My Mom

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My Mom
Ever since I was in my mid teens and I saw my mom hanging laundry, and when she bent over she showed her hairy pussy. Again and again. A sight that fueled my teenage masturbatory habits

So as I got a year older, and still having ideas about my mom, I was in my room and got up and nearly stepped into the dining room, when I heard my Mom talking to her friend. I stopped and was quiet. My mom’s friend says “So you aren’t getting any from Bill, Alice?”
Mom says, ”No, one night we tried and he did not get hard and it’s been nearly two years, and he hasn’t touched me”
My Mom’s friend said “Is he cheating? “

“No,” Mom said, “I don’t think so. A few times I, you know, touched him, and it would not work”

“Oh, I’m sorry Alice, her friend said.

I snuck back into my room to ponder this new revelation. I lie on my bed, my younger brother in the room playing with his trucks. I rolled onto my side thinking of what a mess. I wanted to get laid, I wanted my cock in my Mom’s pussy. My Mom was horny because Dad is not fucking her! My hand goes in my dungarees and rubs my cock, my brother cannot see. I need a plan!

Days, weeks and months go by, and it’s Summer and Mom and Dad have met a couple that like to drink and play cards. As the eldest sibling, I get babysitting duty. I fell asleep in my Dad’s recliner about midnight, and it was after that when I heard Mom and Dad stumble into the house, loud and obnoxious.

I said I’d turn off the TV (with the test pattern on it) and go to bed. I got up and went down the hall and 15 minutes later I tip toed back in just my underwear, and peeked into my türkçe bahis parent’s room, they never shut their door. I could hear them both snoring, passed out drunk, and I snuck in the room. Dad was on his side facing the wall, Mom was closest to me and was passed out naked on her belly.

My cock said to touch her, my brain said if I get caught, Dad will actually beat me up.

I snuck closer and touched my Mom’s ass. She did not move at all. The street light from outside shone a small bit of light through the window, but not much. I continued to touch my Mom’s ass and let my fingers go between her thighs. I felt the bump of her ass hole then some of her pubic hair. My Mom moaned and said “Oh Bill, Mmmm”

I froze, not sure what to do. But my fingers were there, right there. So I pushed and wiggled a bit and her lips opened and I got a third of one finger in my Mom’s pussy. Her legs involuntarily opened and I pushed my finger deep into her pussy and she moaned again.

“Fuck it” I thought, and pulled my finger out and snuck away, too afraid of being caught. I went to my room, my k** brother sound asleep, I put my finger too my nose and masturbated furiously. I squirted into the air, my cum going who knows where. Sated, I sucked my Mom’s pussy juice off my finger, and wiped my cock dry on a dirty sock and went to bed.

As the months went by, every Saturday night my parents came home drunk. Since it was Summer, often they would hop into bed naked. This allowed me to repeat this performance a few times, when Mom was lying on her side or on her belly. I loved her on her side, her pussy tipobet güvenilir mi pushing out between her legs, easy for me to get my finger in her tight pussy. I’d work it in and out a bit, when she moaned too much, I retreated to my room to jerk off and lick my fingers clean.

Fall came, and my parents did not sleep nude as the temperature in the house was chillier. But I still went in, if mom was on her side with her ass facing the right way and lifted the covers up enough finger her pussy. This one night Mom’s ass was hanging a couple of inches off the bed. I began to finger her twat and pulled my cock out of my underwear and coated her pussy and my cock with my pre-cum.

I was so damn nervous as I squatted down and pulled my finger out and slid my cock in. Mom moaned and I froze, my cock in her cunt. I got my courage back and began to fuck her cunt. I was so close to cumming when Mom rolled onto her belly, and off my cock. I snuck away and nearly ran on my tip toes to my bedroom, lest I got caught. I jacked off into the palm off my hand and lapped the warm cum out of my hand and jerked off once more.

Over the next couple of months my Mom was only on her side twice. Once not near the edge of the bed, and I fingered her, but the last time she pulled her legs up, her pussy was pushing out past her thighs. I wet my fingers with spit to speed up the process and soon had my cock sliding in and out of my Mom’s cunt. It was not long and I let go of a blast of cum into Mom’s cunt. I was scared, what do I do? I stood there my cock still in her cunt. Soon I was soft perabet and I slipped out, I covered Mom’s ass and snuck away.

As I lay in my bed, I thought that at least she was fixed, she can’t get pregnant. But what happens when she wakes up with a wet cunt and a wet spot. I was so scared of what would happen. My fears were for naught as the next day was like any other day.

Winter came and my parents did not go drinking very often when there was snow. I was hooked I wanted to find a way to fuck my Mom. Well, in truth, there was no fucking, I was really just masturbating in Mom, and I was loving it. I wanted more.

I tried thinking about how to fuck Mom. i****t was definitely taboo in our house. I fucked my cousin and her family moved, so…

If my parents were asleep, my Dad was a light sleeper, and my Mom would most likely wake up at some point and freak out. In my mind they had to be pretty drunk and passed out. So there was very little time to use her as my cum dump.

Spring came and my parents were going back out more often. I was getting bolder, if my Mom was not on her side I still fingered her. Some times she would roll over. Every time her ass was near, I’d slip two spit covered fingers in her cunt and then my cock. I was fucking her harder, and she did not really awaken, I wonder if she thought it was a dream about Dad fucking her. I’d cum in her cunt every time now, which was at least twice a month.

Then there was a break up with their friends and they no longer went drinking with them. My sneaky trysts with my Mom was over. Once in a while during that Summer I would sneak in to peek, I often caught Mom naked, her tits and pussy showing, and one night her ass near the edge of the bed. I was so tempted to try and fuck her, but knew, it would cause her to awaken, and all hell would break loose. So I have my sweet memories

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