Massage to Heaven Ch. 02

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I turned the water on and let the shower begin to warm. The afternoon and early evening had been a mental rollercoaster. The long massage I had given you earlier had not only kept you edging for hours, but I was there with you through every long stroke and penetration, and my body was now as tense as yours was before your release. “I just need to relax.” Removing the slacks and blouse, panties and bra and placing them in the hamper, I reached up to pull the pins from my hair, loosening them into soft waves around my face. I took a quick glance into the mirror and saw how full my breasts had grown over the years. It is expected, but still. I dismiss the thought and move into the stoned tiled shower, with its wide, open stall a luxury I afforded myself.

The tiles had quickly gathered the warmth from the water and were warm beneath my feet. I stepped directly into the rain of heat and let it race over the crown of my head and down my neck. Ohh.. so good. I still had a good bit of oil left on my hands from the massage and picked up the small bar of leather-scented soap and began working to lather it in my hands. It reminded me of how I crafted your orgasm from you. I shudder thinking about; my body responding just to the thought and I have to close my eyes. I can hear the music of the Spanish guitar illegal bahis in the background, I feel the near burning water penetrating my skin and into my muscles, down to my bones. I stretch my arms out to either side of me and I face the water and relish its embrace over my breasts, down my stomach, it feels as if it is trying to part the lips of my womanhood and I spread my legs slightly to let it.

Then I feel hands grab me by my outstretched arms and pull me backwards – stunned and slightly panicked – who?? but…. and it is you.

“Shhhhhhh” you say. My heart is racing. I was not expecting this. I was not expecting you. I thought… What was I thinking? Your lips softly drink the water from my skin. I feel paralyzed, unable to move – I know I can, but I don’t want to. You guide my arms down and wrap one arm around my waist and snake the other under my arm and up to my neck where you stretch my body forward, exposing my back. You lick me slowly up my spine…. and I am shocked at how erotic this feels. I feel you hardened against me, but there is no rush is there? I feel you and I accept your presence. My soft moan tells you all this without words, but my body had already betrayed me as your hand drops from my waist to between my legs. Your fingers slide between my lips and further part illegal bahis siteleri them, exposing them to the water now raining down on us both. I am exposed and that is enough. The simplicity of this is erotic and my breath catches. “Shhhhhh” you say again. I try to regulate my breath, but it is hard, my mind is everywhere, the water, my exposure, the trail of sensual pleasure left on my spine, you shushing me? You shushed me! You…

You bite the nape of my neck and I find myself instantly centered on that one spot. Pain? Yes – but nothing I can’t handle and you know this. You let your tongue trace the outline of the bite mark you have left. You kiss my neck tenderly as your fingers find my clit and you begin to press my button. No movement, just pressure – firm and direct. You bring so many contrasts my head begins to spin. My hands reach back for you and

“No.” You stop me. “Shhhhhh.”

And I understand. This is for me but it is not. It is for you also. You are drinking me in and tasting me. You taste my pleasure as it seeps from my quivering muscles and into your embrace. You watch me yield to your will and feel my heart race under you. You hear my breathing and that is why you want me to shush…. so you can listen for that catch that tells you “Yes, there”, or that stuttered canlı bahis siteleri breath that tells you I am riding the edge. You hold me so I don’t fall over and keep me there on the edge of cumming… but

“Shhhhhh”…. Do you hear my mind racing? I’m so close…. catch me… I’m falling….

You spin me around and in one swift move I am against the shower wall, my hands are intertwined with yours but my hands are behind my back, you are kissing me, and you are inside me, and I explode. The torrent of my orgasm is no match for the water and you feel my release in every sense. My body spasms in the release and you hold me tightly. You begin to thrust and I cum again. Now you are playing my mind. I am already in the orgasm and every sensation is a trigger for another.

You grasp both of my hands in one of yours, still behind my back as you let one hand drop and you claim my dark star as I had claimed yours. “Again” you state with commanding fact. I cum again. Your eyes study me as my eyes are closed. The water falling over my face, flush with the intensity you have brought me. You feel me clench and unclench around you. You hear my breath stop as I go into each orgasm, then play catch up to the oxygen I need to ride out each wave. You can still smell the slight fragrance of the leather soap and my skin – a unique scent that is mine alone, and you kiss me softly. Tasting my lips and my stuttering breath – you thrust again so you can taste my orgasm in my mouth. You capture it yours and your own head spins… “Mine.”

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