Cubicle Fun

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“So what’s the plans for today then?” Said Thomas to his wife Mandy.

“Was thinking of going for a swim after lunch if you are up for it?” She replied.

“Yeah, sounds good to me, it’s been ages since we hit the pool.”

“Cool, you organise lunch then and I will get a bag ready.”

Thomas and Mandy had been married for 6 years, they were both 34 and met at college. They were more career driven, so at this point they hadn’t bothered with having kids as they felt they would hold them back. It was a situation that suited both and wasn’t likely to change at any point soon. Neither of them were particularly fit or in shape. Thomas was tall, on the larger side of average build but his height hid it well. He wasn’t vain enough to shave his body, which was fine because his chest wasn’t particularly hairy anyways. He kept his pubic hair neat though, mainly at Mandy’s request. He did have a nice thick cock that was just above average size. Mandy was shorter than Thomas, about 5’5″. She had dark hair past her shoulders. She was also at the larger side of average build, she had an hour glass figure that Thomas loved and a cracking set of tits.

They had finished their lunch and set off for the pool. It was starting to get busy by the time they got there, but they found a changing cubicle and got in. They both stripped down, Thomas pulled his shorts on and admired his wife as she slipped into her swimsuit. They found a locker, stashed their belongings and headed for the showers. The hot water felt amazing as it ran down their bodies. A few minutes later and both were in the pool. Both were good swimmers but neither was particularly competitive in the pool, they were there to have fun while burning the calories. Thomas was looking around at all the esenyurt otele gelen escort other swimmers, mainly the females in their soaking wet swimsuits, which clung on to their bodies.

Think unsexy thoughts Thom…don’t want to be leaving the pool looking as good as Daniel Craig coming out the sea in Casino Royale, but with a massive hard on. He thought to himself.

He managed to compose himself and get his mind back on swimming. He and Mandy did a few more lengths before Mandy suggested they think about heading home.

“Let’s go Thomas, I am starting to feel a bit tired.” Mandy said to him. She climbed out the water and headed for the showers, Thomas followed behind her.

The shower felt even better second time round, Thomas went to fetch shampoo and their towels, as he returned he couldn’t take his eyes off his wife. She had her head tilted back, feeding water through her long locks. Her tits were pushing out forward. Thomas got into a shower beside her, they both washed the chlorine out from their hair, wrapped themselves in their towels and headed for the cubicles.

Mandy stepped into a cubicle and shut the door behind her, Thomas went to their locker to get their clothes, he could see from under the door that Mandy was out of her swimming costume. He knocked on the door and she let him in. She had the towel over her head and was drying her hair when he slipped his shorts to the floor. He stepped out from them. Mandy had her back to him and he stepped over to her. He put his arm round her and kissed the side of her neck. It caught her off guard and she was a bit startled.

“What the hell are you doing?” She whispered.

“Kissing and cuddling my wife, is that esenyurt rus escort a crime?” He jokingly whispered back.

He began kissing her neck again, this time a bit harder, almost biting it. After a few seconds he felt her ass back into his crotch, inside he smiled.

“What if we get caught?” Mandy protested in a husky whisper.

“We’ll just need to make sure we are extra quiet.”

As Thomas continued to kiss her neck Mandy put her arm back and began running her fingers through his hair. Thomas’ hands were now squeezing her lovely tits, softly pinching her nipples. Mandy had to bite her lip to stop any moans of pleasure escaping. Thomas’ hands began working their way further down Mandy’s body. They brushed over her nicely trimmed pussy to her thighs, where he made a motion for her to part her legs, which she gladly did. His hands worked back up to her pussy, he slid his middle finger along her pussy lips, until it got to her clit. He softly massaged it and around it with his finger. He could hear Mandy moaning through her tightly closed mouth. Mandy reached down behind her back until she got to Thomas’ cock. It was hard, pre cum was already making the head wet. She put her hand round the shaft and slowly wanked it back and forward. Thomas let out a soft sigh, he knew he was going to struggle to keep quiet. Thomas’ finger slipped down and into her pussy, she was wet, very wet. He slid another in and began softly finger fucking her. She started stroking his cock faster. Her hand going all the way up to the head and helping to lube his shaft with his pre cum as she stroked back down.

It was all starting to get too much for Thomas. He pushed Mandy over slightly, she let go of his cock and esenyurt türbanlı escort put both hands on the cubicle wall. She opened her legs a little more, knowing what was coming. Thomas grabbed his cock, slid it down her ass crack and began to playfully slap it off Mandy’s pussy. She put her hand down and took his cock. She guided the head into her warm, soaking pussy and put her hand back on the wall. Thomas grabbed her hips and began to slowly slide in and out of her. He couldn’t remember the last time it felt this good. He leaned over her and brought his hand round to play with her clit as his thrusting sped up. Her tits were getting into a nice bouncing rhythm that was such a turn on for him. Her tits were absolutely perfect for fucking, but that would have to wait for another time. Mandy had to put her head at her arm and bite into it to stop her from letting out a moan that would let everyone in the changing room know exactly what they were up to. She could feel she was starting to cum, her orgasm had crept up on her and a moan slipped out.

“Fuck, I am cumm….” She had started, but before she could finish her sentence Thomas had his hand round her mouth. It was a pretty intense orgasm, her whole body shuddered and her pussy squeezed on Thomas’ cock rapidly. After her orgasm had faded he let his grip round her mouth loosen. She took the opportunity to suck his finger as he continued to glide his stiff cock in and out her pussy. It was the closest thing to his cock she was going to get to suck on for now. He needed to cum, without thinking he began fucking her harder, not realising how loud his body was slapping off her ass. He couldn’t hold back and grabbed her hips tight as he came inside her. His cock pulsed and throbbed as his cum shot into her welcoming pussy. He leaned down and kissed her back, then pulled his cock out and passed Mandy a towel.

After a few minutes they were dressed and left the cubicle. A few folk were staring at them in full knowledge of what they had been up to. Both blushed a little, but by the time they had left the changing room they were laughing like school kids.

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