Cocktails, Heels , Desperate

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Author’s Note: All characters are over the age of eighteen at the time of sexual references. There are flashbacks and references to before, but absolutely nothing happened at the time.

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The rattle of keys brought Jack back to reality with a start. He blinked and yawned as the door cracked open slowly, and reached for the remote to turn off the TV.

He looked over blearily at the woman trying her best to enter the single bedroom apartment silently. She had her white heels in one hand, and her matching purse in the other. Little toes in silk pantyhose tiptoeing across the tiles.

Jack smiled over at her, “Hey, Krystal. No need for the walk of shame. That was kind of the point wasn’t it?”

The blonde whirled to face him, her little black dress flaring out around her as she did. Wavy hair hiding her face momentarily, before falling back to reveal her red-flushed cheeks.

His sister smiled sheepishly, “I thought you might be asleep. Didn’t want to wake you.”

She skipped over and crashed onto the couch, and as she dumped her heels on the floor he noticed that one of them was broken. So she’d probably had to walk barefoot.

“You seem happy. So, I’ll gladly not hear any of the details.” Jack yawned, “Bedroom’s set up for you. I’ll sleep on the couch.”

Krystal smiled at him lopsidedly, “Already trying to get rid of me?”

“No.” He shook his head, “But… You did seem happy. And the whole point of this was to get you laid. And I am very uncomfortable hearing about that.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed, which is when he realised that the redness in her cheeks was less a kind of tiredness, and more that she was tipsy.

Jack had never seen his sister drunk before. Seemed she was the kind of girl who got all bubbly and happy. Not that surprising, considering she wasn’t far off that usually. Just a touch of dour pessimism hanging over her, as well.

“Actually, my date went kinda bad.” Krystal said, “Seeing that you were up, waiting for me. All sweet and protective. That kinda fixed my mood.”


She sighed and waved at her shoes, “He broke my heel, shoving me against a wall for kiss… And then my head hit his chin, and he chipped a tooth.”

“Oh.” Jack struggled to keep his face straight. Was his little sister living inside a damned soap opera?

Krystal glared, “It isn’t funny! It sucks. I like my shoes.”

“That is very true. I’m surprised you let him off with just a chipped tooth. Aren’t those your favourites?” Jack glanced at them.

She nodded, and stuck out her lip, “My favourite kitties. I know they’re a little out of fashion now, but they were the first pair I bought.”

“Have you seriously not grown, since then?”

“Ass.” Krystal laughed and punched his arm lightly, “I haven’t grown an inch taller since my sixteenth birthday. You know it, and I know it, and I hate always being the short one. And if you say your usual about guys liking short girls, I’m going to hit you again.”

“Short girls are totally cute.” He reworded it.

She still hit him.

Jack sighed, “So… That marks bad date number three, doesn’t it? Want any more advice? I mean, I can’t fix klutz. But… You know.”

“It really shouldn’t be this hard to get laid.” Krystal pouted, “I’m nineteen. And I’m totally hot… And wow, I must be drunk to admit that. At least the drinks are nice.”

He leaned his head onto the couch and shrugged. “Is it really that big a deal if you don’t? It isn’t like you’re actually looking for a boyfriend.”

“I know your opinion. Better with love.” Krystal replied, and shrugged tiredly, “I dunno. All my friends lost their virginity. I’m the last one, and they’re always teasing me about it.”

“They also tease you about being short, but I don’t see you wearing massive heels to compensate. You prefer the little ones.” Jack shrugged, “Look… Why don’t you have a night off from the hunt, tomorrow? Have a night in with your boring brother. I can even make you cocktails.”

She yawned, and curled up onto the couch, resting her head onto his shoulder suddenly. “Mmm. Maybe I’m being a bit… Desperate about the whole thing. Losing the sense of fun. I guess I should actually like the guy who pops my cherry.”


Krystal snuggled into him, “Where’s the blanket?”

“If you’re going to pass out, the bed’s thataway.”

She shook her head, “But it’s cold and lonely by myself. Because I didn’t expect to be alone. And you don’t mind.”

“Kinda do.” Jack laughed at her and patted her head. She was already drifting off, regardless of his answer.

Krystal gave a final yawn, and half-whispered, “No… You… Don’t…”

He really did mind.

Jack still remembered everything that the two of them had gone through because of their father, and everything that they had before that, and he never wouldn’t.

You can’t tear the memories out of your skull.

Krystal wasn’t exactly Jack’s sister.

She was his half-sister.

He was seventeen, and she was celebrating her sixteenth birthday, manavgat escort when the two of them had got up the courage to tell people that they were dating.

Jack had brought his bright and bubbly girlfriend home to meet his parents. He’d always tended to keep his dates hidden from them, because the two of them left a bad impression on every girl he’d ever liked.

His father was a lech. Checking out girls who were way too young, and didn’t even seem to try and hide that he was doing it. Not even if they were his son’s girlfriend.

His mother, for her part, was a drunk. He didn’t blame her much for that, considering what she was married to.

Except, when Jack had brought Krystal home, his father hadn’t checked her out, like usual.

The man had gone as white as a sheet, and issued a long and steady series of expletives.

Which was when his wife had learned that Jack’s dad had cheated on her whilst she was still pregnant with Jack. He had slept with a pretty little blonde thing from his office on the regular, and eventually… She’d got pregnant, too.

The result of which had apparently been… Krystal.

Cue family implosion.

Krystal had practically vomited, before dumping him on the spot and running home to lock herself away for weeks. She hadn’t come back to school afterwards, ever.

The only saving grace there had been that they’d never done anything more than makeout.

Jack’s parents divorced.

His father had screamed something about wishing that Jack had never been born, and how the boy was the source of all the problems that had ever gone wrong in his life, and then disappeared.

Jack had never heard from him again.

His mother, for her part, changed. She did go through a huge period of self-destruction, but then she’d… Found a way out of it. She was far from perfect, but she was beginning to put the shattered pieces of her life back together.

Jack… It was only once he left the small town behind, heading to university in the big city that he stopped hating himself. Started beginning to find himself again.

As part of that, he’d reached out to Krystal to apologise for all the shit she’d gone through because of it, and she’d reached back to him.

She was broken, too. More broken than he was. What she’d really wanted was someone who could support her after her own parents had gone through similar crap to Jack.

Her father had said he wished Krystal had never been born, too. Before doing a similar disappearing act.

She wasn’t coping with that.

So, Jack found himself with a sister that he cared about, and wanted to protect. It just so happened that he also knew what the inside of her mouth tasted like.

He got nervous, when she pulled crap like this.

He still remembered what it was like to be head-over-heels for her. It wasn’t like there was some unacknowledged sexual tension between them. Some secret attraction.

They both knew that they were attracted to the other one.

So, when Krystal slipped off his shoulder, and into his lap, asleep, he picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Slid her onto the bed and tucked the blanket around her shoulders, before making a beeline for the safety of the couch.

Away from her adorable cuteness.

It was weird having a sister you hadn’t grown up with.

They had a few stories about each other from when they were dating, and the friendship from just before that, but no childhood pranks or anything like that.

So when she was acting down, Jack didn’t actually know what to do. He didn’t have a huge selection of ideas to pull from to help pick her up.

She mentioned she liked cocktails, so he’d try and make her cocktails. She liked her kitty heels, so he could try and get them fixed. Everyone sort of liked movies and popcorn, to some degree, so he could give her that.

Movies, popcorn, cocktails and games. That was as far as planning for tomorrow he could actually get.

Fixing her heels, however, would probably be the thing that made her face light up the most.

Jack looked at the purse lying on the floor with trepidation.

He had to assume the missing heel was in there.

He could remember when Krystal came back from shopping with the tiny little heels. Kitty heels, as she’d repeatedly told him. Never letting him forget.

Jack hadn’t been embracing to the idea, criticising her for buying something just to look sexy. Saying she looked better when she wasn’t trying to project an image.

Krystal hadn’t slapped him – she’d given him a full punch to the groin that keeled him up and left him asking if he’d ever have kids.

She bought them because she thought they made her look cute, and she liked them. That was all there was to it. Absolutely nothing to do with anyone who looked at her.

Krystal was good at that.

Doing things because she wanted to, without a care for anyone else. Clothes, hair styles, food choices.

That might be what Jack found most concerning about this whole thing, really. manavgat escort bayan Not just that some jerk might make his sister’s first time hell – but that she was acting out of character.

There had to be some story there.

Out of excuses and distractions, Jack picked up the tiny leather purse. He recognised it as one she’d got for one of her birthdays, and cracked it open just a little.

The usual vortex of things crammed into a woman’s purse threatened to explode out of it.

He couldn’t see the missing heel on the surface of the mess, but he did immediately notice a bunch of other things, whether or not he wanted to.

Two medicine sheets, both partially used, for the pill.

A half dozen unopened condoms, joined together.

Several random mints, of different brands, for some reason. Keys and random coins, and a couple pens that looked like they were out of ink. Normal things.

And, of course, a couple pads. To complete the awkwardness he was feeling at going through her purse.

Shuffling it, he still didn’t see the heel. Which probably meant that she’d either lost it, or put it somewhere else entirely. Well… She had been drunk. Trying to work that one out might be hard.

He went put the purse away, when he heard breathing behind him, and spun.

Krystal was standing in the hallway, staring at him with a blanket around her shoulders. “Eh… Whatcha doin’?”

“Looking for your heel.” He said nervously, “Sorry. Wanted to… Surprise you. By fixin’ them.”

She reached down her top and flashed her white and lacy bra at him as she pulled it out from between her tits. “That’s actually why I woke up. Did you know they hurt when they dig into your chest?”

Krystal crossed back to the couch and dropped the heel beside the shoes. Before she curled up beside him again, leaning on him and pulling the blanket tight around herself.

“You’re going to fall asleep there, again.” He said warningly.


Jack sighed heavily, “Please, go to bed? I’ll even tuck you in, again.”

“You’re an idiot.” She snuggled into him, “Not falling asleep because I’m tired. Well, not just. I feel… Safer. With you.”

He breathed in sharply, “Oh. The nightmares.”

“I don’t have nightmares.” She lied through her teeth, as if she didn’t wake up crying the last two nights, calling out for help.

Jack yawned tiredly, exhausted and uncomfortable. Too much to think about any of this stuff, right now.

“Fine, I’ll be your teddy bear.”

Krystal leaned up suddenly, “Huh?”

“Bed. We’ll share the bed. You get to feel safe, I get to sleep.” He shrugged. “Deal?”

She kissed his cheek, sending a spine-chilling electric jolt through him and stood up unsteadily. “You always know how to make me feel better, don’t you?”


“Oh… Okay.” Krystal whispered into the early morning air, her breath turning to fog in the cold room.

She looked at the guy lying in the bed, who she had been absolutely wrapped around a moment ago. In fact, she’d woken up with her hand holding his crotch.

Or rather, holding his underwear, and through that thin cloth, a morning-hard dick that… She didn’t have much to compare it to. But she assumed it was impressive.

She certainly couldn’t imagine it even fitting inside her.

She also didn’t know if she was lucky to be the first awake, or not.

The urge to quickly and quietly leave was strong, but also pointless. First, it was his house. Second, she was his sister. She couldn’t exactly pretend nothing had happened.

Problem was… What actually had happened?

She didn’t remember. It’d come back to her. She was sure she hadn’t got all that drunk. She remembered breaking her favourite heels, and hurting her head… And then nothing.

The memories just weren’t cooperating.

Most people in this situation would just assume that they’d fallen asleep in the same bed, and move on. No big deal.

With their history, Krystal wasn’t most people.

She knew that when she’d had a few drinks she tended to get worse. Uncontrolled. She’d see something she wanted, and try and take it.

That was part of her dating problem. A lot of guys really struggled when she switched it up from the pure girl that they knew to this hyper aggressive monster.

Aggressive, and completely inexperienced.

Since she’d turned eighteen, she’d managed to see a grand total of two dicks. A few guys had been willing to go further with her, but she’d managed to embarrass herself.

Apparently squeezing balls was painful. So that particular moment had ended in disaster. Her stupid drunken self had taken uncoordination and made it a deadly weapon.

So she’d stopped drinking, and just pretended to.

Which had let her know what kind of utter sleazebags were trying to get with her. Whilst she really did want to lose her virginity, she didn’t want it to be to someone who’d hurt her.

Which brought her full circle in her thinking. She’d been out, trying to convince escort manavgat someone who seemed kind of nice that it’d be fun to take her back to his place when… She’d chipped his tooth.

That was why she’d been drinking, again. She’d wrecked her date, again. Like she always managed to. Which had totally sucked, because he’d seemed sweet. Resisting her because he didn’t want to fuck her on the first date.

Which really worried her, because it meant when she got home, and met the sweet guy she could always rely on… She probably would not have cared if he was her brother. Just that he had a dick.

Their history would have made her drunken self be able to reason that he would be into it, and then she would have just tried to take what she wanted.

“Shit.” She whispered to the air and attempted to slide a leg out of the bed silently.

It wasn’t helping her nerves that though she might still be clothed, they were completely messed up. Even her panties were twisted almost sideways. Like they might have been pulled to the side.

The thought made her face flush.

Not just in embarrassment. She actually found the idea of two people too hot and horny to wait and having a fully clothed quickie wherever they were, incredibly hot.

Krystal quietly slapped her own face.

She was supposed to be sneaking out, so that she could work out if she’d been drunk and stupid enough to cross a line that absolutely should never be crossed.

Even if she still fantasised about it sometimes.

If he ever found out… Or if she’d actually done something last night… She’d be ruining her relationship with him.

Ruining her relationship with her closest… Well, not quite friend, not quite family. Bit of both. More than both.

Jack made a quiet groan and rolled over.

She froze up, one leg out of the bed, the other kneeling on the edge. Her eyes were transfixed by the sign that he was a male. Had she really been holding that?

Had she put it into…?

Jack yawned and looked over at her as Krystal fell backwards out of the bed in fright.

He leaned over the edge of the bed as she rubbed her butt where she’d fallen, “Morning.”

“M… Morning.” She said nervously.

Jack caught a tone in her voice, “I was happy sleeping on the couch. No need to be pissed at me.”

If he actually had fucked her… Then she would be pissed at him. Taking advantage of her like that was as bad as any of the guys at the bar.

Krystal glared up at him, “Really?”

“I put you to bed by yourself, but you came back. You were a wee bit insistent.” He shrugged.

Freaking ambiguous bastard!

Krystal didn’t want to bring it up, if she was wrong. He’d think she was a freak or something worse. Hate her for reminding him. She might not have crossed any lines. She might have just been like someone normal.

She stood up, smoothing and straightening her clothes, “Whatever. I’m going to take a shower.”

Krystal made the reference deliberately, trying to gauge his reaction to a brief and fleeting thought to her naked body. If he didn’t react, then nothing had happened.

He had a brief flicker of embarrassment.

Shit. That could mean anything.

Krystal turned and headed off, when he called out behind her, “Oh, in case you forgot, you agreed to a night in with me. Day off from date hunting.”

She breathed a sigh of relief as she stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and leaning up against it.

She hadn’t done anything stupid, then.

She hadn’t.

She’d… Used him like a plushie.

That was embarrassing, but at least it wasn’t life changing. Which probably meant if he’d woken up before she had, with her hand still on his dick, that it would have been incredibly awkward.

Krystal slipped out of her dress, and pulled down her panties. Her clothes were soaked, sweaty. That was probably why they were so dishevelled. Not jumping her brother.

She sighed as she began removing her earrings, and pulling out her hair. Looking at herself in the mirror.

There was no way her brother would touch her, drunk or not.

He was too nice a guy for that, and she was just… Her.

The girl that nobody even wanted.

Krystal lifted her tiny breasts in the mirror, looking at them with shame. They were just as small as she was short. A full head shorter than everyone, and chest that barely filled out a B-cup.

She reached between her breasts, briefly touching the source of her discomfort.

She growled and punched the mirror, glaring at herself. Hating everything about what she saw there. The face of her biological father looking back at her, his scowl.

She jerked herself away from the reflection and turned on the water to heat it up, before she could lose herself in those thoughts.

Krystal stepped into the water, blistering her skin with a blast of heat and feeling her shoulders drop as it ran over her. This was one of the things she loved most on a cold morning.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she felt a smile spreading over her face again. Laughing at herself for thinking she’d woken up from a drunken tryst with Jack of all people.

She let it out, shaking her head as her voice echoed off the walls.

She hadn’t been a slut, last night. She’d been an overly attached five year old. Wanting a big teddy bear to keep her company because she was feeling slightly down.

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