Courtesan Ch. 03

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As we continued our tour of the Castle, Kurt led me down a long spiral staircase deep under the main building. At the bottom of the stairs there was a dimly lit hallway with rooms on either side. Each of the roughly hewn doors had bars in small window openings. It was obvious these rooms were jail cells. Our footsteps echoed on the slate stone floor as we walked. It gave me an eerie feeling knowing this place was over eight hundred years old.

I’ve had a fear of dark confined places since I was a child and this triggered phobia’s within me I had long forgotten existed. I grasped Kurt’s hand and squeezed it like a lifeline.

“Kurt this is creepy. I can almost feel the anguish of the spirits lingering here.” I didn’t know why I was whispering. I think I felt some reverence for past.

“Tradition says that there were over a hundred prisoners here at a time, awaiting their fate at the hand of the inquisitor. Part of the psychological torment was that each prisoner could hear the cries of the others while awaiting their fate.”

He opened the door of a room. It had a bare stone floor and single bench. This couldn’t have been any bigger than my closet at home but he said it would hold up to ten prisoners.

At the end of the passage there was a large ominous looking riveted door. Kurt put both hands on it and pushed hard. Slowly it creaked open on it’s rusty iron hinges. We entered into a place that seemed right out of some B grade horror movie. There were chains and whips hung on the wall with sinister looking contraptions spread about through the dungeon.

I immediately recognized that this dungeon resembled the one I saw at Kurt’s mansion. He saw my reaction and seemed to know what I was thinking.

“Yes, my ‘play-room’ is a replication of this chamber including the instruments on the wall.”

“Why would you want to duplicate something so sinister and evil?” I asked with a frown.

“The room is only evil because of the owners intent. I use my room for a different purpose but I will explain that later.”

He led me around explaining the use of each item. It was a real horror show. He showed me devices used for things like crushing fingers and ripping off toenails. I felt queasy standing in a room where so many suffered such a horrible fate,

I looked at one apparatus in the far corner that seemed familiar to me from my history classes and asked, “Didn’t they use that during the early colonial period in America? Isn’t it called Stalks?”

“Yes, but the origin design was from much earlier in Europe. Go ahead step in it. It will give you first hand knowledge of what it was like for those poor unfortunate prisoners.”

“No way! I don’t do well with confinement.”

“I promise to let you out. Go ahead, put your neck and wrists in the notches.”

Being the gullible person I am, I suddenly found myself totally restrained and helpless. I knew Kurt was just playing around, but I didn’t like surrendering that amount of control over me to anyone.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun. Now let me out like you promised.”

“I will let you out, but… not just yet.”

It was infuriating to be trapped bent over in such a demeaning position. Kurt saw my reaction and decided to press me further. He pulled up my skirt and yanked my panties down on my thighs leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

“You wouldn’t dare! Let me out you bastard!” It was doubly frustrating to hear him laughing at me. I shook back and forth in my constraints trying to free myself. It was a wasted effort and only angered me more.

I felt panicked. Then I felt Kurt’s hand came down hard on my exposed bottom with a loud smack, followed by thee more in rapid succession.

“Slap… slap, slap, slap.”

“Owww! You fucker! My husband will kill you when he finds out about this!” I screamed.

“Kevin’s not here.”

“Release me right now or you’ll be sorry!”

“The way I see it, you’re in no position to be making demands. Beg me nicely, and I’ll let you go.” He rubbed my stinging butt cheeks.

I couldn’t stand the condescending tone in his voice.

“Waiting, Jennifer…”

“No fucking way! Hell will freeze over before I beg you for anything. Besides, what are you going to do if I refuse?”

“I could leave you like this until tomorrow’s party.”

“You’re bluffing. We both know you would never do that.”

“Is that a challenge? I guarantee you would be the center of attention.”

“I fucking hate you! Let me go, you bastard! Let me out!” I screamed and thrashed around in my restraints.

“Okay, okay.” He sighed. “Calm down. You know I wasn’t really serious.”

“Calm down? Are you kidding me!? Just wait till I get out. You’ll find out just how calm I am. I’ll cut your balls off, you fucking ass hole.”

Kurt laughed and said, “No need for violence my little lamb.”

I heard a creaking sound of metal as the lock unlatch; he finally freed me. As soon as I was able, I whirled around and tried to slap his face, but he ankara escort caught my wrist and pulled me to him.

“Release me!”

“Stop struggling.”

“Let me go!”

“Stop struggling, Jen.”

It was useless. I couldn’t overpower him, and it only made me angrier when he pressed his lips against mine in an attempt to quiet me. I should’ve bitten his lips off—his tongue… but I didn’t. He controlled me effortlessly. It was as if I was under his spell.

His scent, his words, his touch… everything about him in that moment defied reason. I found myself helpless and surrendering to him. His body pressed close to mine. I molded to him as his hands kneaded my neck and helped me regain my composure.

“It’s okay.” He flashed a crooked smile. “You’re safe with me. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“I told you I have trouble with tight places and confinement—and yes… you hurt me.”

He pressed his palm to my bottom. “Did I hurt you here?”

I looked at him crossly and bitterly muttered, “No… well, maybe a little.”

“I could kiss it and make I all better.”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “You wish.”

“Be honest with me, Jennifer. You were aroused, weren’t you?”

“No!…Hell no! Somehow you’re confusing arousal with anger,” I scoffed.

“Does anger usually get you this wet?” He snapped my thong.

“God! You’re insufferable!” I was starting to walk away when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“Come on, let me show you the rest of this place,” Kurt said trying to change the subject.

“No! This dungeon tour is over for me,” I said, desperately wanting to escape this horror house.

At my insistence, he led me back upstairs but we took a different route than the one we entered with. After winding our way through several more narrow passageways, we entered a spacious ballroom. It was unlike any other room I’d seen so far. The walls were draped with colorful swag curtains and tapestries. Crystalline chandeliers hung from the ceiling, providing an almost celestial look as the light reflected off the polished marble floors. It reminded me of my high school prom.

At the far end of the room I saw Heidi was busy setting up tables and chairs with a couple coworkers. She had changed into her work clothes: mini shorts and a tight T-shirt. I would imagine she’d look fabulous in anything.

After seeing us enter the room Heidi walked quickly toward us and said, “Gehst du jetzt?”

“We have to go,” Kurt replied. “I wish we could stay.” He hugged her and gave her more than a friendly kiss. For some unknown reason I felt a pang of jealousy. What is going on with me?

“Kommen sie zur party?” Heidi looked hopeful.

“I don’t think Jennifer is ready for one of your parties quite yet,” Kurt replied.

“Hey! Stop talking about me like I’m not here. I’m perfectly capable of making my own decisions. I love parties and I would be delighted to come.”

Kurt exchanged glances with me before he added, “I will talk with her. If she comes it will be my guest and just as an observer, nothing more.” He repeated it to Heidi in German but I think she understood the first time.

Heidi smiled.


Throughout the drive down the mountain, I could tell that my charismatic host seemed visibly upset at me. He was unusually quiet.

Probably mulling over the fact I wasn’t fitting into his predictable mold, I thought to myself.

Finally, Kurt broke the silence. “You have no idea what you just committed yourself to. I’m your host while you’re in Germany and feel responsible for your safety.”

“My safety? It’s a friggin party not an execution. I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions. You already mentioned that I won’t have to do anything I don’t want to. Didn’t you say that?”

“Yes, but there’s so much you don’t know about these people. They take coercion to a whole new level. I’ve seen it before. They’ll seduce you in a thousand different ways.”

“Well, I’ve resisted you so far, haven’t I?” I laughed.

“Unfortunately, yes, you have. But I’m just one person these folks are me—times fifty.”

“I can handle myself. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Did I mention the main rule is that all female attendees, including visitors, must be nude? These are hedonistic people.”

“Come again?”

“Except for a mask and shoes, of course.” Kurt chuckled. “It’s funny how resistance seems to diminish with the absence of clothing. Have you ever witnessed people having sex up close and personal?”

“Of course. Kevin and I watch together.”

“I’m not talking about watching porn, I’m talking about real live sex that you can hear, smell, touch, and even taste if that’s your inclination. The last woman I brought thought exactly like you. She ended up the focus of a gang-bang and could barely walk afterward.”

“Maybe I am not like other women. Ever consider that?”

“You think so? I won’t throw you to the wolves unless escort ankara you are tested first. You pass and I will take you, if that’s what you desire.

“A test? What kind of test?”

“Remember Eva?”

“How could I forget?”

That night was her test.”

“Of course I remember her being whipped and tormented but I didn’t see much as you sent me away. Besides, I’m not into that scene. Pain is not my thing.”

“Fair enough. Remember today when you were confined and I spanked you?”

“How could I forget? You bastard.”

“Admit it, you were turned on. Don’t tell me you weren’t.”

I thought for a second and said, “Well… maybe. A little.”

“Then it’s settled. You’ll take the test tonight. Okay?”

“Maybe. I’ll think about it.”

He took maybe as a yes and said, “You won’t regret this. I’m going to open a whole new world to you.”

I thought with that revelation we’d rush home, but he continued to snow me the town. We drove to several points of interest and wandered through quaint little shops. Kurt bought overpriced knickknacks to help the shop owners. Every time I thought I was starting to get a clearer picture of him he threw in a twist. Kurt was indeed a complex man and the chemistry between us was undeniable. I had completely forgot I was a married woman and was living in the moment.

When it began to get chilly, Kurt stopped to put up the top on the convertible; it went up smoothly, leaving just a latch to be secured. I took this pause to ask, “Kurt, were you serious about me working for you?”

“Absolutely, I don’t make empty offers like that.”

“I think I should consider your offer, but I virtually know nothing of your business. I would like to learn more before making such a life changing decision.”

“Tomorrow you can read through our manufacturing documents and brochures, along with our production schedule. I’ll have the necessary files brought to your room. I was planning on starting that next week… but I like your enthusiasm .”

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

He glanced at me with suspicious look and replied, “That sounds like a loaded request—but alright, ask away.”

“Why have you never married?”

Kurt paused briefly before he said, “I guess I never felt the need. Besides, I’d be terrible husband material. I have way too many idiosyncrasies.”

“Like the dominant thing?”

“Uh… yes…” He sounded on edge. “That and my preference for no strings attached types of relationships.”

“Is that why you prefer to seduce married women? Do you think they’re safer with no marriage pressure? Or is it the thrill of the hunt—like a greater conquest claiming another man’s woman?”

He glared at me and gave no response. He simply focused on his driving, which only led me to assume that I had clearly struck a nerve.

After his conversations with my husband, he probably sensed I was ripe for the picking after we first met. I bet he underestimated the magnitude of my resistance. What he didn’t realize was that his charm was very effective; I just pretended as if it wasn’t. I was faced with an ongoing struggle of conflicted feelings: an internal war raging within: lust versus reason and lust seemed to be winning the battle.

We rode in silence for the remainder of our drive until we finally reached the mansion. The staff was waiting for us when we pulled into the roundabout.

“Here we are.” Kurt killed the engine. “All safe and sound.” He turned to me. “I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions. No one has ever analyzed me before like that.”

“I’m sorry. I’m direct to a fault.”

“Don’t apologize. Those are the qualities I’m looking for in a manager. How are you feeling?”

“I’m tired. That was quite a day.”

“Why don’t you go in and rest. It will be a couple hours till dinner, just enough time for a hot bath. May I suggest the burgundy dress for this evening? It matches my dinner jacket perfectly.” He opened the passenger door and assisted in my exit.


He was right; the bath felt heavenly. All those bubbles looked like delicate soapy clouds when I cupped them in my hands. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d gotten myself into. A sex party? Was I insane? A couple weeks ago I would have never considered such craziness.

I thought how my sexual history was practically nil consisting of only two men. In fact, I had never done anything vaguely sexually adventurous in my whole life.The kinkiest thing I could recall was losing my virginity in the back seat of my ex-boyfriend’s old Chevy when I was eighteen. I had to chuckle because the whole event lasted about a three-minutes tops.

Something suddenly occurred to me… Could the reason Kevin was losing interest in me because of my lack of sexual adventure? I was taught to believe being a virgin on my wedding was virtuous gift to my husband. I didn’t quite make it to the altar untouched but I was pretty darn close. I did not miss having long history of lovers. I guess you don’t ankara escort bayan miss what you’ve never had. On the other hand, I was good enough in bed to conceive two children.

Could I really be that boring? I pondered what do men want? Your innocence or expertise? There was no question our love making lacked variety. We had used the missionary position often enough we could become Baptists.

Unlike Kevin, Kurt instinctively knew how and where to push all my buttons. His constant attention made me feel desired—something I had been missing in my dally life. Kevin hardly ever complemented me unless I asked him. In my way of thinking, solicited compliments didn’t count. Kurt was smooth and skillful with women. That coupled with his outrageous good looks made him irresistible.

As for the phone conversation with my husband earlier in the day. I was disappointed he was so indifferent when I suggested something might happen with Kurt, I thought he’d protest but said nothing. I figured if he didn’t outrightly oppose it, that was tantamount to giving me the green light. However, I knew cheating was cheating no matter how you dressed it.

In any case: the more I spent time with Kurt, the more I desired him.The only

mystery at this point was why I hadn’t fucked him already.

I let out a lengthy sigh as I stepped out of the tub and toweled off. The bath oil left my skin soft and wonderfully scented. The dinner hour was approaching quickly and I needed to dress in a hurry because of Kurt’s obsession with promptness. In truth, I did enjoy his tradition of dressing for dinner—unlike at home where we ate in front of the television most of the time.


I was starving by dinner time and rushed to put on the gown he had suggested—without undergarments to avoid the strap and pantie lines. The burgundy designer heels matched the dress. I rushed my makeup using a bit of gloss and a touch of eyeliner.

Oh crap! I’m not gonna make it! I hurried out the door but my skin-tight dress hindered my movements.

Kurt greeted me in the dining room, wearing his burgundy jacket that matched my dress, as promised. However, he wasn’t alone. He was joined by another man that seemed a bit younger. If I had to guess, I’d say he was a model. His white dinner jacket with black trim looked right out of a fashion magazine. He seemed equally handsome as Kurt, if that was possible.

Kurt reached out and took my hands as he evaluated me with his seductive gaze. “You look ravishing tonight, Jennifer. I’d like to introduce you to my good friend, Hanz Steiner. He is my personal tennis coach.”

“Guten Abend, Frau Sheffield, Kurt was just telling me all about you. His description falls far short of your true beauty.”

I blushed. “Thank you. I must say your English is perfect.”

“Thank you. I spent a lot of time in the states. Kurt says you’re a tennis star.”

“Hardly!” I giggled modestly.

“I would love to hit some balls with you sometime.” He asked.

“That would be up to Kurt and what his plans are. Right now I’m famished. We missed lunch.” I walked over to the dining table and allowed Kurt to seat me.

We ate at a slow pace and had pleasant conversation, though Kurt remained mostly quiet, which sort of made me anxious. I chatted on nervously about my college tennis career and how I stopped playing tournaments when I got pregnant with my first child. Hanz shared he was a qualifier at both Wimbledon and Australian open, but he blew out his knee ending his promising tennis career. That’s how he ended up teaching at the German tennis academy. I was impressed to find he played some of the greatest, including Roger Federer.

Why did Kurt bring Hanz over for dinner? I thought to myself. I knew nothing with Kurt happened accidentally.

My question was suddenly answered when Hanz said, “I understand you’re planning to attend our little get together tomorrow. Is that true?”

“I was considering attending but haven’t yet decided,” I answered nervously.

“That would be wonderful if you did. We have a large guest list but would welcome a fresh face…and body of course.” He laughed looking unashamedly at my cleavage.

I felt flush and a little nervous as I looked down at my dinner plate.

I repeated, “I’m not sure I will attend. I’m only considering it.”

“Is it because you are married? I should probably let you know that you’re not the only one at this table who is married.”

“You’re married?” I was surprised because Hanz wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. “Does your wife know?”

“Of course she knows.” He laughed. “I think you already met her.”

I thought for a moment. “Heidi?”

He smiled.

“She’s your wife? She’s so…”

“Much older than me?” Hanz finished my question. “We have been married eleven years in two months. Heidi asked me to come here tonight and answer any of your questions. And tell you about our friendly little group.”

“So then tell me,” I said, sipping a glass of wine. “I’m all ears.”

“Actually, I’d like to show you—with Kurt’s help of course and the use of his room. It is not easily explained. It is something that must be experienced.”

I glanced at our host. His stoic face showed no reaction.

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