How I Lost My Virginity – Again!

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How I lost my virginity — again!

The day from hell, barely describes my day. Someone dropped a load of crap on my desk first thing this morning, a project that was very critical and had gone to hell. So, I got it. I jumped on it, worked with suppliers, the finance team, engineering, and the quality people to put a plan together. We worked all day and the solution required working with the safety evaluation agency — a third party independent group — to find out how we got this project on track. They said it could not be done, and that was the start of the negotiation.

At about three in the afternoon when nothing was going right, I get a text from my wife, “Hon, Mark and his wife are coming over this afternoon, I told them you’d grill something so we did not have to go out.” She sent me a picture of herself in a wifebeater and nothing else. I responded by telling her she looked hot, to have a lot of fun and to not wait for me; I’d be late.

It was eight in the evening when we finally got the project back on track. A lot of negotiations took place with the agency and they found a lower priority project they could move out of the way, for an expediting fee that was astronomical. A new negotiation started and by eleven in the evening we had come down to the upper stratosphere. I wanted to go home, but the project was too important.

Right when I thought there was no hope, I get a new text message from my wife, it was a picture of her on the bed, Mark between her legs and his wife Jean straddling my wife’s face. I responded with one word: “yum!”

It triggered an idea, I called the agency contact, who by now was tired of talking to me, and I asked her if there was some testing, we could do for them. Our lab is certified by them. She looked up the regulations, the test agenda and replied that if we could do the one set of tests, the expedite fee could be reduced significantly. We agreed, and I called our vice president of engineering and got him to agree to open up the lab.

I texted my wife: “Helen, you are a genius.” I rushed out of my office and headed home.

~~~ 0 ~~~

I pulled in the garage, shut the door and walked in the house. The living room was semi-lit, and the television was on, and a beautiful dark-haired woman was riding a deliciously large cock. It was thick and long, and it was covered with her cream. At the same time, she was sucking another cock in rhythm with the one entering her from behind.

“Hi Mark” Jean welcomed me home, never looking away from the scene on the screen, her fingers busy between her legs. “Helen is upstairs with Mark; they were watching with me and lost interest so they’ve been fucking up there for at least half an hour. This is so hot; I decided to stay here and listen to them while I brought myself off.”

I walked around the couch and looked at Jean. He breast were a thing of beauty. She was no hot twenty something, but her B-cup breast were amazing. Yes, yes, she had them done a few years ago, but still. I found my voice and said, “You look delicious, I can see why Helen loves to eat you every chance she gets!” I smiled as I said it.

“Your wife has an amazing tongue.” She said in a lust filled voice.

“I think I’m going to go up and join her and Mark, wanna come?” I asked her as I turned to go up the stairs to the master bedroom.

“No, I want to see this to the end, and see how hard I can orgasm.” She turned and looked into my eye, “Have fun up there, I’ll join you after I’m done”

With that I took off my jacket, stripped my tie off and tossed them on the dinning room table as I turned and climbed the last few steps of our front to back California split. I topped the stairs and watched my raven-haired beauty riding Marks cock. A good close look and I could tell he was balls deep up her ass, and a few seconds later Helen’s magnificent growl of primal need told me she was in the mood to get ass fucked.

I turned and went to the ensuite master bath, brushed my teeth, and took off all my clothes. I put them in the closet and walked back to our matrimonial bed to enjoy my wife in the throws of passion.

“Hi Mike,” Mark said as he plowed deep into my wife’s ass, tugging her nipples harshly, “tough day, huh?” He kept working my wife up to one of her epically loud orgasms. The flush on her face, the redness of her ass cheeks and the early darkening bruises on her upper thigh told me she was in one of her masochistic, fuck me hard moods.

“Yeah, Mark, but it helped when I saw you and Jean fucking Helen. It gave me a great idea and we finally broke the conflict, so I’m here to claim my rights with my wife and yours.” I smiled, swatted my wife’s ass and left a nice print on it.

“Hi baby.” She grunted as Mark took advantage of the endorphins casino siteleri I sent through Helen and pounded her harder by timing his hips exactly opposite hers and making the depth and flesh to flesh smack all work together. Helen caught her breath and continued, “Mark feels so amazing inside me right now.” Then she rolled her eyes up and let out a cry of pleasure, of pain, of ecstasy, and of agony all mixed together as she squirted all over Mark’s chest. She let stream after stream explode out of her pussy.

I lay on her side of the bed and watched the final moments of her orgasm. Soon she collapsed onto Mark, they kissed deeply for a few moments, then she lay next to me and we started to kiss. She used her lips, her tongue and her hands to drive me up a wall of desire and need.

“Sit on my face.” I told Helen.

He smiled and put her pussy over my face, fingered it a few times and then slowly lowered herself onto my tongue and hungry mouth. I kissed her thighs a bit, but since she was all worked up from Mark and possibly even Jean, I did not waste time with foreplay. I went after her delicious cunt and I drove my tongue deep inside her. She moved her hips just right to feed me the entire length of her cunt and groaned when I got the right spots with the right pressure.

The deeper in her I reached the more I realized there were mixed flavors inside her. I reached up and pinched her nipples hard and pulled her down onto me to ensure I had the chance to get all I could from inside her.

She knew what I was after because after a few groans and moans she spread her lips and said, “That’s right, hon, Mark has dumped at least two loads in there, and he says it’s actually three.’ She stopped to play with her clit for a moment, “but I think it was only twice.”

She started to go down on my cock and grabbed my legs for balance. She sucked my down her throat and made me feel things I have not felt since I was a teenager, and she was learning to give blowjobs. She was rough. She sucked hard. She even bit me a time or two. Helen’s teeth and ever-present danger for my cockhead.

She pulled my legs up high and I buried my mouth deep in her cunt. I had nothing to say but that did not matter, I had lost my voice and my mind, all I wanted was to eat my wife’s cunt till all I could taste was my own spit, and then to suck on her clit till she showered me with her squirt juice.

I did not notice till it was too late that Mark had left the bed. I felt his knees sink into the mattress and I knew what my wife had in mind. I shook my head no, but all I managed to do was to attack her clit more viciously. I felt Helen’s fingers full of lube go up my ass and find my prostate on the first try. She milked me and immediately I felt a dollop of cum ooze up and out of my cockhead. She took her one finger out of my ass and came back in with two fingers fool of the lubricant. This time it was a lot easier to take her intrusion.

A few moments later she was quivering on my mouth and cumming hard, but she never took her focus away from my asshole. She had me fully lubed up and then I felt it. I screamed “No” into Helen’s cunt. It was a fantasy game we played ever since she found out that I enjoyed sucking cock. Now she keeps asking me, as she fucks me with her vibrator, or with her two-inch ass plug, or her finger “Mike, do you want someone’s cock coated in my cum to fuck your virgin ass?” I always say yes, but she knows — she has to know — it’s only a fantasy.

Mark’s cockhead pushed up against my sphincter and uses the lube to coat his cockhead. He teases my asshole and I keep trying to squirm out from under my wife, but it’s obviously not a serious effort or I’d toss her hundred and twenty-pound frame off of me. Mark knows. Helen knows. I know that this is going to happen.

Helen calls out for Jean to come up, and my world goes dark red in my head. Marks thick cock is entering my ass and I am in serious pain. He keeps pushing and I try to back away, but my body does not respond. It stays there. Helen holding my legs up, Mark pushing into me. I groan in pain. It feels like my ass is ripping apart. All the work with the dildos and the fingers have not prepared me for this. The two-inch ass plug, however, has. I know that once the pain is over, my ass will wrap around the smaller shaft of the ass plug and the pain will stop.

Wait! Mark’s cockhead is only a little bit bigger than his shaft! The pain is now brutal and I want to squirm away, but the more I move my hips, the deeper in me his cock goes. I think I’m about to cry for the first time in decades. I cannot stand the pain. His cock is too fucking big for my ass.

A hand, a feminine soft hand grabs my hard cock and starts to stroke it. “Mike, Mike,” Jean’s voice soothingly slot oyna calls my name, “listen to me Mike.” She speaks softly, in a sexy, after midnight DJ’s voice. “Let Mark fuck your ass. Push out, like you want to take a shit.” Helen groans and not in a good way but Jean continues, “that will relax your sphincter and it will stop hurting, the more you push out, the more you’ll want and need him in your asshole.” She kept stroking my cock.

“You are so gross!” Helen tells her.

“It’s how Mark taught me to take it up the ass like you do, Helen.”

I hear the banter, I feel Jean’s hand on my cock stroking me up and down, and then swiping her thumb over my cockhead, and I give it a try. I push out. I’m so scared that this could go so wrong. It doesn’t. I let Mark deeper into me, and the burn is gone. The pain is there, but the burn is gone, and the more he moves the more I relax. The more he pulls out, the more I accommodate his reentry. I’m pushing, but in control, and I meet his first few thrusts and it starts to feel good.

I can’t believe I’m letting Mark fuck my ass. But I ask myself, why not? I suck his cock after he fucks Helen. Helen and Jean love when he and I suck each other next to the girls as they eat each other.

Helen starts to ride my face and I start to suck her magic button every time she offers it to me. I suck her clit into my mouth and flick it in time with Jean’s sucking of my cock. Soon the girls figure out what I’m doing and the feed into me the full power of their machinations.

Jean sucks my cock, but knows that this is going to go south, and go south quickly, if I blow my load. She keeps me on the edge, but never allows me to go over.

Mark is pounding my ass and I’m starting to figure out the mechanics of pushing back when he plows forward to get the full feel of his veiny cock as it thrusts up my broken asshole. I lose track of Helen on my mouth, that becomes automatic and mechanical instinct. I lose track of Jean stroking my cock. I only feel Marks hot cock up my ass and I start to fuck him with it. I reach down and grab his hips and pull him harder and harder into me.

“Mike, dude, you are going to make me cum.” Mark pleads. I pay him no attention.

I’m in the mood to feel the jets of sperm erupt int my asshole. I want to feel what Helen feels when I fuck her ass. I want to feel what Helen felt every time I put a baby into her deliciously fertile and very tight cunt. I want to feel Mark spend himself, against his own will, in my ass.

Helen softly whimpers her approval, “that’s it hon, make him cum in your ass. I want to see it.”

Jean strokes me encouragingly, “You’ll cum right after Mark dumps his full load up your ass.” The groan she lets out tells me that both the girls are getting off watching their husband’s fuck each other. They have watched us suck and stroke each other. They’ve seen us suck the girl’s cunt’s clean of the other’s cream. They have seen me fuck Mark’s ass a few times. They have never seen me get fucked up the ass and want it.

“Fuck me Mark, fuck me.” I say into Helen’s cunt. But the sound is a bit muffled and it sounds more like “muck me mark, muck me”. He does, however, figure out what I’m saying and he doubles his speed and lengthens the stroke. My body adjusts and matches the intense speed and I feel him tighten. I feel his entire body catch and I keep stroking his cock with my ass and soon I’m rewarded with the spray of cum up my ass. I feel the first rope, the harder second rope and then a softer — almost impossible to feel — third and final rope.

Helen orgasms all over my face, and squirts — again — all over Mark’s chest my belly and finally my chest. She does this three times before her body rips her from my face and dumps her beside me in a quivering orgasmic mess.

Jean speeds up her stroking as just as Mark’s cockhead leaves my asshole I erupt in rope after rope of orgasm. Suddenly I feel a mouth cover my cock and I assume its Jean. My last two ropes, as Jean’s hands keep pumping fill this mouth and I slump back onto the bed.

I’m spent. My ass is starting to burn and Mark’s cum is starting to leak out my gaping asshole. No, my mental pictures are not pretty, but it is erotic and I shove my hips upward, thinking I’m in Jean’s mouth and I’m surprise by hearing the gagging sounds of someone no used to deep throating.

I look down and I find it is Mark on my cock, and Jean and Helen are moving to get position between my ass cheeks. Helen reaches me first and she takes a long, slow lick up my ass.

“Mm, Mark, you taste as good out of my husband’s ass as you do directly from your cock into my mouth.” Helen coos. Her voice made strange as she has his cum in her mouth while she is talking.

Jean tells my wife, “get out canlı casino siteleri of my way, you cow, I want some too.” And Helen laughs as she parts my ass cheeks for Jean.

Jean is not satisfied with just one lick. She takes her time and starts to lick my ass crack, then around the ridge of my asshole and finally she starts to tongue fuck my ass teasing more and more of her husband’s cum out of my ass and into her greedy mouth.

I am finally left to lay on the bed, and Mark tells the girls, “I dare you two, to French kiss with my cum and Mike’s ass on your mouth.”

The girls immediately embrace and kiss deeply. They share whatever was left in their mouths, but mostly the share their love for each other.

Mark looks at me, “this is a lot better than a day at the office, huh?”

I smile back, “You could say that.”

~~~ 0 ~~~

A few hours later, I’m feeling a bit awkward and I keep tossing and turning so I get out of bed, walk down to the kitchen, grab a beer out of the refrigerator and step out onto the back deck. My brain is having trouble with the fact I let a man fuck me up the ass. Somehow sucking cock is erotic, but this crosses a line I had no idea I had.

I’m sitting, sulking and drinking my second beer when Jean walks out in a dark baby doll and bare feet. She reaches for my beer and takes a sip.

“How you doing?” she asks quietly.

I shrug my shoulders.

“Its tough for you manly men to admit that sex is sex, isn’t it?”

I sit quietly, I reach for the beer in her hand, take it and drink it. The sounds of the night fill the silence. Cars a mile or so away, the cicadas fill the void. The smell of the trees and the flowers fill my mind and I realize I just want to hide from her question. She takes the beer back and sips it.

“it’s different you know” I say into the night.

“How is it different?” she offers me the beer, and I shake my head.

“Somehow, sucking Mark’s cock when he’s finished with Helen seems like I’m taking care of Helen, that I’m showing her I approve of her slut side. It’s different, you know?”

Jean shakes her head, “No it is not different.” She says, “Mark was fucking your wife all afternoon. I was fucking and sucking your wife all afternoon and evening. We got our sex on for hours and you walked in and needed to catch up. You did not ask to get fucked up the ass. You were not given a chance, because you knew that your wife’s darkest fantasy was to watch you get fucked up the ass.” Jean took a breath and just shook her head.

“Men!” she said and went inside, grabbed two beers, and handed me one.

I took a long pull from the beer and let her words sink in, but they did not help much. “Jean, this is something I’m going to have to work out for myself.” I told her.

“No, Mike,” she said softly, “it is something the four of us need to work out together. We have known you for over two decades. This is not going to fuck up our friendship, I’m not going to let it. Mark and Helen are not going to let it. You have to realize that you were fulfilling a fantasy you and Helen had.”

“Jean, I’m sorry but you don’t understand. My wife looks up to me as a father, as a friend, as a lover and as her husband. How will she look at me now, when she sees her husband likes to take it up the ass?”

“I’m going to look at you with the same love, respect and admiration I have always looked at you.” Helen says from the door. She walks out, and Jean gives her the beer and walks into the house.

I wrapped my arms around Helen. The pounding in my heart a new sensation. The fear in my mind clouding everything over.

“Mike,” she makes me look into her emerald green eyes that dart from one eye to the other as she tries to take all of me in. “you have to know I love you. You have to know that I loved seeing such a man please me and allow me to enjoy my husband’s unapologetic sexuality.” She pauses and takes a swig of the beer. “God, I hate this stuff”.

I laugh. It’s a natural relaxed laugh. “I guess I got too deep into my head, huh?”

“No, you are just judging yourself the same way I did when I ate pussy, had my first night out without you, had my first stranger in a parking lot and sucked his cock. It is natural to yell at ourselves. It is natural to see ourselves in a poor light after we’ve crossed boundaries, we did not realize we had.” Helen strokes my crotch and pushes on my cock.

The night sounds go away, I take Helen into my arms, and kiss her deeply. Our tongues dance together, explore each other, and find peace. The peace spreads throughout my mind and my body. I pick Helen up and take her to the kitchen counter where I place her, part her legs and push my cock into her. He grips me with her legs and pulls me into her and we stop moving. We kiss deeply once again, and the connection is reinforced. We are one at this moment. This is how its meant to be. Helen and I together, even when she’s being my amazingly slutty wife, or teaching me my new boundaries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32