Returning Brother Ch. 01

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Jane drove to her sister Linda’s; as she parked the car, she saw her niece (Linda’s daughter) Nathalie getting out and greeted her. Nathalie hugged and kissed her – as usual, and Jane asked her about Linda.

“She’s in, auntie. Sorry, but I have to go to a birthday party and I’m already late. Take care.”

Jane went in, saw Linda, hugged her and kissed her in the mouth. Linda was somewhat surprised, and asked, “Dear sister, what’s the matter? We haven’t done that for weeks!”

Jane kissed her again, and this time Linda opened her own mouth and penetrated Jane’s mouth with her tongue; Jane hugged her more tightly, thus feeling her big boobs and hardening nipples against her own.

Linda said, “Ok, I’ll please you and then you’ll talk.” She led her sister to her bedroom (her husband and her son were abroad, so nobody was going to surprise them), Jane sat on her king-size bed and opened her sister’s pants zip, while Linda was unbuttoning her own shirt.

Then Linda sat beside Jane and removed her T-shirt and skirt. Jane wore no bra, so she remained in her panties and socks, while Linda was still wearing a big bra – 42E since she went on the pill – and a pantyhose.

Laura bent on her sister’s breast, and began sucking Jane’s left nipple, while her hand went into her panties and stimulated her vulva. Jane removed her sister’s bra before surrendering to orgasm and lying down on the bed.

Laura removed her own pantyhose and lied over her sister, with her own mouth over her vulva, and vice versa, so they had a lesbian 69, which pleased both. As they weren’t yet fully satisfied, Laura lied on her back and made Jane to scissor her.

As they were now done, Laura hugged Julia, let her suck her nipples for a while, and then asked, “Jane, what has made you so horny?”

“Benjamin, our brother.”

Laura felt instantaneously aroused, and asked, “Has he asked you to sleep with him again?”

Jane laughed and answered, “No. He has just told me via Skype that he’s coming to town tonight for a business meeting, and asked me to host him, so he could spare the hotel fare.”

Laura, “And you think – or better, you hope – that he doesn’t just want to rest.”

Jane, “Right. And I got so horny at this thought that I had to run to you, since my husband too is abroad.”

Laura smiled, kissed Jane, and asked her, “What’s your boob size now? Your tits have apparently grown.”

“40DD, darling. I’m on the pill too, so I can make love with Benjamin without risk.”

Laura sucked Jane’s nipples again, then tuzla escort asked her sister, “Do you think that he will love to meet me as well?”

“Why not?” answered Jane while she was nearly coming, “He may remember our pleasant threesomes too.”

“Not too pleasant,” Laura retorted, “As we couldn’t afford birth control, we could only have oral and anal sex with him.”

“No we can offer him the whole gamut, even titfuck,” Jane noticed, and added, “He’s due in at home at about 8 PM. Are you coming with me?”

“Yes, I do. Nathalie has the keys to the door, and I’ll SMS her that I’ll sleep at your home.”

“There is a problem: what if Benjamin still loves anal sex?” Jane asked, and Laura replied, “My husband loves it too, so I have something helpful. But I can’t share it with anyone else, for hygiene’s sake, so I’ll take his cock up into my ass tonight.”

“Ok. Tomorrow I’ll buy a set for me, so it will be my turn,” Jane agreed, and added, “What do you exactly have?”

“An enema bag and a coffee pot. I have to move my bowels and clean them thoroughly – more than once – before having anal sex. If you help me, it will be more comfortable.”

“Is there any beer also?”

“Beer?” Linda asked, and replied, “No; my hubby is a bad Muslim as regards anal sex, but excellent as regards alcohol; but I know that Benjamin also loves Sprite, and we’ll make do with it.”

The sisters had a shower together, and enjoyed sponging each other; but they had no sex, since they had to prepare Linda’s gut for Benjamin’s cock.

So they made coffee, and filled the enema bag with it. Linda kneeled down on the bed, lay on her left side, Jane put the bag nozzle into her anus, and opened the spigot. When the coffee began to flow, Linda told Jane, “Hubby strokes me while I get my enema. That’s why I call him Hassan (= do good)”.

So Jane lay besides her, and began kissing her, stroking her breasts and her vulva. “There is a dildo in the drawer of the bedside table,” Linda said, “Take it.”

Jane did that, and inserted it into Linda’s vagina, so when Jane stroked her clit, Linda felt stronger orgasms.

As she came, a marble fell from the enema bag, and Linda said, “The bag is now empty. Please, close the spigot.”

Jane did that, and she and Linda hugged once again; and Linda stroked Jane’s vulva and clit until she came. Then she said, “I can’t resist anymore – I have to shit.”

So she rose on her feet, and went to the toilet, in her birthday suit (except for the enema equipment still hooked to her anus), and once tuzla escort bayan there she relieved herself.

In the meantime, Jane sat on the bidet, and Linda asked her, “Are you going to pee?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Please, wait a few minutes. There is a funnel in the cupboard: take it out.”

As Jane took out the funnel, Jane washed her own private parts thoroughly, and then inserted the funnel into the now empty enema bag.

“Please pee here,” Linda said, “Fill the bag with your urine.”

Jane obliged, then raised the bag, hung it on a hook in the wall, and she inserted the nozzle into Linda’s butt.

Linda wasn’t laying on a bed, but she was stooping with her legs open, so Jane had an idea: she sat between her sister’s legs, and begun licking her vulva; even though she was somewhat uncomfortable, Linda reciprocated by inserting her fingers into Jane’s vulva and anus.

So both sisters came before the enema bag was empty, and the orgasm gave the fluid in Linda’s gut to fully rinse its lining.

“I need a third enema now,” Linda said, “to confirm that the gut is squeaky-clean. But lukewarm water will suffice now.”

The third enema confirmed that Linda’s colon was now cleaner than most hospital wards, Jane had to relieve herself because of the stench in the bathroom, they had another shower, wore their most seductive attire ever, and went to Jane’s home.

When Benjamin arrived, he understood that his sisters weren’t going to let him enjoy a full night of sleep; he protested, “Dear sisters, I’m now happily married,” but they pressed their breasts against his arms saying, “Dear brother, why don’t you want to taste them, as they’re fully ripe now?”

Their argument was irrefutable, and Benjamin hugged and kissed them; Laura offered him a can of Sprite, and he immediately realized what did she want – he said, “Can I have a shower before?”

Laura told him, “Yes, but together with me.” So she and Jane undressed their brother, complimented his penis, and Benjamin replied, “It has somewhat grown lately – too much sex with my wife, perhaps.”

They lead him to the shower, and both sisters undressed; Benjamin and Laura entered the shower cabin, while Jane stood outside and titillated herself while watching them.

Laura didn’t arouse his brother – actually, she went with him to be sure he only washed himself, without trying to discharge his semen, or to empty his bladder.

As they were done, Benjamin told Laura, “I admit that I had made love with a friend about an hour ago – it will take escort tuzla time to rouse my dick.” “In the meantime you’ll drink the Sprite,” Laura answered, “and you’ll see us coming.”

So they did: Laura summoned her sister, and began kissing, hugging, stroking, titillating her, while all three went to Jane’s bedroom; Benjamin sat on a chair, while drinking cans upon cans of Sprite, while the sisters kept sucking each other’s breasts, having 69’s, scissoring, and inserting dildos into each other’s twat, until they saw that Benjamin’s dick was ready to function.

Jane laid on her back, Laura covered her as if she was giving her a 69, and Benjamin approached her from the rear, inserted a speculum into her anus to gently dilate it, and then his dick.

Jane knew that the maneuver was somewhat painful, so she began licking Linda’s vulva and clit, while Benjamin thrust his penis into it until the glans was hooked by an intestinal valve. So he was sure that no fluid could escape, begun throbbing until he came, and then he peed into Linda’s ass.

As she felt her brother’s urine within herself, Laura came, with the help of Jane, who kept licking her clitoris. Benjamin stood with his dick within his sister’s ass until she waved him that she had to go to the toilet, so he put a champagne bottle cork into her butt, thus preventing embarrassing leakages.

While Laura was relieving herself, Jane helped Benjamin wash his penis, and asked him, “When will you be able to make love with me?”

“Anal or vaginal sex?”

“Vaginal. I didn’t prepare for buggery like Laura.”

“In half an hour. Can I suck your tits?”

“Of course!”

So Benjamin begun sucking his sister’s breasts, and when he was done with Jane, sucked Laura’s tits, until his cock grew hard enough to fuck Jane.

Jane too had a good husband, but she felt more pleasure when Benjamin was within her, and the pleasure was increased when, after orgasm, Benjamin and Linda lay beside her, and begun sucking her breasts.

She had never experienced double sucking, and was very aroused; then Benjamin and Linda put their hands on her twat and stroke it, coordinating their movements, so she soon came again.

Then she and Benjamin did the same to Laura, until Benjamin’s dick was hard again, so he could vaginally penetrate his sister, while Jane was squeezing her breasts and nibbling her ears.

Then Jane remembered that, although she didn’t have a specialized enema bag like Laura’s, she had a douche, so she could at least try and prepare herself for sodomy.

Laura helped her with the douches, while Benjamin resumed drinking Sprite cans, until he could also sodomize Jane.

After another round of vaginal sex and titfucking, the trio showered and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32