Nick’s Seduction

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Nick laid there for a while, wondering what was happening. How he could have gone from a nerdy little eighteen year old to scoring a night with the hottest girl, no woman, he had ever seen.

It was love at first sight.

He walked in from school and there she was, in his kitchen talking to his mother. Her long brown hair and ample figure instantly drawing his teen attention. She was a the daughter of a friend of the family his mother told him, and she just moved back into town after a few years away.

A week later, he was on his way to her house for dinner.

“Hi sweetie,” Amy opened her front door.

She giggled. Nick let his eyes wander over her body, the short black skirt up to the extremely revealing deep cut white t-shirt, her lace bra.

Nick’s eyes stopped wandering.

“Did you want to come in?” Amy smiled and gently lifted Nick’s head from looking at her chest to her eyes.

Nick was embarrassed and guilty. Why did he have to look at her like that. He could feel it inside of him, his hunger for her flowed through every inch of his soul. It was taking every inch of self control to stop him from attacking her.

“This way,” she held out her hand and lead him down a long hallway and into a large open area.

Nick tried everything he could to look away from her but his gaze always returned. Her body sending the love inside of him closer and closer to boiling. The swaying of her hips and chest hypnotically capturing his gaze.

“Would you like to sit?” Amy gazed up at him.

Nick looked down at her, barely noticing her beauty his eyes fixated on the gently lifting and settling of her cleavage.

“I,” Nick stuttered, “yes, of course.”

Nick nervously smiled and sat down and tried to swallow out the lump in his throat. He was as excited and as nervous as he could ever remember being.

“I really like your shirt,” Nick looked away awkwardly, “I mean you look really pretty today.”

“I only look pretty today?” Amy giggled and reached her hand out and rubbed his leg. “Don’t be nervous, I don’t bite.”

Nick looked at her and felt his body start to melt. The feeling of her hand gently massaging him so close to his throbbing manhood made him long for sexual release. It made him long for her.

“I’m sorry,” Nick nervously smiled his gaze alternating from her chest to her eyes, “I am just a little scared.”

“You are so adorable,” Amy slid her body closer and put her hands on his. “Here, let me see your hands.”

Nick felt her hands guiding him towards her. His pants lunged forward as she slowly placed them on her chest, her hard nipples pressed lightly against his palm.

He had never felt a woman’s chest before. The soft weight cupped by his hand was making his loins ooze in delight.

“You can put your hands under my shirt if you want,” Amy leaned her breasts forward into his hands and whispered into his ear, her voice sending the hair on the back of his neck a flutter.

The combination of feeling the entire weight of the breasts in his hands and the warmth of her breath in his ear made his body instantly convulse. He did everything he could to hold back but he felt her hand tugging at his belt.

It was too late.

Nick tried to squirm away from her touch, but her hands kept rubbing against him. Embarrassed he looked to the floor as he felt as first one, then several, repeated thrusts flew through his cock, the warmth of his seed spreading quickly through his pants.

He wanted to cry.

His first experience, the first time he was going to be with someone, was forever marred in embarrassment. His eyes searched franticly for something to look at, somewhere to hide.

“Let me take these,” Amy gently started pulling on his pants. “I’ll throw them in the wash. It looks like you got a little on your shirt too.”

Nick just laid there to embarrassed to move let alone talk. One by one the pieces of clothing were removed. Nick thought about it, the irony of it all. Moments ago he would have crawled out of his skin to be nude with Amy, now he barely noticed her at all as she walked away with his clothes.

He scanned the room for something to cover himself and then it dawned on him. He was stuck there and he started to panic. He couldn’t leave without his clothes. Soiled or not he shouldn’t have let her take them.

He felt frantic and helpless.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Amy returned with a handful of toiletries and a wash cloth.

Amy knelt between his open legs and slowly rubbed the warm wash cloth over his thighs working her way across the whole of his sex. It was excruciating, her hands rubbing every inch of his skin and his body unable to sexually respond. It sent quivers through his stomach as each touch became more agonizing than the last.

“Now a little baby powder to dry my little boy up,” Amy gently tapped a powder bottle over him.

Instantly the smell hit Nick’s nose. The bahçelievler escort powerful aroma mixed with the lingering smell of sex, his sex, in the room made his mind reel. Then he called him her little boy? What was happening?

“Do you always trim down there,” Amy moved next to him on the couch, “I think it’s sexy.”

Nick wanted to run away. He had his release, whether it was how he wanted it or not, and now he just want to run. The closer she got to him the more the agony grew. Didn’t she know?

Then the questions. Why was she asking questions about that? It was personal and embarrassing.

“I,” Nick searched for the words, “I just don’t have any really. The hair never really grew.”

Nick felt more than naked. He felt exposed. His entire being was being shown to a woman who hours ago he couldn’t wait to be with and who now he couldn’t wait to get away from.

“You are at least eighteen right?” Amy looked at him with a mischievous smile.

Nick nodded yes.

Just eighteen though. Just a month now. He always thought his first time would be romantic, but then this happened. Maybe it was for the best. Maybe next time he wouldn’t be so nervous.

“I’m thirty-seven,” Amy inched her body closer, so that one her breasts was bushing it’s hard nipple repeatedly against his arm.

Thirty-seven? Nick had no idea. His mother was in her forties, but she didn’t look like his mother. No, she looked like she was twenty-three.

“It’s exciting to think you could be my son,” Amy pressed the pressed against his arm and slowly let her hands wander of his chest, “and I’m already very excited.”

Nick’s skin crawled with each touch.

All of his experiences with sex that finished with climax had been with himself. When it was over it was done. Now he was stranded in a house with a woman who wasn’t done and it was sending him to the brink of insanity.

He wanted free.

“I think it’s even sexier that you are sitting on my couch naked,” Amy reached her hands down to his soft shaft and gently rubbed it, “and I’m still all dressed.”

Her touch on his cock was all it took to send the first wave of tears into Nick’s eyes. Minutes ago he would have begged her to touch him and now it made his stomach lurch to his throat.

He was scared. More than that he felt completely helpless, unable to control himself.

“Don’t cry,” Amy gave him a concerned look, “I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”

She reached out and pulled his head down to her chest and started caressing his head. Her fingers felt like they were running through each strand of his short brown hair, sending jolts of electricity down his spine.

The tears kept coming and slowly turned into sobs. Her constant reassuring touch only sending him deeper into despair. His lust for her lost deep in his mind was slowly inching forward again as his head found more and more comfort on her breast.

“Maybe you would feel better if I took my shirt off,” Amy started pulling on her shirt and bra revealing her soft pink skin.

Nick looked at her bare chest, his sobs slowly subsiding, and felt the stirring in his loins every so slightly. How badly he wanted to touch her again.

“Here, put your head in my lap,” Amy guided him down, turning his head towards the open room.

She kept running her fingers through his hair until his sobs . The feeling of her bare breasts gently pressing upon his neck was excruciatingly erotic, sending the lust inside of him surging forward.

Nick rolled himself over and looked up into her eyes.

She was still caressing him. The constant touch of her hand against him was both calming and exciting.

“Are you all better now,” Amy smiled and hugged his head closer to her chest

Nick could feel comforting softness of her breast against his face, perilously close to his wanting mouth. Uncontrollably his lips parted and his head shifted. Almost like a baby he felt his body adjusting and searching for her.

All it took was the feeling of Amy’s hand cupping his head and gently guiding him to send his lust straight to his loins. His cock stiffening with excitement he found his mouth gently pulling her breast inside of him.

The feeling of the nipple rolling against his tongue was strengthened exponentially by the feeling of his head being held to her breast. Slowly he pulled the nipple in and let it gently slide back out, the rhythmic comfort the only thing keeping him from another sexual release.

“That’s my good boy,” Amy’s words echoed in his ears, both adding to his excitement and tormenting him with his youth and inexperience.

Nick kept his mouth rolling against her breasts for what felt like hours. His body so completely relaxed that all thoughts of lust were replaced with only feelings of comfort. Her hands holding and caressing his head.

He could smell her. The smell of her sex growing bahçeşehir escort stronger and stronger with each suckle of her breast.

“Nick, honey,” Amy gently pulled his head from her chest. “I’m sorry. I never should have done this.”

Nick sat up confused.

It was enough to drive him to the brink of insanity. First he wants her so bad he can’t wait. Then he wants to run away so bad he feels caged in. Now this.

“What do you mean,” Nick became suddenly aware of his nudity.

He tried to continue but words escaped him.

He looked down at her. She was so beautiful, and her breasts, heaving every so slightly as she talked, sent the feeling of lust uncontrollably to his shaft.

“I had a baby when I was seventeen,” Amy slowly continued, “I really could be your mom. I feel a little funny about that.”

She reached for her shirt and slowly pulled it over her chest.

“I need to check on your laundry,” Amy smiled and patted his leg.

Nick panicked. Any thoughts he had of leaving were long behind him. Now he wanted her. If not her body her touch. The comforting feel of her skin against his.

“It’s okay, really,” Nick reach a hand out and rubbed her leg reassuringly. “I want to be with you. I will do anything to be with you.”

Nick looked at her. Her smile, the beautiful big brown eyes, and it was all he could think of. Being with her filled his entire brain like nothing had every filled him before. He wanted to get inside of her and feel her warmth coaxing him to sexual bliss.

“Anything,” Amy giggled. “You could get into a lot of trouble saying things like that.”

Nick moved his face up to hers.

“Anything,” he barely moaned, “I’ll do anything.”

He closed his eyes and pushed his lips to meet hers awkwardly.

“Nick, sweetie,” Amy pushed him gently back. “It can’t work. Like I said I’m old enough to be your mother.”

Nick felt his heart sink.

“Then let me be your son,” he grasped for straws. “You said that excited you. Please. I’m begging you.”

Nick looked at her pleadingly. If his words weren’t going to convey his desire to be with her maybe his eyes would.

Amy rubbed her hand on his cheek. What was she thinking? Nick leaned his face towards her, the softness of her fingers sending waves of energy through his body.

“Why do you have to be so cute,” Amy smiled. “It’s really not a good idea.”

Nick felt dejected. He felt a cool breeze fill his body with goosebumps making him aware again of his nudity.

“I guess I should go then,” Nick looked at the floor, his hand over his softening shaft.

They sat there, in silence, for awhile. Nick felt a tear welling up in his eyes again.

“Don’t cry,” Amy put her arms around him and gave him a hug. “It makes me want you more.”

It was the only time that Nick could remember wanting to be able to cry. He nuzzled into her neck. God she was so soft, so comforting.

Amy stood up and held out her hand. Silently she walked him down another long hallway and into a large tidy bedroom.

“Well if you’re going to be my son,” Amy smiled and grabbed a bottle from a nearby nightstand. “I should take good care of you.”

Nick fell back into the bed as Amy gently positioned him on his belly.

“Sit tight sweetie,” Amy whispered into his ear.

Something about being in this position was scary. His back turned he couldn’t see what she was doing.

The first drops of baby oil dropped on his back and he shuddered.

Then her hands. Her hands sliding across his back and down to his buttocks and thighs. Her fingers gently kneading his skin sending every nerve in his body on fire.

“You have such a nice smooth body,” Amy leaned down and moaned into his ear, her bare breast pressing into his back.

Nick felt ready to explode. Her hands sliding effortlessly across his entire backside, slipping between his legs and buttocks. Every move of her fingers sent him closer to release and deeper under her spell.

“There you go,” Amy gave his butt a smack. “Now you’re all soft and smooth like a good little boy.”

The words stung, but at the same time sent his loins jolting forward.

Nick rolled onto his back and his eyes were instantly flooded with lust. Amy had removed all of her clothes and for the first time he was with a naked woman.

Her full chest pale against her deep tan, but his eyes immediately shifted to the small patch of hair along her hips. He found himself mesmerized.

“Is it okay,” she broke the silence. “I’m not scary looking or anything?”

Nick just stared at her as she crawled onto the bed next to him, unable to answer or even move.

He was scared.

Scared that he didn’t know what to do. Scared at where this was going. He had always thought that having sex would be something he’d just naturally do. Something that didn’t involve anything more bakırköy escort than a girl spreading her legs and him getting inside.

This was more. This had a story attached to it. It had a beautiful woman who was playing a pampering mother. This isn’t what he had thought it was going to be.

He felt her hands gently touching his sides bring him back to reality.

“How’s my little boy doing, okay?” Amy slid her body next to his and pressed her lips lightly to his.

Nick parted his lips and her tongue slowly explored his mouth. The feeling of her tongue, pressing inside of him made him feel like she was in control. He opened a little wider and let her slide in farther.

He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest, her hard nipples poking into him. She slipped her legs over his thigh, her sexual wetness dripping against him, her tongue pushed in deeper and deeper.

Nick pulled his lips from her and worked his way down to one of her breasts and eagerly pulled it into his mouth.

“So my boy’s a little hungry,” Amy ran her fingers through his hair and then slowly pushed his head down from her breast towards her hips.

The smell of her love filled his nose as she slowly parted her thighs revealing her glistening pink lips. He could feel her hand pressing against his head, slowly pushing him closer and closer.

“Start at the sides honey,” Amy moaned and pushed his head against her left thigh. “Use your tongue.”

Nick gently kissed her. The taste was overwhelming at first but slowly turned into a delicacy as he pushed his tongue around her inner thigh and then between her ruby lips.

Nick let his tongue wander and search, sliding in and out of her, up and down her. Her hands gently guiding him higher until her body exploded her lust upon his face.

Over and over again she shook, holding his head tightly to her love, her hips writhing against him. Nick could barely pull in a breath as all his senses were overwhelmed by her.

“Oh my god that felt so good,” Amy panted, slowly releasing him from her grasp.

Nick wiped his face onto his arm. All he could smell was her sex combined with a bit baby powder and baby oil.

“I hope it was okay,” Nick moved further away to give her space. “I really didn’t know what to do.”

Nick felt funny sitting there after her climax. He didn’t know what action to take next. He couldn’t get up and leave, and his excitement was obvious in his loins, but she was finished. How he wished his laundry was.

“Why are you being so shy,” Amy rolled onto her side and slid up to him. “Was I too rough?”

She started kissing his cheeks with little kisses, it was all Nick could do to hold still. He wished he didn’t want her so bad, he wanted to savor her touch but instead it kept driving him to the brink of release, regardless of it’s location.

“I’m sorry,” Nick moaned softly. “I thought you were finished.”

Nick felt her hand slide down his body, her fingers wandering close to his throbbing shaft but deftly avoiding it.

“I came,” Amy giggled, “but I didn’t see or conquer yet.”

Amy lowered her kisses to his chest, the slow lingering of her lips against his skin driving Nick mad with desire.

Nick’s body lifted and turned to find her touch, her hands and mouth making him wild for release. He could feel his shaft’s constant shudder, searching for her.

Nick closed his eyes, the sight of her shifting between his legs was more than he could handle. He felt her lips deep between his legs, kissing his thighs, her hand sliding between his well lubricated bottom, the thumb pressing gently against his opening.

He was afraid to move. Afraid that his lust would explode with even the slightest provocation. Her lips and hands fighting against his will to hold back.

Nick gulped. He wasn’t how much more he could take.

She moved to his side and then slipped a leg over him. She could feel her hand shifting his cock to greet her moist warmth until it finally slipped inside.

Nick moaned in pleasure. The heat of her body surrounding his cock was indescribable. He felt the first uncontrollable thrust into her warm depths.

Nick moved his head to her breasts and once again pulled the nipple into his mouth.

“Oh mom you are so hot,” he moaned before realizing what he said.

Amy lifted her hips and lowered them, greeting each of his thrusts. He could feel her silky wetness as it spread across his hips and down his legs.

“You’re such a good little boy,” Amy leaned over and breathed into his ear. “Yes you are.”

As demeaning as the words were they instantly made Nick thrust upwards. He couldn’t resist the feel of her breath or the sounds of her voice and his shaft began to release his love deep inside of her.

Over and over again he felt his cock shudder, his juices being drawn out. He pulled her breasts to his face and suckled them over and over again, the comforting feeling only adding to his exploding loins.

Finally they fell back exhausted.

They lay there for a long time, Nick’s head resting on her breast, her arm draped around him. Nick didn’t feel the same need to escape as before but instead felt content. The softness of her body so close to his comforting.

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