Lube Job

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This was the third time my stupid car had broken down in a fortnight. Maybe it was my fault for going for retro charm over reliability. I have a real soft spot for mini coopers though, having lost my anal cherry in the back of one and so when the time came to buy my own car I instantly went with the one that appealed most when it would have made much more sense to get something that wasn’t going to end up in the garage every week.

Right now the car was still running although the temperature gauge was going through the roof. Not long before it was gonna blow. My usual mechanic was a friend of mine who was a good guy and always cut me a decent deal but I was starting to wonder if his workmanship was up to scratch. I decided that it was time I took the car to someone else, maybe they would have better luck with it.

There was a garage a few streets away and I drove (very slowly) towards it praying the car wouldn’t conk out. I puttered into the driveway and pulled up outside the garage doors. I stepped out of the car and ventured into the workshop looking for assistance.

It was quite dark inside and I didn’t see the toolbox that was open on the floor until I’d tripped over it. A couple of spanners went flying as I fell to the ground next to an old volvo.

“Hi” came a voice. As I lay on the garage floor I looked to my left and saw a handsome face with a huge smile beaming out at me from under the volvo. “Are you ok?”

Before I could answer he was out from under the car and helping me to my feet. I stammered out an apology, rubbing my knee and trying to get the feeling back in my leg.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. I’m Dave by the way, how can I help you?” he said.

“Hi Dave, I’m Portia,” I replied “I’ve been having some trouble with my mini. I don’t suppose you have the time to have a look at it?”

“Sure thing, young lady. I tell you what, I got to finish up on this volvo and then I’ll take a look at your mini. Maybe if you could come back this evening around 5.30pm, I should have been able to take care of it by then.”

I thanked Dave and handed him the keys then walked out to street to catch a bus. As the bus pulled out from the curb I found myself thinking about how strong Dave’s arms had looked…


The day flew by and before I knew it I was back on another illegal bahis bus heading towards the garage. It was a little later than the time Dave had asked me to be there, nearly six o’clock and I was hoping that the garage would still be open. The bus reached my stop and I got off, I could see a light still on in the workshop, the rest of the business was closed up for the day. ‘Phew,’ I thought ‘just made it.’

I walked into the garage and called out to Dave. A moment later he appeared, smiling again and rattling my keys.

“How’s the knee?” he asked.

“It’s fine,” I smiled back “thanks for asking. And how’s the car?”

Dave produced a slip of paper and took me through all the things that he’d found wrong, what he’d been able to fix that day and what still needed to be done.

“That’s great,” I said “thank you so much. What do I owe you?”

“Let’s call it 200 pounds.” replied Dave.

I reached into my bag for my purse but came out empty handed. I put my bag on the bonnet of the car and started searching through it.

“Lost something?” enquired Dave, a slight smirk on his face.

“My purse, I had it when I got on the bus but its gone.” I said. “Just when I thought this day was getting better. Look, I don’t suppose I could take the car tonight and drop by tomorrow morning with the money?”

“Well,” Dave looked unsure “If it were up to me, it would be fine. Thing is if the manager comes in tomorrow and asks about it I’m gonna get in big trouble. I wanna help you out but…” he trailed off. I noticed his eyes looking me up and down and the smile crept back onto his face.

“Maybe we can come to some kind of an arrangement.” he said.

“Like what?” I stupidly asked.

“Maybe if you let me take a look under your hood, we can call it even.”

I could feel my heart rate speeding up. I had daydreamed about Dave taking me in his arms on the bus ride into work, and again all through the day to be honest, but met with the reality of it I was a bit unsure.

Dave took a step closer, taking off his glasses “What do you say?” he said slyly, “I’d love to give you a free lube job.”

It seemed like there was no other option and honestly was being fucked by this hot guy really a bad deal? No way!

“Ok,” I said “but what do you want to do?”

“Easy,” he replied “there’s only one part of you illegal bahis siteleri that I want, you don’t have to do anything, just lay back. All I want is that hot little ass of yours.”

My mini was parked behind me and he pushed me up against the side of its bonnet, running his hands up my legs and tearing at my pants, pulling them off and then spinning me around so that my back was facing him. He pushed me forwards so that I was now bent over the hood of the car and pulled my skirt down to my ankles. My ass stuck out at him in all it’s glory and he ran his fingers over it gently, then WACK! His hand came down hard on my left cheek.

“Ahhhh,” a slight sound involuntarily escaped my lips.

WACK! he slapped my other cheek, then rubbed them both until the sting subsided.

I could feel his hot breath against my bottom, then felt his tongue teasingly run over my pussy and then up into my asscrack.

“I want you to hold those cheeks apart for me ok?” commanded Dave “Nice and wide.”

I did as he asked, gripping both white orbs of my ass and pulling them apart for him. His tongue lightly flicked at my puckered rosebud, it felt incredible. He rimmed my bumhole continuously, sending shivers of pleasure through my whole body then began working his tongue into my tight behind. I pulled my ass cheeks apart further hoping it would allow him to gain deeper penetration with his tongue. He tongued my ass for what felt like an eternity, teasing me with his mouth, until I suddenly felt him pull away. His tongue was replaced by a finger, and as it slid into my now well lubricated asshole I let out a low moan. He began making circular motions in my ass with his finger, opening me up more and then sliding a second digit in.

“Oh fuck,” I sighed as he fingered my bottom, quite hard now, ramming his two fingers inside of me. It was all I could stand. “Oh please give me your cock,” I begged “I need your hot dick in my ass.”

It was all the encouragement Dave needed. He withdrew his fingers from my asshole and stood up. I looked around to see him standing behind me unbuckling his pants. Then I saw it. His big black cock, at least 8 inches long and so thick. He took my hips in his hands and guided his dick up into my asscrack, lining it up with my asshole. I felt the head pressing hard against me but my anus protested, refusing to give way to canlı bahis siteleri his cock. I would have to help. I braced myself for his onslaught and pushed out to open my ass for him. Suddenly his fat cock slid into my asshole and he let out a satisfying grunt. I gritted my teeth and felt my bum stretching wide to accommodate him. It was definitely the biggest cock I’d ever taken up my ass and it wasn’t easy. It stretched me to the limit. He waited a few seconds then began working more of his tool into me.

I was engulfed by waves of mixed pain and pleasure as he slowly started fucking my asshole.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned “do you like that, huh? Do you like that fucking great big black cock of mine up your little tight ass? You ever felt a dick like this in you before?”

“Ugggghhh, Oh god,” I managed to get out between breaths “I fucking love it.”

“Tell me how much you love it.”

“Oh please fuck me, I want it, I love it. It feels so fucking big in my ass” I yelled back.

Dave was fucking me quite hard now, his cock sawing in and out of my hot bunghole.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking tight around my cock. Ohhhh, you dirty bitch, you fucking love it in the shitter don’t you. Tell me how much you love it.” Dave yelled at me.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck more than anything. Give it to me, give it to me.” I screamed back. His commanding words were turning me on like nothing else. I loved the idea of being his little fuck toy and my pussy was getting wetter with ever word he yelled at me.

However it wasn’t my pussy that was getting seen to and Dave obviously had no intention of transferring his meat from ass to my other hole. He settled into a constant rhythm, his cock like a piston in my ass, fucking me senseless and sending me into the abyss.

I couldn’t see straight anymore. I was being banged so hard against the bonnet of the car and the cock in my ass was driving me out of my mind. Suddenly my orgasm exploded in me, it tore through my ass and pussy and shot through me in giant waves. My asshole contracted tightly around Dave’s huge cock which must have sent him over the edge. He took hold of my hips and drove his cock as far into my bottom as he could. I felt him explode inside me, filling my ass with his cum.

Moments later he slid out of me leaving my ass feeling open and empty and wanting his hot cock back in there again.

“Bet you don’t get that kind of service with your other mechanic.” I heard Dave say.

“That was incredible.” was all I could manage to get out.

“That’s only the ‘B’ service,” replied Dave “wait until I give you an ‘A’.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32