Accidental Mother and Son Ch. 02

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This is Chapter 02 of this series. While chapter one does not contain any character description, it does cite events pertinent to set the stage for what is happening here. I recommend reading chapter one before proceeding. In this chapter, consent is a theme; specifically lack of consent. Again, this is simply a story with already taboo themes and another is introduced.


Chapter 2: Kathy was Mom

March 26, 2014

I had intended to regale my diary of the follow-on events that took place after my initial entry but things have changed. It’s 12:30 AM and today did not go how I planned.

The latest “event” was last night… or rather the night before. Today is the 26th, so it was the late evening of the 24th. He came home drunk again, this time his friend bringing him home and putting him in bed. It was a little earlier than normal, but he was clearly blackout drunk again. He had gone to work then texted me that he was going to a party directly after, so I knew what his condition would be when he got home. Thinking about events that have transpired prior to today, I decided to prepare myself.

Since I was Kathy most of the time, I tried to emulate what younger girls do these days. I ran a hot bath with a bath bomb and soaked for a while. I went through the other nights in my head as I took in the scents. I felt a flush in my face and heat rising in my core, despite the elevated temperature of the water. I felt like a monster being turned on by the events that transpired but I can’t seem to turn that switch off at this point. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own. Tweaking one nipple, then the other before slowly gliding down my body. My thoughts came to a screeching halt when I realized that I should probably shave down there before he comes home.

I got out of the tub and sat on the side, inspecting myself. I never was much for the full shave but once upon a time I did keep a runway active. I recall laughing at my own joke while simultaneously pondering the preposterous situation I found myself in. I’m going to shave my pussy… for my son… who I expect will have his dick inside me again. AGAIN. I’m not even sure why I’m going this far considering I still have not let him see any of my lady bits and have no intention of doing so. I did it, though. By the time I was in my robe, my legs, pussy and arm pits were shaved, and I had a nice lavender scent about me. I was ready for casino siteleri him to fuck me.

When his friend dropped him off, he chatted with me a little before he left. I was able to glean from the conversation that it was a party at a local strip club that was known to have a party room that doubled as the VIP room or champagne room as they would call it. Turns out my son did not get lucky with any of the girls, but a few of his friends did. I wonder if he intended to and just got too drunk or if he was intentionally saving his energy for Kathy.

His friend left rather unceremoniously, and I went to check on Mark. His friend had taken off his shoes and belt but that was about it. I thought for a while about whether or not I should help him get a little more comfortable so he could sleep better. Initially, I thought there would be no purpose but then again, maybe he will sleep better if I do. There may have been some other thoughts in my head subconsciously telling me to do it. I entered his room and removed his shirt first. It’s not easy removing clothing from someone who is absolutely not helping in any way.

I then unbuttoned his pants and began to pull them down. I had not done this in years since his father was almost always ready to go when the mood was right so me helping to remove clothing felt new. I had also forgotten that when pants come down, boxers tend to follow. It was hard to prevent that from happening, so I simply gave up trying. What WAS hard was this boy’s cock. Does he take Viagra before passing out? It stood straight up, pointing at my face which had precariously stationary over that part of his body. The devil in me marveled at the shape, the color, and the size and I swear my mouth started watering. Was it the person who was turning me on, or the fact that a naughty switch had been turned on inside me and it didn’t matter who the dick was attached to.

Before I could make the conscious decision to open my mouth and lower it over his cock, he apparently woke up and placed a hand on top of my head.

“Go ahead, baby… I won’t tell your manager.” He whispered clearly with mostly closed eyes.

Great. Apparently, I was a stripper now. How was this going to work in my favor? I was not going to be taking off my robe for him. Does that make me selfish? I have had his dick inside me a few times now, but he has yet to remember. I’ve never had it in my mouth, though. slot oyna He was probably not coherent enough to tell me if he is going to cum or not. I didn’t want his cum in my mouth.

I recall thinking “I doubt he will cum if I do it just for a little while.” With that thought, my tongue traveled the length of his rod from balls to head before slowly guiding him into my mouth.

Slowly I took him in and out of my mouth, ensuring not to use my hand as I did. I’m no amateur cocksucker. I know how to make a man cum and most will not if you’re simply bobbing your head up and down. At this point, I straddled him below his crotch with a hand planted on either side. He gathered up my hair and held me still while he fucked my mouth. I started wondering if he was able to tell me if he was going to cum. A part of me wanted to straddle him and ride this horse back to the stable but another wanted to just get the cum out of him and let him sleep.

Wow… having written that part, I do wonder why the part ‘where I shouldn’t be sucking my son’s dick’ was. Too late for that, I suppose. Anyway.

“Are you going to cum for be, baby?” I asked staring at his cock still.

“That depends, did my friends pay you enough to fuck me?” He uttered.

This was the chance I had to change directions, but the question remained the same. Was he going to be able to tell me if he was going to cum? I didn’t want him cumming in my mouth, nor did I want him inside me again. Last time he did that, I got a sideways look from the cashier at the pharmacy when I went to buy Plan B. I explained that my daughter was not able to come down that morning, laughing that I could only wish I was young enough for this to be something I would have a purpose for. We both laughed at that and I was relieved that the density of that situation lessened.

I paused after retrieving my receipt and thought “If only she knew what her brother and I were up to.” Back to the story…

I had an idea. I looked at him to see if his eyes were still closed and sure enough, they were.

“They sure did darling, hang on.” I said jubilantly, attempting to mimic the silly voices strippers tend to use to entice their clientele.

I changed my position a little so that I was nearly sitting on his cock but still far enough down that I could reach down and suck him some more. I did exactly that before covering the scene with my robe.

“I canlı casino siteleri have to hide this in case my manager or an undercover officer walks in. They can’t catch me fucking you. I’d lose my job or go to jail!” I said, which the latter hit me a little harder than I expected, even though we are grown adults.

I grabbed the base of his cock with my hand, shifted a little closer so my clit was now up against the other side of the same hand and began to pump his cock up and down. I felt like a certified genius at that moment; being able to get us both off. I also managed to gyrate my hips a little while doing this to simulate me having sex with him. He didn’t seem to know the difference, even with his hands resting on my robe covered hips.

“Take your tits out, baby.” He groggily said, still eyes closed. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer, so I ignored the request.

A few more gyrations and I suddenly felt the warm flow of cum sliding over my hand while he grunted loudly. I’m not sure why I didn’t feel his cock slightly swell before this, but it was likely because I was about to cum myself, so my focus was not on him so much.

“Ohhhhh!” He announced while breathing heavily.

“Oh yes, baby. Give it all to me.” I whispered still pumping his cock. Before I knew it, he was passed out again. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to cum again, but also relieved that it didn’t go too far. Now I had to clean up.

I took all the cum that was on my hand and wiped it on the inside of my robe. I would be wearing it the following morning, so I didn’t want the evidence on the outside. The thought of his dried cum against my skin, though, left me tingling on the inside. The rest of the cum I left where it was. This, I later learned, would be what I consider to be the sign, to him, that something was amiss.

I brought his boxers up where they should be and covered him with a blanket. Turning the light off on my way out, I stopped and looked at him again.

“I need to tell him what’s been going on.” I thought to myself, then walked out.

I didn’t know then that the hour of reckoning was only a half day away.

So, that brings me to yesterday morning, the 25th. Before I tell you that story, however, I need to cum… BAD! Telling this story lit a fire in me that I don’t feel like letting die. My robe has been off me since about midway through my tale. My nipples are hard, my pussy is drenched, and I’m going to fuck myself with my vibe and likely fall asleep after so I will continue this tomorrow. As a teaser, Mark now knows he’s been fucking me…

…not Kathy.

…not a stripper.


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