Fuck Me!?

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Solo Male

I was exhausted as I pushed my car door open and headed toward to door of the local Circle K. I’d been working too many hours lately, I decided. Today I’d just pulled an eleven-hour shift and was just now headed home. I glanced down at my watch and groaned when I realized it was after two in the morning. So ok, I just worked more than twelve hours. I shook my head slightly trying to think of where I could’ve lost that hour. Not that it mattered. Any more I was totally dead on my feet, it didn’t even matter if I was just crawling out of bed or not. What made this even worse was I was so tired I never knew what would come out of my mouth. If it wasn’t one thing then it was another, but I always ended up embarrassing myself. I swear my mind had shut down about five hours ago and everything coming out of my mouth was somehow twisting itself around and making me sound like the village idiot.

The bells on the door gave a merry little jingle when I pushed my way inside the cool interior of the store. I stopped to turn and glare at the happy noise, but I decided it was too nauseating to be dealt with right then. I glanced over at Bobbie, one of my only friends I had made since moving here, and just shook my head. “I swear that would drive me to kill someone if I had to hear it all night long.”

Bobbie just laughed at me. “You poor thing, you were at work all day again weren’t you?”

Giving her a look that plainly said “Duh” I walked toward to drinks in the back. I really needed to eat something, but I as I thought about it I decided I was just too tired to even chew. I grabbed my drink and head back up front. I leaned against the counter, totally supporting myself and I shot Bobbie a dark look. “You know, I think I’m finding you just too cheerful right now to stomach,” I jested. She knew me well enough by now to just shake her head and call me a poor baby again.

I opened my mouth to come back with some smart-ass remark when those damn bells started singing again. I turn my glare at the door and those damn bells and got a look at who was coming in. I swear all the air in my entire body left on a hiss of appreciation, leaving me feeling light-headed.

Walking in through the door were two men close my age. The first one was tall and slim with dark curly brown hair, but it was the other one that captured my full attention. He was about six-foot one, a good six inches taller than I was. He had on a white T-shirt stretching across his well-built torso and stomach, showcasing the best male body I had seen in quite a long time. He had dirty blond hair, short on the sides and back but long enough on top to pull it back in a pony tail. His face was what had paralyzed my lungs. He had the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen and his face could only be described as masculine perfection. He had a strong stubborn jaw, high check bones, and a perfect straight nose. In addition, he had eyelashes any woman I knew would kill to have, I know I would have.

As he walked by me heading toward the back of the store where the hot snack foods were kept, he glanced my way and smiled, holding my eyes for a second before looking away. I felt a thrill rush through me and turned, to watch him walk away. With a wicked smile teasing my lips I decided the backside was as nice as the front had been.

Bobbie followed my eyes then started laughing. “And here I thought you were a lesbian. Judging by the look on your face I guess was way off base with that one.” She joked quietly.

I tore my eyes away from the “HUNK” and looked back at Bobbie “What did you say?” I’d heard her talking but hadn’t understood a word she had said since my mind had shut down the minute he walked through the door. Whatever it was caused her to laugh harder than before. “Okay, what’s so funny. Did I miss something here?” I demanded.

She just shook her head, still softly chuckling. “Honey, by the way you were watching him, I bet you didn’t miss a single thing about him, including his pant size.”

I gave her a dry look. “Ha ha…very funny. So, do you know who he is?” Bobbie glanced in his direction and just smirked. A second later I felt someone move up behind me. How I knew it was him I don’t know, but I knew it WAS him. I looked over my shoulder and noticed that he hadn’t heard what I’d been asking, he seemed distracted by something. It took me a second to figure out where his eyes appeared to be glued. It seemed I wasn’t the only one doing a little butt watching.

His friend jabbed him hard in the ribs, and he jumped, eyes darting up to meet mine. A slight blush stole across his face when he realized I’d caught him staring at my ass. He gave me a slow sexy smile, and I felt my knees go weak. I somehow managed to step to the side, out of their way so Bobbie could take care of their purchases. After everything was bagged up, they walked to the door. He stopped and turned toward me. He gave me one last look then walked out.

I just stood there, feeling hot and cold all over. I fought to draw a deep breath but all the air seemed to have been istanbul escort sucked out of the room. I’d never had a man look at me that way. His eyes had traveled over me with lightening speed but I knew what I’d just seen. Raw desire, plain and simple. Then he had blinked, banking the fire in his eyes, then he was gone.

I gave an all over body shiver then looked back at Bobbie. She stood staring at the place he’d been seconds ago, fanning herself slowly. “Wow, I thought you two were about to spontaneously combust by the way you were looking at each other,” she said.

Before I had a chance to say anything in reply, the door opened again. I looked up to find him walking back in and straight up to me. He held his hand out, and I could only respond by doing the same. He took my hand and placed something in my palm, closing my fingers around the object he had placed there.

“Call me sometime.” He gave me slow sexy smile then winked. His blue eyes were making all kinds of promises that my body was begging to take him up on. With that, he turned and walked back to the door. He pushed the door open, and stepped out before giving me one last smile over his shoulder.

The door was just closing, when to my absolute horror my mouth opened and two stunning words popped out. “Fuck me.” What made these two words even worse was the enthusiasm they were said in! My hand flew up, covering my mouth but it was already too late. I glanced over at Bobbie and could tell by the look on her face that it had come out as badly as I had feared.

He opened the door again and stuck his head back in. “Oh, I plan on that,” he told me huskily, then with another sexy smile he turned and disappeared into the night.

By this time, Bobbie was laughing so hard she was holding her sides. Gasping for breath she looked at me, and wiping her eyes said “Only you could turn a saying you use everyday into a proposition.” The bad thing was, she was right. In a daze I looked down at my hand and saw I was holding a matchbook. I looked back at Bobbie, then to the door, and joined in with her laughter. It was after all, a time to either laugh or cry.

At home I stripped out of my work clothes to take a hot shower, hoping it would relax me enough so I could sleep. Stepping under the pulsing water I thought about him. I couldn’t believe I’d begged him to “Fuck me”. Man wouldn’t you just know that the first time I’d ever meet a man this gorgeous my run-away mouth had to go and embarrass me.

Shaking my head I slowly ran my soapy hands over my body. My hands cupped my breasts and I closed my eyes, pretending it was his hands playing with my nipples. They beaded against my palms, shooting arrows of heat through my entire system. Biting my lip, I slid my hand down my flat stomach and caressed my smooth pussy lips. I pictured him standing under the water with me, kissing me hungrily, while his hand began to caress my aching mound. Seeing the hunger in his eyes again, I slowly leaned against the wall and began to rub my clit. Biting my bottom lip to contain the moan of pleasure, I imagined his roughened finger flicking my clit before pinching it between his fingers to roll it back and forth. Leaning a little farther back against the shower wall I held my pussy lips farther apart with my other hand. As the water began to hammer down on the throbbing little patch of nerves I imagined it was him, on his knees, his tongue licking me so hard that I began to shake. With my other hand, I slipped a finger deep inside of myself and started to move it in and out, desperately wanting it to his hard cock stroking inside of me. All too soon I was shaking and moaning as bolt after bolt of intense bliss wracked my trembling body.

Slowly making my muscles cooperate, I turned the water off, and stepped out of the shower on legs that felt like rubber. I grabbed my big, body towel and started to rub my body dry. Even with the soft towel, I was still so sensitive that at the slightest touch, I felt the pressure beginning to build in me again. I shook my head as I walked into my room. “Man I’m bad off.” I thought.

Sitting on the edge of my bed I looked down at the matchbook lying beside my phone before slowly picking it up. I turned it over in my hand a few times, wondering if I was nuts to even be thinking about calling the hunk from the store. “Should I call or just forget about him?” I asked myself. I knew even as I asked the question that I’d never be able to live with myself if I didn’t. I looked at the phone as if it was a snake about to bite me, but I picked up the receiver and slowly dialed the number on the inside of the little matchbook. .

As the phone began to ring I bit my bottom lip. What the hell was I doing? All of a sudden it hit me I had no idea at all what I would I say to him if he was answer. My hand was reaching for the disconnect button when someone answered. After hearing a sexy voice say hello, I swallowed hard and cleared me throat. “Hi, may I speak to Tony?” I was proud avcılar escort of myself for only sounded a little breathless.

“Only if you tell me you are the beautiful creature I met tonight.” He replied smoothly. I gave a soft laugh, not really knowing what to say to this. “So pretty, what’s your name?” he paused for a brief second, then, ” Or are you going to make me wonder all night and just think of you as my personal little goddess?”

I gave a breathy little laugh. I took a deep breath and was about to tell him my name but then decided to play alittle bit. “Hmm, I never been a goddess before. Maybe I won’t tell you my name, that way I can stay one a little bit longer.” I purred into the phone. He chuckled lightly, causing my skin to become covered in goose bumps. God his voice could’ve been registered as a lethal weapon, I decided.

“Ok, I can live with that, my earthly goddess.” His voice was so rich, like the finest chocolate, and it slid over my nerve endings, making me think of sheets twisted around my hands and heated kisses turning into deep penetration. Just a few words from those sexy lips of his and my entire body was tingling. I lifted my hand, cupping my breast, then lightly rubbed my nipples again. “So my goddess, are you going to let me?”

Confusion washed slowly through my lust-dazed mind. I tilted my head to the side trying to figure out what he was talking about. “Let you what?” I finally asked.

When he answered his voice dropped to a sexy whisper that I could feel dancing over my flesh. “Let me have my wicked way with you of course.” It was my turn to laugh quietly now. If only he knew what just hearing his voice was doing to me. I could feel the moisture gathering between my thighs again and I began to squeeze my legs together. Then he surprised me by saying, “I would love to see you. Are you busy right now, we could meet somewhere, if you want.”

Looking down at my T-shirt clad body I felt disappointment rush through me so strong it nearly stole my breath. “No I’m not busy, but I am already dressed to go to bed. I worked twelve hours today and I’m pretty much dead on my feet.” I told him. I heard his sigh of frustration come through the line. I could swear I had just felt his hot, moist breath against my ear, his feelings were so clear. It was almost as if his lips were at my ear, touching me with those sexy lips of his.

“That’s a shame, but I understand, it is late after all. What about tomorrow night?” he pressed. “We could meet somewhere and get to know each other better.”

Biting my lip again I thought for a second. “Sure, that would be great.” We agreed to meet back at the convenience store the next night. After we decided on the time to meet, we talked for about an hour, about everything. We chatted about where I was from and what had brought me here, then we laughed and joked around about life in general. I realized as we talked that it felt as if I’d known him forever.

As we were getting ready to hang up, he stunned me by asking if I would be playing with myself tonight. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t have if my life depended on it. What was I suppose to say, considering I had been doing just that the entire time we’d been talking tonight? A soft moan passed my lips at the thought that he might’ve known this whole time. I could feel my body heat as an all over body-blush swept over me.

He laughed softly when he heard my quiet moan. He dropped his voice to an intimate whisper. “If you do, think of me kissing you. My tongue sliding in and out of your sweet mouth, sucking yours into my mouth. Imagine my lips and teeth nipping at you neck, sliding down your body to taste your breast, sucking on your tender nipples. My tongue, hot and wet, lapping at you as my hand glides over your flesh, bring goose bumps up, as I slowly slide my hand down to rub your clit… much the same way you are right now. Just think about how good it would feel to have me pushing my fingers into you, working them in and out of your hot wet slit. Making you moan really loud instead of trying to be quiet like you are right now.” He paused and I could hear his own words had had the same effect on him as they were having on me. “And Goddess, know that I will be thinking of you like that. Wanting to taste you while remembering the soft little catches in your breathing tonight while you played with your pussy and talked to me.” Then the line went dead as he hung up.

As the next evening rolled around, I felt stretched to my limit. I’d dreamed of him all night, tossing and turning. I dreamed of him nursing at my breast, rubbing his hard body against mine while filling me with his cock. I had woken up frustrated with my hand still between my legs. By the time I was ready to meet him I was edgy from walking around all day in a constant state of arousal. My body was aching and no matter how many times today I had masturbated, nothing relieved the desire burning through my veins.

I parked my car off to the side of the store, then climbed out. I şirinevler escort slowly looked around the busy lot, letting my eyes rest briefly on the men walking about, but didn’t see him anywhere. I bit my lips as I again debated if this was at all wise. Deciding that was a moot point now, I laughed and walked to the front of my car and hopped up on the hood to wait. Once again my mind wandered back to last night and his provocative words. I shivered as I imagined having all those delicious things done to me. I fought the impulse to raise my hand and cup my firm breast to try to relieve some of the ache. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my forearms, letting the sun warm my face while I tried to visualize the scene in my head.

“Mmm, I hope it’s me you’re thinking of. I would love to take responsibility of being the one that brought that beautiful flush to your face.” I jumped and a small scream escaped my lips as my eyes flew open to find Tony leaning over me.

I had been so lost in my little fantasy that I hadn’t heard him pull up beside me and get out. I felt another blush climbing to my cheeks. I licked my lips and looked away. Now that he was here I didn’t know how to handle him. He was more man than I had ever dealt with before. He was so sure of himself and his appeal I was at a lost as to what I was supposed to say and do next.

I glanced back up at him and he flashed me a wicked smile before running his hand up my arm from my wrist to elbow. “So Goddess, do I get to learn your name now or do we wait?” he asked softly.

I laughed, looking up into his intense blue eyes, and promptly got lost in the heat burning there. I could feel his desire lapping at me, touching me everywhere, making me want things I never even knew existed. I felt light-headed and gently touched his chest, feeling his heat through his shirt burn my palms. My tongue darted out to lick my lips again and his eyes fell to follow its path. I felt his heart rate pick up, then his lips were descending toward mine.

The first touch of his mouth on mine sent up warning signs through my head but I pushed them away and kissed him back. The kiss started out slow but soon picked up speed and heat. His tongue stabbed into my mouth, twisted and tangled with mine before luring mine into his mouth, where he sucked on it greedily. His hands fisted in my hair, pulling my body down the hood of my car until he stood in the cradle of my hips, pinning my body against the sun-warmed steel.

I purred deep in my throat as the rapture started to overtake me. I rocked my hips against him, wanting to feel him inside me. At that moment I could’ve cared less that we were in a busy parking lot with people all around us. All I knew was I wanted him, wanted him more than I had ever in my life wanted anything or anybody. I ran my hands over his sides then his back, trying to pull him closer. My nails raked his skin and I felt him shiver against me as he deepened the kiss even further.

His hands holding my head still, he broke the kiss. He stared down at me with eyes of blue fire, then groaned and kissed me again. As his tongue thrust into my mouth I purred again, letting him know how much I liked it, and rubbed my breast against him. I felt his body shudder violently before he ripped his mouth from mine to glance around.

He dropped his forehead against my breast and laughed softly. “Unless we stop right now, I think we’re going to end up putting on quite a show for our audience.”

I turned my head slightly and noticed we had acquired quite the gathering. A group of guys stood off to the side watching and rooting us on. I could feel another blush coming and pushed against Tony’s shoulders. I quickly sat up and turned my back on the group watching us and buried my face in my hands and groaned quietly.

The car moved gently as he lowered his weight beside me and put his arm around me. I felt his lips touch my temple then his hot breath washed over my ear. “Come home with me” he whispered, biting my earlobe gently, making me shiver in heat of the sun. “Please.”

I turned me head and looked deep in his eyes. I opened my mouth but nothing came out so I closed it and just shook my head yes. The smile that washed over his face was breathtaking. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet, guiding me to my door and opening it for me. He held the door until I was seated then leaned in and kissed me softly, making a promise with his lips that my body understood instantly.

I followed him in a daze, not really seeing where it was we were headed. The trip could have lasted ten minuets or ten hours for all I know, I was so lost in sensations he had awakened inside of me. I pulled in behind him, cutting my engine and opening my door before my mind started screaming at me again. I froze as it hit me what I was doing. I never did stuff like this. Hell I could count the guys I had slept with on one hand… well one finger really.

I felt him touch my arm gently and looked up to see compassion darkening his eyes. The desire was still there but it was banked, held in check. “Why don’t we just go inside and talk.” I bit my lips and looked down at the ground debating if I trusted myself to be alone with him and not to do anything more physical than talk. He misunderstood my silence and spoke gently. “I promise all I’ll do is talk unless you say differently.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32