Finding Time Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

My wife and I had been empty nesters for about five or six months. Our youngest child had gone to college in the fall and now we were obviously home alone so much more than before. Not too much had changed as we were both busy with our careers and we had certain routines around the house and a few activities. I had always imagined that our sex lives would ramp up if we had a house to ourselves again, but thus far the frequency and style of our love making had basically gone unchanged. We were always busy with something, often work, and we still resorted to scheduling sex into relatively limited time slots.

I wanted to spend time with her. I wanted to see her naked and slowly touch her body. I wanted to reconnect physically in a more adventurous way and I wanted her to feel the same way. In a large percentage of our sexual time together, the act was simply geared toward and defined by my orgasm – which on many, many occasions was fine with me. We both were leading busy lives and I loved and appreciated that she always found a way to keep me satisfied. Once in early December I had attempted to lure her into an extended romantic session, but I believe the suddenness caught her off guard and although she accepted my advances it was not what I had imagined. I was looking for a bit more and I needed to put it out there again in a little more appealing way.

We were approaching a long weekend with nothing on the calendar and it was time to be assertive. I confirmed with her that we didn’t have plans and I asked her if she was up going out for a nice dinner. She agreed and I made all of the arrangements. I made reservations at a somewhat casual but still nice dining spot. I hoped it would feel trendy without being too crowded.

I picked an early time reservation time in hopes that my wife would sense that there was more to come. I supposed she might have expected a concert or some type of show based on what I told her, so my challenge was for her to want to simply spend the evening with me.

Before dinner, I was able to stage the house a little bit. Step one was placing some mandarin massage cream and towels in a discreet spot near the bed and stash our lubricant in the bedside table drawer. Next, I found our portable speaker and tested my ability to get my phone synced to it. I really went deep into my old playbook and I loaded Souvlaki and Whirlpool into a playlist. Finally, I positioned a strand of unplugged white Christmas lights behind the tv on the dresser. I figured if I was going to attempt to seduce my wife into a couple of hours of lovemaking, then I was going all in.

Dinner went great. My wife had a small sandwich and I had pasta and one glass of wine. The restaurant felt like a place where you would take a first date. Even though she hesitated a little, I know she likes dessert, so I ordered cheesecake that I knew we would share. This is when I finally turned the conversation to the rest of the evening’s activities.

“I have a little something planned back at the house. I hope it is ok if we head home after dessert?”

“I could tell you had something on your mind,” was her response.

She didn’t look disappointed. I could tell from her smile that she was ok with the basic idea. I have always been much more outwardly sexual than she has, so it has been twenty-five plus years of me almost always in constant pursuit of her and she consenting once or twice a week on average. I immediately regretted ordering dessert. I was ready to go.

When we arrived home, I told her to give me two minutes upstairs and that I would come get her. In our bedroom I draped the Christmas lights up and back on forth along the length of the flatscreen tv and plugged them into the powerstrip. I placed the lotion and the towels on the top corner of the bed farthest from the door and I found my playlist on my phone and was able to get the music started. On my way out, I turned off the overhead light and checked out the setting I had created. It wasn’t too over the top with the lighting and the music, but the message was loud and clear: this room is for making love.

“Do you want anything before we go upstairs?”, I smiled and put my hand on her back. “Something to drink?”

“I’m ok,” she said.

“You mind if I make a drink?”


“Which would rather taste on my lips, bourbon or wine?”

“Either is fine.” She gave me half a smile.

I put a couple of ice cubes in a glass and poured my bourbon.

“I am going to bring you a bottled water and a Diet Coke in case you change your mind.” My wife only rarely drinks alcohol anymore but loves Diet Coke.

Finally, we went upstairs.

At the doorway to the bedroom, she stopped and turned toward me.

“Looks nice,” she said and leaned up and kissed me.

It was obvious from that first kiss that this was going to work out really well. There is a big difference between a kiss to get the process started and kiss that says “I like what you have done here and I am committed to where we are going.”

She held me a little tighter than usual and her tongue delicately, purposefully teased my mouth. It ataşehir escort felt so good and we stayed in the doorway for a couple of beats longer than normal and just held each other and kissed. I placed our drinks onto the dresser next to the door and moved my hands around her and held her back and pulled her even closer. Then I slid my hands lower and cupped her ass over her jeans and pulled her fully tight up against me.

We finally broke our kiss and headed toward the bed. She sat on the edge and I sat next to her and we kissed again. I reached up and felt her breast over her shirt. I pinched her nipple just a little through the fabric. It felt great and I believe I could tell she was wearing one of her more shear bras. I moved my kisses off her lips and down to her neck and I turned her body away from me with my hands so that I could be behind her. I held her around her waist and kissed her neck and the back of her ear. Then I moved my hands up to hold both of her breasts and I gave them a firm squeeze and pulled her back against me.

I unbuttoned her shirt from top to bottom until it was free and I ran my hands inside over her bra. She leaned back, turned her face, and kissed me again on my mouth. Everything was perfect. She was engaged with me and I knew this was going to be a great night.

After some time, I stood up off of the bed and moved in front of her as she remained seated.

“Will you undo my pants?” I asked and she immediately started to tug on my belt and pull me close to her face. She freed the button and zipper and pushed my pants down about five inches. Then she pushed my shirt up slightly and held her face against my abs at just about the waist of my briefs. I could feel her lips and her breath on my skin and she reached around and again just held me tight.

I dropped to my knees and lay my face between her open shirt and across her chest and bra. I slid my hand up the back of her loose shirt and slowly drug my finder tips across the middle of her upper back.

“Do you mind If we take off your clothes and I rub your body”, I said as I leaned back and looked into her eyes.

“Of course,” she said as she glanced towards the towels and the massage lotion. “I thought you had something like that in mind.”

She stood in front of me as I continued to kneel while she removed her shirt. I undid her pants and eased them down her hips. I took my index finger and traced from just under her belly button down to her panties. I pulled at the elastic band but I let it close back against her skin and continued to draw my finger down between her legs. I followed the path down the front her body and drove my finger straight forward and pressed the top of my finger against the fabric covering her pussy and moved it back and forth slightly four or five times.

I steadied my hand against her pussy and looked up at her. She was standing with her arms limp by her side and her eyes opened just enough to glance down at me. Again, she smiled. She looked incredible.

I stood up to face her and placed one hand on her lower back and gently brushed the fingers on my other hand across the silky bra covering her breast. It wasn’t a new bra but one I don’t see very often. Clearly, she new tonight was special and the fact that she put some thought into us being together made me that much more excited. I placed my hand over her breast and firmly pulled my fingers toward her nipple ending with a small pinch as I felt it getting hard to my touch. I continued to tease the tip of her nipple with my finger and leaned over and kissed her briefly on the lips. I leaned against her and placed my head against her shoulder and buried my face into her neck as I cupped and held her breast. It felt so good to be with her.

I pulled free and realizing that we were both standing still partially dressed, I encouraged her to “take your pants off and I will get you a spot to lay on the bed.”

I watched her as I circled the bed to roll back the cover and lay out a towel. She sat back on the edge of the bed and bent over to remove her short boots and socks before standing again to slowly slide her pants the rest of the way to the floor. She followed me to the side of the bed that I had prepared and sat on the edge while still wear her bra and panties.

“What about this?” she said as she slipped her thumb under the top of her bra strap.

“Let me help you,” as I stood in front of her and reached over her shoulders and undid the back of her bra.

I slipped back to my knees and reached up and slowly slip the straps off of her shoulders forward revealing her fabulous breasts. I leaned up and met her mouth with a deep passionate kiss while I grazed the outside of her left breast with the back of the nails on my right hand. I slumped back and reached up and under both breasts with my hands circling my thumbs up toward her nipples. I love how her breasts feel when they are freshly removed from her bra. The tinge of perspiration and the slight indentions in the skin left from the bra let me know that they are truly glad to be free and ready to be touched, avcılar escort held, and massaged.

She leaned onto her side as she prepared to lay face down on the bed.

“And what about these?” she said as she ran her fingers atop the fabric of her panties across her hip.

“You can leave those on for now,” and I gently moved her into place laying on the bed in front of me.

I quickly undressed down to my briefs and climbed over her onto the bed and straddled her right leg leaving my left knee between her legs and placed flush up against her pussy. I reached forward and played my finger tips across her back. I eventually moved them up and down her sides and finished down the back of her arms, all while occasionally moving my knee firmly between her legs.

I took one hand and firmly massaged her neck and then used both to briefly dig into her shoulders. I moved forward and placed much of the weight of my chest onto her bare back and kissed her neck and the side of her face. I breathed an “I love you” firmly up against her and kissed her one more time as I pulled away.

I stood up and briefly stared down at her. The curve of her back and her fantastic ass and legs looked incredible. Her arms were by here side and I took her left hand and pulled it to my leg and she slowly started to gently massage my thigh. I opened the massage cream, warmed up a good amount in my hands, slowly applied it across her back and shoulders. She almost immediately stopped rubbing my leg and moved fully into relaxation mode. I paused and took a big hit off of my drink.

My angle from the side of the bed wasn’t great so I climbed onto her and straddled her on the lower half of her ass. From here I could really work her shoulders and back. It felt wonderful to be placing my hands all over her skin. I moved slowly with large full motions up and down her back using my thumbs and fingers for extra pressure. I smoothed lotion into each arm and firmly squeezed and massaged her hands.

I moved off of her and went to work on her feet. I alternately pulled each foot up against my chest and plied my fingers as deep as they would go from her heels to her toes.

“That feels great,” she said. Which I liked hearing because it insured that the back rub had not put her to sleep.

I was deliberate and thorough as I moved up to her calves and then the top of her beautiful legs. Once at the top, I was not so subtly brushing my hands into her pussy. I spread her legs a little and really dug deep into the backs of her legs, moving purposefully onto her inner thighs. I was staring at her ass under those panties as I worked her out. I loved how her ass was moving and the material was starting to cover less and less of her mound. I rubbed her lower back more time as a way to clear the lotion from my hands and I finally placed them onto her ass and massaged and worked her cheeks apart drawing her panties into her beautiful crack. I finished by placing my fingers directly between her legs and I made three deliberate motions up, down, and back up along the full length of her pussy.

Almost without missing a beat, I said, “time to roll over. I need to do your front.”

She really didn’t respond and I moved in beside her and placed my body against her back and I wrapped my arms around her. I began kissing her face and neck and I told her, “let me finish the front of your legs and some other areas and you can tell me what part you liked best.”

She relented and allowed me to roll her over onto her back. She moved up on the bed a little and propped herself up so that she wasn’t laying completely flat.

I grabbed my drink and handed her a Diet Coke. “I know you,” I said.

“Yes, you do'” and she smiled back at me.

After just a minute I started tracing my finger around the top of her thigh suspiciously close to her sexy underwear. “Don’t get too comfortable.”

“There’s more?” she deadpanned.

“I will finish you legs while you take this break.”

I proceeded to rub lotion on the top of her thighs when she sat up and sipped her Diet Coke. I made sure I had fully covered the top of her legs with lotion and then I went back to work with the massage which included lots of extra attention on her inner thighs. I kept sliding higher and higher up her leg and inevitably I was brushing once again up against her pussy through her panties. I noticed she basically closed her eyes and had relaxed her arms along the sides of her body, although still holding the Diet Coke.

I removed the Diet Coke, set it aside, and laid next to her on the edge of the bed in one smooth motion. Using my size, I moved her over about a foot to give me more room and I cuddled up against her.

“What about here?” I said as I placed my hand on her breast. “Does this need lotion?”

“I think its ok.”

I had not even waited for her answer as moved my head down and began running my tongue up the side of her breast while tightly squeezing the nipple of the other. She shifted her breathing slightly and I moved my mouth over and replaced my hand with my mouth and began avrupa yakası escort to suck on her nipple. My wife is beautifully curvy and has breasts large enough that I can hold them with two hands while I suck on them. I love taking her huge nipples into my mouth and now I was pulling and sucking the hell out of them.

I shifted slightly and pulled her out of her out of her lounging posture and flat onto her back as I buried my face into her tits and moved my mouth and tongue from one nipple to the other. My hands and face were all into her chest and I was trying to touch, pinch, lick, or suck every inch of her incredible rack.

I could have sucked on her breasts the rest of the night, but I didn’t want this to be about me. I kept my hands locked on her boobs and I began to kiss my way down her stomach. I alternate by first moving my mouth down a few inches and I kiss her beautiful flesh and then I slowly and methodically draw my tongue back up her body with long, firm strokes. It takes a while, but I finally reached the edge of her panties with my mouth and I playfully bite the material and give a small downward pull with no results. I pulled my hands off her breasts and down to her hips where I position my mouth directly over the visible outline of her pussy through her panties and I lower my head and breathe out a strong steady flow of warm air. Then I placed my face and nose straight into the crotch of her panties where I paused and relished the scent and feel.

I hadn’t planned anything past the massage, so now I just did what my instinct told me, which was to roll her back over onto her stomach. Once there, I took my mouth on a tour of the sweet area where her glorious ass meets her fantastic legs. I traveled from one leg to the other by crossing her still concealed pussy all while I pulled her panties higher and higher up her ass. I ultimately pinched the fabric of the panties together to simulate the look of a thong and pulled the material into the folds of her pussy and into the crack of her ass. I continued to drag my tongue along of the path of her panties which led me up and down the length of her now exposed pussy lips which I could finally taste in addition to immersing in the wonderful smell.

I couldn’t see her face but she always has a way to guide me with her body and with her actions. All of her signals, the response of her legs, the arch of her ass, the pace of her breathing, were telling me that she was doing great. I took one look up past her ass and noticed that she had turned her head to the side and he face was mostly under the edge of a pillow. She was fine and she was focused on letting me bring pleasure to her body.

I know my wife well enough to know that it was time to resist any urge I might have to chatter and get down to business. She liked having sex but hearing me talk about it wasn’t her thing. And she really had no interest in talking about it herself.

I pulled her panties out of her ass and pussy and slipped them off of her hips. I paused with them straight across in a line at the top of her legs just below her pussy. My god she looked sexy. I left them there for a minute while I took my hands and squeezed her ass and flexed her cheeks closed and apart and I moved my face up to where I could take a peek at her beautiful asshole.

I was beyond turned on. If anything had rubbed against my cock at this time I would have probably finished in my shorts. I don’t know how long we had been upstairs, I don’t think two albums I had chosen had played through, but I do know that I had been in various stages of erection for a long time.

I pulled her panties down her legs and off around her feet and as I placed to them to the side I grabbed one last drink of the bourbon. The ice was mostly melted, but it still tasted fine and felt right as I headed back down onto my wife’s backside.

I adjusted her legs and body one more time to give us a more diagonal angle across the bed and she shifted her arms and head to follow while never really looking back at me.

I moved onto the bed and stared down at her beautiful naked form. Her curved hips and her full, spectacular ass were immaculate before me. I crept to her side firmly massaging her upper legs and inner thighs again. As I worked deeper in between her legs I would pull them slightly farther apart every few moments. When her legs were sufficiently spread I moved in behind her and positioned myself where my face was inches from her fully exposed pussy. I held her legs and gave a couple of kisses and licks into the beautiful curves of her ass and I kissed closer and closer to where I could have finally tasted her. Instead I moved higher and ran my tongue up one side of the crack of her ass and down the other.

I repositioned in front of her pussy and used both of my hands to pull her ass apart and I blew some light air from my mouth down her ass and onto her pussy. As I pulled her cheeks apart, her lips spread slightly in front of me and I could see just how wet she was. I moved one hand and placed it in front of my face and moved it deliberately toward her opening. I had touched her pussy thousands of times, but this might have been my favorite time so far. I could feel the electricity when my fingers touched her. She naturally rocked in rhythm with fingers and as I moved my hand from position to position she shifted her pussy to follow me and to bring herself the maximum amount of pleasure.

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