Blind Date

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A couple weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to do him a favor. There is this guy he works with, gay, attractive and apparently has a long dong. I didn’t find that out until after I agreed to do the favor, which was to go out with this guy, his name is CB. But the reason my friend asked me as a favor is because CB had been struggling at work. When my friend asked him about it CB blatantly said, “I’m lonely, and I haven’t gotten laid in a long time.”

“And once he said that, I immediately thought of you.” My friend said while we were at lunch.

“Why me?” I asked, almost offended.

“Well, because you’re gay and because…you’ve been known to…ahh…”

“To what? Give it up easily? To be a whore? Are you calling me a whore?” I said, playfully but not.

“No, not a whore, exactly. But come on, when we lived together you had a different guy every Friday and Saturday night.”

“Not every Friday and Saturday. And they weren’t always different.” I stated, defending myself. Despite the fact that it was true. And for the record I am not easy but very open and willing to perform.

“Whatever, the point is CB’s work is suffering and I need him to get better. So, will you do this for a friend?” He asked me with a slight undertone of begging.

I thought about it for a moment. In reality it had been a long time, at least by my standard that I’d gotten any action. I enjoy staying home and watching a good movie now rather than wasting my efforts trying to get laid. “Yes, I’ll do it…for you, so remember that.” I said.

“Thank you. And I promise you won’t be disappointed. For one he’s a really good looking guy and two, from what I hear from the ladies in the office, he’s packing some meat.” My friend said.

“From the ladies? I thought he was gay, so how would they know? Are you one of the ladies, now?” I said smiling and holding back a chuckle.

“Fuck you dude.” He replied.

So that Saturday I went out with CB. And he was definitely a good looking guy. He was tall and slim, had a good face with a nice cut jaw. His body was defined by a nice chest and long torso that I noticed through his tight shirt. And the date was actually really fun. The conversation never stopped and by time we stopped for a night cap, there was no doubt where the evening was going to be heading. We sat down at the bar, rubbing each other cocks under the counter through our jeans. And it was so true about his long dong. From base to tip it had to be at least 10 inches, I had become pretty good at judging these things. And by this point I could feel the soak of pre-cum oozing through the leg of my jeans.

“Are you ready to get out of here?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He said. “My place is just around the corner actually. Five minutes.”

“Perfect.” I said.

We got up and rushed out of the bar, we didn’t even bother to finish our last round. And if the parking lot weren’t so damn lit up, I might have started things there with a nice heavy bought of kissing. Instead we had to wait and get into our respective vehicles to go to CB’s.

When we pulled up to his apartment building my cock was still hard and still oozing pre-cum. My mind was in a tizzy thinking about what was in his pants, how bad I wanted sex, how great this was going to feel, and where I wanted him to cum. Did I want to swallow? Did I want a facial? Did I want him to cum inside me? So many decisions to make, but I realized they could be made based on the heat of the moment. There was no real need to plan the details.

We parked and CB waited for me as I quickly got from my car and walked over to him. Instantly we embraced my hands on his back, his on my ass. Our tongues began smashing together as we kissed out in the open, moaning and gasping quite loudly from what I can remember. We rubbed our cocks together through our pants by swaying from side to side, I just kept thing about how huge his cock was.

We finally managed to pull ourselves apart long enough to at least get inside. Once inside the elevator CB pinned me to the wall and kissed me deep and hard. My hand rubbed up and down his shaft clutching the bone under the tight fabric of his jeans. He stared at me, this aggressive sexual expression was on his face. “Are you gonna suck me cock?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m gonna suck it real good.”

“Yeah, you better.” He said, giving me a little smack. “You’re going to suck it deep, be my little faggot cock whore, huh?”

“That’s right, I’ll be your nasty cock whore, I’ll take a pounding in my ass like a little bottom fag.” I said, almost shocked at the words coming from my mouth. But I was lost in the heat and sexuality of the moment.

The elevator door opened to an older lady who got a shock of her life seeing two men going at it in the elevator. She gasped and we excused ourselves. She watched as we passed by, no doubt the excitement in our pants clearly showing. We laughed as we went down the hall to his apartment. Once we reached the door, CB just opened it. He didn’t even use a key, for some reason I found this quite odd. He pushed the door eskişehir escort bayan open and I walked inside. I stopped suddenly and my rock hard cock quickly went limp.

It just seemed so bizarre to me. I would think this would be something CB would mention…that he had a fucking roommate! A roommate who was home, with his girlfriend, who at the moment was walking through the door was finishing a blow job and wiping her mouth. “Good timing.” His roommate said.

CB walked in. “Hey guys, what’s happening?” He said.

“Not much, just chillin like a couple of villans.” His roommate said as his particularly unattractive girlfriend regained her composure and situated herself next to him on the couch.

“Very nice.” CB said, casually and closed the door behind him.

I continued to stand frozen in the doorway as CB started removing his jacket. “Guys, this is Drew. Drew this is my roommate, John and his girlfriend, Sandy.”

“Hey, Andy.” Sandy said. I just waved with a single raise of my hand, not able to muster any words. I was so disappointed. I mean, this isn’t a big place, it’s a real small two bedroom apartment, and I don’t think the walls were too thick. And I sure wasn’t planning on having a mild mannered romp in the sack so that we wouldn’t be making noise. I wanted to wake the fucking neighbors, not the roommates. But this seemed like a very open situation. Clearly John’s girlfriend was not at all stunned by a stranger watching her swallow a load of cum, and clearly John knew that CB was gay. But I was uncomfortable nonetheless, and I am not an exhibitionist.

“Can I take your coat?” CB asked. I looked at him and nodded. I slowly removed my coat.

“Dude, what’s going on here? Is this cool?” I whispered.

“Yeah, we’re cool, they know what’s up.” CB explained back. “Not the first time I’ve brought a guy home, Drew.”

“Okay.” I said and shrugged it off. I had the slightest bit of apprehension going into this situation now. However, everyone else in the room acted as though this was not an out of the norm thing.

“How bout a drink?” CB asked as he turned back from the coat rack. I was still looking at John and Sandy, who had turned their attention away from me and back to the television. I figured another drink would help with the current inhabitions I was having so, it was probably a good idea..

“Uh, yeah, sure. The stronger the better” I said. CB walked past me and nodded with approval before he headed towards the kitchen and disappeared behind the wall. John and Sandy turned their attention to me once CB was out of sight.

“You know, his real name isn’t CB? John said, whispering slightly.

“What?” I said.

“CB, it’s a nickname, not his initials. His real name is Paul.” John said with a sudden smirk.

“So why does he go by CB then?” I asked now becoming very curious. John just looked at me with a smirk, then at Sandy who smiled and chuckled.

“It stands for Cum-Buckets. As in ‘he Cums IN Buckets’, huge fucking load, dude.” John said. “Seriously, he got it in college. Now I never saw this but apparently one night he was with this other dude, and blew a load all over him, covered his hair and shit. The guy did this walk of shame with jizz all over him and shit. Since then he’s been known as CB.”

“Seriously?” I said, feeling my cock stiffen slightly once again. I was now even more intrigued. Now not only does CB have a long dong, but he also has a massive load. What more could I be asking for? Well for starters, how bout some privacy.

“Drew.” I heard CB call to me from down the hall. “Jack or Johnny?” He asked, shouting.

I looked at John who was smiling, Sandy who was giggly, and then at CB. “Uh, better make it a double shot.” I said. CB once again smiled and nodded before disappearing behind the kitchen wall.

“And he’s got a real big dick, too. I’ve seen it before.” Sandy said with a girlish giggle. I was already aware of that, but since I was playing the game I would humor her.

“Really?” I said faking some intrigue. She nodded to me, then held out her hands roughly a foot apart. Not that I am complaining, but an actual foot of cock would have been nice. But the ten inches I am pretty sure he had was going to be just fine. I am just saying, tack on those extra two inches, that’s all.

Shortly after Sandy’s hand motions CB came from the kitchen with two generously filled glassed of whiskey. “What are we talking about?” CB asked.

“You.” John said.

“Oh yeah? Making up stories again?” CB said, handing me my glass. “Take a seat.” He said, motioning towards the small love seat behind me. I did as he asked and we started sipping our drinks.

We mingled with his roommates for a bit, the alcohol certainly loosed me up and I even shared a few sexual adventures from the past, which seemed to be where the conversation was heading anyway. And quite frankly it helped me relax and get over the fact that CB’s roommates were home and pretty cool people.

CB finished his drink and eskişehir escort put the empty glass down onto the coffee table. He turned and looked at me. “Shall we continue this evening in a more private setting?” He asked, his voice lowering to a very sexual and seductive tone.

“Yeah.” I said, looking at him in the eye. He smiled at me and got from the couch and I followed. My glass was not quite empty, but he told me to bring it along.

CB escorted me into his bedroom, which was merely ten feet away from the living room and only 5 feet away from the couch John and Sandy were sitting on. But thankfully the alcohol made my inhabitions low and I really didn’t care.

I put my glass down and crawled onto CB’s well made bed. His room was spotless and well organized, which is always a turn on to feel as though you are in a clean environment. CB came in and kneeled on the corner of the bed and removed his shirt and started towards me. “Are you going to close the door?” I asked.

“There is no door.” He said, moving between my open legs then lying on my chest and finally planting a smooth kiss on me. I willingly accepted the kiss and our tongues clashed and lashed around. However, my mind was spinning…no door? And it’s not like the bed was hidden in a corner. If John or Sandy wanted to go into the kitchen they’d see clearly just what was happening in here. Not to mention they would be hearing everything. But as CB’s tongue moved around my mouth, and his hands moved around my hair and his cock pressed against mine, I quickly lost the need or desire to care who would see me.

CB stopped kissing me and looked deeply into my eyes, a strange seductive way came over him. “What did they tell you about me?” He asked.

I stared back, wanting him more now. “They told me you have a big cock and that you have a bigger load…Cum Bucket.” I said, smiling, kind of giggling like a twink. He smiled back at me.

“Just so you know.” He started, his fingers moving through my hair. “It’s all true.” He said with a very soft, almost a whispering kind of way and leaned in and kissed me. As he did, he grabbed my hand and lead it down to his cock and slapped it down, right on his fabric covered shaft. “Jerk it off.” He instructed.

I was all too happy to oblige. CB shifted to his back and lied casually, putting his hands under his head and smiling at me. I got to my side and slid my hand up and down his shaft through his jeans. I felt every inch of his owe so long and completely rock solid dick from his balls to his head. Even through the fabric I could feel the rippling veins, the little bumps and subtle changes in his shaft that once inside me were going to make all the difference.

I watched CB as I continued to lightly glide my hand around and over his hardened cock. His eyes were closed and his chest would rise high and drop low as his breathing became more labored. He would sigh and smile letting out little moans. As I watched him I moved my hand from his shaft to the buckle of his jeans. He didn’t stop me, his eyes didn’t open, but his smile increased and his moaning got a little louder.

First I popped his belt open, then the button of his jeans before I shifted to my knees, positioning myself at his side and kneeling over him. Still CB never changed his state and I began to unzip his pants revealing a pair of purple silk boxers. I reached inside the lip of his jeans and boxers and yanked hard. Still nothing from CB, only a widening smile. He lifted his hips and I kept pulling down. “Do it slowly.” He said. I looked up at him, he was now watching me, waiting to see what expression I would give once I saw the monster inside his pants.

Slowly I slid his jeans down. First I exposed the hairy mess of his pubic hair. It was thick and curly, covering him fully, hiding behind it all his two bloated, fat balls. They spread from under the beginning of his shaft and wrapped around the base like two swollen tomatoes. The base of his shaft had a thick, dark vein beginning and rising as it continued. I continued pulling down his pants, it seemed like a mile down, each centimeter revealing more of that fat vein, as well as two others. His shaft was bumpy and ridged, and more narrow than I had expected. But there was nothing wrong with it, just not a lot of girth. Finally I reached his head, the shaft of his massive member alone was 10 plus inches. CB put his hand down on mine just as the waist band his boxers hit the head. I stared at him, he stared intensely back at me. “Let it smack you.” He said reaching up to my neck and pulling me down toward his flat hairless stomach.

I began kissing him, getting lower and more towards his thick bush when he yanked the rest of his pants down, releasing the beast within. From the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be a flag pole of cock springing upward and flying towards me smacking hard down onto my cheek. With a heavy thud and smack his shaft stopped and pressed down against my face. I winced a little, not fully expecting the force at which this tool came escort eskişehir at me. CB grabbed the base of his shaft and lifted it and began to tap my cheek. “You like that? You like my big dick smacking your face?” He asked, his tone increasing with intensity.

I was unable to respond, his tapping turned to slapping, then smacking. “Do you like my big dick smacking your face!?” He asked, now yelling.

“Yes.” I forced out. “Yeah, I know you like it. You like this big fucking dick.” He shouted then let me up, my face now feeling the sting and no doubt glowing red. He stared at me, his eyes burning with sexual aggression. “Suck it. I want you to suck it.” He ordered, pulling my head back down.

I couldn’t get my mouth open fast enough and his head poked me right in the mouth and he let me go. “What the fuck was that?” He asked me like I was a disorderly like bitch. And rather than act what he was suspecting I grabbed hold of his cock shaft and shook his hand off my neck and took his meat into my mouth and swallowed.

CB gasped, hard. I only took about 5 of the 10 plus inches down, but that was only because I lacked the proper lubricant in my mouth. But the initial tap of his head against the back of my throat quickly changed that. I wrapped my lips around him and let my mouth fill with thick spit. I began moving down more, taking more of him in, allowing my throat to clench and release as more and more of CB’s cock went down inside. “Fuck, dude!” He shouted, his hands now holding my head.

I didn’t stop inhaling his big fucking cock until I got the base where I held my head down for a moment. His pubes surrounded my face, tickling my nose before I started my slow, tight and painful rise back up his bone.

Once reaching the top I stopped to take a breath. I looked at CB and he stared back with an expression of shock and disbelief. “Wow. That’s never happened before…ever.” He said.

“Don’t fuck with me dude. I suck cock like a pro.” I said, wiping away the tears from my eyes.

“Do it again.” He requested, realizing now that he wasn’t going to treat me like some twink bitch. This was going to be a mutual exchange of heated sexual pleasures.

“Gladly.” I said, twirling my tongue to get the spit well distributed. Again I put CB’s dick in my mouth, swallowing the first 5 inches as though it were two and slowly worked his shaft into my throat. CB squirmed and his feet kicked as I felt his shaft bend to make it’s way inside my mouth. His hands came to my head and he pushed and pulled me down, holding me again as I got to the base. Once again I slowly pulled back up, twisting my neck to add to the bend. He groaned loudly.


I could only smile, this was nothing new to me, I knew what I was doing. And after taking ten seconds to collect some air, I did it again. CB groaned and moaned and kicked like a man in sheer sexual heaven. Each time I went down he would tighten his hard abs and hold his breath until I released him from my throat.

“Want to fuck my face?” I asked, hopping off the bed and dropping to my knees. As I did I noticed John and Sandy from the living room trying to get a glimpse of what was happening inside. They looked stunned, like this type of thing had never happened to CB.

“Dude, I just want to fuck you.” CB said, sitting on the side of the bed with his dick at full mast, glowing with spit, his pubic hair matted down with my juices that had slid down his shaft and collected at the base.

I stood back up, this time dropping my pants. My own cock was full of life and sprung up and out pointing in CB’s direction. He reached out and began jerking it, pulling me towards him. I pushed him back onto the bed, lying him flat. I climbed up and straddled him. Using my own spit, I was collected what I could from my mouth and transferred it to my wanting asshole. I slapped it in there and made sure it was well covered and slicked up.

I put one hand on CB’s chest, the other reached around and grabbed CB’s long dong and steadied it. When the head of his cock first touched my hole, my heart began to race. It suddenly hit me that this long perfect instrument was about to be inserted inside me. I could already feel my inside getting ready to be shifted.

I pushed my hips down allowing his head to make that first insertion and my asshole to adjust around it. Both CB and myself shuttered at that first penetration. His eyes closed and he groaned. My eyes widened and I groaned. I slowly started sitting back, lowering myself ever so slowly so that I could feel every single inch of CB’s cock pushing inside me. I stared down at him, now letting go of the base of his shaft and leaning a little more forward, putting my hands at his side. CB stared up at me with intense eyes burning into me. We breathed through our noses, each one of us feeling this intense moment of penetration. Our eyes were locked together. I continued to sit back, slowly, oooooooh, so slowly. I could feel my insides making room, parting and pushing together as half of CB’s dick entered me. The more I took, the more it felt like I was being impaled, each inch parted my anus, slid it’s way into my intentines and then finally, as I sat back balls deep the head of his cock hit my stomach. I sat back, straight up now and looked down at my abs. There was a trace of cock coming up, a place where you could feel my insides shifted to make room.

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