Carvella Ch. 01

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Carvella – A mom, her daughter and a mysterious neighbor embark on a marvelous carnal adventure in lesbian high fantasy. All characters within are completely fictional. Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental (and admittedly highly unlikely, but would be totally awesome).

F/F (oh…any combo of the big F and the little f I can work into the story but mostly F/f and F/F)

Our stars:

Linda Moore – Single Mom, working hard to bring up her only daughter Sarah. Blond, blue eyes she has a decent body, but it has gone a bit soft due to how much she works.

Sarah Moore – Linda’s 18 year old daughter. Brunette, brown eyes, nicely filled out with 35C breasts. All innocence and potential.

Tatiana Carvella – Their new neighbor. Bright RED hair and penetrating green eyes. She has a plan for her neighbors…good for her bad for them.

Dania – Tatiana’s current model or…more?

Chapter 1 – The beginning


The dream is always the same. I come home from school but I don’t go to my house I head next door. The door’s open and I just walk in. I yell out, “Hello…Anyone home,” but there isn’t any answer. For some reason I just walk upstairs. I hear someone in the shower and I walk up to the door and walk right in. There is a lot of steam and I have a hard time seeing, but I can just see a silhouette of someone in the shower, behind the glass door.

I walk up to the glass door of the shower and open it. All of a sudden the shower is huge, the size of a room. I step in, and my clothes vanish, I’m naked, the steam warms my body, I can feel its damp hot breath on my breasts and strangely on my pussy too.

Through the haze I see someone. It becomes a bit clearer as I shuffle forward on the slick tile. There are two people, entwined, under a rushing stream of water. It’s two women, their mouths locked in a passionate kiss.

One of the women has her back to me the hand of her lover is palming her ass with her middle finger clearly sliding down her crack massaging the nether region. Then the one facing me looks over her lover’s shoulder directly at me, I recognize her, but can’t place her…She beckons me forward. I come to her call.

I walk up behind the woman with her back to me and place my arms gently around her, embracing her, bringing my breasts and tummy and legs in contact with her back. Her finely curved ass spoons into my hips and crotch exquisitely.

I kiss her neck.

The other woman turns us gently to face each other and we kiss passionately, our breasts pressing against each other, our hands roaming each others back and ass.

The kiss is finally broken I pull back and open my eyes…

She’s my mom.


It began, as so many things do, innocently. The Moore’s got a new next door neighbor, Tatiana Carvella.

Tatiana was a mysterious woman, the Moore’s didn’t know what she did for a living, for she seemed to have a lot of time on her hands and her daily schedule was varied. She certainly didn’t have a routine career.

The neighborhood in which the Moore’s lived, and now Miss Carvella, was an upscale area in Los Angeles where it was more likely for a home to have a aksaray escort pool than not. The Moore’s were impressed about the ability of such a young, single woman being able to afford to buy a house in such an expensive neighborhood.

Linda Moore knew of the difficulties of living in such an area, even with the alimony from her ex-husband she found it difficult to cover all the bills. She had contemplated moving to a different neighborhood to make her life more manageable, but her only daughter Sarah loved it so, it was worth the extra stress. After all, she was able to make ends meet.

The Moore’s had no idea how much their world was going to change.


“Sarah, Let’s get going.” Linda yelled up the stairs, in her hand she was holding a tray of cookies to take to their new neighbor.

Sarah answered from her room, “Coming Mom.” She had on a light summer dress as she trotted down the stairs.

They made their way out and down the sidewalk to their new neighbor’s house. Tatiana Carvella Linda thought it a very interesting name. Sarah ran up the steps to the front of the house and rang the doorbell, her mom followed.

It seemed immediate, or maybe the time waiting was forgotten, but suddenly the door opened and Tatiana Carvella stood there. She stood in cream colored silk blouse that Linda immediately both coveted and rejected as far too expensive, black elegant slacks and black heels.

Linda immediately felt self-conscious of the plain jeans and t-shirt she was wearing.

The classic elegant clothes only emphasized the stunning features that Tatiana possessed. She had the reddest hair that Linda could remember outside of a punk band and penetrating green eyes that froze Linda’s voice.

Tatiana held the door open and surveyed the two women on her doorstep with a slightly disapproving look.

“Yes?” was all she said. She had an accent, Italian? Russian? Linda couldn’t quite place it.

Sarah glanced at the woman’s face and then for some reason looked down, unable to maintain contact with the green eyes.

Linda found herself a bit dumbstruck by the confidence exuding from the redheaded woman standing in front of her, “Hello we..” she coughed and composed herself, “Hi we’re your neighbors we just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

Tatiana looked from mother to daughter for a few seconds and then the stern face broke into a smile, “But of course you are, come in, come in.” And she opened the door wider and stood aside inviting the two women into her house.

Linda entered and as she passed Tatiana the other woman’s perfume wafted over her, Chanel, thought Linda.

[Of course it’s Chanel.] Thought Linda.

Sarah came in after her mother and as she passed Tatiana she felt the other woman place a hand on her lower back, almost too low, guiding her across the threshold. Sarah felt the hand linger for a brief moment and after it left she felt sure she could still feel it’s presence upon her.

“Welcome to my home.” Said Tatiana as she led them across the foyer towards the kitchen, not offering to carry the gift of the tray of cookies.

Along with aksaray escort bayan a marble floor and a crystal chandelier, the foyer had three large paintings on the walls.

The paintings were of women, all portrayed in a classical nude setting. Draped languidly over a couch or sprawled on a picnic blanket, a flower gently falling from one’s hand, a book folded on a bosom of another. The one difference between classical paintings and these was the models themselves. These were thin and modern women, not the plump engorged look of the renaissance.

“Beautiful paintings.” Said Linda, Sarah just stared at them dumbstruck.

“Why thank you, it is a passion of mine.” Again the faint accent, Linda couldn’t place it.

“You collect them?” Linda asked as the three of them entered the kitchen.

“No my dear, I paint them.”

Linda didn’t know what to say to that, but followed her mysterious neighbor into the kitchen.

The kitchen was superb, all the modern appliances. “You may place the cookies on the counter there.” Linda complied and placed them where she was told.

Tatiana motioned for them to sit at the kitchen counter while she went and fixed them an ice tea. Just then a girl, who looked about 19 or 20, entered wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head, obviously just exiting a shower. Tatiana turned on her and spoke some rapid fire foreign language. The girl looked stunned for a minute, her eyes moving from Tatiana to the two Moore women sitting at the counter.

Then she smiled faintly, bowed briefly and said, “He?llo.”

“Forgive Dania, she doesn’t speak much English.”

“Hello,” answered Linda and Sarah. Dania smiled and bowed again. Tatiana spoke some more rapid fire tongue, waved her hand dismissingly at the girl and she scurried from the room seemingly chastised.

“My latest model.” Said Tatiana and she turned to the fridge, pulling out the ice tea and poured some glasses for her neighbors.

There was a pause in the conversation that dragged on a split second too long, Linda coughed and said, “How do you like the neighborhood?”

“It’s fine. I especially like my nice neighbors.” Tatiana smiled but Linda found herself wilting under the green gaze, she looked at Sarah who was still quietly sitting, overwhelmed by the Tatiana’s presence.

“Sarah and I have been really curious to meet you,” Began Linda again.

“Why?” Asked Tatiana.

“uh…well it isn’t everyday that an..uh..a…single woman can…well you know…”

“Ahh I see, how can I afford it?”

“Um…well eh…I guess so yeah,” and she tried to chuckle, Sarah smiled along with her mom.

“Well that is explained trivially. I am a visiting Professor of Fine Arts at UCLA from the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The house is part of my agreement with the University. It is a bit modest for my taste but satisfactory.”

Linda and Sarah looked at each other.

[So she’s French then, but that didn’t sound French when she spoke] thought Linda.

“Wow. You sure make my job seem hum drum.”

“Hum drum? What does this mean? Ahhh, Ordinary, banal, boring?”

“…yes…” Linda was a bit put back escort aksaray by the comment.

“I enjoy it here, you American women are so simple and naïve it is quite charming.” She took a drink of her tea.

“Would you like to see my studio?”

The two Moore women looked at each other, nodded and Linda answered “Yes.”

“Very well,” Tatiana took another sip of her tea, gave the two women in front of her a brief pointed glance and then just walked out of the kitchen, “Bring your tea,” she said as left.

The room seemed to dull once she was gone from it. The Moore women were drawn behind her almost irresistibly. She led them out of the kitchen, up the staircase and down the hall to a room that had a high ceiling and large sweeping windows providing a lot of natural light. The windows overlooked both Tatiana’s backyard and the Moore’s.

The room was large, as large as the Moore’s living room. Stacked around the edges were many canvases. One stack of clean new ones, one stack of finished work and several in the state of partial completion.

Scattered around the room were some chairs and couches, obviously the props for her models to lounge upon for painting.

In the middle of the room was an easel. Dania was the model being painted. She was sitting on a red velvet chair, in a strong position looking directly at the viewer and daring them to look at her partially spread legs and her exposed vagina.

Linda gasped quietly. Sarah blushed.

“Yes, I agree, a stunning model isn’t she.” Tatiana walked up closer to the painting.

“Brazen is the word I think in English. Yes brazen, the way she is exposing herself to you, asking you, almost, if you are worthy to see her most inner sanctum.” And she framed Dania’s face with her hands, “The disdainful eyes,” She moved her hands lower, “the pert breasts,” she continued lower, almost cupping the models most private place, “And yet she shows you, she SHOWS you herself.”

Linda and Sarah stood a bit nervously as they watched the artist explain her most recent work, they were uncomfortable at the explicit description of the models pose and the message in the painting.

Tatiana stepped back but continued to gaze at the painting.

“Yes. Brazen.”

Then she said nothing for a few minutes.

The Moore’s grew even more uncomfortable as the silence continued for what seemed a full minute or longer. Finally Linda coughed.

“Hmmm?” She seemed to wake up from a trance, “Ahh yes I forgot about you two.”

Tatiana looked at the two Moore women and this time Linda and Sarah felt like her entire gaze was upon them. Previously during the rest of their visit she had seemed to only pay partial attention to them but now? Now she was focused.

They were stuck in her gaze, they didn’t seem able to move. Was it because of politeness? Was it out of respect? Or fear.

It passed finally with Tatiana inviting them to a party Saturday night, an art gallery showing of her latest work.

Linda found herself accepting the invitation as they were led back down the stairs and out the open door. Tatiana said her goodbyes to the now dazed women as they made their way back down the sidewalk to their home. A nonchalant wave at the last.

“Dania!” Yelled Tatiana as she slammed the front door and spun around.

The pale girl came to the top of the staircase and looked down into the foyer, “Yes Mistress.”

“To the studio and strip,”

Tatiana Carvella was in a mood, “I paint!”

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