The Life of Giving : Chapter 2 : Just The Beginnin

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The Life of Giving : Chapter 2 : Just The Beginnin
After a long sleepless night, mostly thinking about Samer and getting frustrated because he had no WhatsApp profile photo and I could only vaguely remember what he looks like, finally the morning came and brought more frustrations. What to wear? Does it even matter? What if he’s married? What if he’s gay? What if he’s a terrorist? Is it ok for a Catholic to kiss a Muslim? What if he hates the gays? But still, with every question that came into my mind, I just tried to focus on drinking that damn coffee and definitely not fall asleep during the 200km drive to his refugee camp. The drive seemed to have been so short because I was extremely anxious to see him.

Already approaching the gates with my car I see him behind the fence, smiling at me. I remember thinking to myself that I was fucking crazy to do this. He waved as I got closer with the car and quickly came to the guards. I had his release papers in my hands and my brain was working at 110%. But I remember how all of the questions and insecurities just went away as soon as I saw him just a few meters from me, with that damn sexy smile. Suddenly all was irrelevant. After the guards checked the papers and me giving them his new address, he was free to go. He approached me slowly, and to my surprise, gave me a big long hug! I was in heaven. Literally. He was even hotter than I remembered. His dark hair, his perfect smile, his firm body. And the manly smell of his skin… I could feel my dick waking up so I immediately broke the hug and shook his hand.

Me: it’s nice to finally meet you again in person!

Samer: my friend, bahis firmaları I am so happy to see you. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if you have maybe been joking with me. But you are really here!

Me: well, hop in the car and let’s go home then. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend another second here.

Samer: I can’t wait to get out of here, although I must say, I’ve made some really good friends here, and we had each others back.

Having said that, he waves from the car to a bunch of maybe five or six guys his age and loudly tells them something in Arabic language. Just hearing that sexy language and the manly tone coming out of his mouth made me shiver. I had to stop thinking about him sexually, he considers me a friend, and friends don’t prey on friends. I have promised myself to really take a step back and try not to interpret stuff and his words the wrong way, as I just recently did with that hug.

On our way home we stopped at a local restaurant because I was pretty sure he hadn’t eaten very regularly in the camp, and I helped him to find a meal that is suitable to his religious and cultural heritage. Given the fact that the restaurant had literally zero halal meat on the menu, he then ordered fish and fries. He was very reluctant to order anything to eat or drink as, in his words, he didn’t want to abuse my generosity.

After lunch and a very funny drive, we’re finally at the front doors of the apartment and he started to take off his shoes. Good God. Reality check: I’ve had like zero contact with Muslims so far, not because I hated them or something, but I literally knew one guy with a Muslim name, perabet and he ate pork and drank alcohol more than a freshmen college guy. I guess it was too late to do the homework now, so I’m gonna have to improvise. I took him on a small tour of my even smaller apartment and gave him a clean towel because he wanted to take a shower. I was sitting on my bed in the room for what it seemed like an eternity when he finally opened the bathroom door and entered the room completely naked.

Samer: I forgot to take some clean clothes with me in the bathroom, sorry.

Me: Errm, it’s ok, we’re all guys here.

And boy oh boy was it ok! His dark skin, hairy legs, ass, hands and chest. His perfectly groomed crotch hair. And his amazing dick. We are sharing this apartment for merely an hour and already I want to touch him, kiss him,… I had to stop myself from thinking.

Samer: is it ok if I sit next to you like this?

Me: sure it is… Can I do something to make you more comfortable? Like maybe get you some fresh clothes from my closet?

Samer: maybe you can help me out with something… -he hesitated- … look, I’m not gay, but I didn’t have sex in a long time… and I have seen the gay flag in your bathroom… so maybe…?

Me: maybe what?

Samer: I don’t know, maybe you would like to help me with this…

His eyes go down towards his crotch area. I cant believe this is happening, I can’t look, what if he isn’t hard and is thinking about something else. But what?

He stands up and suddenly his big hard Muslim dick is in front of my face.

Samer: suck it. I want you to suck my dick.

Me: are you sur…

As I attempt to finish my sentence perabet giriş he pushes his dick on my lips and repeats almost angrily: “suck it”.

I open my mouth and take the tip of his dick in my mouth and start to lick it gently.

Samer: no, bitch, I said suck it.

He forces his dick deep into my mouth, I can already feel it in my throat.

Samer: if you don’t want to suck it then I’m gonna make you suck it.

He continues to fuck my mouth and pushing his cock balls deep in my throat. Holding my hair really tight he starts to breathe heavily. I look at him and he slaps me.

Samer: who told you to look at me, slut? Keep your gay shit to yourself you faggot.

I mumble and start to suck even harder, I can barely breathe as he rams his cock in my mouth. I look at his cock, at his hairy body, and it excites me so much. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and orders me to lick his balls.

Samer: yeah you dirty bitch, lick those balls… mmmmm… make them ready to shoot…

As I lick and suck on his balls, he fondled himself and once again rammed his cock back into my mouth.

Samer: now you will swallow the dick, I will cum in your throat…

Samer: relax your throat you slut and take my man juice.

Samer: oh yeahhhh, ohhhh yesss

I could feel his dick starting to pump. With my throat relaxed, it seemed like he was trying ti drown me in his sperm. There was so much of it, it started going up my throat and on my tongue. I could feel his sweet taste. As he finishes, he pulls his dick out of my mouth and goes without a word to sit on his bed, leaving me looking like a mess, with his cum still partially on my lips.

Me: what was that?

Samer: what was what?

Me: this, what just happened?

Samer: oh this? This is just the beginning, my friend.

He takes his cellphone out of the bag, puts his earphones in and turns away from me.

It really was just the beginning.

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