Not in That Way Ch. 07

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Ch. 07: Dustin and Gabe finally make up for lost time






Gabe and I both make appointments to get tested, but decide that going together probably isn’t the best idea. Yeah we’re dating and there aren’t any secrets between us, but telling your intimate sexual history to a doctor so you can have unprotected sex while your boyfriend is outside waiting to do the same thing does not sound romantic in the slightest.

He goes in his own time and so do I, and we figure we could meet up after.

The days following our appointments couldn’t have dragged on any longer. We continue to hang out and see each other every day but we’re both very much aware of what we’re waiting on. Neither of us brings it up because really, there’s nothing to do but wait.

It’s been about a month since I was last with Ethan, and up until recently, my dry spell hasn’t been much of an issue. I get the job done the old fashioned way- thankful for porn and my overactive imagination. These days it’s harder considering how close Gabe and I have become. Most nights are spent with interwoven limbs and steady kissing until either of us finds a reason to stop.

The other night when we were kissing, I felt the urge for more and hopped up on his lap. That led to his hands working their way up my shirt, followed up by a tongue that slipped into my mouth. I grinded a bit, feeling his unmistakably hard dick pressed against my ass. I was about ready to forgo whatever plans we had and fuck right there- Gabe just feels too good and my dick is starting to make rash decisions for me- except he stops me. He pulls off with an almost childlike look of frustration- like he knows better than to cave with me.

Gabe excuses himself and disappears into the bathroom. I wait on the couch, catching my breath as my dick settles down. Minutes later, he comes back with the most guilty look on his face, but without the tent in his shorts. He sits back and turns the volume up on the TV, playing it off like nothing happened. I lean in for a kiss and he makes a point to keep his lips pursed without the slightest opening- likely because doesn’t want a repeat.

I settle back into him and hide my smile, hoping we won’t have to wait much longer.


Three excruciatingly long days later and I’m finishing up at work when my phone goes off twice. One is an e-mail notification from my pharmacy and the second is a text from Gabe.

I open the email first and feel the sweat collecting at my back as I read down the list of negatives- grateful that’s the only result that comes back. Truth be told, I don’t know why I was worried, but now I really have no reason to.

I open the text from Gabe and it’s a screenshot of a similar form from his clinic, telling him that he too is all clear. He follows that up with a peach, an eggplant and an emoji of water droplets. Gabe’s hot, but sometimes he’s stupid as fuck. That manages to make me cackle in the middle of our quiet office before I keep myself together. He then sends me a one a little more serious.

“I’m kidding of course, Dust.” Another message comes in, “Come over for dinner and I’ll pick up from that sandwich shop nearby.” A third follows, “No pressure.”

I tell him yes and, despite how considerate he’s being, I feel my dick straining in my pants in the middle of the open area. I have co-workers buzzing nearby and the sound of a conference call going on just to the right of me, but all I can think about is my boyfriend and what we’re going to do tonight. Gabriel Cruz may want to play it cool and take our time, but me, I’ve been wanting to have sex with him for a week, let alone the past several years.

After work, I go back to my apartment and prepare. Gabe and I talk about everything and he knows just about every like and aversion I have. Half the time whenever I’m running late to dinner, he orders for me and never once has he given me a terrible plate of food. But surprisingly, sexual preferences aren’t a topic we cross that often. When you have feelings for someone, the last thing you want to hear is every naughty little thing they do with other people.

Based on the guys he’s dated, I assume he’s a top- that paired with his cocky attitude and what my dreams have mustered to be a huge dick. Still, I don’t know who’s going to end up where, so I get myself ready for whatever the night has in store.

I shower and get dressed, both of which are made difficult by my dick that won’t seem to go down. Just the thought of anything with Gabe keeps me excited, but I’m not about to waste a load on imagination. I take my time, knowing the clinic he just switched to doesn’t close until six so he’ll still need some time to make his way home and pick up food. He’s a physical therapist, and before my brain could conjure up a scene of him stretching out an equally ripped and attractive dude, I hear his voice reminding me that his clients are mostly older disabled veterans and those in recovery.

He finally messages mersin escort that he’s home and picked up dinner, and I leave almost instantly to take the short walk over. Once inside, I use my now standard key and see him taking out a bunch of containers from a plastic bag.

Gabe looks over his shoulder when he sees me and we kiss for a second before he tosses the bag aside. I don’t know if it’s him trying to gauge my reaction, but he’s not jumping my bones in the way someone who just found out they can have raw sex should.

I stand there, peering at him until he finally turns and sees me watching. He makes some goofy faces that don’t get the response he wanted before asking, “What?” pretending to not know.

I shake my head and walk around the island that separates us, bringing my hands up to his chiselled jaw and kissing him- but this time there’s no four year old niece watching, or some sorry excuse to sneak off to the bathroom to jerk off. I slip my tongue inside and I feel him gripping on my waist before gently pulling me off.

He growls, “I’m trying to be good and not rush, but you’re making it very, very hard.”

I cup his bulge, seeing his eyes go wide. He’s throbbing in my hand- and even the fabric that separates our flesh can’t contain him. “Gabe, we’ve been doing this song and dance for years and I can’t be the only one who’s been waiting for this all week. What makes you think I want to drag it out any longer.”

He reaches for the tent in my shorts and I whimper as he finally touches me. “Nothing. I guess I’m just in my head again, trying not to fuck it up.”

I kiss him once more and feel his previously hesitant tongue slip into my mouth. We pull off, out of breath, “The only thing you have to worry about fucking up, is this ass.” I say, forcing a straight face.

But Gabe can’t hold it back, he practically snorts out a laugh which is so infectious, I’m cracking up beside him. He cozies into my body and holds me at my waist, “That was so fucking bad, Dust.”

I nod, “Yeah but at least it broke the tension.”

“Alright let’s do this, but I do need to shower first.” He bites on his lip, “I wasn’t expecting to get mounted once you walked through the door.”

We laugh before I follow him into the bathroom. I’m pretty sure he was expecting me to just wait, but the promise of seeing a soaking wet Gabe is too hot to pass up.

We undress and are both aware of how intimate this all is. His motions are slow as he peels off his joggers and out of his socks, then quick as he shucks off his shirt. It’s like a pop song that builds as it gets to the chorus. I see him standing before me, naked, apart from the pair of boxer briefs that sport a bulge that is of my own doing. I reach down to my fly, but Gabe grabs my hands. He pushes them aside and undoes it himself as he leans down and focuses. Once the zipper is undone, my shorts fall to the floor, and he slowly pulls off my shirt.

I look over at him, but he’s focused on what’s left. The both of us are in a sheathed sword fight, waiting for someone to move first. I decide to take the first step and pull his boxers down, feeling what seemed like a never-ending shaft until the waistband comes over his head and his dick springs out. I grab it in my hands and feel him shudder as I stroke it. Gabe leans in for a kiss and we stay like that for a few seconds as I get used to his size. Not wanting to be left out, he undoes my boxers and touches me in a similar way.

“Fuck” he says, gripping my cock at the base, “The rumors are true- Dustin Green has a huge dick.”

“What rumors?”

He winks, “The ones in my head.” Gabe kisses my neck and he strokes me, “I always knew you were packing.”

I kiss him too, “I’d say we’re equally matched, buddy.”

Gabe raises an eyebrow, “Buddy? So I’m just your buddy, now?”

I chuckle as I push him into the shower and immediately turn on the cold water, “The best buddy I’ve ever had!”

He’s shivering and squirming with his mouth open in shock but still manages to drag me under the stream until we’re both rattling around like popcorn kernels. Eventually he turns the lever, and just as the water goes hot, so do our movements.

Gabe pins me against the wall and runs a finger down my body, following the stream as it rolls off my chest, “In case it wasn’t obvious, you look really fucking hot, Dust.”

I grab his ass and pull him against me as I knead his cheeks in my hand, “And you sir, exceed all my expectations.”

That leaves Gabe smiling like a fucking idiot as he kisses me.

I swear, we could tease each other like this all night until the hot water runs out. But I have other plans. I reach for the body wash, hoping to speed this up a bit.

“Now let’s get you clean so we can actually have some fun.”

Gabe gives me a stupid salute as he turns to face the stream. Now, showering is new territory for me, but he makes it feel less awkward. This isn’t the kind of thing mersin escort bayan I ever did with any of my partners, and yet somehow it’s easier the longer it goes. After a lot of intense staring and laughter to break the tension, Gabe eventually scrubs up as I take several rolls of mental photography for later.

Once he’s all clean, we towel off and continue to ping pong our way into his bedroom, trading kisses and soft little bites until he’s sitting on the bed and I crawl up towards him.

He’s about to reach for my dick when I sit up and playfully push him down so he lands on his back. “Nope- me first this time.” I say, seeing a smile creep up on his face. Gabe may have an agenda, but I know what I want and I’ll be damned if I have to wait any more.

He settles into the mattress as I edge over to him. There, I grab his dick at the base and feel its weight in my hand. I guide the uncut tip over to my lips and kiss it softly, tasting him for the first time. Gabe lets out a soft moan as I slip my tongue under his skin while his hand massages at the back of my face. He tastes even better than I imagined, and I’m already picturing doing this every time he comes through the door. I nibble gently on the loose skin as his touch gets firmer. We’re now playing a little game of testing out what the other is into.

I stroke him, watching that skin peel back on his head that’s shining with precum and spit. Leaning in, I swipe my tongue underneath his slit, coaxing more precum as I do. Gabe’s fingers run through the back of my head as I take in more of his length. Mentally, I’ve been preparing for years and I’ll be damned if I let a gag reflex stop me. I inch my way down, hearing nothing but my soft moans until my lips touch the base of his cock. I pull off, seeing a bridge of spit between my mouth and his dick before I lap it up and look up at him.

“You look way too good doing that.” He says

Gabe reaches for my face and pulls me up for a kiss. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how soft his lips are, or how good he tastes. We stay like this for a bit as I get up to my knees. Gabe chuckles as he feels my cock pressed against his thigh.

He strokes me, before insisting, “Okay, my turn.”

I smile big as he motions towards the edge of the bed and pats the spot where he wants me to sit. There, on the floor, Gabriel Cruz gets to his knees. He’s six foot and nearly pure muscle but he finds his place below me, ready to live out the fantasies of a scrawnier eighteen year old.

Gabe teases me with his lips on my inner thighs, kissing softly like he knows how sensitive I am there. His face moves over to my balls and I see him dip his nose underneath and inhale as my hands weave themselves into his black curls.

He grabs onto my cock and pulls his mouth over it without hesitation. I don’t know how many guys Gabe’s been with or if he outnumbers me with his experience, but none of that matters. He wants me, and his lips and his tongue give me all the answers I need.

Gabe gets down pretty far before gagging a bit which is music to my ears. He pulls off and jerks me off as he shakes his head, “I’m gonna be able to take all of this” he says as he plays with my balls, “Sooner than you think.”

I flash him a wink as he goes back down and works to undo whatever threshold he has. We stay like that for a bit with his mouth and hands leaving me writing on the edge of the bed. Gabe really gets into it and clutch onto the bed sheets feeling how close he’s getting me. Soon, I’m a second away from cumming but he pulls off right on top and presses onto the base of my cock, stopping me in my tracks.

I shiver and pant and watch in amazement as he kisses the tip of my raging cock, “We didn’t spend a week waiting for your first load to go anywhere but inside me” he says, like a matter of fact.

“Inside you, huh?” I ask as he kisses my abs, “I didn’t peg you as a bottom.”

Gabe chuckles and gives me a high five, “Solid pun.” He shrugs his shoulders, “You’re not wrong, I’m not usually on the receiving end. But-” He starts to say but I’m giggling like an idiot as I grab his ass.

He glares at me before continuing, “But whenever I thought about us together, it always just made sense that way.”

I pull him up so he’s on his feet and hug his waist, feeling those fingers curl into my hair. I look up and see Gabe with the widest smile on his face as he’s looking down on me.

“What’s got you smiling so big?” I say, examining him.

“I’m just happy” He says, with all thirty two of his teeth.

I raise my eyebrows, “Happy that you’re finally able to have sex with me?”

“Well yes” he says with a shy smirk, “But I meant that I’m just happy to finally be with you.” He grabs onto my hand, “Like this.”

Gabe’s a flirt- he always has been. I remember hearing the one liners he’d feed to people and feel butterflies in my chest, thinking about how fucking smooth he is. But these aren’t just phrases he’s escort mersin cherry picked from a list. It’s honest and it’s raw and it makes me fall for him over and over.

I scoot back onto the bed until my back hits the headboard. Gabe comes crawling over, making a stop at his nightstand where he pulls out a bottle of lube and greases me up. Soon, the bed shifts as he sits on my torso and lubes himself up. I get one last lick of his cock before he lifts himself and lines up my dick with his ass. I grab onto his chest as he lowers himself down, both of us letting out a steady moan as I feel his hole wrap around my shaft.

“Holy shit.” He says, feeling me for the first time.

I wince, looking up in amazement as he takes me. He’s so tight, too fucking tight that I’m convinced I won’t last long at all. Eventually he takes me all the way and his eyes roll back as he settles on top of me and pulls me in close.

We make out for a few seconds as he gets used to my size. But soon he starts bouncing up and down, and I can feel his cock slapping against my stomach. Gabe may not bottom often, but he’s taking me like a fucking pro.

“Fuck fuck fuck” I say in between short breaths. It’s only been a few minutes but I know I’m close and this time, Gabe can’t just stop me like he did before.

I bit down on my tongue and hold off as long as I can until I look up and see his face twisting and turning, like he’s in the same boat.

Gabe continues to fuck himself on me until finally he leans back and props himself up. The new angle feels even better and it’s not before long until I hear him moaning so fucking loud.

“Dust!” he calls out and I watch as ropes of cum shoot out of his cock and all over me. He’s a fucking hose and it’s all too much. The sight of his cumshot- the way the overhead light hits his muscles, the grip of his hole around my dick. I rest my hand on his sculpted stomach and start to cum.

I shoot so much that Gabe can feel it. He leans forward and takes my lips as I ride that wave and unload inside him. We’re so close, I can taste his breath. I can feel his sweat on my skin. I can smell our cum everywhere on this bed.

Gabe gives me a final kiss before he pulls off of me. He collapses right next to me and clutches onto my chest as we catch our breath.

I start laughing. I can’t tell you why I do, it just comes over me until I’m cracking up so hard that soon, he’s laughing with me. Gabe nuzzles into my chest and kisses at my neck.

“We couldn’t even last ten minutes with each other!” He says as he shakes his head.

I play with his curls, “That’s what happens when we wait so long.”

“I-I didn’t even touch myself!” He reaches over and grabs my dick, “What kind of sorcery is this?”

I laugh with him and bask in that euphoric state, knowing that our first time together couldn’t have gone any better. I’m holding onto him and he’s gripping me so tight- after years of reaching for a boy who didn’t seem to want me, his touch is satisfying.

Gabe finds his energy and sits back up on my thighs. He grabs our dicks in his hand, neither of which have gone soft, and strokes us. His flesh against mine feels too good, and if it weren’t for the fact that we both just came, he could have coaxed out another load right then.

“We have a lot of making up to do, Dust.” He’s grinning as the wheels in his mind keep turning, “Think of all the sex we’re gonna have.’

Eventually, he gets the urge for more and rolls over beside me in bed. I turn, pressing my weight on him as he cups my jaw in his hands and pulls me down for kisses. I feel his legs spread apart and I plant my knees inside of his thighs as his ankles converge at my back. In between breaths, I reach down and slip my dick inside, sliding in easily as I feel my earlier load buried deep inside him.

Gabe’s breath hitches as I fill him once more, but he’s far less sensitive this time. He gives me a nod to continue and I thrust into him slowly, knowing it’ll be a bit of time before we’re both ready to come again. Neither of us are complaining, though, as we now have time to play and explore and get to know each other on that intimate level.

A half hour and a few tries at new positions later, and we’re both thoroughly spent. I playfully lick at his damp skin and make him shutter as I suck on his nipples. We’re done a good job of covering each other, and the blanket, with cum as Gabe dips his fingers in each of the pools, sampling for himself. At the end, we’re both just lying in each other’s arms while watching the slow moving fan above his bed circle around like the hands of a clock that’s just restarted for us.


Sometime later, Gabe drags me out to the living room and turns on the lamp by the couch. It’s dim, but I can still see him clearly as the rest of the space is shrouded in shadows. He disappears into the kitchen and comes back a few minutes later with two cups of coffee and the sandwiches from earlier that have gone cold. Still, neither of us seems to care as we cozy up and eat a very late dinner with the coffee he just made.

He hands me the one that’s considerably lighter, and when I taste it, it’s confirmed that he added just enough cream and sugar to how I like it. He drinks his black and settles beside me on the couch.

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