The Morrisons Ch. 14

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Big Dicks

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**Before you read this chapter be advised it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and or love making between two or more consenting adults.

**IF you get upset or you lose sleep at night over anything sexual, PLEASE don’t read any further. If you choose to read this chapter after being WARNED, you have only yourself to blame. Please don’t leave derogatory comments.

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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first, so you’ll understand the character’s actions as you read this chapter. I’ve added a list of the main story characters on the last page of the story. Please enjoy!

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

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From – Chapter 13

Beth rolled over and embraced Kim and they hugged and kissed for a few seconds then Beth rolled over and hugged me to her naked body and kissed me. When our kiss ended Beth rolled back on her back then looked at each of us before saying, “Is this real or is this Memorex?”

All of us laughed for a few seconds then I said, “It’s as real as you want it to be. I love you and I look forward to the possibility of our relationship blossoming into something very beautiful and fulfilling for all of us.”

Kim said, “I don’t want to be a spoil sport of it’s late and we need to get to sleep otherwise we are going to all regret it tomorrow.”

We took turns kissing and then I hit the switch on the headboard and turned off the light. I moved in close to Beth and she took my hand and placed in on her pussy. Within a few seconds I felt a female hand being placed on top of mine. Then I heard Beth say in a quiet voice, “I want both of you to know, I love your proposal and I want…….. oh your hands on my pussy feels so good.”


Chapter 14

I woke up about fifteen minutes before my alarm clock went off so I reached over and hit the button and turned it off before it caused too much of a ruckus. When I rolled back I looked into Kim’s smiling face, then her eyes looked downward and when I followed her eyes, I saw a very naked Beth lying between us on her back. Kim was smiling the proverbial ear to ear smile. Looking at Kim’s face again, I saw her mouth the words, “I love you.”

As much as I hated to disturb Beth’s peaceful sleep, I nudged her only a couple of times before her eyes fluttered then opened. Beth looked up at me then turned her head and looked at Kim before saying, “Good morning. What a lovely way to wake up.”

Beth continued by saying, “I slept on your proposal and I think before we decide anything, we should meet with the other family members to make sure everyone approves. They should be able to voice their opinions so no one feels left out of this important decision; and it is a very important decision.”

Kim leaned over and kissed Beth and then Beth rolled her head towards me and I kissed her passionately then said, “Beth, by your statement, you just proved to us that we made our proposal to the right person. I’m sure you will fit right in and become an equal member of our family. We’ll set up a family meeting with Jenna and Terri because one is our daughter and the other has accepted us as her parents.”

Before we crawled out of bed we hugged and kissed a few minutes. When my feet hit the floor I told the girls, “I’ll be right back; I’ve got to go wake up Jenna.”

I walked down the hall looking into each room as I went. What an exquisite warm feeling I had surge through my body – seeing nude people sleeping peacefully. I walked into Jenna’s room and my lovely daughter was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open and her left middle finger was tucked into the top of her pussy, over her clit. An urge surged through my body as I crawled up on her bed as gently as I could. When I was within tongue distance from her sweet pussy I stuck out my tongue and licked her. The first time I didn’t get any response, but the second time a small moan escaped her lips. On the third lick, I pushed my tongue into her slit and moved illegal bahis all the way up to the top and pushed her finger out off her clit. That time, without opening her eyes, she mumbled, “mmmmmm that feels fantastic!”

Without any hesitation I used my thumbs to open her delicate flower exposing her button clit to my view. I licked and sucked her clit and soon my baby daughter was humping her hips trying her best to keep my tongue attached to her clit. I knew I didn’t have much time so I sucked her little nubbin between my lips and trapped it in my teeth then I used my tongue to massage it and sent Jenna into seventh heaven. Jenna was moaning and screaming louder than I realized. When I pulled my face away from her pussy, I noticed Ted, Marion, Mary and Shelly had rushed to Jenna’s bedroom to see if there was a problem, and then stayed to watch me give my daughter a morning wake up orgasm. When Jenna could breathe a little bit normal again she smiled at me saying, “Oh God, daddy, you sure know what a girl needs to start off her day right.”

I smiled and said, “You trained me right, baby. However, it’s time to get up and get through the shower. I’ve got to get going myself.”

I crawled off the bed and smiled at all the observers then said, “Good morning, I really didn’t mean to wake all of you up.”

Ted put his arm around my shoulders and said, “I have to ask you a question. Come on let’s walk back to your room.”

As we walked down the hall towards my room and out of earshot of the others, Ted leaned over to me saying, “Marion and I will be coming to the event tonight. We are going to reverse rolls for tonight and we aren’t going to talk to anyone, so don’t be offended. I can’t take the chance of anyone recognizing me, by hearing me talk. I want you to know I’m committed to seeing those scum bags get what’s coming to them.”

I smiled at Ted and said, “I’m glad to hear you’ve figured out how to be there. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but any type of punishment is going to be good.”

By the time I walked into my bathroom Kim and Beth were just finishing up so I stepped in with them and both of them started washing my body. When we were finished, Beth went to her room where she had her personal items so she could finish getting ready for work.

Kim and I finished our personal grooming before we got dressed, then we headed down to the kitchen. When we entered the dining room we saw everyone already seated at the dining room table. I smiled and said, “Good morning, it warms my heart to see our friends first thing in the morning.”

Kim smiled at everyone and said, “For years it was just a three of us and I enjoyed those years very much, however, seeing all of you early in the morning makes my day.”

Terri asked us what we wanted to eat for breakfast and I told her what I’d like for breakfast with Kim, Jenna and Beth agreeing with my selection. Terri, Mary and Marion all walked into the kitchen. Marion and Mary came back with coffee for Kim and me and soon the trio was back carrying our breakfast.

We ate breakfast and talked about what had to be done today in preparation for Saturday’s party. Terri said she was making all the phone calls today and would have the tent delivered this afternoon and set up. Terri asked, “Since we are unsure of the number of people who may attend the party and I have to give the caterer a number today, should I bump the number up to sixty people?”

Kim immediately asked, “Terri what if we don’t have sixty people here for the party; what will we do with all the extra food?”

Terri thought for a moment then said, “It won’t be a problem. If we have extra food left over, we can donate it to that homeless veteran’s kitchen in the city. They used to stop at the store where I used to work and get some things for the veterans. I’m sure they won’t be hard to find.”

I looked at Terri and said, “Go ahead and tell the caterer sixty people and when the party is over we’ll find out where that homeless veteran’s kitchen is and even if we don’t have food left, we’ll take them a check on Sunday. I didn’t know there was a homeless veteran shelter around here.”

Mary looked at Ted and said, “I think I know where that place is. It’s down on Front Street, next to the river. I remember seeing guys in old military clothes hanging out down there when I was on patrol.”

Ted said, “I’ll drive down there today and see where it is. Maybe they’ll give me a tour of the place. I didn’t realize they were there either and I’m a cop in the city.”

Terri said, “Since we are having a caterer, would it be ok if I contacted a DJ or a small band? I know its short notice, but someone always knows someone who isn’t booked and would be able to play.”

Kim spoke up asking, “How would you go about getting someone who would play at a nudist event on such short notice?”

Soft spoken Hanna said, “Mom, who would turn down a chance to see naked females wiggle their ass and shake their tits while dancing?” The room erupted in laughter and everyone congratulated Hanna on her comment, including Kim.

Kim illegal bahis siteleri looked at Terri and said, “You’ll have to be discreet with who you get for music.”

Terri smiled back and said, “Don’t worry mom, I’ll even interview them today if you want me to.”

I looked around the table and said, “Well girls we have to get our butts moving if we are going to beat the heavy traffic.” I picked up my cup and finished the rest of my coffee then stood up and brushed down the front of my suit.

There was a rush of people leaving Kim, Jenna, Beth and me behind in the dining room. When we walked into the kitchen everyone was lined up for kisses and hugs on our way out to the garage. I smiled as I went down the line and enjoyed that brief moment with each one of these wonderful people. In the garage I opened the door and Jenna started to walk out when I asked her, “How many times a week do you flash the truckers?”

Jenna stopped and spun around asking, “Why, daddy?”

I smiled and said, “Your mom told me you flashed them often. Sometimes you flashed them without your skirt on.”

Jenna smiled and said, “Don’t worry, daddy, I only let them look and then I drive on. I’m not dumb enough to stop and talk to a stranger. I just want to make their day by showing them my pussy.”

I smiled and said, “I want you to be careful when you do something and there isn’t anyone around to protect you.”

Jenna smiled that award winning smile at me saying, “Yes, daddy, I will.”

Kim and Beth sat down in my car and Kim pulled her skirt up enough to show me she didn’t put any panties on again today. I smiled as she opened her legs and said, “Make sure you find some trucks on the interstate.”

I saw Beth’s face in my rear view mirror and she was smiling, then she winked at me. I did as Kim requested and pulled up beside four trucks on the way to work. Kim laughed while I was beside one truck. I asked her what was so funny and she said it was a female driver and she was licking the “V” between her fingers then pointing at Kim. I stayed beside that truck longer than I did any of the others, but soon it was time to get off the interstate so I told Kim to wave goodbye. Kim not only waved goodbye, but she also blew the females truck driver a kiss before I stepped on the gas and moved ahead so I could get off at the next exit.

I pulled up in front of Kim’s office and she leaned over and kissed me, then blew a kiss to Beth in the back seat. Kim pulled down her skirt and opened her door to get out. She leaned down and said, “I’ll let everyone know I will be away for a few days next week. I can’t wait to go to Germany.”

While I was driving over to our office building Beth was silently sitting in the back seat. I would look up at her in the rear view mirror and she would smile at me each time. When I got to our building, I parked in my designated spot and got out of the car. I opened the back door for Beth and when I looked in she was sitting there with her skirt up around her waist and her legs spread. I looked into Beth’s eyes as she stared up at me before asking, “Would you like me to take my skirt off and walk in without it?”

I smiled and said, “You are going to get us in trouble. But hell, I love trouble. No, you had better leave your skirt on until we get to the office.”

My cock was down my left pant leg and it was very, very, obvious I had a hard on from seeing Kim and now Beth with their skirts pulled up. I had Beth walk in front of me so my hard on wouldn’t be so obvious to anyone we passed on the way to our offices. We stopped briefly at Kelly’s desk and she handed each of us a folder and told us the folders contained more information about our trip. Kelly told us she would be right in with our coffee and Danish. Just as we turned to walk into the office, Kelly said, “I would like to go on a trip with you some day. I envy both of you going to Germany.”

I smiled at Kelly and said, “Someday I’ll take you on a trip.”

Beth and I walked into her office where she turned and said, “Kelly saw your cock. I’m sure of it because her eyes locked on your crotch area and when I looked down I noticed you were standing off to one side of me.”

I smiled and said, “I guess she is going to learn our secret sooner or later, but I hope she isn’t one of those blabber-mouthed secretaries.”

Beth asked, “Do you want me to talk to her and find out what she’s thinking?”

“Yes, but do it as one of those female to female discussions instead of work related type discussion. I am sure you know what I mean.” I said with a huge smile on my face.

“I know what you mean and when I talk to her I’d like to be in a place where we can really talk. I’m going to take my secretary out to lunch today. That’s if it’s ok with my boss.” Beth winked at me when she finished talking.

I was sitting behind my desk when Kelly came in with our coffee and Danish. Once she gave each of us our coffee I said, “Kelly, please get your coffee and come back here.”

While she was out of the room I looked at Beth saying, “I want you to talk to her then canlı bahis siteleri invite her to lunch today. Tell her to choose a fine restaurant and make reservations for two. Then I want you to call Joe and have him drive the two of you to lunch. That will make her feel special and more likely to open up to you.”

When Kelly returned with her coffee she sat down and Beth started the conversation by asking how Kelly was adjusting to her new position. Kelly was very candid and told us what we wanted to hear. After a few minutes I asked Kelly if she had any suggestions for possible changes. She thought about my question then smiled saying, “I don’t at this time, but may I reserve the option to tell you if I come up with anything?”

I looked directly at Kelly for a moment then replied, “Sure, we can leave that question open-ended. If you ever have a suggestion, you may come to me with it.”

Beth spoke up saying, “Kelly, I’d like to get to know you a little better so I’d like to take you to lunch today. I want you to choose an upscale restaurant and make noon time reservations for the two of us. Whatever restaurant you choose, please tell them you want to be seated in a quiet corner, so we can talk. Oh, make a third reservation in a different part of the restaurant for Joe. I’ll make arrangements with Joe to pick us up and take us to lunch.”

Kelly was all smiles when she said, “I’ll get right on it. Thank you so much for taking me to lunch. Should I make arrangements for someone to sit at my desk and answer the phone while we are out?”

I said, “Yes, Kelly, you should always have someone sit in for you while you are away from your desk. Beth, please work with Kelly to develop a short list of secretaries to call on when Kelly is away from her desk.”

I reminded Kelly neither Beth nor I would be in the office on Monday through most of next week. I told her she can contact either of us on our cell phones during that time if something important comes up. Smiling I said, “If that’s all for now, I have to get through this paperwork. Kelly, Beth and I will be leaving early today so we can prepare for our trip.”

Kelly stood up and walked out of the office and my eyes were drawn to her ass as it gently swayed side to side while Kelly’s ass cheeks moved up and down with each step she took. When she closed the door I looked at Beth and she had a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. I stared at her for a few moments then I asked, “Why are you smiling like the Cheshire cat?”

Beth giggled before she started with, “Oh, nothing really. I saw you notice Kelly has great assets as well as being a very professional secretary. I don’t blame you because I’ve been checking her out myself.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, Kelly is very professional.”

Beth sat in her chair and pulled her shirt up and opened her legs then said, “I need to call my parents if you want them here tomorrow for the party. How do you plan to get them here if they decide to take you up on your offer?”

I leaned forward looked directly between Beth’s legs and talked to her pussy when I said, “I want you to come over here and call your parents on the speaker phone and at the appropriate time I will make my suggestion if it sounds like they are interesting in coming.”

Beth stood up and walked around behind my desk and pushed the speaker phone button and I heard the dial tone. After she dialed the number the phone rang four times before we heard a female voice say, “Hello?”

Beth immediately identified herself and started a conversation with her mom. They talked briefly about how each of them were doing before Beth said, “Mom, I’m at work so I don’t have a lot of time to talk now, but if everything works out we will have a lot of time to catch up tomorrow. I called to ask if you and dad would like to come here for a party tomorrow.”

Beth’s mom said, “Oh honey, we’d love to, but you are four hours away and besides, your little sister is here with her boyfriend for the weekend. We can’t leave them here while we go off someplace, it wouldn’t be polite.”

I looked at Beth at the same time Beth said, “Mom, you are on speaker phone and I’m standing next to Mr. Morrison, who is my boss, and he is the one who is inviting you to his home for the party. I think he has something to say mom.”

I looked up at Beth then said, “Hello, Mrs. Thompson, my name is Dan Morrison and you may call me Dan.”

Beth’s mom said, “Hello, Dan, I am very happy to hear my daughter is doing so well working for you. She called us and told us about how you helped her get a promotion to executive secretary. She has always been a very hard worker and her father and I really appreciate you being so kind to her. Oh, by the way, you can call me Kathy and I spell my name with a “K”.”

I smiled up at Beth while listening to her mom then said, “Ok, Kathy with a “K”, thank you very much, but you are giving me far more credit than I deserve. Beth is the one who did all the hard work and showed me her abilities to succeed in whatever she does. However, the reason for this call is to invite you to a small party of about sixty people tomorrow at my home. You can bring your daughter and her friend with you, there will be plenty of food and we can always make arrangements for you to stay over so you won’t have to travel back tomorrow night.”

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