Encounters with Mia: Sixth

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Journal Entry, September 10, 2002

[On my birthday I received the most wonderful surprise. Mia’s account of what she did is given below.]

I can tell by the way you shut your office door you are not thrilled to be at work on your birthday. Biting my lip to keep from giggling in delight, I quietly wait under your desk to give you your birthday surprise. I hear your office door open, and you pause there to finish a conversation with a colleague. As you walk around your desk, my breathing becomes shallow and irregular in anticipation of what is to come. You pull out the chair and sit down without noticing my presence. You slide forward, and as you do so I hear muttering about having to be at work on your birthday.

It is time to reveal myself. I place a hand on your leg, and you jump in surprise. I pat your leg with reassurance, and you relax, realizing it is your sweet lover lurking between your legs. I hear you take a deep breath, and I can’t help giggling with pleasure at the surprise that must be registered on your face. Sliding your chair forward against the desk, you spread your thighs to allow me unimpeded access to your cock. Gently my fingers start stoking your inner calf. Almost immediately your cock begins to grow and press against the front of your pants telling me that I have your interest and immediate attention. I gently pet it before turning my attention back to your legs.

I slowly stoking the inside of your calves, up to knees, running my hands beneath your pants legs so I can caress your warm skin. Sweet anticipation makes your thighs open wider to me as you slide down in the chair. Stroking the inside of your thighs, I giggle as you squirm, trying to adjust yourself, your ortaköy escort cock getting harder by the minute. Reaching up I teasingly stroke your cock with my long nails thru your Dockers. I hear you emit a long drawn out sigh in response.

I move up between your legs, gently caressing your cock with my tongue. My saliva drenches the front of your pants as I teasingly suck your aroused dick through the fabric. I feel your hands on the side of my head, stroking my hair, encouraging me to continue. I unbuckle your belt and unzip your zipper, so that I can slide my hand inside. I grope around and find your hard cock, and your body quivers at the first touch of my warm, soft hand. I grasp your cock and stroke it, imitating the sensation you would feel if it were buried in my hot pussy.

Afraid that you will cum in my hand and deny me the pleasure of having you cum in my mouth, I use both hands to begin sliding your pants down. You raise your ass off the seat, and, with a minimum of effort, your pants are soon wrapped around your ankles. I move forward and grasp your cock in my hand. I move my mouth to a point only an inch from the tip of your throbbing cock, and I gently blow on it. My warm breath causes you to moan louder than you should in your office, and I notice when you cut the moan short. I dip my head toward you, softly kissing the tip of your hard, hot shaft. You quiver. I use my tongue to tease the pee hole, then slowly wrap it around the head of your cock. Another quiver. I move my hand to my exposed pussy and begin to caress my clit, rubbing my fingers across it as I manipulate your cock. I slide my mouth slowly down the length of your hardness, using my tongue to tease otele gelen escort it as I do so. Soon, your entire cock is inside my mouth, and I feel your pubic hairs tickling my lips and nose. Damn, you feel good inside my mouth.

I raise my head, allowing your cock to slide slowly across my tongue, stopping when only the tip of your dick remains inside me. I hold that position for a moment, swirling my tongue around the tip, them dipping my head rapidly so your cock thrusts into my mouth and ponds against the back of my throat. I repeat this action again and again in imitation of your actions when you fuck my eager pussy. At this point, I insert first one and then a second finger inside my dripping cunt. With each stroke I make along your cock I drive my fingers up into my pussy imagining my fingers are your thick, hot cock pumping into me. As I suck your cock deep inside my mouth, my head beats a rhythm against the bottom of your desk drawer.

We are both startled by a knock on your door. Without waiting for a response, the department secretary opens the door and comes in to ask you a question. Your hands leave my head and move to the top of your desk. You slide your chair all of the way forward so the top of my head is completely hidden beneath the desk. As the secretary asks you a question, I resume sucking on your cock, but now doing it slowly, using my tongue to stroke your hard cock along its length as it slides inside me. One of your hands comes down to push gently against the top of my head, trying to dislodge my mouth, but I wrap my lips firmly around it, resisting your actions.

I hear you answering the secretary’s question, and I am certain that I hear a otele gelen escort tremor in your voice as I stroke your cock along its full length. As I pull back, my mouth nearly loses its grip on your cockhead, and I make a loud slurping sound as I try to retain my hold. There is a pause in your conversation, and I am sure that the secretary heard the slurp, but perhaps she has not figured out where the sound originated. As she turns to leave, she says something about the mice you keep in your desk drawer, and you laugh uncomfortably. Once the door is again closed, you slide your chair back so you can watch. I know how much you love to watch me suck on your cock. In and out I slide your cock, slowly and tenderly loving you with my mouth and tongue. I feel your hot dick swelling in my mouth, getting even bigger and harder. All the way out, tongue out and licking up your swollen shaft, flicking all around the rim, then taking you deep in my mouth again. Cupping and gently stroking your balls, teasing and pleasing you, your moans of delight turning me on even more.

I pound my fingers into my pussy, enjoying the sensation of my knuckles knocking against my sensitive clit. I take you all the way in my mouth, sucking you tight, imagining my mouth is my tight wet pussy. Your hands are back on the sides of my head, raising it up then driving it down, Your hips thrust upward to meet every stroke, forcing your cock deep inside my quivering mouth. I suck hard on your cock, milking it, fucking your dick with my mouth. Soon you can not wait any longer. Your hands squeeze my head as you raise your hips and shoot your cum into my waiting mouth and down my throat. I suck hard on your cock, milking the cum from it, unwilling to lose a single drop of your luscious honey. At the same time, I cum with my fingers buried inside my now dripping pussy. My moans are smothered by the presence of your hard cock pounding my mouth in your throes of orgasm. Yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm, your cum tastes so good. Happy birthday, Darling!

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