Anonymous’ Favourite Fetish

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Big Tits

His name was Anonymous, Ano for short. He stood at roughly five feet tall and five feet around. Acne scars marred his skin and pus filled pimples threatened to erupt at any time. On this early evening he sat in resounding darkness with his computer on and his pants off. The blinds were closed to block out the joyous sunset outside and his oversized headphones shut out the echoes of birds chirping and couples laughing together. In the darkness, he squinted at his computer, only looking away to take careful bites of his half thawed pizza bagels.

The microwave had broken months before and his mother had asked him to go to the store to buy a new one. Time and again he would go shopping, flirt with the saleswoman, be politely turned down, then proceed to call her any number of derogatory names and storm out the door. Eventually he was not welcome in any of the local hardware stores and his bulbous face was plastered on the walls with a red X through it or a “Do not welcome” label.

He didn’t care. He would conquer them all anyway with his superior intellect and knowledge of kung fu.

So there he sat at his computer doing his favorite activity. Masturbating. His gnarled and chubby fist was wrapped around his stub of a penis. He had been without consistent human interaction for so long that porn had become his way of connection. Night after night he would cower behind his closed shades with his underwear off and his computer on.

As the years dragged on and his skin became more and more translucent, Ano’s pornographic needs started changing. His original viewing habits were not altogether uncommon: facial cumshots and submissive women is where it all began. After a few years, he began enjoying a rougher domination style of pornography. He watched BDSM, in which large sexy hunk controlled the pain and pleasure of the women around them.

Ano delighted in inserting himself into this porn as he stroked his cock. In time he was stroking three, bingöl escort four, even five times a day and his penis could hardly keep up with the increased workload. It shied away and tried to stay soft, but he beat it into submission like the dommes beat their submissives.

One night, while doing extensive research on how to become a dominant male in porn, he learned that the male must be in shape, have a commanding voice, and also have a good rapport with the female actresses. That night he turned off the computer and, in the darkness of his room did pushups to prepare for his future as a domme.

Well, pushup. There was no need for the plural because after one attempt at a pushup, Ano collapsed into a heap on his stuffy, crumb littered carpet and said, “that ought to do for one day,” before falling asleep in the darkness.

After months of being on the precipice of a new workout routine, Ano realized that he was far too smart to be a professional domme and getting into shape was a waste of time. “Most of them are just dumb jocks anyway,” he concluded with a flippant smirk, “I know, I’ll become a word domme. A smith of multisyllabic, intellectual affronts that will surely show the world my superior intellect and have men and women flocking to me in no time.”

Ano went to a place where he knew his efforts would be appreciated: .com. He made his name the most striking and honest thing he could think of. It was simply: “Anonymous.” He knew he could write better than even the greatest of writers both on and off of this forum, but why waste his time writing stories so that everyone could benefit? Spending his time writing comments on other stories was much more fun and eventually it was nights like these that Ano enjoyed the most. Nowadays, most nights were like these.

His carpet was cluttered with pizza boxes and cans of energy drinks. Occasionally his legs would tense and a clamor would come from under his desk where bingöl escort bayan his feet had knocked over detritus from the overflowing trashcan. He made a note to ask his mother to clean it out for him in the morning when she got back from her second job. On his screen was the wonderful blue and white font of .com.

He was in the new stories section, refreshing over and over again, hoping to find some fresh, hardworking face to put in its place. Ah! Here was one just now. He read the title, “Huge breasted friend,” and clicked on it hungrily. Without a glance at the body of the story, he scrolled down to the bottom of the page and began typing a comment: “All over but not going anyplace. This story sucked. It would be like thinking a person had huge breasts but then they take off their bra and they were flat as a board. It was all stuffing and no substance. Sorry author.”

He clicked submit with one hand and furiously stroked his dick with another. There his comment sat under his name, Anonymous, for the entire world to laud. Gosh he was so smart. His gut tightened in horniness from seeing his words putting down a helpful citizen who was foolishly trying to better the community.

Back to the page of new stories he went. Ahhh, “The Long-Haul Driver Pt. 01,” Prime picking for his tantalizing fingers. This comment he punched in with one hand while the other picked up the pace between his legs, “What the fuck was this shit about? Long haul driver or faggot working at a store looking for people in braces. Throw in the part where they are practicing on him and you got a pretty big pile of dog doodoo here. You attempted story author but it was a big turd pile. Now clean up your mess like a good little doggy and I won’t punish you.”

He felt an impending orgasm flow up from his abdomen and took his hand away to extend his pleasure. He cracked his knuckles and reread his comment, almost brought to tears by the beauty escort bingöl of his contribution to the community. Next was “Paul’s Premature Performance.” Ano laughed at the premise of this story, he knew that if he ever decided to sleep with someone, he would last exactly as long as he needed to in order to give everyone maximum pleasure. This would be an easy review to write.

“This was dumb. Why would someone go to a doctors appoint with panties on? This made no sense,” he wrote. He put a hand back onto his throbbing cock, then realized this review might actually be considered constructive, can’t have that! So he quickly added, “I can go wipe my ass and there would be more substance on the toilet paper than this story and a better read too.”

Now his hand was working at a feverish pace and he knew the next comment would be his last for the night until his raw penis cooperated again. Without reading past the title of, “Journey of Our FLM Ch. 02,” he scrolled to the bottom of the page. His hand shook over the keyboard as he typed with great flourishes. It was his favorite and most original comment that he had ever written. He clicked preview comment and stared with wonder at the words he had written. Then he clicked submit comment and read his words back to himself, “Kill yourself.”

With that, his abdomen twinged and his cock drooled a thin load of semen onto the carpet below his desk chair. Ano didn’t moan, didn’t even breathe heavily, just continued staring at his review that was both intelligent and undoubtedly helpful to the writer. After his orgasm subsided, Ano looked down at his softening penis and smiled. His penis did not smile back. He loved human interaction like this. He knew in his mind that everyone that read his comments was grateful for his words. They were lucky he even gave them the time of day. Without standing up, he swiveled in his chair to face the rest of his dank room. It smelled of febreeze and body odor.

He removed his headphones and walked over to his bed. Outside he could hear a dog barking and families laughing at the local pool. “Peasants,” he scoffed as he curled up under a threadbare comforter strewn across his cot in the corner, entirely forgetting to finish his bag of softening pizza bagels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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