Oral Fixation with Mom

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Prologue: The Doctor

It was 6:13 am when the doctor masturbated in bed while reading erotica stories on her mobile device. It was still dark while she played with her pussy and she had no idea how her life was about to change in just a few hours.

She had woken up thinking of her plans for the laboratory that day, but as usual, she needed Literotica relief to get herself going. Taboo stories were her favorite. These days, it was her main preference. Being single and middle-aged, this was the doctor’s only naughty outlet. No one could have ever suspected that such a highly-regarded researcher like herself had such kinks.

With as much knowledge as she had for human biology, the doctor never understood what drew her to mom/son fantasies. Sure, she felt guilty for giving herself orgasms to stories of mothers sucking off their sons in the living room, or having rough sex in the bedroom. After a while, she stopped trying to figure it out, and she stopped feeling guilty over these dark desires.

After making herself cum, she put her device down and grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and wiped between her legs. With the soiled tissue in hand, she went to the bathroom to prepare for another long day at work.

In her mind, sex and happiness went hand in hand. But of course, she’d never tell that to anyone. She was mindful of her reputation along with the cultural values she was raised to uphold.

Story: The Lawyer

Lauren was the lead contracts manager at the medical research facility. And since her recently graduated son had difficulty finding a job, she managed to convince the company to hire him on a temporary basis.

Her job was mostly humdrum legal work and these days there wasn’t much to do in her office with the ongoing lockdown. All of the action was taking place in the laboratories where things were bustling.

When her son Ben returned to the office after running a few errands, she noticed that he was slightly giddy. A mother can always tell. And she knew that her son had spent the past few weeks flirting with a special someone. Her source in the lab had confirmed that Ben was indeed in the midst of a budding relationship with a cute young woman of the same age, who works as a medical intern.

“You seem to take longer these days,” she noted, conducting a secret interrogation of her son’s activities.

Ben shrugged it off. “There are more safety precautions, you know. Plus there are interesting things going on and I took a few peeks.”

She watched her son taking off his mask and making himself comfortable on his seat. Her son was definitely peeking at something. And she was certain it wasn’t lab research.

“No worries,” she replied. “It’s not like we’re busy or anything.”

Ben leaned back in his seat. “Are things usually busy around here?”

“It ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes there’s not much to do. It all depends on what the corporate needs are.”

“Well, at least I’m getting experience and a resume-boost from working here. Thanks again.”

Lauren smiled as her heart warmed. “My pleasure. Even though there’s not much going on at the moment, I still expect you to learn how to conduct yourself in the office. I notice you’ve been slacking.”

It was a gentle tease for how much her son has been wandering and flirting with the other new girl in the building.

Ben took it in stride. “Me? What do you expect? There’s not much work to be done.”

With that, he unleashed a short series of coughs. Nothing worrying. But enough for Lauren to raise reasonable suspicions.

“Are you okay?” she asked with an eyebrow lifted.

He cleared his throat. “Yeah… mmhhmm… yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me. No one heard it, and I didn’t cough on anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Her son had developed a small cough the last couple of days. Taking all the right precautions, she took her son’s temperature every morning and night. Everything had checked out, including this morning. Ben’s energy levels were the same as it always was. The only issue was that small, recurring cough.

Although there was a generous supply of test kits in the building, those were reserved for the medical researchers. She didn’t want to place any undue burdens on anyone over what seemed like an insignificant cough. But then again, she couldn’t risk anyone’s health and safety either.

“Are you settled in?” she asked sweetly. “Or do you feel like getting up again and running another errand?”

“Work is work. What do you need?”

Lauren reached into her purse for cash. “I have a sudden craving for a cheese steak sandwich across the street. Mind grabbing some?”

She dangled the cash between her fingers and saw her son’s eyes light up.

“Now this is the kind of work I like. You want the usual?”

“Oh yeah. Text me when it’s ready and we’ll eat outside on the bench. Don’t forget the cherry coke.”

Her son took the money and briskly left the office.


The escort ataşehir moment she was alone, Lauren got her phone and texted her friend in the building, one of the medical researchers in the lab. When her friend was on a break, Lauren took the elevator to where the research labs were.

Down the hall was the private office of Dr. Siri Gupta. They had been close friends for many years, helping each other whenever they needed. Lauren always gave personal legal advice, and Dr. Gupta was always happy to share medical knowledge.

Normally they’d start with small talk in the doctor’s office, but Lauren skipped that today after closing the door.

“What are your thoughts on coughing without a fever?” Lauren asked promptly.

“If you’re asking about the virus, then it’s a possible sign of infection. Everyone reacts differently. A cough may be just a cough, of course.”


“Why do you ask?”

“Ben has developed a small cough lately,” she replied. “It could be nothing, though. Maybe I’m overreacting.”

She noticed the doctor fidget, ever so slightly, at the mention of her son. Deep down, Lauren had the sneaking suspicion that Dr. Gupta had a slight attraction to her son, which was amusing if anything.

Being women in their mid-40’s, many of their private conversations revolved around men and their respective dating lives, or lack thereof. It only seemed fitting that she got medical advice from someone who had a keen interest in her son’s well-being.

“Would you like me to perform a test on him?” Dr. Gupta asked with a little smile.

“I don’t want to burden anyone, especially with limited test kits. Believe me, we’re making sure we follow all of the safety precautions.”

“How is Ben feeling, in terms of his energy?”

“He feels exactly the same and I take his temperature regularly. I’m probably overreacting.”

Dr. Gupta tapped her own chin while thinking. “We can never be too careful. If you want to save our test kits, then there are other ways of knowing if a person is infected by the virus.”

“Oh?” Lauren’s attention was now piqued.

“Does Ben currently have any skin abnormalities? Any rashes or skin inflammation?”

“None that I’m aware of. Is that a sign of anything?”

“I’ll email you an article from Time that I read this morning. Researchers have determined that there’s a link between having the virus and reaction on a person’s skin.”

Lauren gave a slow nod. “That sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to let Ben know about that.”

“There’s also… hmm…. nevermind.”

The doctor was known for being an articulate speaker and this was the first time Lauren had ever noticed her stopping mid-sentence.

“What is it?” Lauren asked. “I’m open to any suggestions you may have.”

“I think you’re right to be cautious with your son. If there’s any chance that Ben is infected, then you would likely be infected too, and it would spread around the laboratory at the worst possible time.”

A trickle of fear crept down Lauren’s spine at the possibility that an outbreak could occur because of themselves.

“That would be horrible,” Lauren sighed.

Dr. Gupta gave a short nod. “First, I think it would be helpful if you explained to Ben everything I’ve said about any skin irritations.”

“That makes sense. He’s always had clear skin, so any irregularities would be easy to spot.”

“It would help if you two were partners,” the doctor said. “You could examine his back. Ben could examine your back. It’s more thorough that way.”

Lauren briefly paused at that suggestion. Checking out her son’s back was one thing, because Ben was unashamed of walking around shirtless around the house after a workout, but for Ben to return the favor and check her back in return?

Whatever the case, she trusted this doctor more than anyone, as this doctor was consistently at the forefront of new medical research. And if this is what it took to maintain a healthy and safe environment, then so be it.

“That’ll work,” Lauren said with a slight gulp. “I see Ben shirtless all the time. He wouldn’t mind if I took a closer peek.”

Dr. Gupta arched an eyebrow. “But the question is, do you mind if Ben takes a look at your back? I can imagine that it would be a slight issue for you.”

“Oh, that? It’s nothing,” she laughed.

As much as Lauren tried to act nonchalant about it, her expressive face revealed her hesitation, which the doctor realized.

“I know it’s unusual,” Dr. Gupta said in a reassuring tone, as if speaking with a patient instead of a friend. “But there is a precedent for family members helping each other this way. I’m sure you’ll get used to it.”

“Yeah, well, Ben has never needed an excuse for looking at a woman’s body. He’s quite the flirt.”

“I can certainly imagine. Tell me, does Ben have any sexual relationships that you’re aware of?”

If she didn’t know any better, Lauren could swear that there was a faint sparkle in Dr. Gupta’s eyes. Yes, kadıköy escort bayan it was definitely there. Their friendship was tight enough that they shared plenty of dating or romantic stories. Nothing salacious, but within the realm of reason in the workplace. She knew that her friend was intrigued by this.

“He’s single. If you want me to be honest, he’s not hooking up with anyone either, if that’s of any relevance.”

Dr. Gupta squinted her eyes. “How do you know?”

“I can tell based on his moods,” she replied, trying to be frank about things. “He’s only flirting with that new intern in the lab.”


“What is it?”

“If we’re having an open conversation here…” Dr. Gupta said, her voice wandering off for a moment. “If we’re being honest, these things usually turn into sexual relationships. It’s normal for young adults at that stage of their lives.”

Lauren noticed the tone of the doctor’s voice and saw the sharpness in the doctor’s eyes. There was something going on.

“Would that be a problem?”

“The virus can’t be transmitted sexually,” Dr. Gupta said bluntly. “Putting it another way, we know that semen and vaginal secretions do not carry the pathogens. But…”

Lauren’s eyes widened. “But, what?”

“I’m working on a theory that if the virus can cause irritations to the skin, then why not changes to a man’s semen as well? Again, it’s just a little theory of mine that I’d possibly want to test.”

She noticed the conflicted nature on the doctor’s face and they both seemed to tense as the conversation veered towards a sexual path. But the point was worth thinking about. Her son was an active young man and she knew that he was already experienced with sex.

“I’m open to anything you have in mind,” Lauren said with a hint of reservation.

Dr. Gupta’s lips pursed for a moment. “Let me get to the point since we’re short on time; we’re both adult women and we know what semen tastes like.”

“Sure, yes,” Lauren nodded, trying not to be embarrassed for the sake of an important discussion.

“There’s a theory floating around in my head that an increase in body temperature or changes in hormones could change the taste of a man’s semen. And that subtle difference in taste could be a tell-tale sign of spotting infection.”

Lauren giggled. “I don’t think there’s any chance that Ben would ever taste-test his own semen.”

“You could do it for him.”

The doctor’s deadpan expression stopped Lauren cold. It was without a doubt the most insane thing they had ever discussed. She knew that the doctor liked pushing the envelope when it came to research. It was the very reason why this doctor was in charge of her own research department; the woman knew her stuff.

“Me?” Lauren asked like a student who had been caught doing something wrong.

“Who else? The intern? Lauren, I think it’s a novel approach. Think about it, now isn’t the time for Ben to hook up with every pretty girl in this building, which could very well happen.”

“Yes, but…”

“And theoretically, if you could curtail Ben’s needs, then he wouldn’t go wandering around the building with sex on his mind.”

Lauren sighed. “Ben does have a wandering eye. He’s 24.”

“It’s just a thought. I’m not pushing you to do anything. I never would. I was mainly thinking out loud, I suppose.”

“I love how our conversations are so unpredictable.”

Dr. Gupta laughed. “That’s why we get along so well.”

The phone beeped and the doctor was summoned back to the lab. When they went their separate ways, Lauren promised to give it a thought. For whatever reason, she almost felt the doctor was being pushy about it.

As she headed back to her own office, Lauren wondered if the doctor had ulterior motives, which could have very well been the case.


While having lunch with her son on the outdoor bench, Lauren took a few liberties with her appearance. She had undone the top two buttons of her blouse, showing a bit of her chest. She ruffled her hair a bit. And she sat with her legs crossed in her son’s direction, so that her calves would be showing from her raised office skirt.

“I know about your friend,” she said playfully, in between bites of her delicious sandwich. “Hey, workplace romances are normal. I have plenty of friends who have gotten married after meeting on the job.”

Ben took another bite and drank soda. “That obvious?”

“Kind of. And I have my sources.”

“I should have known you’d be keeping an eye on me,” he said, before taking another big bite of his food.

“Don’t forget that I’m your boss and it’s part of my job to keep a watchful eye on new employees.”

They continued eating their delicious food under the sun that beautiful day, when Ben suddenly coughed while eating, causing food to fly out of his mouth and onto the concrete.

It was only one cough, but it was enough to make her worry again. For the last hour, she toyed with the idea of using Dr. Gupta’s suggestion. escort bostancı Now, as she watched her son wipe his mouth with a napkin after the cough, the idea seemed more and more reasonable (as crazy as it still was).

“Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked, wrapping her food so she could eat the rest for dinner.

When she put her food down, Lauren made a point to slightly bend over and squeeze her chest together, so that cleavage would slightly be exposed. When she sat upright again, she crossed her legs a little tighter.

From the looks of things, it was working, as Ben took a quick glance. Nothing obscene, but enough to prove that her body still had a sense of allure.

“Seasonal allergies,” he said, brushing it off. “It’s nothing.”

“You know, I sent you an email before you came back. It was something from Dr. Gupta about skin conditions. You don’t have any weird rashes or skin irritations, do you?”

“I’m pretty sure I don’t.”

“Okay, apparently it’s a sign of the virus. Dr. Gupta suggested that we could be buddies in this. I could examine your backside for you.”

Ben shrugged, amused. “A little weird, but why not?”

“Good. In exchange, you could check my backside.”

“You want me to check your backside?” he asked, nearly gawking at the thought.

“Obviously not my ass. But, you know, my back.”

“Right, that sounds good. It’s hard to believe that you’d want me to check your back, but whatever.”

Lauren smiled, “You don’t think I can do it?”

“Not really,” he smiled in return.

So far, Ben was falling into her trap. But that meant that she now had the burden of following through with this crazy scheme. At least this potential plan was medically approved, she told herself.

Glancing around, she made sure that no one was looking. When it was safe, she undid two more buttons on the blouse she had already loosened earlier. It was enough for her bra to be exposed, and when she pulled the right side of her blouse, her cup was showing.

“Maybe I’m not as prudish as you think,” Lauren said, watching the dazed demeanor on her son’s face.

Ben’s eyes were fixated on the bra. “Mom, it’s showing.”

“I know. We have a deal, right? I’ll check your skin for rashes; you check mine. Every morning and night?”

“That sounds good, if you’re able to show me your back.”

“Are you still doubting me?” she asked playfully.

“It won’t be an equal showing. That’s all I’m saying.”

Putting an end to her son’s doubt, and pushing the bounds of her scheme, Lauren grabbed her bra cup and gave it a slight pull so that the large pink nipple on her small right breast was exposed. Her eyes glanced around to make sure that no one was looking. To the best of her knowledge, no one saw.

Looking back at her son, she now saw a horny young man. Ben’s legs shifted and Lauren was almost positive that there was a budding erection beneath those pants. If she could make him erect with her nipple, then surely Ben would be open to further examinations with his semen.

She quickly tucked her nipple away and adjusted her bra so that it fit properly. Then she buttoned her blouse all the way it, the way it should be. Adjusting herself, she sat upright again and prayed that no one had seen this.

“It’ll be an equal showing,” she said reassuringly. “Now do you believe me?”

Ben gave a wry smile. “Now I do. What’s gotten into you? That was the first time I ever saw your… nevermind…”

“I’m making it clear that I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re healthy. Even if it makes me a little uncomfortable.”


At around 3 pm was when the researchers took their final break of the day before doing a final round of study afterwards. By that time, Lauren’s pussy was a mess, thinking of doing things with her son’s penis for the first time. As far as she was concerned, Ben’s sexual life was none of her business. Especially since she knew that her son practiced safe sex.

The truth was, she loved sucking cock from the first time she had ever done it. It came naturally to her and she enjoyed the feeling of a male pulsing and throbbing inside of her mouth. She loved hearing those moans and feeling the strange, sexual power she got from it.

As far as tasting/swallowing cum, that was more of an acquired taste. Like wine, she couldn’t really get into it until her early 30’s. That’s when she was truly able to swallow a man’s load without gagging or wanting to spit it out. By then, the taste was officially acquired.

On her computer screen were articles about the virus and semen, and how they related to each other. The doctor had emailed these to her a while ago so she could read and consider them.

She snapped out of her trance when she got a text message:

Dr. Gupta: We’re having coffee in the lounge. Feel free to use my office. No one is there. Use pillow for your knees. Plenty of wipes for cleanup. Give me all details!

For Lauren, the message woke her up more than any cup of coffee. Now, the thoughts she had been toying with seemed more real than ever. And a pillow for her knees? Surely the doctor had lost her mind expecting anything to happen in the workplace.

Lauren: Seriously? : /

About 30 seconds later, the reply came.

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