It’s My Party

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The party was my idea. I’m Helen Shore. It is a Halloween costume party with all thirty-five of the women wearing the same red Can-Can dresses, with long sleeves, high necks, short skirts fringed by fluffy crêpe. We all will have wigs, and red masks, so that the fellows will have no idea who they are dancing with. One of the husbands mentioned that he could identify his wife by the color of her eyes, so I purchased violet colored contacts for all the girls to wear. My two daughters will be there, along with ten of their girl friends, some married, some single.

In addition, I have invited the normal crowd that I have over to the house for New Years evening. As a result we will have an interesting mix of people who don’t all know each other.

In my younger days, I was a Showgirl on Broadway. I love to party, dance, and flirt. I have kept my weight down to one hundred and twenty-two pounds, so my daughters, Cindy and Donna, and I all have an identical figure, even to the A-cup breasts.

All the women came early to be made up. Even with the lights on, it was impossible to tell who was who. For the party, the only lights that I am leaving on are slowly turning red, blue, and purple lights. There will be just enough light to dance by, find the bar, or your way to the bathroom.

I have hired the band, “Hot, Hot Nights.” I had heard them before. I love their great beat. It is similar to the “Mo-Town Sound.” There is an open bar, and the food was catered. A sign, that I placed on the front door reads;

“Gentlemen, the Ladies within are all French Harlots, who do not speak English. They are here for your entertainment.”

After I taped the sign up, and it would only be seen by the men, I wrote in with pen, “None of the Ladies are wearing either bra or panties.”

In fact, that was true. The girls had agreed to add spice to the party by knowing that nothing covered their pussies or contained their breasts.

At my New Years eve party, Danny Bird had been dancing with me. I was pretty high. He reached down to playfully grab both cheeks of my ass. When he did, his hands went below my skirt, finding my ass bare.

“Oh,” he had said, as he led me down the hallway to a bedroom. In my walk-in closet, he lifted my left leg. His cock slid in me. His thrusts were hard up thrusts that almost took me off the foot that I was balancing on. It was so exciting. Danny and his wife, Joan, would be here tonight. I have to admit it, I want him to take me again. I know that he will want to. It will be interesting to see if he could find me, without my help.

“Everyone ready?” I said, when the doorbell rang. Several girls giggled. Melissa Kern said in her sultry, low, sexy, voice, “Girls, you have my permission to flirt with my hubby, Terry, all night. If you do, by the time we get home, he will mount me in the foyer.”

Cindy added, “I want to flirt with that Ken Spagnoletti. He is as editable as a “Chippendale.”

In walked Billy Johnson, Jim Peters, Art Morse, Brent Adams, Ken Spagnoletti, followed by Terry Kern. The party started. Terry Kern, twenty years my junior, thinking that I was one of the younger girls, took my hand, directing me to the dance floor.

With subtle, smooth hand motions, as my rear precisely flowed to the rhythm, I showed him how a Broadway Baby could display her body. He knew that I was not Melissa, but that was all he knew. Between songs, I drew him close, resting my hip against his leg.

You may be wondering where my Charlie is at the moment. Charlie is a duck hunter. He is down in Louisiana for a weeks hunt. He is hunting. So am I.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied Joan and Danny Bird, as they arrived. Or, at least that is who I thought it was. She was dress like the rest of the women, a Can-Can dancer. He was dressed as Superman. In character, he had pants on that revealed a large bulge between his legs. I took Joan by the arm. After we were alone in the bathroom, I gave her a different wig, that was exactly like the rest of us were wearing, plus a pair of the contacts. Even Danny would not recognize her now.

Charlie had commented that he thought street blowjobs porno that Joan was at the point in their marriage, where she would fuck others, if somebody came on to her. I noticed from the jiggle of her tits as she walked over to the bar, that she was not wearing a bra under her costume. Her breasts were not big, but they are perky.

I watched Danny’s eyes checking out the chests of the girls. The Shit was looking for small tits, thinking that if he found them, it would be me. That is what you expect from a man. Let him fuck you once, he will want it every time he sees you. I like that about a man!

I will keep him waiting for my pussy. Let him simmer some. Terry held me close as a slow dance song was played. I pressed my chest to his. His hand slid down, giving him some very quick hand-to-ass contact. To be a Bitch, I slid my leg forward, gently rubbing across his cock. He froze. That was a first for that boy, I am sure. Following it up, I kissed him on the cheek. Then, without a word, turned, to go to the bar for a drink. That would give Terry food for lots of thoughts.

I drank down a “Screw Driver.” Billy Johnson, following the rules that the women would not speak, took my arm to steer me to the dance floor. As we danced, I could not help smiling. The seduction was on. Danny Bird had one of the other women in a corner dancing very close to her. As we passed by them, I saw that his hand was under the woman’s dress, feeling her ass to see if she was me.

As we continued, Ken Spagnoletti appeared out of the slowly revolving light. I moved away from Billy, just for a moment. Grabbing Ken’s arm, I pointed to Joan Bird. Ken let out a low, soft chuckle, as he nodded. Downing the last of his drink, he sauntered in her direction. I knew that Danny Bird’s mind was on getting some pussy. If I didn’t point someone her way, Joan might be in for a lonely evening. Perfect hostess, huh?

A great “Jitter Bug” song started to play. I pulled on Billy’s hand. He shook his head, No. No one seemed to be moving to the dance floor, so I grabbed the hand of one of the girls, while tilting my head towards the dance floor. From the way that she walked, I was pretty sure that it was my daughter, Cindy. I became sure as we begin to give the dance the “Shore” treatment, with moves that I knew, and had passed on to my daughters. Several guys clapped and cheered as we put on a show. When the tune ended, we stood panting.

Danny Bird walked up behind Cindy. As he put his arm around her, he whispered to her, “Helen, you have given yourself away. No one else can dance like that.” As he took her hand to lead her off into the dark, Cindy cast a glance my way, to acknowledge that we had him fooled completely.

Art Morse took me in his arms, as the next dance started, before I had time to consider just what Danny would try to do with Cindy. My two Screw Drivers put a rosy hue on the fun that everyone seemed to be having. I looked in the corner past the table that held the food. Jim Peters had his back to the wall, with a girl in his arms. Her dress was hiked up in the rear. Jim’s hands were plainly visible holding both cheeks of her fanny. Hmmm, that looks like fun, I thought.

Of all of the girls, Melissa Kern had the nicest breasts. For this evening, she intended to wear a tight bra to hide her bosoms, but when we all decided to go braless, she shrugged it off with the comment, “In the dark, no one will see them.” Maybe not, but when dancing close, Brent Adams figured out who she was. He had seen one of the girls leading Terry Kern out the rear door into the dark back yard, so concluded that Terry would at least get some heavy petting, if not a good fuck. From her staggering gait, he knew that Melissa had consumed her share of the drinks. He pictured in his mind how she looked in a bathing suit. She was a little full in the hips. Even for her age, which he guessed to be twenty-nine, her tits hung down like an older woman. She has a tummy pod from the extra stretched skin from her pregnancy. But, and this was a big but, Melissa Kern reeked femininity, sexuality, and her eyes just student sex parties porno seemed to beg you to go to bed with her. Damn, if you got down wind of her, the fragrance that she wore would drive you mad. Brent had flirted with her at several parties during the last three years. At least twenty times, he had got the three-dollar tit view when she bent over for something. When dancing with her, he had slid her hand along the underside of a tit, or let his hand slid down her ass. He went as far as he could with socially acceptable seduction. She didn’t complain. In fact, several times, after brushing her tits or her ass, she would snuggle close to him after the dance, while whispering seductively in his ear. In so many words, how far would she let him go?

What Brent did not know was that Melissa had a little secret. After two years of marriage, she had come to the conclusion that her husband was unable to father a child for her. Twenty thousand dollars for insemination was out of the question. It was now two and a half years since she had arranged for her first pregnancy. She had been in Denver for a four day teachers conference. She had taken to bed three different men. Who knows which one succeeded in fertilizing her, but her plan had worked. It was time for another child. She poured herself another strong drink. Smiling to herself, she watched Brent carefully. Her comment to the other girls earlier in the evening had produced exactly the result that she had hoped for. Her husband , Terry, is an attractive man. She was sure that it was one of the older married gals, that had fully understood her intent when she had said, “Girls, you have my permission to flirt with my husband, Terry, all night. By the time we get home, he will mount me in the foyer.” Her message was-He is frisky girls-I don’t mind if you fuck his brains out.

At that moment, Terry had Penny Carling’s red dress unzipped. They were kissing. His hands were on her breast, while her fingers gently traced his cock through his pants.

His hand went between her legs. His finger split her crack. Confined in the back of Terry’s van, he could smell her juices, her pungent woman smell, as well as the peanuts on her breath. She lay back. Terry’s body nestled between her legs. She whispered, “Put it in me.” Penny felt the warmth of his cock sliding slowly into her. “Oh Terry, I have wanted you to fuck me for ages.”

Melissa took Brent’s hand. She had decided that she would not waste any more time. She led him to the master bed room. Without stopping, she continued into the walk-in closet. Earlier in the evening she had found some blankets to lay on the floor. She lay on the blankets, with her dress pulled up above her waist. In the dark, Brent’s hands felt her bare thighs, and then her exposed pussy. She heard his zipper being lowered. She was very wet. He ran his cock right into her. As she walked into the closet, she had noted the time on the Shore’s clock. It read 11:32. She would remember that she was fertilized the first time that evening at 11:37. Sometime, she would tell Helen Shore that her closet was her breeding chamber. That was for later. To be sure of a “Take,” she planned to fuck two or three others in the next four days. She lay there, motionless in the dark, as she was bred. A satisfied sigh escaped her lips as Brent pumped his first load of cum into her. She could smell his cum, as some of it leaked out from around his still plunging cock. Melissa liked being a woman.

Danny Bird had practically dragged Cindy around the corner of the house to a completely black section of the yard. Cindy did not know that her mother had fucked this man. She did not know of her mother’s flirting with him. She had no idea that her Mother had all but said to him, “Y’all come to my party. We will fuck like we did before.” Danny was convinced that she was, indeed, Helen. There had been no denial when He told her that she was Helen. Cindy found it all too exciting. Here she was, a real adult of twenty-five, being dragged by a forceful man of thirty-eight, who was, she was sure, going to want to give her some heavy petting. submissive cuckolds porno She laughed to herself thinking of her Mom. Is this what he planned to do to her? Feel her tits maybe? They stopped.

Danny kissed her full on the lips. His arms went around her. He leaned his weight on her. Cindy’s knees bent as she was lowered onto her back. Danny’s body was between her legs. She had forgotten, momentary, that she was naked under her dress, which was now well above her pussy. His right hand fumbled near her cunt for a few moments then he guided his cock to the slight slit in her pussy brush. Danny’s mouth covered hers. His tongue was deep in her mouth. His cock was shoved up to the ball in her. His head lifted. He moaned as his ass pumped in high speed. “Oh, Helen he moaned out. Oh, I love to fuck you.”

Cindy’s face was buried in his shoulder. Her ass was bucking as her insides tightened up in an orgasm. “Ohooo, Ohooo,” she whispered as he picked up his frantic pace, to release himself in her.

“Aaaahhhaaaa” With ten hard pushes, his painful tight balls released his cum . They lay hardly moving for several minutes, in the dark. He stirred as he felt some hardness return to his cock. Soon, it was fully erect again. This time, he pumped on and off for twenty minutes before cumming in Cindy again.

When they regained their composure, Danny helped her to her feet. Her mask, still in place. As Cindy was walking back toward her rear door, she resolved to have a little talk with her Mother. A very private little talk.

Ken Spagnoleitti is one of those men that women turn to openly stare at as they pass him on the street. Several times, while sitting with other men in a restaurant, strange women have approached his table to announce that they are available for a date, and more. This was not lost on Joan Bird. Ken decided that Joan would be his conquest for the night. He was not really sure, since she did not say a word, who she was. But from the dance steps that she knew, plus more importantly, the dance steps that she did not know, and was eager to have him demonstrate to her, it was evident that she was Thirty-five or so, which was close to his age. He had observed some jiggling through the dress, so was confident that she had a figure worth his time to play with.

For her part, Joan had not been with a big, handsome, smooth man like this before. Danny had been among the missing for over an hour. Joan was sure that he was fucking someone. She had caught him doing that before.

At exactly midnight, everybody gave each other a big kiss, just like on New Years. She knew that Danny would return shortly. She broke the Women’s silence. Whispering in his ear, she said, “I am very attracted to you. (Pause)Sexually. If you have somewhere we could meet, I could be with you from nine AM until four PM any Saturday or Sunday.”

“Saturday, at nine-thirty, meet me in front of “Sears” in the “Crabtree Mall.”

Joan kissed him softly on the cheek. “Treat me gently.”

“I will.”

I was about to open the door to the bathroom, when out of the bathroom came Danny. It was almost twelve-twenty. I was so horny. “I will meet you in the master bed room in five minutes,” I hissed at him.

When a woman gives you those instruction, you get a move-on, even if you are as totally confused, as Danny Bird was, at that moment. The room was dark. Brent had left the walk-in closet. Melissa was laying there half naked. Hearing a movement in the room,Melissa, thinking that Brent was back whispered, “I’m in here. Fuck me some more.” In the dark, Danny had to feel around for the woman that he had just heard. He lay on her. Nice set of tits, he thought, as he slid his cock into her pussy.

This was too good to be true. In Cindy he had cum twice. He fucked Melissa with long sweeping strokes that gave the maximum yank and pull to his cock. ‘Oh, Oh, Oohhhoooo, she screamed out as her third orgasm produced a heat in her body.

The bedroom lights came on. I stood looking at Danny laying on Melissa Kern, with his cock still in her.

“What to hell are you doing?”

Danny replied, “What to hell do you think that I’m doing?”

I started to laugh hysterically. I knew that it was a really dumb question. Of all people, I knew exactly what he were doing, and why. “But, But, But,” I sputtered, while bent over, between gasps of laughter. “It’s My Party!”

I’m Softly

Only those that VOTE 5 will be invited to my next party.

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