Boys Out Bush

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Saturday, 5:37 a.m.

Me and Bruce pulled up to the front of Johnno’s house. Bruce was driving, so I hopped out and ran up to the front door. Knocked twice. Nothing. Rang the doorbell a few times. Nothing. I turned and looked at Bruce, who was impatiently leaning out the window. I shrugged my shoulders, even though we both knew that Johnno had probably just slept through his alarm like usual.

Bruce blared the car horn through the quiet neighbourhood. I shot him a look but he just threw my shrug back at me. It worked though. I heard sounds of movement inside and a moment later the door opened to reveal Johnno in all his glory.

I’d been mates with Johnno since high school so the sight of him starkers didn’t phase me, even if he was sporting a good half-mongrel of an erection. He looked at me bleary-eyed, then quickly went to fully awake as it dawned on him.

“Fuck. The camping trip.” He said.

“The camping trip.” I smiled back at him.

“Are you packed mate?” I asked his retreating arse as he ran around like a mad chook trying to get all his gear together.

“Yeah yeah, I’m just-” Johnno’s words were cut off by the blare of the car horn.

“Fuck off Bruce!” Johnno exclaimed, slipping on his thongs, grabbing his rucksack and keys and bounding out the door.

I followed, picking up a pair of footy shorts off the armchair as I went.

Johnno jumped into the back seat, uttering a thousand apologies. While a bemused Bruce and I just sat and watched him. Eventually, again, realisation dawned on his face.

“I’ve got no clothes on.” He said, looked down then up at us.

I laughed and tossed him the footy shorts.

“These should do you. At least put them on before we get brekky.” I laughed as we took off down the road.

Saturday, 9:04 a.m.

We rocked up to the entrance to the park and saw a jeep waiting for us with the ranger sitting inside. As the jeep door opened we all hopped out of the car. Johnno had looked through his bag and found a hat and singlet to complete his last-minute wardrobe.

We shook hands with the ranger, introducing ourselves as we went.

“I’m Barry, nice to meet ya.” He said, grasping my hand firmly.

“Ollie, nice to meet you too mate.” I replied.

I have to admit, Barry was a pretty impressive sight. The bloke was six foot two easily, with a shaved head and a really fit, muscular body. You could see his ranger’s uniform was struggling in places, and if he’d popped a bicep he probably would have torn his shirt. I’m no slouch in the physical department, but this fella left the rest of us for dead.

Barry went over the ground rules with us- whatever we take in, we take out, the park had designated areas for camping and it was just us in there for the night, he’d come by and check every so often, etc. The usual crap. We signed some stuff, hopped back in the cars and followed Barry’s jeep to our campsite.

Saturday, 11:31 a.m.

Barry had left us to set up our stuff, and now the tent was up and the beer was flowing. It was getting pretty hot and Barry had told us about a billabong near our sight where it was safe to swim, so we loaded up the esky and stumbled the half km from camp.

When we found it we hakkari escort were blown away, the billabong was a beauty. Quick as a flash we were all naked and in the water. No need to be shy with just us lads around. Plus we’d all seen each other a thousand times in a hundred different situations.

After a bit of splashing about in the water I needed a piss, so I hopped out and ducked behind some nearby trees. As I let my stream splash onto the base of a blue gum I heard a twig snap near me. I spun around and saw Barry.

“Jesus mate! You gave me a scare!” I laughed.

“Sorry big fella, used to just having me in the woods!” he laughed back. Then things went quiet as he scanned me up and down and I remembered I was naked. I tried to cover myself but Barry shook his head and held up a hand.

“It’s fine mate, nothing I haven’t seen before. In fact I usually skinny-dip down here this time of day myself. Would it be weird if I joined you guys?” he asked.

“Nah mate, more the merrier. Just follow the dress code.” I laughed.

“Way ahead of you.” Replied Barry, who had already started unbuttoning his shirt.

So me and naked Barry emerged from the bushes.

“Look who I found!” I declared. The lads turned and cheered at the sight of our park ranger in the nude. Barry gave a thumbs up and cannonballed into the water.

We all splashed around and drank and talked bullshit for a while until we decided it was getting towards lunch time. I started to put on my shorts then saw the rest of the guys weren’t bothering.

“No need for that Ollie, we’re all alone here!” laughed a drunken Bruce. He was right, so I just joined the naked herd and we wandered back to camp.

Saturday, 12:40 p.m.

Bruce, being the most senior member of our group (by about three years) was in charge of the barbecue. Even in his drunken state he was a master with the barbie, and we each soon had a sausage sanger to tuck into. We sat around and swapped stories, explained to Barry that we were all best mates from school and we tried to stay in touch and go camping at least once every summer so we didn’t lose that bond. As we were talking we all demolished our lunch, although Bruce had cooked up extra because he knew one was probably not enough.

“Do you want another sausage Barry?” asked Johnno, reaching for some bread.

“I’d say Barry’s got enough sausage!” remarked a drunken Bruce, reaching over with his tongs and giving Barry’s impressive cock a gentle squeeze.

We all laughed, then Barry’s knob started to lengthen even more and harden.

“Ah now you’ve done it…” he said, looking down.

“Sorry lads, I don’t get much company here, any contact with the old fella and up he goes.” He said sheepishly.

“Fuck, that was just from some tongs!” I said.

“What’s a hand do?” asked Bruce, reaching out and encircling Barry’s engorged member with his fist.

Barry froze, a look of shock in his eyes. Bruce kept pumping as Barry looked over and saw Johnno kneeling down and swallowing my own hardening meat.

“See Barry, the thing is mate, we do go on these camping trips to reconnect. But a few years back we worked out that we could do something else hakkari escort bayan on these trips, coz we weren’t getting enough from the wives at home…” I explained, gently cupping the back of Johnno’s head as he sucked me to full mast. Bruce had followed suit, wrapping his lips around Barry’s giant mushroom-headed dick.

“Seems…like a good…idea…oh god.” Shuddered Barry.

Big Barry threw his head back and pushed Bruce off suddenly. Huge ropes of cum shot from his knob and landed on the grass between us all. The sight was hot, but the rest of us were nowhere near cumming yet.

“Shit, sorry.” Said Barry.

“Nothing to apologise for mate. But uh, maybe you could return the favour…?” asked Bruce, leaning back in his chair and brandishing his big stiffy.

Barry dove in and started sucking off my mate. To make it work he had to angle himself on his hands and knees, which gave me an idea. I tapped Johnno’s head to tell him to ease off for a second, and nodded in the direction of the other two blokes.

Me and Johnno moved quietly into place around Barry. I dove under him, taking his soft meat into my mouth. I could taste the last remnants of cum on the head. Meanwhile, Johnno parked himself behind Barry’s arse and began to eat out the big man’s backside. It didn’t take long for Barry to regain his hard-on and I nearly gagged on the size of it.

After a bit of this I manoeuvred out to take in the view. Barry was now getting finger-fucked by Johnno while Bruce held him by the back of his bald head and rammed his cock into his mouth. The sight was hot and I knew from previous trips what I wanted now.

I ducked into the tent and rummaged around my bag. It was hard to keep this one hidden from the missis back at home, so it normally lived in a little secret hiding spot in the shed. I walked back out into the sun and parked myself in a chair. As I watched my two mates penetrating the muscle man from both ends I lubed up the purple dildo and gently caressed my ring with it. Once I felt relaxed I pushed a little, then a little more, until I had all seven inches of the bastard in my hole. I stroked slowly and kept watching the trio in front of me.

Bruce eventually noticed my little act and let Barry off his knob.

“Sure you wouldn’t rather have the real thing Ollie?” he asked.

“Thought you’d never ask mate!” I laughed, gently pulling the dildo out of me and walking over. I had also brought a box of condoms for the trip and a big bottle of lube, and I put both of those to quick use on Bruce.

Barry was still on his hands and knees as I stood between him and Bruce. He looked up at my face as I lowered myself onto Bruce’s big knob. Once I was comfortable accommodating my buddy’s fat cock Barry moved in and started sucking me off.

The feeling of a cock up me and getting a blowie at the same time was hot, but not as hot as what happened next. Johnno had worked three fingers in and out of Barry by then and he was ready for something more.

“Hey Ollie, chuck us the condoms and the lube.” He said. Barry whipped his head around at that.

“What? You’re gonna try and fit that in me?” he said, gesturing to Johnno’s rock-hard escort hakkari knob.

“Like you don’t want it!” Johnno laughed, rolling the condom on himself.

“Well…yeah…but just go slow, ok? Not used to it.” Barry said.

“Yeah of course mate.” Said Johnno, patting Barry on the back. Cautiously, Barry went back to sucking me off.

Johnno, for his part, was pretty slow and gentle when it came to arse-fucking. He’d had a go on me a few times and he was always pretty good about taking it slow. Barry didn’t seem to flinch. In fact, after a while I could see him trying to force himself back more onto Johnno, but my mate kept up his slow and steady pace.

After a while Barry cracked it.

“Would you just shove it in me?” he exclaimed.

“Alright.” Said Johnno, then laughed and pounded Barry HARD.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Barry shouted, and for a moment we all paused in case he’d bitten off more than he could chew, so to say.

“Fuck YES!” he continued, and from there it was game on.

Bruce pounded me so hard my legs were starting to shake. At the same time, I was pushing my meat as far down Barry’s throat as it would go, while Johnno had him by the hips and was thrusting away for dear life.

“I’m close.” Bruce panted.

“Me too.” I shot back.

“Same here.” Grunted Johnno.

We all separated and rolled the dazed Barry over. We stood over the top of him and began to wank off furiously. He knew what was coming and started to pull himself off at the same lightning speed.

I was the first to cum, bracing myself on Bruce’s shoulder as I shot three loads onto Barrys chest. Johnno went next, little white droplets flying everywhere before the big heavy load dumped onto Barry’s abs. Finally Bruce unleashed his load with a mighty grunt, landing the white stuff across Barry’s forehead. We stood, regarding our new mate as he continued to pump away. As he frantically tried to cum a second time I found our purple toy, condom and lubed it up, and shoved it into his ring.

That did the trick, and he bucked his hips, launching his seed the length of his body and into his own waiting mouth.

We dug out some cum rags and helped clean off the ranger, who slowly came back down to earth.

As he dressed we talked some more.

“Hope you liked that buddy.” Said Bruce, making himself another sausage sanger.

“Sure did. Fuck, my arse is sore.” He laughed.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Laughed Johnno, towelling off his member.

“Oh no, don’t apologise. Just let me return the favour next time.” Winked Barry, patting his arse.

“So we’ll see you for dinner then?” I laughed, cleaning up my toy and the condoms and lube.

“Afraid not lads. I finish my shift this arvo. Relieving ranger will come check on you tonight about 5:30.”

Me and my mates looked at each other. Was the new ranger going to be quite as easygoing? Barry saw our expressions and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I need to check the roster but you’ve either got a hot blonde 24-year-old with great tits, or a middle-aged ex-military bloke. Either way I think they’ll like you three.” He remarked, eyeing up our still-naked bodies.

“Have a good one!” he said, hopping into the jeep and driving off.

We watched him go, then turned to each other.

“So what do we reckon, the girl or the old bloke?” I asked.

“Either’s fine by me.” Winked Johnno, fondling his insatiable cock.

“5:30….” Mused Bruce in between bites of his snack.

“I wonder what we can do until then….?”

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