Daddy loves veggies

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Daddy loves veggies
We agree to meet in the square at the neighboring town and over a cup of coffee, we chit chat, and I gaze into your face, and wish we did not have to hide our play. I wish Daddy could meet you at your house a few days a week, where Daddy could teach you things, and you could please Daddy with your willingness to do what he asks…knowing that Daddy cares for you. You are in your early 40’s and me in my 60’s, we have been playing when we can since your teens, and continued through you marriage, divorce, and birth of your c***dren, just getting together once in a while to fulfilled our desires.

We stop over to the Farmer’s Market where we pick up some g****s, and a couple of veggies, some corn on the cob, and some cucumbers. As we head back to the car, you ask me “Daddy, why did you buy all that produce?” I grin and say “I have plans baby, I have plans”

A flush hits your face and descends to your crotch as you know, I want to have veggie sex, and it’s all you can think about on our drive to my motel room. Once inside I go to the kitchen and put the veggies away. I say, “Baby, why not go to the bedroom, and get comfy, I will join you in a few minutes?”

“OK” you say and you go to the bathroom and pee, then kick of your slacks and panties, and with a warm wash rag you wash your pussy, and asshole, as you want to be squeaky clean, no matter what happens. You gather your clothes and remove your top and bra, and lie seductively on the bed, awaiting my arrival.” Daddy, I am ready anytime you are”

In the kitchen I take the husk and silk off and ear of corn and put into a bowl of warm water, along with a cuke, and a small apple. I get a towel for under your hips, and a towel for my veggies. Then I gather some baby oil, some KY jelly, and two ties and blinders, and take them to the bed. I tie the two ties onto the headboard and come down to kiss you. I bite your lower lips lightly and my hand cups your breast, your hard nipple pressing into my hand. I grab your nipple and roll it, and tug it. My tongue finds your mouth, but I am too hot to get started to kiss for long.

I loosely wrap your wrists with the ties and have you put the blinders on. I peel off my clothes and reach into my small bag and take the make up brush. And with light flicks I touch your ears, your nipples the undersides of your arms, and your neck, and back to your erect nipples, tracing down your belly to your pubes. With a quick flick or too along your pussy, I go south along your thighs, and as I lift your legs, one at a time, the brush flicks the back of your knees, and the back of your thighs, along the inner thigh up to your pussy to bahis şirketleri the other leg to do it all again, and back down to the toes and up to your pussy. I hold your leg up high and wide as my brush flicks its tiny hairs across your asshole and then your pussy lips and with one hand I spread your pussy open so the brush can touch the inner skin of your pussy and flick you clit.

I drop the brush and reach over to the melting ice cube I have and press it to your clit, before pushing it into your pussy a bit. I drop your leg and drag the ice cube up your navel, and draw ice cold lines under your breasts, lifting each one to get to when it never sees daylight.

I take the tapered end of the make up brush and hold your pussy wide open, and with a small blob of K-Y on the handle of the brush…I push it up into your pee hole. I slowly slide it in and out of you..pushing past the sphincter of your bladder, and I begin to fuck you deep and fast, holding onto the metal part that holds the bristles.

I rub your clit and your hips are moving, “Daddy..” you moan as I fuck your pee hole. I squeeze your clit tight..pinching it…and your hips lift off the bed and your body shakes..a squirt of piss comes out as you cum hard.. I let go of your clit, and slowly move the brush in and out. I take a vibrator and touch it to the brush handle, and the vibes go straight up your pee hole and you moan and I pinch your clit again…and you cum again.. 🙂

My cube is nearly gone as I trace circles around your nipples, your breath coming in gasps, with each touch. I grab a warm cuke out of the water and with some baby oil on your pussy, rubbing it into your folds, I oil the cuke and begin sliding it up and down your slit…every once in a while, pressing the small end into your pussy, before taking it out, to rub up and down…touching your clit and your asshole at times,you moan and as your legs are wide apart.. with a bit more oil, I press the cuke the cuke into your pussy opening. And with some resistance, you gradually take all of the cuke as far as I can, and I begin to slowly slide the cuke in and out of you.
I kneel, then lie between your legs, and with one hand, I rub your clit, with a thumb and forefinger, I grab the hood of your clit and move it back and forth, pulling the skin back and forth over the small, smooth pink pearl of your clit
you are moving your hips, and noises coming from your mouth, “Oh” “ahhh” and I know I’m doing something right, I start fucking you hard and fast with the cuke as I continue to stroke your clit. Your hips are off the bed and some moans…” Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy” are coming from you as you cum freebet veren siteler hard. Yet again.

I am tired from the cuke and I take my hand from your clit, and rub some more oil on you, my oily fingers probing the depths of your pussy, my fingers pushing and probing at your cervix, pressing into the dimple of your smooth cervix.. I take the ear of corn from the warm water and dry it, then oil it, and press the tapered end into your pussy. The ear of corn is fatter than the cuke was, not a lot, but some and I begin to push the ear inside of you. You are quite stretched from the cuke and the ear of corn meets little resistance, as the kernels provide that smooth, but nubby texture. as I go in and out of you I move the ear of corn in various directions, one of them is upward, the nubs of the niblets each in turn rub your clit before leaving and the next takes it’s place in order yo rub your clit, the tapered end of the ear of corn is angled, pressing against your ass. The circular motion also stretches you a bit.

I remove the ear of corn and squirt some KY onto your pussy, and unknown to you, onto the taped, small end of the fatter but small ear of corn I KY the corn , and as my finger rubs your clit, I press the corn to your pussy, It easily goes in a bit, but it is straining against the sides of your pussy.

“What is that Daddy” you ask, and I say “a small short ear of corn, baby”.

“I don’t know” is your reply, and I say “Let me try, if it is hurting you too much..I will stop”

So with my thumb and finger I keep pressure on the apple. With my left hand I am rubbing your clit. And as you start to cum, your muscles clench and push back at the corn, but in a moment they relax a bit and the apple slides forward a bit. Most of the apple is buried in you and as I push a bit harder, the cob of corn gets by the muscle part and is inside you I push a bit more so the pussy lips close over it. I grab a mirror, and tell you to take off your blind, and with the mirror, look

So as you look, and bear down on the corn , the lips separate and the corn peeks out. “Don’t push it all the way out” I say

so with your free hand you rub your clit, and you takes turns pushing the apple almost out and then stopping, until you can cum once again with the apple inside of you. With a quick push, you pop the apple out, and I dive between your legs and kiss your red swollen pussy, that took everything I gave it. I kiss your pussy and lick your clit, and you cum in seconds of me touching your clit.

I lie on the bed, pre cum dripping from my half hard cock, and your roll over and take the soft cock in your mouth, deneme bonusu veren siteler tasting the sweet slickness of the precum, you lick my balls and the line from my ass hole to my balls before sucking my dick. With one hand, squeezing the base of my cock, causing it to be fatter and harder, your head bobs up and down on my cock. I’d really love to fuck you, but whatever you are doing is about to make me explode. ” I’m gonna cum baby girl, if you keep that up” I say, and you don’t miss a beat. You want every drop of my cum..Up and down you go, squirts of cum going in your mouth as you greedily swallow each one, the idea of pleasing me drives you to suck and lick long after I’ve cum. Sucking every drop, until I am soft and limp, and then we cuddle and snuggle, content in each other’s arms..sated and satisfied.

I reach over and reach to touch your pussy, the corn is still inside you…a bit uncomfy, but you weren’t sure, cos I told you not to push it out. I get excited, and I tell you..”suck Daddy’s cock hard, baby girl: So you move over to suck my cock…I play with your pussy, your fat outer lips forming a frame around the corn that is peeking out of your pussy. My cock is kinda sticky and smelly from before but you eagerly suck Daddy hard.

I tell you to stop and sit on the edge of the bed As you do, I push you back, and lift your legs in the cradle of my arms. I oil my cock with some baby oil, and pull you off the bed about six inches, I hold you up as my cock finds it’s way to your asshole. I press forward, and your ass open s up, and I slowly slide my cock in your ass. I stop every inch or so to let you get used to Daddy’s cock in your ass. My cock gets thicker as it gets deeper, soon I am totally inside your ass, the pressure of the apple in your cunt feels hot. I begin to fuck your ass faster and faster and soon I am fucking you hard. I love seeing my baby girl’s face all twisted with the feelings of goodness that Daddy’s cock in your ass brings.

In a bit I stiffen and pump a load of cum in your ass. I stand there, holding my cock in you, and kick over a small wash basin I had put under the bed. When it’s in place and my cock softens…I let go a stream of hot piss up your ass. “Daddy!!” You are so surprised….you never expected to feel my hot piss filling up your ass. I stand there for a moment more as you furiously rub your clit, and cum. Your body convulses as you cum, pushing my soft cock out of your ass, my piss pushing out of your ass at the same time, the corn pops out of your pussy, into the awaiting basin.

I use the towel to dry off your cheeks and pussy, and You sit up and look up at me and say, “Daddy, I love you. You are so good to your baby girl” I pat your head, and lovingly look down a you and say “Daddy loves you too, Lisa. Let’s get dressed and get you home before your roomie comes home.”

I gaze at the gape of your pussy, before I scoot you back onto the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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