Demanding Dee

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“Demanding” Dee Manning had her game face on as the old iron bell clanged; echoing in the rundown warehouse; all seemed to represent this newly formed league of folks in their early to late fifties who got together once a week to pair up in wrestling matches. Dee’s first match back at wrestling after nearly a decade out of the ring – she used to wrestle in her heyday but never made it further than the local territories – was against a woman almost half a foot taller than she.

Grace Pritchard had a mane of curly light brown hair that rivaled Dee’s short dark brown pageboy ‘do; making her seen more feminine as she wore a white one piece cut low to show plenty of her D cup cleavage. Dee herself wasn’t exactly shy, wearing a black one piece that had plenty of her 36 C cup bust pushing up out of the top.

Dee’s outfit was complimented by lace up black wrestling boots and matching kneepads while Grace had spray painted her boots a glittery gold to accent the gold streak on her swimsuit that went down the inside of her plunging neckline. They really resembled the polarizing characters and although nobody in their league was using any gimmicks, the fact that Grace received more applause than Dee made the fifty – two year old woman fume as she came out to lock up with the 5′ 7″ brunette she knew it would play better to her role to act as the antagonist anyway.

They paced each other for only a moment but both were too eager to lock horns and collided in the center in a collar and elbow tie up; both getting a good fistful of the others hair to pull around by as they made shrill squeals. The taller brunette backed the petite Dee up into the ropes almost effortlessly despite Dee’s grunts as she fought to be woman – handled. Grace smiled as she bent Dee between the middle and top rope as Frank, the 57 year old black man who offered to referee, got in – between them and told the ladies to break it up as he started to count to ten; the agreed upon code allowed bursa escort for very lenient rules but if anyone crossed the line they got a ten count to quit their infraction or risk disqualification.

Frank got to four when Grace buried her knee in Dee’s stomach, making the petite brunette groan loudly. She followed it up with another one, making Dee bend in half as she covered up by wrapping both arms around her flat tummy. Grace turned and, while having a good handful of Dee’s dark hair, snapmared the slightly younger woman over her shoulder.

Dee hit the mat with a loud crash, as she arched her back up, swearing; while the audience of other wrestlers in their league applauded. Grace took a short bow before reaching down to pick Dee up by her hair. The petite woman was ready and shot up a thumb into Grace’s eye.

“Ahh!” Grace cried as she turned away, clutching her face. Dee got to her feet slowly, holding her back gingerly. She snuck up behind the taller woman, balled up her fists and slammed them between Grace’s shoulder blades. She fell to one knee and Dee hauled Grace up, grabbing a handful of her light brown hair, and ran her face first into the turnbuckle.

She spun the taller woman around and, after grabbing onto the middle ropes, thrust her shoulder repeatedly into Grace’s abdomen. She grunted with each blow before Dee grabbed the woman’s arm and whipped her across the ring. At the last second, Grace reversed it; Dee didn’t have time to react and hit the corner chest first.

She bounced back, holding her tits when Grace wrapped her arms around Dee’s waist and lifted her up then dropped Dee’s ass on her knee in a painful atomic drop. “Fuck!” Dee hollered as she rubbed her tailbone. Before she could turn around, Grace dropkicked Dee in the back; knocking her out of the ring.

Dee tumbled to the floor, landing on her back, thankfully avoiding injury, as Grace played to the crowd who applauded. bursa escort bayan She didn’t milk the praise for very long and rolled out under the bottom rope. Dee was still lying on the ringside mats when Grace pulled her up by her short, dark hair.

“Ahh!” Dee yelled as she was led by the hair before she was picked up and shoved back into the ring under the ropes. Grace climbed up onto the apron but Dee was waiting for her. “Ugh,” Grace groaned as Dee kicked the taller woman in the stomach. She was holding onto the top rope with one hand while clutching her tummy with the other. Dee grabbed Grace’s hair and flipped her over the top rope, the taller woman landed with her back crashing onto the mat with a thunderous boom.

Dee still clutched her opponent’s hair as she rained down stomps all over Grace’s body. She fell back onto the mat, wrapping her legs around Grace’s skull as Dee squeezed for all she was worth. Grace tried crawling to the ropes but whenever she got close Dee would latch onto her opponent’s longer hair, pulling as hard as she could by the front of the scalp; bearing down to draw as loud a scream from Grace as she could before managing to flip the tall brunette over onto her back again. Grace’s jaw was aching like hell but nothing compared to the pain of having her hair ripped out. She managed to swing her hip around so she was able to roll Dee onto her stomach while still being stuck in the head scissors.

Grace’s screams were heard even though she was almost face down on the mat as Dee ripped her opponent’s hair out in chunks. The taller woman in desperation slid her hand up the leg hole of Dee’s swimsuit. Now it was Dee’s turns to howl like a scalded dog as Grace clawed the petite woman’s pussy. She released her hold; Grace held her jaw as her hair was an absolute wreck. Dee was still curled into a ball, rubbing her crotch when the taller woman attacked, stomping her boot down on Dee’s head. After escort bursa two kicks the head disoriented Dee, she was pulled to her feet with a handful of hair and given a knee lift to the stomach.

She bent over, wheezing, and was soon lifted up and over as Grace suplexed the petite woman through the air. Dee came down hard, grimacing as it felt like she had just been dropped off a three story building. Grace too was winded from the maneuver, as she lay on the mat huffing and puffing. The crowd clapped, as if to encourage the fighters to their feet. Their raucous shouts echoed in the empty warehouse as Grace made it first just as Dee was bent over in almost a three point stance. She glanced up and saw her opponent approaching just long enough so she could deliver a spear to Grace. Unfortunately the taller woman seemed to sense the attack coming and all Dee ended up doing was running face first into Grace’s outstretched boot.

Dee nearly did a flip in the air as her entire body went limp, knocking herself out. Almost as if adding insult to injury, Grace bent over and pulled down the straps of Grace’s swimsuit, exposing her breasts for the audience. Grace took great pleasure in her victory, planting her crotch on Dee’s face as she hooked her opponent’s leg while the crowd counted to three in unison. The old bell gonged and Grace stood, whooping and pumping her fist through the air for a few seconds before reaching down and playing with Dee’s tits until the woman awoke.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Hun,” Grace smiled a little, offering a hand – the very same one that had been molesting her breasts a moment ago – to Dee. She begrudgingly took the proffered hand, trying not to be a sore loser while attempting to remember what had happened. The referee raised Grace’s hand first, declaring her the winner by pinfall, but the taller woman lifted Dee’s hand as well as the other wrestlers applauded the good sportsmanship. It was then she noticed her tits were hanging out of her swimsuit and Grace just shrugged. “How else was I gonna celebrate my win?” And so began a new tradition of stripping the losers and although it would be awhile before Dee and Grace wrestled again, next time it would be a lot more personal.

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