the fuckin’ trash can back at the hospital and I hope that they’re getting burned as we speak!” Holly laughed and noticed all kinds of people cheering and waving at her. “What’s going on?” she asked her Dad and tried to hide her face from all of the people.

“The Mayor heard that CNN was coming to see you and he took it upon himself to set all of this up for you.” Jim said and he quickly saw that Holly did not want any of this. “Try to act like you are having fun. It shouldn’t take very long and then, we’ll go home.” Jim said with a smile and he couldn’t wait to get Holly all to himself.

She smiled at him and couldn’t wait to be in his complete care. Holly and her Daddy were very close to begin with and now, she knew that they were going to be getting, really close.

“I will, Daddy.” Holly whispered to him and she stood up on her toes and lightly kissed him on the lips. “I love you so much, Daddy,” she whispered again, enjoying his massive arms around her back and resting just above her ass.

He hugged her and Jim couldn’t wait to get her home. They had so many things to talk about and it was going to be so nice having her back in his life. “I love you too, baby girl.” Jim whispered to Holly and he couldn’t resist kissing her ear.

Her young body shivered and Holly’s nipples grew hard, when Daddy kissed her ear. ‘I love it when you do that to me! I get so fuckin’ horny!’ she moaned to herself and hoped that her blouse would hide her very erect, nipples from the crowd of people.


After an hour, all of the crap was over and Jim drove towards his house. “I hope we can do this without any help,” he said as Holly rested against his side and it felt so good to hold her.

“I think we can, Daddy, but I’m gunna need a lot of help from you. I can’t do anything for myself.” Holly said as her eyes filled with tears, wishing that the fuck-head in the White House would die for what he did to so many people.

“Baby, I’m here for you and I will take care of my girl.” Jim smiled as he gave Holly’s full, 36-inch ass a few loving pats.

She felt his big, strong hand on her butt and Holly was in heaven. “I know you will, Daddy, but I can’t even…wipe my own ass!” she replied with a sniff, trying to hold back tears of hurt, but Holly broke down.

Jim hugged Holly tighter and wanted to cry with her. “Baby, I’m here for you and I’ll take wonderful care of my girl,” he said as tears started forming in his eyes and he pulled on their road.

Once at home, Jim unloaded Holly’s bags and couldn’t wait to show her all of the things he did to make her life better. “I did some things to the house. I think you’re going to like them.” Jim said as he stood in from of Holly, admiring her very hard nipples and tight, tight jeans.

“How did you get into those jeans?” he asked with a big smile and Jim could not wait to start helping Holly do things like that.

“I had a really cool nurse. She helped me get them on, but I really need to get them off now. I gotta pee so bad, I hurt!” Holly said with pain and she started to squirm.

Jim saw her in pain and he hurried towards the house. “Come on, let’s hurry! We don’t want you peeing in them,” he said with a laugh, threw down her bags and they rushed to the bathroom.

Once there, neither of them knew what to say or do. “So, um…what do I need to do?” Jim asked as he looked to Holly’s beautiful face and her big, brown eyes.

“Unbutton them and pull down, while I wiggle my butt out of them,” she said with a grin, knowing that Daddy was going to love seeing her naked. He always loved it when she wore skimpy things for him and now, she was at his mercy and Holly loved it.

Jim did as instructed and hoped that he could do this, without staring at her too much. “If I stare at you, I’m sorry. You’re a beautiful, young lady and I’m a horny, ol’ man!” he laughed, grabbed the belt loops on her jeans and Holly started to wiggle her gorgeous ass.

“Daddy, I’m not really worried about that. I know how you love to look at me and it doesn’t bother me one bit.” Holly smiled at him as she wiggled her butt and Daddy’s big, handsome eyes were trying their best not to look at her.

Once her jeans and panties were down, Holly quickly sat down and let the warm pee flow from her body. “Oh hell yeah!” she laughed and she felt so good.

“Have you ever wiped a woman off?” Holly asked and loved the look on his rugged face having a good idea that he hadn’t.

“No!” Jim replied as he fought not to look at Holly’s bare, lower body. He did love looking at her but not this way. She was helpless now and needed his help.

Holly held back a laugh and wished that she could kaçak iddaa run her fingers through his thick, dark hair, but her fingers were somewhere in Iraq. “Daddy, relax, it’s really easy to do. You get some paper, fold it up and gently pat me a few times.” Holly said with a soft voice and she hoped that Daddy would be able to do all that she would need.

“I’m trying baby,” he replied and did as she said.

“See, it was easy as pie!” Holly said with a grin and stood up. “Pull up my panties and then my jeans and we’ll be all done!” she added, making sure that he had a perfect view of her pussy.

He tried not looking at her tiny, blue panties and gently pulled them up Holly’s sexy hips. “You just had to wear that color, didn’t you?” Jim said wide a smile as he enjoyed the soft garment against his fingers.

“Heck yeah I did! I know what my Daddy likes and I got keep you happy.” Holly smiled, watching him trying his best not to look at her.

“Do you mind if I just leave my jeans off and run around in my undies for the rest of the day? It’ll be a lot easier the next time I gotta go.”

He stood up and looked into her dreamy eyes, wishing that she had never gone away. “If you’re ok with it,” he replied with a smile and Jim felt so bad for her.

“Plus, I need to get these stupid, fucking things off my arms, so I can hug my man and feel it!” Holly said as they walked back through the big house to her room.

“I’ve been thinking about how we should do this and here’s my idea. I know you’ve never had to do anything like this before and I want it to go as smoothly as possible.” Holly said as she looked at him and she smiled.

“I’m doing my best and if I do anything wrong or hurt you in any way…you best say something!” Jim replied as he ran his big hands over the sides of her face.

“You’re doing a great job so far, Daddy, and I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

“I just want to make sure, baby. I’d die if I hurt you.” Jim said as he looked into her dark and very sexy eyes.

She stepped towards him and pressed her body against his and smiled. “You’d never hurt me, Daddy.” Holly whispered and wished that she could hug him better and really let him know how much she loved him.

He hugged her, making sure his hands were just above her butt and Jim enjoyed the feel of Holly’s sexy body against him. “If I do…you best say something and I mean it, little girl!”

“Oh Daddy…this makes me feel so good to have you hold me like this. Can we do this again later…on the sofa?” Holly purred with a soft, but needful voice as she snuggled her face into his neck and his manly scent, quickly drifted up her nose.

He held Holly close and it did feel so good. “I guess so, but I don’t have any movies you’ll like. Since I’ve been alone I kinda…um…started buying…adult movies to watch.”

“Ahhh, Daddy got himself some of them ‘good’ movies!” Holly giggled. “I’m a big girl, Daddy. I can watch one with you.”

Jim didn’t really know how to tell his very sexy daughter that he had nothing but incest movies, about Dad’s screwing their daughters. “I’m not sure about that. I have real bad ones and it might shock you. I need a good, stiff drink, how about you?” he said giving her another hug and he led her to the kitchen.

“Daddy, I’m a big girl now!” Holly giggled as she watched him making two, rum and cokes. “What are they, people fucking animals or what?”

He opened a drawer and pulled out a box of straws, put one in her glass and they sat at the table. “Nah, not that kind of crap!” Jim said as he sipped his drink and watched his pretty daughter take a small drink of hers. “Is it good?” he asked and she just replied with a little smile.

“Yes, it is very good. Now, are you ever gunna tell me what they are?”

Jim squirmed in his chair and knew there was no getting out of this. “Well, don’t think I’m a pervert, but um…oh boy! They are movies about people acting like…um…”

“Come on, spit it out!” Holly laughed at him and wondered why he was so embarrassed to tell her.

“They are fake movies about a guy and a young girl, acting like they are Dad and daughter.”

“Holy shit, are kidding me?” she giggled and it felt like a bolt of lightening had shot in her lonely pussy.

“No,” he all but whispered.

“I think that’s hot as hell, Daddy. What made you buy movies like that?” she asked with a sexy smile and took a long drink from her straw.

He lifted his glass, downed it in three gulps and replied. “The girl’s on the covers looked good.”

“Cool, but the girl calling a guy ‘Daddy’ while he screws the shit out of her, had nothing to do with it?” Holly asked and wondered if he had ever thought of doing that to her. They were always snuggling, she even felt his stiff dick on her a few times, and Holly loved it too.

He just shook his head, laughed and went to make another drink. “You want another one, baby?”

“Sure thing, but are you gunna answer me?” Holly said as she looked at the front of his jeans, wondering kaçak bahis if this was turning him on or not, because her blood was starting to boil.

Jim could feel his cock tingle and starting to fill with blood. “Maybe, maybe not!” he laughed and sat back down at the table with the two drinks. “Do you still smoke?” Jim asked as he held up his cigarettes.

“Yeah, I’ll have one, but you’ll have to help me with it.”

He smiled, got his glass and moved to sit next to Holly. “I like this.” Jim said as he held it up to Holly’s lips.

“What do you like?” she asked, blowing out the smoke.

“Helping you do things. It’s the first time in years that I’ve felt needed.”

“You may not feel that way in a week or so!” Holly laughed as she leaned to take another drink from her glass.

Jim gently caressed her back and replied. “Nah, you’re my girl and I’ll always love helping you.”

“Thank you so much, Daddy. I didn’t know if you’d be willing to take this on or not. I was worried that I’d have to move into some crappy nursing home.”

“Yeah, like I’d do that to you! I should stand you up and slap that bare ass!”

“I might like it. I haven’t been with anyone in almost two years.”

“Ouch, you sound like me! I haven’t had any in…let me think…three years!”

“Poor Daddy! As good-looking as you are, you should have a bunch of young babes kicking in the door!”

“Yeah right, young babes?” Jim laughed and wished he did have a young babe to screw.

She laughed, but not at what he said. “Daddy, every girlfriend I had, wanted to fuck you!”

“No way!”

“Uh, yes way and I’m not kidding!” Holly said as she thought back in time and how jealous she would get, when her friends flirted with him.

Jim sat there and after he thought about it, he knew that Holly was telling him the truth. “Truthfully, none of them didn’t do anything for me, they were too damn skinny!” he replied and one sexy girl, did fill his mind.

“Not one of them turned you on?”

He puffed his cigarette and held hers up. “Nope, not a single one of them did.” Jim lied as one of her sexy friends filled his mind.

“Wow, that is a shocker. I thought they drove you nuts.”

Jim smiled as he remembered the teasing and crap Holly’s friends did to him but it was nothing. “No, not at all.”

“Good, the little bitches used to make me so mad!” Holly growled and took another big drink from her glass.

“Why’s that?”

Holly’s face turned red and it felt like her nipples were going to burst under her bra. “I was mad because…you were my guy and I wanted you all to myself.”

“Well, you got your wish now,” he smiled and leaned to kiss Holly’s cheek.

“Yeah I do, but I wish that this shit hadn’t happened to me.” Holly replied and tears started to fill her pretty, dark eyes.

He leaned over and pulled her on his lap. “That doesn’t matter, baby. You’re my girl and that’s all that counts.” Jim smiled and slowly looked down and took her smalls arms in his hands.

“Are you sure, Daddy?” Holly asked with a helpless tone as Jim reached down to hold what was left of her tiny hands and arms.

He kissed each of her stumps as he looked deep into her eyes and Holly cried more, but these were tears of happiness.

“I’m very sure! Now, let’s drink, soldier!” Jim said with a loud and very commanding voice and gave her arms, one last kiss.

Holly laughed and yelled back to him. “YES SIR!”


They continued drinking for an hour or so, when Jim said. “Baby, let’s go sit in the den or somewhere we can relax a little better than this.” He groaned and twisted his upper body until it popped.

“Damn, Daddy, you’re falling apart on me!” Holly giggled as she watched her handsome Daddy stretching out his gorgeous body and she was now on fire.

He gave her a surprised look and laughed, but it wasn’t the same kind of laugh. Jim was laughing because; he still had the stamina of an eighteen-year-old boy. “Little girl, your Dad may be getting a little old, but I bet I could still wear out any of your old friends and come back for seconds!” he said and stuck out his chest to Holly.

She heard him and a very, very dirty thought, filled Holly’s mind. ‘The way I feel right now and as much as I love you Daddy,’ she paused to look down to the front of his jeans, wondering if he was getting hard yet.

He always did when they would just sit together for an hour, sometimes much longer and have a great time just taking. ‘I’d let you fuck me to death!’ Holly laughed to herself as she envisioned Daddy’s remarkably long cock taking her.

“Bragging are we?” Holly said with a low, sexy voice and she winked her left eye.

“Nope, just stating a fact!” Jim replied, reached down and scooped her up in his arms. “I should take you in the other room and um…” Jim paused and he had a dirty thought too. “Spank your ass!” he said, but it wasn’t what he was thinking.

Holly heard him and her clit began to swell up, her nipples were hard and a little fire had begun to burn in Holly’s pussy. “Mmmm, I haven’t had a good spanking in a very long time! I’m sure it would feel awesome!” Holly giggled as she tried to hug him with what was left of her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32