My Sunday Ride

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Dear Jake,

I must tell you about my ride Sunday. I just had an argument with my roommate, I was so angry. I needed to get out and clear my head. So, I decided to go out to my bike and go for a ride.

Did I mention my bike before? It is a 98 Harley Softail Custom, I have a street sweeper rear fender and a Jessie James front, dual tanks. 15 inch ape hangers and a bitch bar that is taller than my 5’6″ frame. Just looking at the bike makes me wet myself; and then when I get on and start it, there is no stopping the stream of juices.

Anyway, I was upset with my roommate, so I hopped on the bike and took off. I headed out of the local area and decided to take off in a different direction then I usually do. This way the roads are very curvy, I like the feel of the bike as it moves around the curves, reminds me of your hands moving along mine. My bike is made to be between my legs, the power at my complete control, letting me ride it fast and hard.

Did I mention, that it was a beautiful day out? I put on a white tank, low cut in the front, barely covering my B cups, the back cut even lower, showing my tat that covers the full upper half of my back? I had on my tight jeans, fits like a glove and they make the ride that much more, enjoyable. My dark red hair was flying free, I really didn’t want to take the time to put it up.

Well, as I took off I started relaxing, letting the wind excite me, the vibrations between my legs, the raw power under my control, the wind beating my shirt against my ever hardening nipples. My jeans rubbing my pussy, did I tell you I have figured out the right gearing to optimise the experience, just shifting to the side gets me wet?

By now, I have forgotten what had sent me out in such a hurry and I wasn’t going to think about it. Just enjoying the ride. This time being alone makes the ride that much better. I sneak a peak at my breast, I can see them, my shirt is blowing away from me, I see how the wind is trying to move the separation of my shirt between my breast to expose one. This excites me, wouldn’t it be nice to be riding down the road having the wind move just right and bringing my breast to full exposure, especially when others are driving by?

I look down breifly then look back at the road. The next time I look down I see my hard pink nipple, I look at the other one and see it is also very hard, although that ones view is through the shirt, exciting but not as much as the exposed one. Seeing this makes me shift just a bit feeling the juices starting to drip. I sit back on the bike bringing my leg up onto the primary case.

Then I bring urla escort bayan my hand down between my legs, rubbing it bringing memories of other times that have caused such sensations, feeling the vibrations pulsing through my body. I focus on the sensation between my legs, my breasts, my nipples. I even take my hand from my pussy and bring it to my mouth, licking them and bringing them down to my nipple rubbing it, then moving my hand back to my pussy letting the wind blow the wetness from my nipple.

The sensations going through my body, the moisture, the rubbing, the vibrating, the smacking of my shirt against my hardened nipple, all this brings me to a memory, one of a story and I loose it completely, cumming everywhere. I feel the wetness on my seat, running between my legs, the tingling through my body, giving in to the pure pleasure of the experience. My only hope now is to continue the ride and hope the crotch of my jeans will dry before I have to stop.

Well, now I have to ride some more just to dry off, good thing I went in a different direction this one in a more quiet road. I continue down for a while, winding and twining through the back roads, through the farmland that is around my new place. After a while, I need to reposition, when I do I bring my legs back setting my feet on the back foot pegs, this making me think. Think back to the previous story I sent you. I press down on the pegs moving my ass up just a bit, experimenting to see if it would be possible?

So I started thinking of how much I/we could enjoy the ride, you slipping down from the back of my bike bringing me down onto your lap. Taking control of the handlebars, letting me slide out of my pants throwing them off to the side of the road, I don’t expect to be needing them where we are going. After I am finally free from the confines of my pants, I move my hands down the front of me sliding them inbetween my legs, stopping for a quick, wet feel before continuing farther down, moving past my ass because if I stop there I may not leave.

I am now feeling your confinement, I feel you pushing to get out, not wanting to make you wait any longer I unzip your pants, you popping out excited at the thought of getting close to something so, hot, tight and wet. Seeing me naked from the waist down sends shivers up your spine. I grab onto your throbbing cock, taking it tightly into my hand you feel my juices that haven’t had the time to dry in the wind on my fingers. I start stroking up and down as I move my pussy closer to you, you can feel the warmth inviting you to cum inside. I move my legs up behind escort urla you resting them on the seat you just left, lifting myself just slightly, getting more leverage.

I move myself slowly down onto your hardened cock. Moving the tip of your cock in, stopping and slowly moving you back out. I move your tip in again giving you a taste of the pleasure awaiting you, while moving my hand back down your cock, then up meeting my pussy just below the tip. I move back up taking you out, moving my hand over your tip, rubbing my juices into the tip and into the palm of my hand, moistening it to ease the movement back down your shaft; bringing you back into me.

Now I move you deeper in, slowly moving. I take my free hand and start rubbing my clit, moving my fingers from that down feeling you inside of me, moving you inbetween my fingers rubbing then bringing it back up to my clit. I bring you back out, then move you back down. This exciting me even more. I keep moving up and down on top of your hardend cock, rubbing my clit moving you inbetween my fingers, rubbing you. Moving faster, moaning with pleasure. I am now completely wet, your pants are saturated with my juices, my hands moving easily around you. Bringing you completely down into me. This time I move my feet from the seat behind you and down onto the rear footpegs. Getting more support to keep my movements going. I keep playing rubbing, stroking, bringing you in and out of my pussy. Wanting you deeper, wanting more. I slip my fingers inside my pussy next to you, rubbing moving inside and out, up and down. Keeping you just inside not letting you leave.

This time my movements are making it hard for you to keep control of the bike, your concentration is getting harder to keep. You look down at me wanting to just grab on and pull me, take control. Forcing me to do as you please instead of letting me continue to tease you. So you pull over, quickly turning off the bike, putting the kickstand down grabbing me my the hips and pulling me, forcing me down taking you completely inside of me, causing even more of my fingers inside. You hear me moan louder telling you to “Fuck me, Fuck me Hard”

Not wanting to disappoint me, you continue fucking me hard, moving faster with each passing moment. Moving in and out, pulling me tightly against you grabbing me, fucking me. You take one hand from around my waist moving it up my back and grabbing a hand full of my hair, pulling I moan in complete excitement. You feel me tighten around you, feeling the increased moisture the dripping down your cock onto your balls, moving me up then urla escort down, fucking me harder and harder. I feel your dick getting harder and harder, I feel the tightening of your balls, when they smack against my clit teasing it, playing moving back and forth.

I grab them playing with them in my hand, encouraging them to continue to tease me. You continue to fuck me moving, now you are standing getting more leverage to pull me into you even harder, pushing farther inside.

Not wanting to be finished I quickly pull away from you turning then pulling off my shirt, moving my tits into your face telling you to lick them, bite them, suck them, play with them.

Then I start moving you closer to me, letting your tip just barely tickle the outside of my pussy, feeling the moisture just waiting for you to cum inside. I stay there enjoying your attention to my screaming nipples, your playing with one in your hand the other in your mouth, I tell you to bite harder, you do as you are told making me moan with pleasure. Not able to continue without having you fucking me I quickly move down burying you completely inside of me, moving you inside then out. Moving up and down, stopping just a short time to let you nibble some more on my nipples.

Now you have your arm around my waist trying to control me, trying to keep me from continuing in my frantic desire to have you completely inside, buried deep, throbbing, pulsing as you cum. I keep moving up and down until you can’t hold me any longer and deside to let me have my way, I continue slamming down onto your cock, then back up, repeating over and over.

I feel you are about to explode, oh how I want to watch as each stream erupts out of your tip. I want to catch it on my outstretched tongue. To be able to enjoy the flavors. The though causes me to gush, my juices now dripping down the side of my bike.

I feel you are getting ready to release yourself, so I quickly move off of my most recent of rides and bring you into my awaiting mouth. Sucking you and rubbing your shaft. Enjoying the flavors left there from my own dripping wet pussy.

I continue stroking you until I hear your moans getting louder, your breathing heavier, you dick harder, tighter. I move my lips from around your dick, but continue to stroke your shaft. Moving my hand up and down. You say “I’m going to cum”

I open my mouth, with my tongue outstretched. Just as I do, the first streams, come shooting out landing on my tongue. You continue releasing your massive load into my mouth, onto my tongue, some even landing on my cheek. Once you have finished, I move my finger, taking the cum on my cheek and moving it into my mouth, to savor the flavors you have given me.

This thought has now given me the most pleasurable ride I have had in a long time.

I hope you will be able to join me for a ride the next time you are in town.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32