Flirting Becomes Love Making

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Isobel and Mark were sitting on his couch, drinking and chatting.

They had first made contact on an internet dating site. Mark had immediately been attracted to her pictures and what she had to say, even though she was quite a lot younger than he was. One thing she had mentioned in her profile was that she liked the sea. Kevin sent a message, with a comment about one of her pictures. It was picture of Isobel in a bikini, starting to walk out of the sea with the waves crashing around her. The picture showed off her curves and feminine form, but there was also a bit of vulnerability to her pose. Anyway, Mark had sent his first message, telling her with her love of the sea that she looked like a mermaid in the picture.

He didn’t expect a response, but she did reply, intrigued by the older guy (that she tended to like) that was quite a traveller, who also loved the sea.

Well, they immediately clicked, and with an increasing number of emails, they got to know each other, their thoughts, and outlooks on life, and messages that got more and more intimate as they also started to flirt with each other. But they still needed some courage to take that plunge to see each other. In their correspondence they’d explained they had been in relationships before, and in most cases, at the right time, it was the right to move on. But there were times when it had been more difficult, especially when two people still loved each other, but now found it difficult to stay together.

Mark went on to explain his fascination with mermaids and the whole myth of mermaids luring fisherman to their doom. Mark explained what he felt the mermaid and the fisherman was really about. It was about taking a risk in life, when two people really fell for each other in an intense way. It might all work out, lovers and soul mates for life. Or it might be lovers for a short, but intense time. Or, worse of all, ending up destroying each other by letting go to their inner passions, and opening their inner soul to someone.

He also sent her a copy of a picture on his bedroom wall. It was the ‘The Fisherman and the Siren’ by Frederic Leighton. The fisherman is standing at the water’s edge with a mermaid coming out of the water and embracing him. In the picture he is enchanted by the mermaid and he has an almost Christ-like stance, as the naked mermaid looks deep into his eyes with her ample breasts pressed on his chest.

But it is the rest of what is in the picture that holds the key. The fish he had caught are tumbling out of the basket back into the sea, and he is oblivious to this, enchanted by the mermaid. A mermaid that is only a ‘fish’ from the knees down, so still a voluptuous woman, with all the parts. And the mermaid is also vulnerable, coming up out of the sea.

Overall, the fisherman and the mermaid myth might be about taking a risk in love when you feel a special bond and passion for someone that touches you deep inside. It could all work out, the ideal lovers and soul mates, or you could end up dashed on the rocks in an emotional storm!

Isobel loved the analogy and she also sensed Mark was a bit of a romantic. She also sensed, like her, that Mark was a bit wary of being hurt in a relationship.

Anyway, they finally plucked up the courage to meet. They were both confident they would get along, and even if there wasn’t that ‘spark’, it would be nice to chat in person, then go their separate ways at the end of the night. They finally met at a local pub that they both knew, and Isobel liked the way Mark had left it up to her to decide on the final venue.

Both were nervous about the meeting, but they got along fine and were soon chatting away like they were life-long friends, with no awkward silent moments. Isobel was even more beautiful in person. He was lost in the gaze of her dark eyes and utterly enchanted by her smile. She was wearing red lip stick that showed off her lips that begged to be kissed, and her long dark hair cascaded over her bare shoulders. Isobel was wearing a black top and a black and white flowery skirt that enhanced her beauty.

As they chatted Mark couldn’t help but notice her top and the way it outlined her breasts and pushed them together in a delightful cleavage. He tried not to stare, and to be the gentleman, but he couldn’t help but glance from time to time. In their correspondence they had shared thoughts and photos and he told Isobel how much he loved her eyes and her smile. He had hinted a couple of times about her lovely curves, but had not plucked up the courage to say how much he had admired her breasts.

In most of the pictures she had sent, the pictures nicely outlined her breasts and her cleavage, that went so well with her hair, that smile, and those dark eyes. The pictures were taken in a way that celebrated her curvaceous shape without being too provocative, to celebrate her being a woman. There was one picture Isobel had sent him, with her looking towards the camera in a tight top that squeezed her cleavage kadıköy escort together, and her gorgeous smile seemed to have a mischievous hint, as if she was saying, have you noticed my cleavage!

There was also that picture of her on the beach in the bikini looking like a mermaid.

They had got along so well that the evening was getting late. Mark asked Isobel if she needed to go home with train times, or would she be interested to have a drink at his place, and chat more. Isobel liked the way he had invited her around, but with the chance for her to say no, and go home.

“Yes, I would love to, but I need to keep any eye on the times of the last train.”

Mark felt they really had a strong bond and was eager for things to go further, but the two of them were nervous, about opening to those deeper emotions and passions. Back at his place, Isobel was fascinated by his small house, full of mementos from his travels. Mark opened a bottle of wine and he then showed Isobel around the house with the items he had collected from his travels, the books he liked, and various pictures and photos from his travels, including that picture of ‘The Fisherman and the Siren’ by Frederic Leighton above his bed. He whispered how she was a mermaid and leant over to kiss her, but Isobel moved away slightly, asking if he had any more wine for her empty glass. He could see she was nervous, so they went downstairs, and he topped up her glass.

Isobel’s heart was all a flutter, she had really wanted him to kiss her and take her into his strong arms, but she was still nervous, and was puzzled why she declined that first kiss, perhaps the first kiss in the bedroom would have been too forward for her.

They sat on the couch, Isobel on the left, Mark on the right, and they continued to talk about all sorts of things, and both had huge smiles on their faces. More and more they were looking deeply into each other’s eyes as they chatted. Mark also loved the smell of her perfume and the way her hair cascaded over her bare shoulders, and that black top that showed off her breasts. Her body so close to his, he could easily just reach across – and touch! Isobel knew that Mark admired her breasts in the way he would glance down at her cleavage from time to time, but in a slightly nervous way. She hated men that just stared at her cleavage. But she liked it when men noticed and did not stare, but couldn’t help but glance from to time, as if she had a secret power over them!

They had been talking and talking since they had first met, but they then came to that first silent moment. It wasn’t that they had run out of something to say, they both desperately wanted to kiss and embrace, but it was to take that plunge, the next step! Their bodies were almost touching and then Isobel whispered, “Cat got your Tongue?”

“No,” replied Mark, smiling, “‘I just love looking at you, you are so beautiful, and you really are the mermaid”. And looking deep into her eyes he stroked her hair and leaned across, then paused, before kissing her on the cheek. Then they kissed for the first time, something they had both been yearning to do for quite a while, with a light and gentle kiss on the lips.

Then there was a second kiss, and a third, then they French kissed, tongues intertwined, falling into a tight embrace, letting go, feeling the passion they felt for each other. Isobel shivered with the embrace of his strong arms as they continued to kiss. Mark ran his hand down the side of her body, to one side of her breast, giving a slight squeeze, Isobel giving a gasp, then down her hip, caressing her curves, then then over her skirt to her knee.

As they kissed even more, Mark run his hand up her bare leg to the top of her thigh, then caressed the inside of her thigh. His light touch on her smooth skin sending shivers of delight through Isobel. Mark wanted to go further, to touch her sex, but he did not want to take things too quickly. So, he ran his hand back up the side of her body, that body he admired all evening, then cupped her left breast in his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Isobel gasped at his touch as Mark pulled back from their kiss and looked deep into her eyes. He then brought up his other hand and started to gently caress both breasts, Isobel breathing deeply at his intimate touch. Mark then started to kiss and lick her ear lobes before whispering, “I feel like a little boy at Christmas playing with a present I’ve wanted for so long!”

Isobel giggled, she loved a man to be sensual, but also loved a man who made love-making fun as well.

“Well, I’d noticed that you liked my breasts, but you seemed to be shy, and I did feel like the analogy of the mermaid luring you into my embrace. I hope you like them!”

He kept caressing her breasts, feeling their outline through her black top, before leaning down and kissing the top of each breast. Mark then kissed üsküdar escort her throat, her neck, then started to kiss and lick her left ear lobe, sending her into ecstasy.

Isobel stared to caressing his thigh as he continued to worship her ear lobe, before reaching up to ever so lightly, to touch and feel his erection through his trousers with the tip of her fingers. Then, giggling, she whispered into his ear, “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”

Both laughed as they look deep into each other’s eyes, now ‘at one’ with each other in a physical way. Mark then glanced at the clock.

“I would love to take this further, but it is late, and you need to catch your train”

Isobel looked at Mark and smiled.

“Thank you for being the Gentleman, trying not to push it further, and allowing me to go home if I wanted to. But I want to stay, I want you to make love to me”

Mark then whispered into her ear, “I have waited for this for so long and I want it to be slow and sensual, sending you into sexual bliss.”

He then brushed her cheek with the outside of his hand as he kissed her. As they continued to kiss, Mark brushed the outside of his hand down her neck and to her shoulder, then, very gently, caressed her right breast through the fabric of her black top.

Mark caressed her breast for a while, revelling in the touch, before sliding his hand down the side of her waist and hip and over her skirt. At the same time, he licked her ear lobe then murmured, “I want you so much.”

As he said this Mark squeezed the side of Isobel’s bare thigh, feeling her smooth warm skin, before slowly sliding his hand up her thigh and under her skirt, caressing the inside of her upper thigh. Then, ever so slowly, he brushed his fingers over the fabric of her panties, Isobel gasping and almost fainting at his gentle touch.

Then Mark used his fingers and the palm of his hand to brush and feel her sex through her silky panties, now damp with her arousal. As Mark continued to do this, Isobel breathing heavily, she stretched down her hand over his trousers to caress his erection, dreaming of what it would feel like to have him inside her.

Mark pulled away from kissing and nibbling her ear, leaving Isobel momentarily confused. Mark then kissed the top of each breast, before lifting up the bottom of her top to kiss and lick her belly and belly button. Mark was eager to take her top off and see her breasts in her sexy bra. But, instead, he decided to slide further down, nuzzling his head between her thighs, kissing them before going even further down. Then he started to kiss his way back up, sliding up her skirt as he slowly kissed the inside of each thigh, working his way up to her sex that was aching to be touched and kissed.

For Mark it felt amazing to be between Isobel’s thighs, and he finally kissed her panties several times before nuzzling his nose to the fabric, revelling in the smell of her sex and the dampness of her panties. Mark then used the tip of his nose to gently brush up and down the front of her panties, sending Isobel into a sexual bliss. Mark’s nose then found her slit, and he continued to use the tip of his nose to brush up and down her slit, also pushing into the fabric, into the entrance of her vagina.

Mark then brushed the tip of his nose over her clitoris, still through her panties, doing this with small circular motions. As Isobel held and caressed his hair, she was now out of breath, her whole body starting to shudder, now one erogenous zone. As she came close to orgasm her thighs clasped Mark’s head and she shuddered to a prolonged and intense orgasm, pushing her pussy up against his face and nose. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried as Mark buried his nose into her now soaking wet panties and she orgasmed. Then it was too much, too sensitive, and Isobel had to push Kevin away.

Mark glanced up at Isobel, looking so beautiful in her sexual bliss, her body flopped over the couch in a post-orgasmic haze, her eyes far away.

Then Isobel slowly come out of her orgasmic haze and looked into Mark’s eyes.

Wow, wow, Isobel was so wet from her orgasm, and she couldn’t believe Mark had just brought her to such an intense orgasm. Isobel felt so elated, she had to tell him how good he was.

“Wow, that was one of the best orgasms I have ever had, and we are both still fully clothed, we need to change that!”

Isobel now felt very confident, Mark was such a delicious man, and she wanted to eat him! Isobel then whispered to Mark, telling him what she was about to do.

“I am going to slowly remove each item of your clothing and kiss and caress every bit of your body as it becomes exposed!”

Mark smiled broadly as she undid his belt and his jeans and placed her hand inside his zipper, touching his penis though his underwear. My God she thought to herself, it was so hard, did I really do that. She then slid her hand into tuzla escort his underwear, grasping his erect cock that felt so warm, so hard, and so alive in her hand.

At the same time, she could feel his hands caressing her chest, before he dipped his hands inside her top and cupped her breast fully, squeezing them gently. Mark was now kissing Isobel hard firmly on the lips now, her lipstick, once immaculate for him, now all over his face and neck from the exploits during her long orgasm. Isobel was feeling so sensuous again, becoming so aroused.

The outer clothes just seem to disappear as Mark and Isobel stripped down to their underwear. Mark made a bee line for her bosoms, still intact in her bra. He kissed each breast and nibbled her shoulders in a flurry of passion. My God she though to herself, he is hot stuff, and he is giving me hot flushes, I love it!!

Then her bra was off, her heaving breasts released, to a sensuous sucking and kissing, Mark was so captivated by her breasts, his kissing and squeezing of her upper body so complete, it was like he was pouring his love and passion out to her adoring body. Isobel shuddered with emotion as he kissed her long and deeply, caressing her breasts again as she laid back on the sofa.

Isobel realised there was nothing to compare to the gorgeous sexual feeling this man was generating within her as he touched her breasts. Try as she could to stimulate his penis, she was in a haze. She just wanted Mark to continue what he did best. He was the nipple master, and her teats were so hard and firm now, her sexual state heightened yet again.

She was coming once again and she could not hold back, “Yes, Yes, Yes, … arghhhh!! … fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now!”

She was coming so heavily, so hard, so slowly, so long, so intense. It was bliss and sexual agony. She was in agony, then in ecstasy, and the pleasure was staggering. How could this man, this mere mortal, bring SO MUCH pleasure to a girl like her! She was truly lost in lust, and it was mutual.

Before Isobel could compose herself again, Mark had stripped himself bare, and pulled off her soaking wet knickers, and he was preparing to get down on her. For the first time she could see his complete body, as he hovered masterly above her. He looked magnificent, such a young-looking physique for an older guy, and no fat anywhere. Isobel wanted this man to fuck her properly and fuck her hard. He was in a beautiful shape, and she wanted him inside her – NOW!

Mark put his head between her legs, kissing her vagina, then licking her clitoris, and it felt awesome. For Isobel, any more stimulation would not increase the feeling of total lust that she had right now. She wanted him deep inside her, so she gently pulled his head up from her aching pussy and then up. They embraced in a deep love filled desperate kiss, and Isobel’s tongue searches inside his mouth, wanting to suck the breath out of him.

She then whispered “Mark. Please, please, fuck me now!”

His penis was hard and erect as she touched him firmly and guided him into the slit of her cunt. She could feel his helmet rub against her clitoris as she entered her vagina, her soaking wet and warm vagina. Then she heard him say, “oh, yes!” as he finally slid inside her.

At first, he did this carefully and gently with a shallow penetration and slow reverse movement, hovering around her labia, only just inserted. He was enchanted as he watched the head of his cock disappearing into her pussy lips. Then he slid his cock fully, watching his shaft slowly slide inside her, Isobel shuddering uncontrollably with the feeling of emotion that poured out of her as his cock filled her pussy perfectly. Isobel now felt a mixture of love, lust, and passion, and it felt like an ultimate feeling that I she would never have again, so she was going to enjoy it!

Mark was now fully penetrating her super lubricated cunt, thrusting deep and hard each time, getting deeper and deeper each time as he moaned with pleasure, and she screamed with the sexual intensity of it all. He was speeding up his movements, in and out, in and out, his shaft now wet and shiny from her pussy juices. Orgasmic feelings were welling up inside her once again, for the third time! His penetration and fucking had accelerated up to a frantic pace, and she could feel the warm wetness once again as she came, her pussy quivering with him inside her.

With her pussy, pulsating and quivering around Mark’s cock in orgasmic ecstasy, it finally sent him over the edge and they came together, Isobel feeling his cock pulsate, then the gush of warm fluid as he ejaculated, her pussy now super wet and feeling like warm treacle with the mixture of her juices and Mark’s cum! The intensity and the warmth and wetness of it all was incredible. This is what love making and sex should be about.

Mark was still hard, filling her very wet pussy, and it was gorgeous. Her screams and his groans are as one. The they collapsed on the sofa. They had done all the physical things that shows the emotions of love. He had caressed, licked, kissed and worshipped her and Isobel felt truly fucked. Mark had revelled in her orgasms, and the final time when they came together. It was sheer beauty and words could not describe the feeling. Mark and Isobel, exhausted, fell asleep, intertwined as lovers.

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