JJ Discovers Her Sexy Florida Dad Ch. 02

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I like my character JJ a lot. She’s surrounded by a couple of hot older men, one being her Dad, and she is enjoying life without guilt. I write for fun and titillation. Just what I like to read here. If you want more prose, you’ll definitely find it elsewhere. There are some great writers on Literotica. Me? I’m in it for fun. I write the story in me, be it short or long. It is what it is. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but a shot of whiskey for others. I hope you enjoy

Totally exhausted from my flight from California to Florida and the fact I fucked my Dad for the first time. Just another day in the life of a thirty-five year old, right? I thought about my eventful day as I drifted off, my last thoughts about Dad’s friend, Steve.

The dazzling Florida sun blasted through the glass wall. Dad had left a thermos of coffee, a mug and note saying he was playing tennis with Steve until mid morning. And to not forget today is game day. How could I forget?! Tradition was in front of the television for Ohio State football. And I loved it.

The warming sun felt good on my skin. Enjoying my private patio, I stretched out on the lounger to bask in the sun and get rid of these tan lines. Morning breeze softly caressed my body, the scent of the flowers and rustle of the palms all combined into a sensual state of relaxation.

I heard voices. A little thrill shot through me as I slipped on my shortie silk robe. My pussy was already wet thinking of Dad. And of Steve. Yes. He intrigued me. He could have commented on what he heard yesterday, but didn’t. He could have given me the wink wink, but didn’t. Very interesting he is.

They decided to shower and get ready for the game. I needed to shower as well, but let them each take a bathroom. I’d wait.

Steve appeared first. Hair wet, fresh smelling, a big grin and beach shorts. No chance of checking out his tan lines, or lack thereof. Yet.

“How was tennis?”

“Your Dad whipped my ass as usual,” he laughed. “Do you play?”

“Rustily,” I laughed, “if that’s a word, it’s perfect for me.”

“I can give you some pointers if you’d like.”

“I think I might just take you up on that, thank you,” I smiled.

His grin was even a turn on. Oh my, I am getting carried away. Maybe. I noticed his glance at my breasts, and realize my headlights were on high beams. Flashing my arousal for all to see. But I didn’t mind him noticing, and changed position slightly to give him an even better view. My robe parted a bit giving him a good view of my thigh and hip, as well as most of one breast. The tease was on.

“Yes, anytime I can help,” he said softly. Snug beach shorts made his arousal just as obvious, and I too was enjoying the view as well as the mystery in those shorts.

I’ve always loved cock. While my friends droned on about being forced to give blow jobs and how gross it was, I thought about how I loved a cock in my mouth. I love the power of I have over a man’s pleasure.

I heard the shower end. “I’ll get my shower now.” Turning, my robe fell completely open affording Steve a glance of my body. I saw a flash of lust in those pale blues.

I was surprised to see Dad sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Hi baby,” he smiled. I walked over and stood between his thighs. “I’m so happy we found each other.” He softly kissed my shower damp belly. “I wanted to tell you, I’ve felt the electricity between you and Steve.” His kisses moved lower to my mound. I ran my fingers through his hair, and he planted a kiss on my pussy.

“Oh Daddy.” I moaned while the tip of his tongue found my clit. My hips automatically thrust, wanting more. A few licks and I was cumming all over his tongue. My wetness all over his mouth. He had me under his control and didn’t even know it.

“I want you and Steve to get together if that’s what you want. I have no problem with you and him. In fact, I find it pretty hot, oddly enough. Thinking about you and Steve fucking is a big turn on for me.”

“Would you watch us, Daddy?”

“If that’s what you both wanted, I’d love to.”

By the time I dressed in a bright little sundress, the football game was just starting. Dad took the chair, Steve the couch. A big pitcher of sangria was on the table in front of him, which helped make my decision. I sat down next to him and poured myself a glass. Steve had sangria, but I noticed Dad had something a little stronger on the rocks.

They had some fun bets going and it got louder and more boisterous as the drinks flowed and the Buckeyes scored. My boys were well on their way to another win so I snuck out for a swim.

“The game is over and of course we won,” Steve came out grinning.

“Of course!” I laughed.

“Your Dad went to lay down. yalova escort Old man can’t take it anymore,” he said, cracking up at his own joke. “May I join you?”

I was neck deep in the water against the edge, not giving out any hints as to what I was wearing. Or not. I smiled.

He pulled his t shirt over his head and hooked his fingers into the waistband of his beach shorts. “You’re sure?” I nodded.

Shorts dropped revealing a thickening cock. Slightly bigger than Dad’s. His balls were smaller and tighter to the base of his cock. He too kept shaved and neat. And no tan lines. His skin was dark bronze, light curls of hair, likely more bleached from the sun, a few glints of silver as well.

He jumped into the pool and came up next to me. “You cheated! You’re wearing something!”

“I never said I wasn’t!” I laughed thinking of the tiny bikini that barely covered anything. I came up out of the water. The crocheted top triangles barely covered my aureole and Steve’s eyes bugged out.

“Mmmm pretty damn sexy Miss JJ. Let me see the rest?”

“How do you want to do that,” I tempted, moving in front of him.

“Maybe I’ll just feel what it looks like,” he grinned, holding my waist and pulled me close.

I softly moaned when he cupped my bare ass and kneaded the sensitive globes. I tugged off my top, my nipples bulleting under his gaze. Suddenly my bottoms were gone and my legs wrapped around him. The kiss was hot and deep, almost frantic. The attraction had been strong and now it was unleashed.

“I know I should take it slower but…”

“No! I don’t want it slow. I need your cock inside me. Deep. Driving into me. Filling me.” I’d never been so wanton with anyone. So needy.

I don’t know how I got to the lounger but he was right on top of me. I guided his throbbing cock to my hot wet cunt and he thrust in. I levered myself on the lounger, and met each frenzied thrust, groaning and gasping like animals. We hit loud, sweaty moaning orgasms together. His juice pumped deep inside me. My cunt squeezed his cock rhythmically, milking every last drop.

I grabbed his ass and kept him close, wanting to keep his cock inside me as long as I could. He relaxed but held his weight up on his arms. The kiss was wet and deep, promising for more to come. Better. Longer. Hotter.

And that’s how Dad found us. Still locked together, freshly fucked, the look of our new discovery.

“I knew you guys would get along!” Dad laughed with a smirk.

Steve said, “Jack, I’m glad of your approval, but I’m not sure I could have stayed away from her. I had seduction plans if she was hesitant,” he smiled, kissing me.

“I’m an easy touch,” I chuckled. “I need to get a shower.”

“And I need to get some things done at home,” he said, slipping his beach shorts on.

I was in my room gathering clothes for the afternoon and Dad came in.

“Would you need any help in the shower? No hanky panky baby, just to be near you.” His Dad smile did it.

“I’d love it Daddy,” brushing my lips on his, thinking he just might get a surprise.

“We’ll use my shower. I don’t think you’ve had a tour of that side of the house, have you?”

I followed him into his bedroom. I stopped and took in what I’d never have guessed would have been my Dad’s room. It was like stepping into a cocoon. A warm, cozy, dark cocoon.

The wall were navy, nearly black. Wall sconces provided the light and generally cast a warm glow around the perimeter. The king size bed was covered in a soft velveteen, a shade brighter than the walls. I ran my hand over it’s softness. The sheets were black, a lustrous cotton sateen.

This bedroom was an erotic mixture of textures. The floor cool shiny terrazzo. The chips were in blues and the brighter floor keep the room from being claustrophobic. Murano glass shades in like colors hung above each night stand. Dad adjusted the dimmer on the shades.

“These lights were my big score from a restaurant in Naples that decided to redecorate,” he said proudly. They were breathtaking lit.

“Daddy. Your room.” I looked around. The furniture was black, simple and modern.”It’s beautiful. You did such a wonderful job. It’s just so……” I was at a loss for words.

“Seductive?” he smiled. Yes, yes. It was seductive. And more.

“Ohmy Daddy how many have you invited to your lair,” I laughed.

“Probably not as many as you’d think. I’m very picky about my ladies. Especially those I invite into my bed.” To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised.

His bathroom was a bright as his bedroom was dark. A wall of glass looked out on a private alcove filled with colorful orchids, greenery and other various blooming flowers. The shower wasn’t huge, yalova escort bayan but had jets on 3 of the walls as well as a big rainhead. The controls looked like a jet cockpit.

“Your shower is very seductive too, Daddy. Are you licensed to run that thing,” I nodded towards the water control panel.

“Nothing to it! It does more than water, wait’ll you see it at night. There are lights!”

“I can’t wait!” Thinking of the fun we’d have in that bed and in this shower. I was making plans in my head already.

Perfect temperature water came from above somewhere and we stepped in. It was like being outside, inside. Like showering naked in public, but private. My pussy tingled at the sensations.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind, just relishing our wet, hot naked bodies together. My hands wandered his chest, thumbs teasing his nipples. Trailing my fingers lower, down the line of his chest hair to his belly. I heard him softly moan.

“Daddy pour some body soap in my hands.”

I lathered his chest first, paying special attention to his nipples, and down to his belly. I leaned around him and ran my fingers down the crease of his thigh and body, brushing his cock and balls.

“Oh babygirl, you’re killing me,” he moaned. I smiled.

I slid my soapy slick hands down my Dad’s muscled back. Tracing my finger along his spine and down deep between the globes of his ass. He gasped. His fat balls nestled into my hand.

“Oh baby, you’re wearing away my control,” he moaned. I lightly teased his balls with my nails, then rolled each on in the tips of my fingers. “Damn that feels so fucking good. I don’t want to know where you learned to do that. I’m just glad you did.”

“I’m 35 Daddy, I’ve had some experience. Probably more than some of those girls you’ve dated.”

“How do you know who I date, may I ask,” he said indignantly.

“To be brutally honest, you’re silver and you older guys love the younger girls, but find they lack experience.”

“OK. Guilty as charged. They are somewhat of a letdown. Teaching can be fun, but not every time.”

I worked on his balls and ass. Massaging, squeezing, stroking and teasing. I found his hole with the tip of my finger and slipped it in.

“Mmmm it has been a long time for that,” he moaned.

Slipped my finger in deeper and found the knob. The sensitive bump that was his prostate. The thing that could give a man so much pleasure. Daddy was able to relax so I could start the erotic massage.

He moaned, his breathing louder and faster. “Damn don’t stop baby, don’t stop!” he nearly shouted.

I got hotter knowing he was going to have an orgasm from my massage. I wanted him in me when he did, but there was no physical way possible.

His moans reverberated in the glass walls, loud and long. His ass clamped on my finger as I kept the rhythmic massage going until the end.

“Fuck,” he moaned, gasping and leaning against the shower wall. “I forgot how intense it could be.”

He turned, his cock an angry red and throbbing. He needed to cum now, Ejaculate. In one move he picked me up and slid me onto his hard cock. My back against the wall. My legs wrapped around him. I came when he entered me. Kept cumming during the thrusts in deep until he came. It was short but hot and hard and wild.

My legs could barely keep me up and we were both trembling. “Daddy I’ve never cum that hard before.” I was still trying to catch my breath.

We quickly dried off and tucked into that luxurious bed. It was nap time.

Dad and Steve came back from tennis while I cleaned up the kitchen. I little thrill went through me when I heard Steve’s voice.

‘You’re acting like a teenager,’ I told myself. ‘Soooo. He turns you on. You like him. You enjoy being around him.’ Hmmm maybe I had a point. Talking to myself sometimes wasn’t a bad thing I thought, hiding a laugh.

“What’re you smiling about?” Steve asked, chuckling. OK maybe I didn’t hide it well.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Oh my yes I’d love to know what runs through that sexy mind of yours,” he said thoughtfully. “Hey, how about spending the day at the beach?”

“Oh wow, sounds good. I’ve been in Florida a few days and haven’t made it to the beach. I’ll get my suit on!”

“You can change at the house if you want.” He smiled at my quizzical look. “I have a beach house north of here near Manasota Key.”

Oh boy that did put a different light on things. “Sure! Let me put a few things in a bag.”

Beach house? The glass front and house wide balcony overlooked the wide swath of private beach and stunning blue of the Gulf of Mexico. The back of the house overlooked the Intercoastal Waterway with dock and boat. escort yalova I know my mouth was hanging open.

He laughed. “I had good luck on the market years ago. No big deal.”

“No big deal?! This house is gorgeous, Steve!”

I walked the length of the balcony noticing certain areas had thick frosted glass for privacy. Those areas had double wide loungers with thick cushions. An outdoor kitchen abutted the indoor kitchen where Steve grabbed a couple of icy drinks. The sun was warm but the breeze cooled my skin. Which wasn’t all hot from the sun.

I don’t know why I felt such an attraction to him. It had been just sex between us. I was more relaxed than I’d been in a long time, and this beautiful Florida weather was messing with my mind.

“Do you want to go down to the beach or stay here and enjoy the view? This section of beach is fairly private so you’ll see a few skinny dippers and those wanting to get rid of tan lines.” His glance went to my breasts, remembering the tan lines around my aureoles.

“I don’t care. It’s so relaxing here I don’t even want to make a decision.”

“OK then. How about we lounge around here on the balcony for awhile, then decide? Besides, “he was almost embarrassed, “I’d like to just spend some time with you.” I smiled at that, wondering if he read my mind.


“You do have to decide, suit, or no suit?” I pulled the tie of my halter behind my neck and let the sundress slip to the floor. His eyes bugged when he saw I was wearing no panties either.

“You win!”

I was already on a lounger with my iced drink by the time he was naked. “I can see why you have no tan lines!” We sat so we could see the beach, which didn’t afford much privacy since we weren’t behind the frosted glass. The possibility of being watched was something new to me and not just a little thrilling when I thought about it. I enjoyed the view while he settled in on the lounger beside me.

“I’m glad you came here today, JJ,” he took my hand and laid back to watch the water and the beach. Just then a couple spread their towels on the edge of a dune, in a more secluded area, and slipped out of their suits.

“I’ve never been much of an exhibitionist or a peeper, yet here I am rocking it!” I laughed. “You’re bringing out the naughty in me, Steve.”

“I hope so. You’re bringing out a lot of new things for me too.” He leaned over and kissed me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Between the sun, the beach, the breeze on my sun warm skin, and the dark tanned hard body so near, I felt a high as though I was drinking.

He rolled on his side and laid his leg between mine and I held his thigh against my pussy. We both moaned as he ground his hard cock against my hip. I wanted to roll him under me. Straddle his body and take his cock deep inside. I wanted to ride him. Grind down, take his cock deep. I didn’t care who would have seen us.

“I need you baby,” he murmured as I pushed him back to mount him. My back was to the beach, but it didn’t take much of an imagination to see.

“I need you too. I want to fuck you. Ride you. I need your cock deep. I can feel it throbbing inside me. Hot and hard. I want to feel you pumping into me. Emptying your balls.”

“Fuck I love dirty talk JJ,” he gasped. “You’re driving me crazy. Ride me. Fuck me fast and hard. I want to drive deep and pump my hot juice into you.”

In the heat of this moment his words were driving me over the edge. I rode him faster, rhythmically, my clit grinding against his cock. Pussy dripping. I came loud and hard. His cock throbbing when my cunt milked him and he drove up, squirting his seed deep. I heard him cum loud through the ringing in my ears.

I collapsed on his chest, cock still tightly locked inside me. My cheek rubbing his hairy chest, he kissed my forehead.

“That was the best. Ever.”

“For me too,” I admitted. Before that revelation sunk in, I noticed that our bare ass sunbathers were fucking in the dunes, and they had a bit of an audience. A couple about their age had spread a towel nearby and watched while they played with each other.

“This is the most action I’ve seen around here,” he laughed. “Looks like a porn shoot!” Although we added a scene or two to that eh?” He stood up looking out over the rail. “How about I order in some food?” I nodded admiring this silver foxes body. A wolf whistle indicated someone below did too. I laughed when he took a bow, garnering more whistles.

We ate and enjoyed evening around a flickering fire, while I tried to ignore my deepening emotional attachment to Steve. I’m in Florida for some relaxation before I get back to my life in California. A life I’ll have to rebuild after the divorce. I need to focus on that. Eventually I’ll have to reconcile that a good part of my vacation was spent, very intimately, with my Dad. I pushed the thoughts of leaving him to go back to California out of my head. I need to concentrate on the two hot men currently in my life.

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