A Friend in Need is a Fuck Indeed Ch. 04

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Prologue: In return for Michael cross-dressing as a teen slut at the Prof’s orgy

(Chapter 03), Amelia has agreed to go to a glory hole with Michael.

I had arranged to meet Amelia the following Tuesday in the university refectory. I was a little early and she didn’t notice me as I entered the hall. She was looking gorgeous, sat at a far table with a window behind her. Sometimes when she moved her head the flickering sunlight seemed to be dancing in her blond hair.

Amelia was playing a game on her phone and when she leaned forward in excitement her small breasts almost burst out of her V necked jumper. She seemed oblivious to this, focusing hard on the screen in her hands. Now and again her eyes would widen and her face would break into a smile. The whole picture was one of innocence at play.

My goodness she was beautiful. Amelia was a classic blond beauty with high cheekbones and bright blue eyes, but she was the sort of girl who seemed unaware of her beauty. In fact, to those who didn’t share her sexual life, Amelia appeared rather distant, posh, and prim. A typical academic researching English Literature and attending evening pottery classes. Always wearing jumpers which were too long for her, with sleeves that stretched out reaching for her fingertips.

But, when she was naked with my cock buried deep inside her she was transformed into a sexual Circe, an enchantress of the sensual arts. There was nothing sexual that Amelia wouldn’t do, no sex act that she wasn’t keen to try and no limit to her creativity in the pursuit of new ways of achieving orgasm. That innocent mouth had sucked my cock a hundred times, and between her legs was a pussy that had been filled too many times to number.

I was fond of Amelia, in fact I wondered if I was getting too fond of her. We were both in long term relationships with dull partners, but she seemed determined to pursue her relationship into marriage whereas mine was simply a habit. She was going to marry her boyfriend Simon, and then live the life of the devoted wife.

She had made it clear that her interest in me was only sexual. We were to be fellow explorers of the sensual jungle. I had been chosen to accompany her on her exploration and in that I had been more than willing. The journey certainly wasn’t over, in fact we were about to embark on a new and exciting adventure.

Amelia suddenly looked up and our eyes met across the room. She smiled in that charming way she had and gestured for me to come over. As I crossed the hall the light seemed to be giving her a halo. I sat down opposite her. Amelia spoke first.

“I’m surprised you can sit down with all the cock you had the other night.”

I looked nervously about, worried that someone might hear those crisp, toned words. For a moment I felt unusually nervous, but before I could compose an answer she continued.

“Sophie said the Prof’s friend had a big one.”

“And she should know,” I replied.

I went to continue but Amelia raised a finger to her lips.

“Shush, save it until we are in bed; then you can tell me everything.”

She fiddled with her phone, turning it off and placing it before her on the table.

“So, Michael what’s the plan?”

“We’ll do it tomorrow lunchtime. I’ll come round to your place in the morning and off we’ll go.”

“And you know where we are going and all that sort of thing.”

“Of course.”

” I’ll look forward to it.”

“I think it will be more than an ‘it’. “

Amelia smiled and leaned back in her chair, as she did so she extended her foot under the table. She had slipped off one of her sandals and her bare foot pushed into my crotch. I jerked slightly in surprise, then leaned forward and pushed against it.

She had that look, the one that I had seen so often, the one that meant sexual mischief.

“Naughty boy, you’re getting hard.” She rotated her foot slightly and my cock was certainly responding.

Suddenly she pulled her foot back and sat up.

” Anyway. I have to go, I’m taking Clemmie to the cinema.”

She grabbed her bag, put the phone in it and stood up. Her skirt seemed no wider than a belt and her long jumper almost hid what was showing. Her slim legs looked bronze and inviting. She saw me looking and smiled.

“I’ll isveçbahis see you tomorrow.”

I got up and kissed her offered cheek.

“Sophie said you were a real teenage bitch,” and with that she was gone.

I arrived at Amelia’s about twelve. After a couple of rings, she opened the door. She had prepared herself for the day’s adventure.

Amelia wore a beanie hat pulled down over her forehead with some tufts of blond hair sticking out around the sides. She had on a baggy jumper which hung down smock like almost to her knees, and her jeans were so tight that they looked as though they had been sprayed on with paint which hadn’t yet dried.

“You look like Peter Pan,” I said.

Her mouth dropped a little. “Well, you said to look as male as possible.”

I smiled. “You look perfect. Come on it’s nearly lunchtime. That will be the busiest time.”

I headed down the street setting the pace, Amelia followed almost skipping along.

We stopped on the corner so we had a clear view of the toilet bloc which was near the entrance to the park. I turned to Amelia whose eyes seemed fixated on our destination across the road. She was breathing deeply, almost panting. I gently took her arm to get her attention.

“Now what we do is just walk over there as naturally as possible, go through the entrance and into the cubicle with the hole.”

She just kept staring across the road, her lips moved but nothing came out.

I let go her arm. “Look, just follow me.”

Over we went and in a few moments we were in the cubicle with the door safely locked.

Amelia pulled her hat off and shook her blond hair.

“Ugh Michael, this place is disgusting.”

I ignored this obvious comment.

” In a minute someone is going to go into the next cubicle and stick their cock through that hole, you need to be ready to suck him off.”

“I’m not kneeling on that floor.” Amelia tossed her head back in a flutter of blond hair.

” You don’t have to. If you sit on the seat you will be level with the hole.”

“I’m not sitting on that filthy seat.”

“Look it’s part of the deal, you keep your side of the bargain.”

She gingerly sat down on the lid of the toilet which made her head roughly level with the hole.

“What do we do now?”

” We wait.”

I looked at my watch, it was half-passed twelve, coming up to the lunch hour. Just enough time for some busy office worker to come out and enjoy a quick blow job.

We didn’t have to wait long. I heard footsteps and the door of the next cubicle opened and then shut. Amelia looked up at me as though she had seen a ghost. I put my finger to my lips to encourage her silence. We both stared at the hole. Nothing happened.

I softly spoke. “Put it through.”

Still nothing happened.

I repeated myself, but a little louder. “Put it through.”

Still nothing happened but I could hear a furtive, repetitive rustling sound coming from the next cubicle. I leaned over Amelia and squinted through the hole. I could just about make out part of a hand moving vigorously up and down a stiff cock. Whoever it was, was masturbating, and masturbating hard; excited by the idea of the glory hole but unwilling to put his cock through. It was all over very quickly. I couldn’t see him cum but his body jerked a couple of times and then he sat still. Then it was a quick wipe, trousers up and off.

“What happened?” Amelia sounded weak, almost scared.

“Just some guy wanking.”

“Oh.” Amelia’s reaction was as though I had just commented on the weather.

Then the door of the next cubicle opened again and quickly closed.

Amelia threw a glance at me as though she had just seen me naked for the first time.

After a moment there was the clink of a belt buckle and some rustling noises, then someone breathed heavily in the next cubicle. A moment later a medium sized cock slid through the hole.

Amelia’s mouth dropped open as she gazed at the pulsating erection. She seemed stunned so I gently tapped her shoulder. She didn’t need any further encouragement, she slurped it up and started sucking. One of her hands held the shaft as her head bobbed up and down. Amelia was always a perfect sucker of cocks. She knew how to tease with her tongue and isveçbahis giriş suck deep. She would play and tickle the balls at the same time as her mouth moved up and down. Amelia was always a sexual perfectionist; she didn’t simply put her lips around the knob head and wank the shaft. As I watched, my own cock started to grow hard; but I ignored it as we had a job literally in hand. I could hear sounds outside the door, others were coming in.

Amelia was taking too long. I tried to attract her attention but I couldn’t, she was intent on doing what she always did, give the perfect blowjob. Fortunately, nature quickly took its course. I could see Amelia’s head move back slightly and the cock slid out of her mouth, and back through the hole.

Amelia gulped a couple of times, she always swallowed cum, and then whispered “How did I do?”

“Great, but you need to do it faster. I can hear people out there waiting. Wank the shaft, make them cum as quickly as possible.”

Before she could reply another cock appeared through the hole. This one was larger but Amelia had the knob head in her mouth in no time, I could see it bulging against her cheek. This time she wanked the shaft hard. A few seconds later she started to jerk her head as the cock twitched and trembled so much that it was all Amelia could do to keep it in her mouth, but she didn’t let go until she had swallowed the last drop of cum.

“My goodness that was quite a load,” Amelia softly said as a dribble of cum dropped from her chin.

In an hour Amelia must have emptied at least ten cocks, but I couldn’t keep an accurate count of the number. Towards a quarter to two there were fewer cocks and we started to think about leaving, Amelia had kept her side of the bargain. I suggested we should go back to my place. It was clear that sucking so many cocks without getting anything in return had excited her needs too.

She had just pulled her hat on when there was a noise in the next cubicle and a smallish cock poked through the hole. Almost absent mindedly she bent forward towards it, opening her mouth to accept the knob head. But in an instant she threw her head back and almost fell off the toilet seat, she started spluttering some words which I couldn’t make any sense of.

“What is it?” I felt shocked too, it was as if the cock had snakelike bitten her.

Falteringly she replied “It’s Simon’s. It’s Simon’s cock.”

“What?” I was incredulous. “How do you know?”

The cock, oblivious to all this stood erect, rock hard waiting for attention.

“It’s scarred. I recognise the scar, he caught it in his zip once. I’d know it anywhere.”

Simon, Amelia’s dull boyfriend who was meant have returned to London yesterday, was here in the next cubicle waiting to be sucked off.

“Go on.” I pointed at the cock, which seemed about to burst. “Go on.” Amelia, however seemed frozen to the spot.

It was no good, she was totally inert. I shifted towards the hole and took the cock into my mouth. It wasn’t very big and I easily encircled it with my lips. As I sucked I used my tongue on the sensitive spot under the knob head. In no time his throbbing cock began to tremble, he was ready to cum. I kept sucking while wanking the shaft and given the small size of his cock I was surprised by the amount of cum he shot down my throat. I was almost gasping when his cock slid out and withdrew through the hole.

Amelia’s eyes were wide open and she looked as though she was in shock. I was about to give her a hug when a somewhat crisp and rather posh voice spoke through the hole.

“Stick yours through.”

I looked at Amelia, who simply nodded her head.

In an instant I unbuckled my belt, dropped my jeans and exposed my cock. I’d had a hard on since Amelia began sucking her first cock and my own seemed to have grown another inch. I carefully eased it through the hole where it was grabbed by a rather soft hand and steered it into a hot, moist mouth.

This obviously wasn’t the first cock that Simon had sucked. His tongue work was exquisite and he knew all the sensitive spots which he expertly teased. He soon established a rhythmical suction that began to stir the sperm in my balls. By the time his fingers began to rub the shaft, my cock was ready to explode. Which it isveçbahis yeni giriş did, flooding his mouth with a torrent of sperm while he sucked on until I was empty. Only then did he release my cock and I withdrew it through the glory hole.

I heard someone say “Wow!” and I think it was me.

Panting and trembling, I looked round at Amelia. She was looking strange and vacant. Another cock had emerged through the hole but I ignored it.

“You all right?” An odd question I know. Seeing your fiancé’s cock coming through a glory hole in a gay haunted public loo, when up until then you thought him to be a sexually conservative straight guy, had to be a mega shock; particularly as your intimate friend had then sucked him off.

Amelia still looked as though she was in another place, she moved her lips but no sound came out.

I was getting worried; I’d never seen her like this before.

Her lips moved again and this time she spoke.

“That was Simon’s cock.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“That was Simon’s cock,” she repeated.

I still didn’t know what to say.

I had to get her out of there. I grabbed her arm and with a “Come on” I half pulled her from the cubicle, startling a late arrival in the process. We stumbled down the street like a couple of drunks, and it wasn’t until we were entering the street where she lived that I stopped and asked her again.

“Are you all right?”

Her expression, still zombie like, was all the answer I received, although a few seconds later she murmured again. “That was Simon’s cock.”

With my arm around her I guided Amelia up the steps to her front door, which I unlocked with a key she had given me weeks ago. We went through the hallway and into her apartment. I settled her down onto the sofa and went to make a cup of tea.

When I returned she hadn’t moved. She looked like a rag doll discarded by a giant. I tried to revive her by shaking her gently and whispering in her ear but got no response. I left her a little longer, but when she still didn’t revive I thought I’d better get her into the bedroom and put her to bed. I shook her again, she murmured something but made no effort to get up so I reached under her and lifted her up. She was no weight at all and I easily carried her into her bedroom and laid her on the bed. Amelia still had her coat and shoes on so in a moment I removed them, followed by her jeans and top – and then her underwear.

Laying naked on the bed she looked as beautiful as ever. Small perky breasts , long legs and a shaven pussy. Her pussy was so perfect I just couldn’t resist it. I leaned over and reached between her thighs. At first nothing happened, then her legs parted slightly and I began to gently massage her clitoris. After a few strokes I sensed some movement and Amelia shifted to make herself more comfortable. With one hand I continued to rub her, with the other I awkwardly undid my belt and pulled out my cock. It was already thickening as I shuffled down between her legs. I held my cock firmly and took aim at her cunt. Leaning forward I lunged and slid it up a surprisingly wet vagina.

Then I was off – in out, in out, in out – I pounded for all I was worth. After a few minutes of intense fucking, she reached up and grabbed my buttocks, pulling me down harder as I thrust forward and deep. She began to grunt in time with my thrusts until the grunts merged into one long murmur, which then became a whine. She was coming. She grabbed me even harder and I thrust on.

I felt sperm churning in my balls, I was ready to cum, but I didn’t want to finish it yet. I flipped Amelia over and raised her buttocks, then I slipped my cock deep into her arse. As it slid into her Amelia let out a long “Ooooooh.” Then I was off again – in out, in out, in out. I gave it everything I had. I could hear Amelia panting in time with my thrusts.

I concentrated on one final burst of fucking, a sprint to ejaculation. Just as I was about to shoot she went limp as her own orgasm washed over her. I quickly withdrew my cock and sprayed cum all over her face. This had the right effect; she was fully revived.

“Michael, you pig. Some of that went in my eye.”

I wiped my cock. Amelia wiped her eyes. I was about to speak but she cut me short.

“You don’t need to say anything. I’ll get to the bottom of this. See you tomorrow.” With that she turned on her side and closed her eyes.

In a moment I was out in the street and on my way home. What a curious day. What did Amelia intend to do?

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