An Unexpected Christmas Present

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Author’s comment:

Howdy! Here’s the story of a young man, who meets again a childhood friend after years. At first there’s a bit of awkwardness between the two, but then, as they get to know each other a bit better, something develops between them.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Christmas-themed story, and as always I appreciate any kind of feedback!


All the characters of this story are fictional and over 18 years old.


“Ryan, come on, you know he’s got nowhere to go, we have your cousins over already! He was your best friend in middle school, I’m sure you’ll get along well… Please, Ray, do it for me”

“Pffft fine… But you owe me one”

“Aww thanks darling, I knew I could count on you! I’ll let Luke’s father know immediately; oh, he’ll be so relieved…”

“Yeah yeah, whatever; I gotta go now mum, Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas Ryan! I’ll see you soon! I love you!”

“Love you too…”

I put down the phone. Sigh, what a chore; I really don’t feel like hosting an old childhood friend, just because my home is free. And of course, I’ll have to sleep on the couch as well.

I picked up my agenda, wrote “20:00 — Luke’s train” for tomorrow. I can’t fucking believe that the Army gave him the Christmas Holiday’s leave on the 23rd, that’s just ridiculous. Also, apparently his father can’t take a plane back because of the sudden snow; and since my mum has her brother’s family over, their house is obviously full. So here I am, in my new apartment, and having to share it with someone I haven’t seen in more than ten years. Just great.

I finished doing the dishes, then went on the balcony to take a breath of the night. The city — what a view. There was snow everywhere, on the roofs, on the parked cars, on the sidewalks; and the Christmas lights giving the city its colors back. The peace of the countryside was nice, sure, but I’d always been fascinated by the liveliness of the metropolis. That was my jam.

I was going to start my new job right after Christmas holidays; after graduation, I’d started doing training at this software house in the big city, and after a couple months, they said I was in. Finally being able to get away from that small town was a relief, I couldn’t stand the non-existence of night life and the fact that no foreigners ever arrive, so you’re stuck with the few people you know. This was so much better, a whole new world of possibilities was right in front of my eyes — and I didn’t even have the burden of my parents always at home, either! What a great opportunity.

I got back inside, as I was freezing. I closed the blinds, turned off the lights, and started heading to my new bedroom — half of everything was still packed in boxes, so I searched for my bed sheets and made the bed; got the laptop out, ready to play some games, maybe watch some TV series before going to bed.

The next day the house was pretty cold — the ceiling was higher than I was used to, so the rooms felt bigger, but also needed more heating. I wasn’t going to stay at home though, so I figured it would get a bit warmer during the day. I got ready to head out, I wanted to get to know better the area, see which stores were open, walk down the streets. It was something quite new to me, as in my old town there had never been streets or stores I didn’t know.

As I was getting out in the street, I got a message from my mum:

“Don’t forget to buy a small present for Luke! Something to welcome him home! Love you! <3" Ugh… Whatever. I opened the door, to be greeted by a snowy sidewalk, wet streets, cars cruising steadily in both directions, people all suited up going for shopping, walking their dog, kids playing with the dirty snow, screaming and having fun; up above me, the sky was grey, the Christmas lights, hanging from the balconies, decorations everywhere. I loved the Christmas atmosphere, it was upbringing, and now seeing such an exotic yet welcoming environment was just stunning. I started walking down the street, searching for a café to have breakfast, admiring all the details and nuances of the city around me. *** I ended up having lunch downtown, as I hadn’t had time to do the groceries yet, so I figured I’d do them in the afternoon; I bought a case of beer, which I would finally have the chance of having all for myself, a bottle of nice wine for Luke’s arrival, and all of the usual stuff I would need to eat for the week. As I got back home, I stored all of the groceries, got myself a warm and relaxing shower, then made dinner for myself; I knew that in about an hour Luke’s train would get to the station, so I unpacked a couple of nice clothes from the moving boxes, got ready, took the car keys, went downstairs to the garage, then headed out for the train station. As I got there, I thought I’d get on the platform, so I could greet him and walk him to my car. I was about 10 minutes early, so everything was fine. I never liked stations that much, because whenever I was in one it was usually ultrabet yeni giriş an uncomfortable situation: I was either tired, carrying a lot of weight, wasting a lot of time waiting, or all of the above; this time though, I was a bit relieved because I wasn’t the one traveling.

First I heard the train coming, then I saw it emerging from the distant darkness, slowly approaching the platform, then taking even more time to slow down and finally come to a stop. I started seeing a lot of people getting down, young couples, families, old ladies, a man in his forties with a dog… Whoa, there: what a stud! That’s one hell of a unit, right there — light brown hair, a well-defined face, an obviously cared-for body… I wish that was the guys I have to bring home! Sigh, oh well, too bad he isn’t…

After waiting for five minutes, seeing people had stopped getting down the train, I thought maybe I hadn’t seen him, so I started walking back and forth the whole platform, trying to look for Luke. I thought I remembered how he looked like, and that’s what I was looking for; after getting to the middle of the platform again, I started walking back to the station hall, thinking maybe he’d walked inside —

“Hey, ehm… Ryan?” I heard a deep voice behind me; I turned around, and I felt a chill running down my spine, as my eyes widened slightly.

“Luke?!” I muttered, not believing my eyes — it was that handsome boy from before!

“Ryan! It’s been so long! Thank you so much for coming to get me! Merry Christmas!” he said smiling, as his eyes gleamed in happiness.

“You too! Wow Luke, I would have never recognized you! You’ve changed so much man!” I replied, still dumbfounded by the guys standing in front of me. “Well, I’m so happy to see you! Ehm, let’s get to my place, shall we? I’m sure you’re tired from all the traveling you did today” I awkwardly said, as I offered to take his suitcase.

“Thanks Ryan, I’m fine, I can take it myself! Yeah, it’s been a long day, I’ve been on the road since this morning, it was rough…” he said in a tired voice.

I made way towards the car, got his luggage in the trunk, then got inside and started driving back home.

“So how was is in the army? Where have you been?” I asked him.

“Well, I can’t say it was bad, they really treat you pretty good if you ask me. You get used to not having any more comforts than what you need, and you’ve got most of your days planned out anyways, so it’s not bad at all. Plus, you get to travel a lot hahaha! I’ve been overseas, in Europe, as well: Great Britain, France, Italy… Yeah, a lot happened through all these years…” he said with a bit of resentment in his voice.

“Yeah, you know, we’ve missed you in town… My parents were actually really happy that I could host you, we had a good time back in middle school!” I told him.

“Yeah, for sure! I think back sometimes, I get a bit nostalgic, haha… The “good old days”, you know, when we were carefree, the good opportunities we had… And the missed ones as well. Anyways, what is it that you’re doing now? I’ve been told you’ve graduated with great marks!”

“Yeah, I finished my Computer Science degree, and I already got hired by a software house here, in the city! I’ll start after the holidays, and I’m really happy I found this apartment downtown, it feels like I have so many more opportunities in the big city” I replied, as I turned in my street;

“Here it is, that’s the building — mine’s the fifth floor, but I’m sure climbing a bunch of stairs won’t be a problem for you” I said smirking, as he chuckled.

“…yeah, I’m definitely used to that!”


We got inside the apartment; the heating had warmed up the whole place which was wonderful.

“Hey Ryan, do you mind if I take a shower? I haven’t had the chance to the whole day, and I’m feeling really beat…”

“Of course man, for sure! I’ll get you a towel and prepare the bathroom for ya real quick… Sorry if everything’s still boxed and thrown around, but I only moved in the other day, and haven’t had much of a chance to put everything in order” I said, as I rushed to my room to unbox the stuff that I needed.

“Oh don’t worry about that, in the Army you’re almost forced to have all of your stuff always packed and ready to go, so that’s nothing new to me”

After getting the bathroom ready for him, I welcomed him in my room:

“Dude, make yourself at home, you’ll sleep in my bed, I’ll change the sheets as you’re taking a shower” I told him;

“Where are you gonna sleep then?” he asked, with an intrigued look on his face.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch” I replied.

“Man, I can’t take your bed from you! I’ll go on the couch, don’t worry…”

“No Luke, *you* don’t worry! I’ll go on the couch, you’re the guest, I ought to make you feel at home, this is the least I could do!” I said, starting to unpack another pair of sheets.

“Wow thanks Ryan, you really shouldn’t… But I guess you won’t let me choose otherwise…”

“Correct” ultrabet giriş I said grinning.

“Thanks again dude, I really owe you a big one. Alright, I’ll go take my shower” he said, putting down his luggage and taking out some clothes. He got in the bathroom, I heard the water running, as I finished getting the bed ready for him.

After a couple minutes, I heard the water stop, then Luke’s voice calling for me;

“Ryan, sorry, I forgot my toilet bag in my luggage, could you please hand it to me?”

“For sure! Gimme a second, I’ll search for it”

“Thanks!” he said, as I searched through his luggage for the toilet kit.

I grabbed it, walked towards the bathroom and knocked:

“Come in!” he said, as I opened the door, handing the bag over to — holy shit!

“Oh crap, sorry, I shouldn’t have err… Sorry, here’s your toilet bag” I awkwardly said, facing away.

“Oh sorry about that, I’m used to being naked when I’m around in the showers… I didn’t think that would be a problem, that was my bad!” he said, taking the toilet bag.

“Oh no worries, I just… Didn’t expect you to be, you know…”

“Yeah, sorry about that…” he said, as I closed the door, still slightly shook. I just caught a full frontal on Luke, and what a sight!

I guess I should’ve expected that Luke, who’d always been a lot into school sports, and now had been in the army for five years, would be toned, but that was still surprising: you could see how well-defined the abs were, his pecs were bulky, his legs muscular and sturdy; he didn’t have much hair, just a little bit on his torso, and a thin treasure trail, leading to his soft, thick cock. It hanged below his balls, crowned by his trimmed, golden-colored pubes — and it was huge, at least compared to mine. I wouldn’t consider my dick small at all, I always thought it was average, but man, that was a well-endowed dude if I’ve ever seen one. I hadn’t ever even had experiences with other men: again, in a small town, I’d always felt very much “watched” by everyone; every rumor becomes gossip on everyone’s mouth in a matter of no time. Though, from what I had the chance of seeing in the locker rooms at school, I could confirm I was pretty much average.

I was stunned, I stayed probably for five minutes outside the bathroom door just processing what I’d just seen. As I heard the door opening, I snapped back to reality, and quickly went into my room to take all of the stuff I was going to need for the night; Luke walked out of the bathroom lightheartedly, wearing a cotton tank-top, towel around his arm, a pair of very obviously military-issued pants, and walked towards me to ask me where to put the towel;

“Oh don’t worry, hand it to me, I’ll hang it in front of the radiator” I said, as I grabbed it and started heading towards the kitchen.

“You know, I’m just gonna ask one last time: could I sleep on the couch? I just feel bad getting that whole bed just for myself, since this is your own apartment…” he said with innocence in his voice.

“Nah-huh, no way. Luke, you’re my guest for the Christmas holidays, and I really want you to feel like home — I know your father would love to be with you right now, but he’s stuck because of the snow, and I want this time you’re going to spend with me to be as nice as possible. Now, go get comfy in your room, you’ve had a rough day, I’m sure you’ll need a nice sleep” I told him, as he grinned from ear to ear;

“Thank you so much Ryan, you don’t even know how much this means for me… Thank you, really.” He said, as I nodded smiling. I resumed getting the couch ready, as he headed towards his room.

I saw the light turn off, I grabbed my laptop, lied down on the couch, pulled the sheets above my head, as a thought flashed through my mind: I forgot the alarm clock on my night stand! Crap, I’ve got to retrieve it and bring it over here; dammit…

I stood up, put down the laptop, walked towards my room, pushed the door open, as it was only ajar, and entered the room. I slowly and quietly tiptoed beside the bed, where Luke was lying, grabbed the alarm clock, then quickly walked back out of the room. Right before exiting, I turned back, and watched him sleep; he was facing upwards, his arm over his chest, slowly breathing up and down — the sheets were all on the side, which was quite ridiculous, as it was the middle of winter, but somehow, maybe thanks to the heating, he could sleep half naked without the sheets on…

Then I couldn’t hold myself from staring at his crotch: you could tell it was bulging because it was hiding something big, and I had to admit, it fit him perfectly. His body looked so gorgeous, it was a sculptor’s masterpiece, truly a work of art. Too bad it was off-limits.

I closed the door, walked back to my couch. I took the laptop, put myself back under the sheets, and thought about Luke, what I remembered of him, from back in middle school. We were really good friends, we sticked together a lot, and back then I think I was somewhat platonically in love ultrabet güvenilirmi with him; though, from high school on, we chose different paths, and slowly but surely we parted ways. He then took on army school out of town, and since then he was gone. To get these nostalgic thoughts out of my mind, I then watched some YouTube before closing the lid and drifting asleep.


The next morning I woke up at nine, washed my face, started making breakfast with some bacon, pancakes and maple syrup; gosh, I loved that stuff. As I was making the pancakes, I heard the door to my (now Luke’s) room open, walked around the kitchen’s corner and greeted Luke:

“Good morning Luke! How’d you sleep?”

“Hey Ryan, good morning! I slept wonderfully; this house is so warm at night” he replied.

“Yeah, it’s real nice — I’m making pancakes and bacon, want some?” I asked him.

“Oh man, that’d be great! Thanks a lot!”

“No problem dude” I said, as I got the plates ready and full of food.

We ate breakfast together, talking a bit of what we’d missed being apart from each other, what’d happened in each other’s life.

“Hey Ryan, do you know of any park here ’round your house?” he asked as we finished breakfast.

“Mhhh well, I think there should be one about one or two blocks away, the opposite side to the train station, if I’m not mistaken. I saw it as I moved here, the other day” I replied.

“Great thanks! I’m used to going for a run every morning, so I thought I’d keep exercising” he said.

“Yeah, I think running would be a great idea to get all warmed up, it’s gonna be pretty chilly outside!”

“Exactly! — Hey, uhm, wanna come have a run with me? Maybe we can keep chatting some, see how’s the city” he asked tentatively.

“Uh — for sure! I’m completely out of shape, and the cold probably won’t help, but if you can go a bit slowly, I’d gladly join you!” I said, smiling.

“Great! Starting the day off with a morning run’s the best, lemme tell ya!” he winked, grinning.

We got dressed more lightly than we usually would, as we knew we’d get sweaty and warmed up. We got out of the building, and started jogging towards where I remembered the park being located. It was hard in the beginning because of the crippling cold breeze, but we quickly warmed up and started pacing more quickly. It was nice getting to share the “new” city life with Luke, as he too had come from the same small town as I had. The Christmas atmosphere made the city that much more welcoming, and I was actually seeing new streets and buildings I hadn’t seen before.

We got to the park, I was almost exhausted, but Luke seemed like he hadn’t even started exercising.

“Hey Luke — could we — slow down a bit?” I said, breathing out clouds of vapor.

“Haha sure Ryan, you’ve actually ran for quite a bit there, I thought you said you were out of shape” he said, trying to reassure me of my performance.

“Ha, nice try there — but as you can see — I’m very much out of shape — jeez… Well, I guess I’ll take a small break — you go run around the park, I’ll catch up with you later — alright?”

“Sounds good mate!” he said, before sprinting like I didn’t even know he could. Fuck, he was so much more trained than I was. Well, I guess I’ll keep practicing with him in the mornings, at least during the holidays, that’ll surely be healthy for me.

And just like that, in a matter of three minutes, he was reappearing from the other side of the park, as I was sitting on a frozen bench near the entrance.

“Hey Ryan! You’ve gotta come with me and see this! There’s a lake with ducks and water lilies on the other side!” He said as he ran towards me, slowing down to a stop.

“Wow, really? Alright, show me” I said, standing up and starting to jog with him.

We ran around the park, he showed me the lake, which was pretty cool, there were kids playing around it as well, scaring the ducks off, playing with the snow. We finished one lap around the park, and I was exhausted once again, so we decided that was going to be it for the day; after I let him know I’d gladly join him on the following days as well, he also gave me some advice on how to improve my resistance on longer runs, which was really interesting.

The whole time we were running, whenever he looked away to stare at the scenery, I couldn’t help but check out his package; either he’d willingly chosen a pair of sports pants that clearly showed his cock, or it was just all in my mind, but it was just a beauty to see it jumping around as he was running. I kept staring, and its image got stuck in my mind — it definitely was a good way not to focus too much on the exhaustion.

We got back home, quite sweaty and definitely feeling hot. We got back up to the apartment, him flying up the stairs, me slowly trailing behind. We got inside, changed our clothes, then started preparing for lunch. It was Christmas Eve, so there wasn’t much to do outside other than going around the city, so we had a very nice lunch together, and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at home, by ourselves. We talked a lot, played some video games, drank beer, watched some Netflix. Evening arrived in a breeze, the sunset alerting us of the incoming darkness of the night, but we felt really cozy inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32