Suzy’s College Entrepreneurialism – Part 3

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Suzy’s College Entrepreneurialism – Part 3
(Sorry this has been a while coming – better late than never! Read pts 1 and 2 first).

Well my offer that next time I’d go further, letting some of the guys finger me, and lick me, had gone down a treat. I was even a bit surprised at myself for making the offer, but I was motivated by the money rolling in and, let’s face it, the huge turn-on it gave me! Part of me was amazed that, despite all the showing and opening up of my privates and the attention I was getting and the generally lewd displays… I was still a virgin! I had bought some condoms, that had been scary, so I was, at least subconsciously, up for it. Would I let it happen? Time, and the next session would tell. I saw Pete and Dave a number of times after the last show and they were very very keen on more, especially as they were hoping they’d get more special treatment as a fee for helping the organisation and keeping me safe. (They were right!) We agreed to widen the invitee list out but made sure that the new arrivals would be properly briefed beforehand, sworn to secrecy, made to give a deposit and that they weren’t trouble-makers. The audience was exclusively non-sporting ego types, but mainly the stereotypical no-girlfriend, studious types of which there were many at our school, plus a few friends who fitted the same bill.

In addition to the Durex, I had bought more sexy underwear, including my own stockings and suspender-belt, so I returned my mother’s to the back of her drawer. I know most of the boys just wanted to look at my naked body and my breasts and sex organs, but I knew that some of the more sophisticated ones appreciated the underwear and the act of removing it.

At last the next session came round, I was a bit worried to see so many boys making their way to the hall as I stepped off the bus to meet Dave who walked in with me; Pete had opened up the hall and was discretely showing boys in, taking their attendance money, and telling them to keep a low profile. As I entered I was amazed to see about thirty lads, the majority of them new. I got Dave and Pete to organise them so that the ones who hadn’t seen my parts were seated together at one side, while those who had, including Tony and Greg, were to the other. Dave had installed a record player and so music was softly playing along with a general hubbub of voices as the boys discussed what had happened last time and what they hoped for this time.

I dipped into the ladies toilet and got changed into my outfit; a new matching set of knickers, bra and suspenders in shiny red, edged in black. The knickers were particularly nice, having side ties that I reckoned would come in useful when I took them off, avoiding the standing-on-one-leg nonsense! In addition, black stockings and my best shoes, black patent-leather (actually plastic off the market) heels. I had a simple blouse and skirt over these, and I put my long coat on over it all. I stepped out into the hall, Dave checked that the doors were bolted and everyone was present.

“OK you lot, many of you are new to this,” I announced, “and I can guarantee you’ll have a good time this evening, as long as you behave yourself. No blabbing to anyone about this, or there’ll be no more! Now, I’m going to be stripping off and showing you all my private bits, so be patient. I know some of you have seen them before, but if I know boys, you can’t get enough of seeing girl’s fannies and tits, as you call them. But, the new boys will not have seen my naked, so the first part will be mainly for their pleasure.” There were some cheers at this. “Now, I’ve invested in some nice sexy undies as I know there are some of you who appreciate that” There were cries of “oh yes Suzy, we love your panties!” at this and I continued: “you’ve all paid to come in, so you’ll all get to see everything. If any of you want to spend more money then I’ll be letting you go further – be patient and I’ll tell you when!”

Then I called over to Dave: “Turn up the music, Dave, let’s get started.”

I began my act. I’d been rehearsing in the last couple of weeks and was getting quite good of teasing and removing clothes. I began near the group of new boys, all of whom were focused intently on me. I unbuttoned my coat and discarded it. Then I danced a little in my tartan skirt and my red blouse. I pulled the hem of the skirt up, I turned my back to the audience and bent forward, I did all the little tricks that had worked so well the last time. And once again my audience were slavering in anticipation. Opening my blouse got cheers and I got Pete to put his hand inside it as he stood behind me and cupped my breast over the bra, then I got him to sit down as I continued, removing the blouse completely and pushing my breasts together for the benefit of the new lads, making my cleavage extreme. Then I played with a bit of skirt teasing, showing stocking top and a bit of suspender, then sitting on a chair and opening my legs so they could see up towards my panty-gusset, just for a second. Then I turned my back on them, unzipped the skirt and let it fall. I kept my legs together so they could appreciate my back view, the seamed stockings, the suspenders, stocking tops, full panty back, the back of brassiere. Then I turned to face them so they could see the front of my nice new knickers and the full suspender belt. There was applause and shouts of appreciation.

“Do you like my new undies then lads? Lovely sexy material isn’t it? Feels nice to wear, makes me feel very hot and sexy!”

“Me too!” shouted Greg, to be joined by further comments.

I put my hand down the front of the panties, over my pubic hair and caressed myself. “I bet you’d like to feel in there wouldn’t you? Dave, come over here, this is your ‘thank-you’ for your help tonight. Put your hand in there…” He was over like a shot and stood behind me, hand trembling. “Calm down, take it easy” I said as he gingerly put an arm around me, and slowly pulled the front of my knickers out a little and then pushed his hand inside. I had my legs closed so at first he could just enjoy the feeling of his palm on my fur. He was breathing heavily as I slowly parted my legs and felt his breath on my neck as he whispered “really, Suzy?” in my ear. I nodded and felt his fingers slip further down into my panty gusset, exploring my pussy lips. I opened further. The sight must have been amazing for the boys watching and, once again, there was a groan from one of the new ones that he’d ejaculated in his pants! This was becoming a feature! I was oozing dampness from my vagina as Dave began to frig me, and was in danger of cumming far too soon in the evening, “That’s enough for now, Dave, thanks” I whispered and he reluctantly withdrew his digits and went to sit down.

“Maybe some of you would like to do that to me later eh? What do you think? A pound for a feel?” There were a few”Oh yes, please, Suzy!” comments. I was thinking cash register…

But canlı poker oyna my audience, especially the new ones, hadn’t seen much yet, so I needed to continue my act, and get the level of arousal up. I was feeling wet between my legs and turned up the raunch. I went to my bag and retrieved the large towel I’d bought, came close to the group of new boys, lay on my back on the towel and spread my legs apart, giving a great view to them of my panty-crotch. I shamelessly reprised my pussy rubbing with my hand down the front of my knickers, then brought my knees up against my chest. Then I began to lift the back of my panties down over my bottom, so the boys thought I was going to expose my pussy. The room went quiet and I stopped the tease by pulling them back up! There were groans and laughter. Clearly some boys were finding this tough, there were red faces and deep breaths, fidgeting in their seats, heads craning forward to see. I rubbed the outside of my gusset. I turned onto my knees and bent forward offering my panty-clad derrière to them. I opened my knees and once again put a hand back onto the gusset. Then I stood up, unclasped my bra and held the cups over my boobs. There were whistles and foot stomping as I let it fall, allowing the new boys to see my naked breasts for the first time. My nipples were erect.

“Ten shillings to have a lick of them!” I asked. Two boys from the new group immediately stood up and advanced on me. “One at a time, take their money, Pete!” After they had paid up each lad got a feel of my boobs and licked the nipples. They each tried to extend the experience as much as they could, the second boy rather expertly holding a nipple gently between his teeth as his tongue caressed it, bring me closer to an orgasmic feeling, it was very nice. Then another boy advanced and paid his money and I was treated to a third set of fondles and licks.

“Panties, panties, panties” someone began to chant, and it was taken up by the others.

“Yes, guys, I know what you want, you’ve waited long enough. You want to see my flaps, you want to see my sex organs, you want to look inside, don’t you? Even those who’ve already seen it all want to see it again. I can tell you its very wet! In fact its dripping. Settle down then, this is what you all really want isn’t it?!”

There were shouts of “Oh yes!” and I got myself ready for the ultimate exposure. I was sopping wet and couldn’t believe the effect this was having on me, let alone the boys. Even those who’d seen my bits were champing at the bit! They really can’t get enough. And I was doing very nicely financially as well! I was topless, my breasts nicely perky and my nipples wet and standing firm. I stood there clad in my stockings, suspenders and my lovely new knickers. The boys were generally open-mouthed and drooling. How to do this for maximum effect, I thought. Last time I’d been lying on Dave’s bed, lying on my back and opened up that way. This had to be different. I toyed with the idea of letting one of them take my panties off for me, but dismissed that as I couldn’t control the eroticism of the reveal. I remembered the tie-sides on my knickers and, to make it as different as possible, I decided to remain standing. I got them to increase the volume of the music and slowly turned my back to them all. Then I made sure my legs were quite far apart and I began to slowly bend forward from my waist, the back of my panties foremost in their view. First I grabbed hold of my ankles and pushed my bum further out, then I let each hand rise up my stockinged legs, almost caressing the nylon as I did so. The boys were quiet, apart from heavy breathing. Then I brought my fingers to the sides of the panties and pulled the little bows holding them together so they became undone. The panties fell away, I pulled my bum cheeks apart with my hands and their were gasps of astonishment and approval as my wide open pussy and anus were fully displayed to them all, completely blatantly! I knew I was really wet and glistening down there. I looked back at them over my shoulder, watching them all with their gazes fixed on my crotch. I pulled myself open even further and let my legs go wider. Two of the boys unashamedly got their penises out and began rubbing, one immediately shot cum onto the floor, the other followed suit a few second later.

“Oh yes, you’re liking this aren’t you?” I teased. “This is what you all want isn’t it, even those who’ve seen it before! All nice and wet and inviting isn’t it? You want to look closer, you want to smell it, lick it, taste it and finger it! You want to fuck it don’t you? You want to lose your virginity don’t you? Well, you’re going to have to pay! Tell Pete and Dave how much you need it and how much money you’re willing to give me! Dave and Pete, write down what each wants to spend and I’ll see what I will do – meanwhile you can have a nice look as I play with myself…”

So Dave and Pete went around each boy and found out how much they were prepared to pay and what they wanted to do, while I lay on my back and opened up, plunging my fingers into my pussy, opening up, rubbing juices around my lips and rubbing myself with my discarded panties, even putting them up myself a little. The boys were extremely excited. Then, when they had all been approached, my special guys, Dave and Pete, brought me their list. I was pleasantly surprised at how much money was coming to me and I went down the list and told them “some of you think you can fuck me for a couple of pounds – well think again! Greg and, let’s see, who is Conrad? – ahh, yes, I see you” (this was a good-looking blonde boy with glasses) “you are both prepared to be generous, so you can have me later.” Both their faces lit up. “Steve, Joe, Jason, Mark, Mike, Phil, Derek, Nigel and Roger can all have a feel of my pussy and a lick. The rest of you can feel my boobs and you can all watch me being fucked! How’s that? You can save up your pennies for next time, but I won’t let anyone have me for less than I’m worth!”

I found myself amazed at what I said, but also feeling ridiculously randy at anticipating finally losing my virginity. The amount I was going to get tonight was more than I would earn in six months at my weekend job!

Dave and Pete were both looking at me strangely. They hadn’t put their own names on the list and I guess they thought they were going to miss out. I smiled at them both: “You two can toss a coin for first dibs!” and they beamed back. “But first, give them the money you lot who get to feel my boobs!” and I lay back down on the towel as a large group of my audience began to take turns feeling my nipples, licking and fondling my breasts. I kept my legs tightly together while they enjoyed themselves and for a few minutes I luxuriated in their caresses. Eventually I called time and beckoned the pussy group over. I told them to get in line, one at a time, as I opened up nice and wide and internet casino held my pussy lips apart. One after another the boys had fun with my nethers. Most went straight in and licked and sucked. A few of them couldn’t hold it and came off in their pants – I’d lost count now how many I’d had that effect on. A few times I was close to cumming myself, as some of the more adept lickers tongued my clitoris expertly. Finally, and in a state of advanced horniness, I was ready to give up my virginity. After all these years of exerting power over the males, I was ready to succumb!

“OK Dave and Pete, you two get first go, who won the toss?” Dave smiled broadly. “OK, you get up me first, Pete gets to go second and can learn from your mistakes!” I winked at them both. “Get that dick out Dave, get a Durex on, they’re in my bag…”

And so, in the next few minutes, in front of almost 30 boys, lying on my back on a towel in a village hall back room, I finally became a woman. I brought my legs against my chest, nice and wide apart, so my pussy and anus were on full display. I was surrounded by the other boys who were focussed on my crotch and my wetness. Dave was naked, he’d stripped off completely, his penis was erect and very large; he looked as if he was in another world, oblivious of the audience. Would it go in me? It was so much bigger than anything else I’d had up there – fingers or tampons. It was pointing skywards as he knelt between my thighs on the towel. I put a finger inside myself and spread my juices around my lips. Dave pressed his erection downward and I felt the bell-end against my opening. His face registered desire and elation as he pressed forward a little and I felt him go an inch or two inside me. Cheering from the lads. I moved forward to greet him and he went up inside to the hilt. I felt stretched and hot inside my vagina, and began to flood with more juice as he began to slowly shaft me. It was wonderful and he was very gentle and slow. He rested down on my chest and put his hands under my buttocks, reaching under me for my pussy. Then, I felt his fingers against my lips and immediately he began pumping faster and furiously. “Oh God, I’m cumming!” he shouted and his hips seemed to move with an intensity like a machine as he released his sperm. There was more cheering from the boys as he reluctantly got up off me and nodded at Pete. I didn’t have time to think about my first actual penetration, my actual deflowering! I was in ecstasy myself, and I lay back with my legs wide apart, waiting for my next insertion!

It was Pete’s turn, and I was fascinated to compare their cocks. Pete’s was longer but thinner than Dave’s but was rock hard and also clearly ready for action. Pete was stripped to his Y-fronts, but the cock was proudly sticking out the fly hole. “Can you turn over Suzy?” he asked. Hah! He wanted to do me doggy-style did he? Well that was OK with me, I was needing more action, I hadn’t cum yet had I? I needed to get my reward too! I obliged his request and got on all fours on the towel. I had my knees wide open and my boobs down on the towel, offering a disgustingly inviting pose for Pete and the onlookers. I could feel drips from my pussy running down my thighs. A number of boys were openly masturbating themselves as Pete slipped the Durex on. I reached back and pulled my cheeks open. Pete advanced and once again I felt an engorged penis at the entrance to my love tunnel. Then he placed his hands on my waist and leant into me, his cock entering me from behind and going deeply into my womb, a different sensation from the Dave experience. He seemed to go right into my belly. He fucked me with long slow strokes, keeping himself in reserve from cumming too soon I think, Then, to my delight, he brought a hand round under me, flat against my mound of Venus, then a finger sought and found my clit. As he shafted me he simultaneously rubbed my little button and I melted! I was producing industrial amounts of lubrication and this combined with his attentions took me over the edge; I began to buck and pump with an orgasm. I had brought myself off many times but this was different. This was intense on a different level. I shrieked with pleasure and moaned and sighed. I opened my legs more and then brought them closer together. This, in turn, brought Pete off and he too climaxed with a shout of exhilaration. Two or three of the boys ejaculated on the floor or in handkerchiefs. One even advanced on the two of us and I felt his spunk over my back! Well, the three of us had had our rewards, now I had to earn a little more, it was Greg and Conrad’s turns!

The level of excitement and anticipation was enormous. I was still getting over losing my virginity in such a public way and luxuriating in my orgasm. The audience were baying for more. Pete and Dave were trying to calm them all down, Pete combining that with getting his clothes back on, and I noticed Conrad handing over a wad of cash to Dave, payment for having me next! I was covered in sweat and was aware of the smells of rubber and spunk in the room, along with hot bodies and lust. Conrad took off his jeans and pants, he had a nice cock, not as big as Pete’s or Dave’s, but ramrod erect and its purple head seemed to glow, as did his face. He slipped on a condom, looked me directly in the eyes and then advanced on me, I was lying back on the towel. He lifted my legs up and with one arm, held them against my chest, squashing my boobs a little as my position brought my pussy and anus to the fore. Then he put his fingers to his mouth and spat saliva on them. This he transferred to my crotch, smearing it along my pussy a bit (it was still wet with my own juices) but mainly over my anal ring-piece. What the hell was he doing? I wasn’t sure about this! But it actually felt rather pleasant. He slowly caressed my tight little closed hole and I began to feel warm and dreamy! The gentle feel of his finger just sliding over the little flower was getting to me, and I was aware that I was opening up my little sphincter for him! The place went a bit quieter as he did this and then, with a bit of a shock, I realised that his finger had gone inside me, just a tiny amount, but enough to get cheers and whoops from the others. “God, he’s fingering her arse!” said someone. “Dirty sod!” said another. “Fucking lucky sod, more like!” said a third. I still wasn’t sure about this, but I’d let it go this far and I was enjoying it, even though it felt so dirty. I didn’t have time to explore my actions anyway as Conrad removed his finger, spat on my anus and then slipped it back, this time going in further. I screamed with the shame and desire of it and he began to frig my little hole, to the baying of the audience who were exhilarated at what had already transpired and what was unfolding now.

These boys, who had never seen a naked woman in the flesh, had licked me, fondled me, seen my most intimate places güvenilir casino and seen me fucked by their mates, now saw a boy with his finger deeply embedded in my arse, and me writhing with pleasure. Then I had a new sensation as her put another finger up my vagina and I was double-frigged! I looked into Conrad’s eyes and he seemed far away, a strange expression of ultimate pleasure on his face. Then, with a look of panic he took his fingers out and plunged his cock up my pussy and pumped away for about ten seconds as he came. “Oh fuck,” he breathed, “I was enjoying fingering your holes so much I nearly came without being in you Suzy!” I had to stop myself laughing at this, I was emotionally drained, thinking of what I’d let him do, thinking of the audacity of him even doing it, he hadn’t asked if it was OK, but also thinking of the sensation of his finger in there, and the amazing tingles I got from a finger in each hole! And also thinking of what I had just earned. And that Greg was waiting for his go.

This would be the end of the evening and Greg was fired up. He paid over his cash and stripped off completely. He had an enormous cock! I wasn’t sure I’d get it in. It was long as well as thick and the condom he was pulling over it looked like it wasn’t up to the task. He turned me over and once again I was on all fours. He began by cupping and fondling my hanging breasts and tweaking my nipples, then he put a few fingers up my pussy and worked them in and out, stimulating my juice production until I was sopping and dripping. “I saw how much you liked what Conrad did” he whispered in my ear as he followed that lead and began insinuating a finger up my bum. He had lots of lubrication available from my vaginal secretions and this time I was in control as I opened my sphincter up for him. “My God I am shameless!” I thought. He reprised Conrad’s motions and double-frigged me steadily, but concentrated on my anus. I relaxed and could feel my ring opening further. Then was shocked again as another finger entered the fray! Yes, the dirty b**st had two fingers reaming inside my colon! “I’m going to enter you now, Suzy, you seem ready for me. I’m going to lose my virginity in you now, your pussy is nice and relaxed, are you ready?” Shit, was I ready! I nodded at him over my shoulder and he pulled my pussy lips apart with one hand and I felt the bell-end pushing at my opening. To my surprise and delight he slipped in with no problem, I must have really responded to his fingering of both holes by dilating and relaxing my crotch muscles! He went for longs slow strokes, the audience advanced on us and I was aware of boys all around us, watching closely, focusing on my breasts, my pussy, Greg’s cock going up me. Many of them were stropping themselves. Dave and Pete occasionally asked them to move back a little, give us some room. The strokes continued, Greg had staying power all right! “Put it up her arse, Greg!” said one of the guys. I began to writhe. “No!” I shouted, “It’s wrong! It won’t fit! This isn’t part of the plan!” “It’s a great idea” said Greg, “You’re so open and slack at the moment, it’ll go up easy – what if the boys contribute a pound each for me to do it?” There was a chorus of agreement, from them all, everyone got their money out, this was a once in a lifetime event for them I guess they were thinking. Dave and Pete collected it all up as I watched, Greg still impaling me. I looked at the cash, I remembered the feeling of his fingers in my arse, I took a breath… “OK, Greg, do me up the arse!” Cheers from the boys. A big grin from Greg. He withdrew from my pussy, stuck some fingers up my puss and got them laden with lube. He transferred this onto my ring-piece and both fingers were up me again. This time he rotated them and dipped in and out, reaming me open wider and ensuring juice was everywhere. Then he smeared more of my wetness on his johnnyed cock. This was the point of no return and there were shouts of encouragement as he placed his cock against my ring. I gasped and pushed back, feeling a slight dilation as my muscle relaxed. Greg pushed forward and to the accompaniment of gleeful whoops, his cock entered my back passage.

Are there other dimensions? I think I crossed over into one at that moment. The sounds of cheering and excitement fell away and all my thoughts were in the moment, the feeling of his flesh entering my most secret and private domain. This was somewhere between pain and pleasure. The feeling of my anus stretched to its limits, the sensation of his cock shaft sliding into my dark cave. The way I was aware of what seemed like a gallon of juice forming and draining out of my pussy. Greg’s hand reaching down to collect the sticky lubrication, withdrawing his cock and slopping wetness deep into my anus, then his cock again, driving down into my passage, exploring my innermost being. My orgasm building up as once again Greg reached under me and his hand was caressing my clitoris and delving up my pussy as his cock tunnelled along its parallel course, just my skin and muscle separating the two. Then the ultimate sensation as my orgasm took over and I writhed and shook with it, bringing Greg off too, he shouting and laughing as he ejaculated into the durex. Then he took his cock out of me, pulled off the condom and stropped himself to get the last of his semen out and onto my back, as I collapsed onto the towel and lay there as most of the boys brought themselves off alongside his sticky deposit.

I turned over and took in the scene. I was laying on my back now, the towel absorbing all the spunk. There was something I needed to do, so I did it. I opened my legs and peed! The audience were delighted, the pee flowed onto the towel and I dried myself off and stood up. “Enjoyed that did you? I think you all got your money’s worth!” And so did I, I thought to myself.

“Suzy, that was fabulous! And peeing for us too, great! Will you do another session soon? Can we have a final feel? Can we look inside?” All this was coming at me from all sides. I was exhausted, but it was great getting all the adulation. “No more touching, boys, you’ll have to save up for another time – I’ll get Dave and Pete to set it up. Keep quiet about it though, it wasn’t supposed to go quite like it did tonight. You can have a final look up me if you want – gather round!” And as they all crowded round I opened up as fully as I could and pulled my bottom cheeks apart and opened my anus, putting two of my own fingers in there and pulling open for them to see inside.. My pussy was open too and I must have made a disgusting sight. Disgusting enough for two more of them to wank themselves off and shot cum over the floor! “You can all help tidy and clean up if you want to cum again!” I joked, and they all got to work and in a short time the place looked like we’d never been there. I dressed in front of them and gave everyone a kiss on the cheek as they left. Just Dave, Pete and myself remained and we counted out the takings. The two of them were happy that they had fucked me, but said they would have liked to have done me in the arse. I gave them a share of the cash and we agreed the next session date.

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