Beginnings Start Somewhere Ch. 03

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Now that Mike has been formally introduced to a variety of sex, the world of sex will open up before him.

Mike could not sleep for a while and he pondered all that had happened to him. A whole new world had opened up to him and he was wondering how far it would take him. Something inside of him woke up.

The dawn of a new morning arrived and Mike went downstairs to have some coffee and a breakfast. Shortly after Gail and Todd came down, then the rest followed soon after.

Gail told everyone the limousines would be here at 4 pm to pick up everyone and bring them back to their vehicles at the hotel. She also encouraged them to use the facilities as they wanted.

Mike decided to take a walk around the property and noticed Gail had followed him outside.

“You mind if I walk with you?” Gail asked.

“Not at all, come on.” Mike said.

“I want to take you on a private tour around the dungeon after the walk if you don’t mind,” Gail told him.

“Sure, I am curious as to what some of the items are used for, maybe you can tell me about them,” Mike replied.

“Todd has to go into New Orleans today to take care of some property issues at the St. Charles house so we can have all day together.” Gail said.

“So, tell me a little about how you got so interested in alternative styles of sex?” Mike asked.

Gail answered, “When I was 18 years old, I was walking around outside and I heard what sounded like muffled moaning. Investigating the noise, I peeked in my neighbors garage window and saw Mrs. Murphree tied up against a cross and Mr. Murphree whipping her with what looked like a riding crop telling her how bad she had been.”

“He then took some oil and rubbed her body with it, especially concentrating on her breast, her as and rubbing inside and out of her pussy.”

“I kept watching and when he was finished, he untied her, she knelt down and started sucking on his cock. After a little while she got up, they kissed held hands and went back into the house.”

“I was still an ignorant virgin so it gave me all kinds of weird emotions. It was my first introduction to sex. I went to my room and started exploring my body using baby oil and learned new and exciting feelings while masturbating.”

“I had always helped them with chores and such, but never would had imagined what I was seeing them do.”

“After that, I kept my bedroom window cracked, since it was near the garage, I would go downstairs and spy on them and masturbate whenever I heard noises coming from their garage.”

“One evening I heard them and went to spy. I think they knew I was watching because they started having more and longer sex together. He tied her up, pulled out a big dildo and used it in both of her holes. She was moaning, but it sounded more like enjoyment to me. Then he laid her back on a table and made sure I could see him fucking her pussy then her ass. When he stiffened up then removed his cock I could see the cum dripping from her.”

“He moved and put his cock in front of her face and she sucked it clean.”

“I was glued to the window just staring, when all of sudden, they turned and looked at me with big smiles. I was frozen in place until I could finally run back to my bedroom.”

“In my bedroom I got undressed and started doing things to myself I watched him do to her. I did not have a dildo but had an old hairbrush that had a long thick rounded handle. I experienced my true hard first orgasm and from there I was hooked and had to push the boundaries further and further.”

“I would hear them often and would make sure I got in a good position to watch and masturbate. They knew I was watching but never seemed to care and made sure I got to watch a performance.”

“One evening the door bell rang and it was Mrs. Murphree. She handed me a present and a gift card for all the help I had given them in the past.”

“I opened the gift card and it was for one hundred dollars at the adult boutique shop located a few blocks from the house. It gave me goosebumps and made me a bit flushed also.'”

‘I then opened the present and it was a brand new hairbrush with a smooth rounded glass handle.”

“That night I was excited to have two hair brushes I could use as sex toys, then it dawned on me, the Murphree’s could see into my bedroom from their house. So that’s why the new hairbrush. I made sure I gave them a show that night and it turned me on so much my bed got soaking wet from orgasms.”

“Saturday evening after dark, I put on a hoodie and covered my face as much as possible and went to the adult boutique shop.”

“I was the only customer so I took my time looking at all the sex toys they had to offer.”

“I heard a lady ask if I needed any help and almost passed out when I saw it was Mrs. Murphree. I had no clue she worked there and found out they owned the store.”

“She told me I was the last customer, locked the place up and put the CLOSED sign up.”

“She smiled and said she would be happy to tell me about the different toys they have.”

“I bahis firmaları agreed and we walked around the store and she showed my various toys and explained how to use them. I could not believe how comfortable she made me.”

“When we were finished with the tour, Mrs. Murphree gave me a hug that caused our breast to touch and gave me a light kiss. My head got dizzy.”

“She invited me over to their house on Sunday so she could show me a lot more.”

“My panties were soaking wet with cum and I agreed to meet her.”

“I bought a pulsating dildo and a nice silky shirt that rubbed my nipples hard, with the gift card, then hurried home to play with my new toys and experiment.”

“The next day, Sunday, Mrs. Murphree came over and asked my mom if she could lend me for a few hours to help her with some chores. My mom, not suspecting anything volunteered my services.”

“Nervously I walked there with Mrs. Murphree and when we got inside, Mr. Murphree was standing there smiling.”

“They led me to a back bedroom and Mrs. Murphree started undressing me all the while telling me how beautiful I was.”

“It was like I was hypnotized, I just let her lead me there and submitted to them.”

“Once she had me undressed, she led me to the bedpost, tied my arms to each bedpost and then spread my legs and tied them open.”

“She got undressed and knelt next to me, then Mr. Murphree came over to me and slowly started kissing and caressed my body. He used one hand to softy massage my breast and nipples and moved the other hand to my pussy and rubbed my clit until I had an orgasm, then he found my G-spot. I almost passed out having that orgasm. He then started to use a small amount of force on my nipples incrementally while stimulating my G-spot.”

“I honestly felt like I was in another dimension of pleasure.”

“He told Mrs. Murphree to lick my pussy as he played with my nipples and she replied, yes sir to him.”

“They took their time and took turns tasting every inch of my body.”

“I orgasmed so much, it looked like a gallon of water had spilled on the floor.”

“Mr. Murphree then took me to the bed, dropped his pants and I got my first view ever of a real cock. It was about 5″ long but looked a foot long. He put it near my mouth and I knew he wanted me to suck it.”

“Mrs. Murphree was kneeling on the floor next to the bed and was giving me instructions on how to suck a cock.”

“After a few minutes, Mr. Murphree got up, put a small amount of lubricant on his cock then rubbed my pussy with some and mounted over me.”

He looked in my eyes and asked, “Can I be the first to fuck you?”

“Oh my god, yes please fuck me, I responded. It was something I needed at that point.”

“That was the moment I became a slut for the Murphree’s. It felt unbelievable and I wanted more”

“When they let me, loose Mrs. Murphree told me to make sure I drank plenty of water to replace the fluids I expelled during sex.”

“I started helping Mrs. Murphree a lot more on Sundays after that and my experiences blossomed from being a submissive to being a Dom.”

“Not long after, my mother died, and you pretty much know the rest of the story.”

Mike was enthralled with Gail’s’ story so much he didn’t even notice they had walked into the dungeon and was stopped at one of the crosses.

Gail asked Mike to undress and lean against the cross for her.

“I don’t think this is my cup of tea.” Mike responded.

“You never know until you try, I promise not to be hard or rough with you. I just think you should see both sides of a coin,” Gail told him.

“Ok, but do I get a safe word or buzzer?” Mike asked.

“I promise you will not need one, just say enough and I will stop.” Gail said.

Gail tied Mike up and using a flogging whip made of soft leather rubbed it against his nipples all the way down to his cock and balls. She took her time and very slowly started using a little more force.

At first Mike had a nice hard cock but as she increased the amount of force his cock grew more flaccid.

“I don’t think I am submissive enough for this to make me feel sexually excited or mentally excited.” Mike told Gail.

Gail let Mike loose, undressed and told him to tie her up and do the same things to her.

Mike started on Gail and it wasn’t long before he liked being in control of the situation. He used more and more force on her nipples and pussy until Gail had an orgasm and cried out.

Mike stopped immediately and Gail told him how good it felt. She said she enjoyed being submissive if the timing was right and also enjoyed being a Dom at times.

They left the area and continued walking around checking on the other guest..

James had Dawn stretched out on a bondage table and was using a fucking machine to plow her pussy while he was putting clamps on her nipples and pussy lips.

Dawn was ball gaged and Mike wasn’t sure if she was moaning in pleasure or pain or both. But she had a buzzer in her hand that she could push to let James know kaçak iddaa when it was too much.

Gail explained the buzzer was one of the safeties they used especially if one person was gaged.

Just for the hell of it, Mike put his cock up against Dawn’s cheek and slapped her lightly with it a few times. Gail laughed and commented on how Mike was definitely a Dom type person. Dawn winked at him.

Gail suddenly looked at her phone and suggested they find Karen and Bobby.

When they found them, Karen had Bobby’s balls tied up with hemp rope, pulled up between his ass cheeks and then around his neck. He was wearing a ball gag. Mike noticed a butt plug shoved up in his ass, also being held in place with the hemp rope.

Karen was pulling on his cock and pinching his nipples and twisting them. She would then slap his balls fairly rough..

Mike was watching Bobby and knew Karen was pushing it too far and not backing off. He was clearly not enjoying this. She was ignoring his pleas to quit, and he was using the buzzer.

Mike moved over to Karen, pulled her arms behind her, locked them with one arm, then grabbed her hair with his free hand and yanked her head back. When she opened her mouth to say something, Mike hushed her and when Karen tried to pull away, Mike just held on tighter.

Mike looked Karen in the eyes and growled lowly, “You need to learn when to stop and back off. Bobby was using the safety measures and you completely ignored it. There are rules for a reason. Do it again and they should ban you from coming here.”

Gail looked up at a hidden camera and smiled.

Mike, looked at Gail, shrugged, smiled then started walking up the stairs. Gail watched him go and knew she had found her man to help run the Dungeon.

Todd was waiting in the guest room when Mike came up nd poured him a drink.

“I thought you were away on real estate business?” Mike asked Todd.

“It was a cover story, let me explain.” Todd replied.

“How established is your business? Do you need to be present full time to ensure things are going good?” Todd enquired.

Mike relied, “My business is doing great. I need to be there when new jobs come in so I can scrutinize them thoroughly and work with my team, the architect and the general contractor to make sure all the drawings are correct and up to code. Then my team oversees the job at points to make sure it is being done as per the contracts requires.”

“I do random inspections to make sure everything is going as planned. So, I guess the answer is no, I don’t have to be present full time.”

“Why do you want to know?” Mike asked.

“Anytime someone is using the dungeon we monitor the actions. It is how I knew to let Gail know to check on Karen and Bobby.”

“We are looking for a person who we can trust to help run the dungeon when we have clientele renting the place.”

“Someone who can keep an eye on things and make sure nobody is getting out of hand that could be dangerous or worse.”

“Not every client knows about the dungeon so it would be only when it is in use.”

“We liked how you handled Karen. Forcefully but instructive. Then, explaining what the consequences should be if she can’t follow the rules.”

“We have been lucky so far, but odds say the time is coming something bad will happen if we don’t keep a control in place.”

“How do you know what I did with Karen?” Mike asked.

Todd said, “Follow me.”

Todd took Mike to the elevator, inserted a key and pushed the top button. When the elevator stopped and they got out, Mike was in awe of the room he was looking at.

“This is ya’lls bedroom? Holy crap! It is magnificent.” Mike exclaimed. “I didn’t know a bed could be so huge, and the paintings are unbelievable.”

“Yes, it took my breath away when Gail finally showed it to me also. The bed and mattresses were special made to her grandmothers’ specifications. I think it will sleep 6 people comfortably lol. The mattress covers are hand made to protect the main mattress from getting ruined. My understanding is the paintings are worth a small fortune.”

The bathroom was a work of art in itself. A tub you could drown in, a shower stall with a bench, shower heads for 360-degree coverage, and at shower heads waist level.

The vanity area was like an old Victorian Bombe with drawers.

“Now I am going to show you the Office. You must never mention upstairs to anyone. I convinced Gail you are one of the very few people we can trust.”

Todd opened another door and they walked into a large office area that had a few rows of security monitors lined up behind one desk, another desk had files with organized paperwork and a computer station. There was also a mini refrigerator and a microwave in the corner. It was spacious.

“This is the business office and where we keep an eye on things. You might call it spying, but it is for good reason. We cannot afford any disasters, so we keep it under our surveillance only. A lot of clients are here anonymously and it needs to stay that kaçak bahis way.” Todd explained.

“When we entertain guest for the dungeon, we also keep a Doctor nearby on call in case of an emergency.”

“We want to offer you a job to help with monitoring the dungeon secretly and keeping it safe for all. You will be the only person other than myself and Gail that know about this room and setup. We have a dungeon party on the first weekend of every month.”

“Since we live close to a small airfield for the oil business, we use a helicopter to fly special clients out and we also use it for travel during a dungeon party. You will also have access to use it if you take the offer.”

“Take your time and think about it. When everyone leaves Gail wants to talk to you about it.”

Four pm arrived and everyone was brought back to the hotel to get their cars. Gail asked Mike if he could stay a few more hours do they could talk business.

“Todd talked to you and showed you what no one will ever see. I need someone I have full trust in and I know you are the one person I can always trust.”

“I did do a complete background check on you, and everything came back you are a very trustworthy person. Everyone we interviewed recommended you highly for a made-up secret government job.”

Mike thought about what he just heard, at first, he got a little perturbed she did a check on him but then told her, “I am flattered you think I can do such a job for you,”

Mike continued, “I will admit, I was intimidated by a lot of what I saw and really got a bit tempered when I saw Karen with no regard to her mate. I am not sure I can be at every dungeon party because of business, but I would love to help you maintain the integrity of your business every chance I get.”

“That is all I ask,” Gail replied. “I have to be at every event as it is my job to be a gracious host. We have have grown to the point we need an extra set of trustworthy eyes if something does happen that needs attention in the dungeon.”

“We are the only ones who know about the security cameras in the dungeon. I don’t trust anyone with that kind of information on our clients.”

“We promise them total secrecy when it comes to renting out the Manor and especially the dungeon.”

“One more thing,” Gail said. “I will need you to take some self-defense training and weapons training, It’s all included in the job package. Todd takes training once a week, you can join him if you want or I can arrange personnel training at your convenience.”

“I am free most every night so I can join Todd in the training, save you a dime and it gives me a chance to see how I am progressing.”

Gail laughed and said, “Just keep your pants on during training.”

They all laughed and that was settled.

Gail then gave Mike a folder with her full proposal in it. She asked him to look it over, make notes and return it back to her when he was finished.

They had a few more drinks, then Gail suggested they go to her hotel suite, lose their clothing and have a bedroom celebration. No one objected and clothes flew everywhere once they entered the suite..

Todd and Mike shared Gail respectfully to ensure she would be in total orgasmic bliss. Gail did as much as she could, when she could to return the favors when Mike and Todd pleasured each other. It was a good thing no one had to work the next day as they finished up around 3 am.

After a week went by Mike went over to see Gail about the offer. He told her the pay was too much so they negotiated a price Mike thought was more than fair.

He did like the bonus vacations, all paid, twice a year accompanying Todd and Gail on fact finding missions. Of course, using the helicopter was really cool.

He also liked that he could use the master bedroom with them on long nights working and have his own private room in the reception cabin upstairs. He learned it had 2 huge full suites complete with full baths and a mini kitchen. They were not being used by anyone. It had screened balconies overlooking the estate on one side and one overlooking the swamps on the other.

He looked over the event calendar and was told he could show up at any event he wanted since he would be employed by Harlow Manor. They had years already booked up.

Gail looked at Mike, then at Todd and said, “Before you say yes, there is one more thing you need to know.”

“I searched for four months for a person to help serve as a Hostess and to be there in case I can’t be. It has not been easy to find someone you can fully trust and has a background check that is like yours.”

“Your meeting with Carol did not happen by accident. I arranged for her and you to meet without either of you knowing.”

“She responded to an add I placed on a site for exclusive jobs in the underground adult entertainment business and she met the qualifications I was looking for. It was just a matter of can she pass the security checks and do I feel comfortable around her.”

“I got down to two candidates and took them with me on some business trips that involved sexual encounters and meetings with potential clients. Carol definitely had the better qualifications and I wanted to make love to her on more than one occasion.”

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