A Cousin’s Apartment Ch. 03

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Being woken up by someone stroking my cock is incredible. Waking up and realizing it is my Aunt’s hand going up and down me while her head is buried in my cousin’s hairy pussy who is laying next to me naked on the bed, is beyond anything what one might imagine. I can’t believe this is really happening; the three of us had just slept wonderfully naked together and now my sexy aunt was pleasuring us together at the same time and waking us up from our slumber in the process. God, this really was a fantasy come true.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as my Aunt’s elegant long fingered hand grasped and stroked my hard cock up and down.

“Good morning hun,” she said with a smile as she looked up at me down from Darcy’s pussy.

Moving her other hand to Darcy, my Aunt lifted herself up and slid herself up the bed in between my self and my cousin. Her gorgeous freckled, lightly sagging breasts hung low over my body as she moved her body upward. They’re mesmerizing and incredible, with her nipples hard as can be. As they got over my chest, she let them go down a little farther, having the nipples softly and playfully graze over my chest, sending tingles up my body.

As her face hovered above mine, she pushed her luscious breasts against my chest and brought her lips down to give me a long warm kiss, moving a hand to rest on my chest. Her other hand she moved to my cousin beside me, using her soft fingers to gently massage Darcy’s breasts whose nipples were already hard as a rock even though she was just waking up.

Breaking the kiss momentarily my Aunt whispered in my ear, “You’ve got to fuck me soon. My pussy can’t take not having you inside it much longer right now.”

Smiling back at her as she looked back into my eyes, I kissed her again, this time a bit stronger. As I did so she pushed her hips and hairy pussy into my hard cock, smashing it between our two bodies.

“I heard that, mom,” Darcy moaned a little bit groggily, turning her head to face us. “I can’t be left out this time.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Aunt Kathie said leaning her head over and giving my cousin, her daughter a nice sweet long kiss on her lips. “You won’t be. I want to eat your soft wonderful pussy as Max fills me with his hard thick cock.”

“Mmmm, yes I want you to mom,” Darcy said softly and she instinctively moved her hand down between her legs.

“Nope not yet honey,” Kathie said stopping Darcy’s hand at about mid-stomach.

With that, my Aunt got up and pulled us up with her off the bed. She plopped back down on her back, horizontally across the bed with her butt on the edge of it and legs going down to the floor.

Moving between her legs I pulled her legs up, spread them apart and held them under her knees. Getting a full view of her gorgeous hairy mature pussy that was already wet. She really does have quite a bit of hair, but it looks so good on her wonderful 55 year old body. It’s done nothing but turn me on more, as my hard thick cock is sticking out right at her, the tip of the head of it just barely resting on the hairy slit of her wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm, yes Max that’s what I want,” my Aunt moaned pushing her hips toward me attempting to push herself on to me. “Darcy, come get on the bed and sit your great pussy down on my face with your back facing Max.”

As Darcy climbed onto the bed, I slowly pushed the head of my hard cock into my Aunt as she gasped lightly. Pushing a little bit more I got about half of it in as I gently and slowly started to push that half of my cock in and out of her.

Darcy kneeled widely over her mom’s face and slowly began to lower her wet hairy pussy toward her face.

“Oh honey, a little bit lower,” Aunt Kathie moaned as she was pushing her hips into my hard thick cock and Darcy pushed her pussy against her face.

“Mmmm, oh yes…yes,” Darcy moaned as her mom’s tongue reached her pussy and began lapping at it. “Oh please…please mommy fuck me with your tongue.”

Aunt Kathie was going to town on Darcy’s pussy as she grinded it onto her face. She was rubbing Darcy’s clit with a thumb as her hand spread her pussy lips and her tongue was lapping at it. Occasionally moving down to her hole and pushing her tongue in and out as far as it could go.

I couldn’t believe I was watching my Aunt eat Darcy’s pussy like that while I was fucking her missionary style. Not that I needed anything else to get me hard, but that made me even harder if it was possible.

Pushing a bit harder, I slowly pushed my whole hard thick cock into my Aunt’s pussy. I could hear her moan through lapping at Darcy’s pussy as I pushed it deep inside of her. She pushed her hips toward me as I started to move my cock slowly in and out of her. Her pussy felt so good grasping around my cock as I picked up the pace sliding in and out of her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter.

I could tell juices were leaking from Darcy’s pussy and going down my Aunt’s face as I continued moving my hard cock in and out of her. As my motions picked up my Aunt güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pushed her hips toward me as I went deep inside her. Kathie’s whole body was moving on the bed with my motions, her shapely wonderful breasts and her stomach jiggling up and down as a thrust into her.

I could feel my cock hardening and thickening inside her wet pussy. Her walls were grasping at my cock, making her pussy pretty tight as I pushed in and out of her, harder and faster now.

“Mmmm…oh yes Max,” Kathie moaned between her lapping at Darcy’s pussy which was grinding into her face. “Cum deep inside of me…oh god, yes Max…cum deep inside your Aunt’s wet begging pussy.”

I could feel my balls beginning to contract while my hard cock thickened inside her wonderful pussy as I continued to push in and out of her, going as deep inside her pussy as I could.

Darcy began bucking her hips on her mom’s face as her head through back, blond hair flowing down her back. As I pushed harder and deeper into my Aunt’s pussy, Darcy was having an orgasm right there on her face.

“Oh Darcy, you taste so good,” Kathie moaned as she fiercely lapped at her pussy that was grinding into her face, attempting to get all the juices that were flowing out.

“Mmmm, oh mom,” Darcy moaned bucking into her mom’s face. “Mommy please, don’t stop.”

I couldn’t take it anymore as I felt my Aunt’s pussy walls contract around my hard thickening cock. I thrust myself as deep into her as I could as began to not be able to hold it anymore. My Aunt pushed herself down onto me as hard as she could, pushing my hard cock as deep insider her wet hairy pussy as it could go.

“Mmmmmmmm…” all three of us moaned at pretty much the same time.

My cock started erupting inside her, spraying my hot cum deep inside my Aunt’s pussy. Spasms going through my cock as more and more cum pushed its way out and deep inside of her. The walls of her pussy were contracting around me, trying to milk every last drop of cum out of my cock. Our juices were mixing together and were seeping out of her pussy running down my cock to my balls as we started subsiding form our bliss.

Letting my aunts legs go down to the floor after holding them, I slowly started to remove my cock from her; it was wet with our juices and still a little bit hard. As I pulled it out I noticed Darcy had flopped on the bed next to Kathie and they were kissing softly and lightly. What a sensual scene.

Kathie’s pussy was wet all over and our juices were already leaking out of her, gently running down past her ass and to the bed. All her pussy hair was also moist as I softly ran my hand through it before pushing myself onto the bed with them.

Climbing up over my aunt as she and Darcy were still kissing, I rested myself on top of her. My semi-hard cock pressing into her wet pussy hair as my chest pushed into her soft, luscious breasts. Looking up at me as she felt me resting on her, she met my smile before wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close to her giving me a long soft passionate kiss.

“Ohhh Max, you are so good. You feel so fucking good inside me,” my aunt whispered softly as she broke our kiss.

“And you feel even better to me,” I smiled back at her.

“And you honey,” Kathie said looking over at Darcy. “I can’t believe your pussy tastes that good. My own daughter…and you were amazing.”

“God mom, no you were amazing,” Darcy replied looking into her eyes. “I’d love for you to do that as much as you want.”

“Oh sweetheart, I think I will have to take advantage of that,” Kathie replied with a mischievous smile.

We all continued to lay there for awhile longer before getting up. Once we all got up, we exchanged kisses and embraces but all took showers to get ready for the day. As we all reluctantly and slowly got dressed, ogling over each other, Kathie looked at the clock and sighed.

“Crap, it is already eleven in the morning,” Kathie said drawing out her sigh. “I better get back to the house, Ruth and Bob are coming over for dinner. Plus, dad thinks I’m elsewhere than here.”

“Yeah, alright,” I sighed as I looked into her eyes. I could tell she didn’t really want to go and I know I would have rather her stay.

“Well wait,” Kathie said with a expression that signaled thought. “Do you two want to come up for dinner? I mean I know you would have a lot more fun here by yourself…but we would love to have you. Do you know where Lira is Darcy? Maybe your sister could make it too.”

“Yeah we will come up for dinner,” Darcy replied, briefly looking at me for confirmation which I nodded in agreement. “Not sure where Lira is but that would be nice if she could make it too.”

“All right, great,” Kathie respond. “Come up at about four o’clock then.”

With that she walked over to Darcy and embraced her, giving her a long passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, my aunt walked over to me and quickly pulled me close to her, smashing her soft sweet lips güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri against mine in a long strong kiss. As she did so, she pushed her breasts hard against my chest and pressed her hips into mine; very lightly grinding them a little bit. I pressed back but before long she broke the embrace.

“See you tonight, sexy,” she quietly whispered in my ear as she broke the embrace and headed for the door.

“See you two lovebirds tonight,” aunt Kathie said with a laugh as she left out the door.

“Well, this had gotten interesting,” I said as I turned to Darcy and smiled.

“It sure has,” she replied with a bit of a wicked smile.

Darcy then walked over and embraced me, kissing me passionately with her warm soft lips as she pushed her gorgeous shapely breasts against my chest and start rubbing her hips into mine.

“Oh Max,” Darcy said in a longing voice as she broke the embrace and looked me in the eyes. “I need you to fuck me in my tight pussy right now. You’re still mine first, no matter what happens tonight.”

“Tonight?” I asked, a bit confused. “It’s just dinner.”

“Just dinner?” she replied with a laugh. “I highly doubt that. My mom wants you in her at all times possible, I can tell. She wont let you off easy tonight, and who knows about the others.”

“Wow, well…there’s more pressing matters to attend to this second,” I replied with a mischievous smile. “You.”

“Mmmm, yes me,” Darcy replied smiling at me, giving a quick kiss before she started removing her clothes.

She was wearing a black form fitting shirt that showed her gorgeously shaped B cup breasts tremendously. Though that didn’t last long and neither did her jeans. She hadn’t put on a bra out of the shower and her nipples were already extremely hard. I reached toward her and gently started massaging her nipples between her my index finger and thumb, pinching gently. As I did so, she wiggled out of her black sheer panties that she had on, exposing her wonderful somewhat hairy pussy to me again.

“Oooo, what do we have here,” she marveled as she stepped closer and was cupping her hand over my hard cock through her jeans. “These are really restricting you I think.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” I kind of moaned.

She then unbuttoned my pants and slid them off as well as taking of my shirt. Pressing her soft breasts into me, she started kissing me passionately and grinding her naked hips into my cock through my boxers. Stepping back, she pulled down my boxers and I kicked them aside, letting my hard thick cock stick right out at her, the tip of it pressing against her lower stomach.

“Oh I like this she said,” grasping it in her hand and slowly stroking me. “But lets get something to make this a really wet fuck.”

She disappeared into her room for a moment but came back out carrying a small jar of Vaseline.

“I don’t have any actual lube, but I think this should work right?”

“Yeah, that should be nice.”

With that she scooped out a good amount, covering her fingers and then grasped my hard cock, smothering it in Vaseline. Making it incredibly slippery, she was able to stroke my cock up and down quickly. She then got some more out of the jar and put it all over her pussy. Not that she probably even needed to, but I loved watching her do it.

Once she was done, she put the jar on the table and started to walk over to the couch. Catching her by the arm, I stopped her and pulled her close to me. Embracing her and kissing her passionately, pressing my naked body against hers. I then walked her backwards to the table and lifted her up on to it.

“The table huh?” she said with a smile, as she spread her legs wide giving me a gorgeous view of her Vaseline covered pussy.

“Yep, the table,” I replied smiling as I moved in closer to her, gently rubbing the tip of my hard cock on her incredibly slick slit of her hairy pussy.

I started to push my cock slowly into her pussy, and with all the Vaseline covering us the whole thing went right in.

“Mmmmmmm,” Darcy moaned shutting her eyes and throwing her head back as I filled her up. “You fill me up so good.”

I started to move my hard thick cock in and out of her tight pussy with ease. Increasing intensity as it was so easy to move in and out. She had her back leaning backward with her arms behind herself bracing on the table. Her legs were spread wide to take me as deep as I could go.

Darcy’s tight pussy felt so good, grasping my hard thick slippery cock as it thrust in and out of her. Pushing it in as deep as I could, I teased her a bit by pulling out really slowly and then pushing back in again all the way and repeating that.

“Oh god Darcy, you feel so good,” I moaned.

“Oh I do huh?” she replied playfully and in a zone of her own. “Do you like my tight pussy? Do you still like fucking your cousin?”

“Mmmmmm,” I groaned as I listened to her words and pushed in and out of her fast and hard. “God yes…oh god yes Darcy.”

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri started feeling my cock thicken inside of her wet pussy and my balls starting to contract, pushing my cum up my hard cock. Her pussy was tight around me. Her pussy walls were grasping my hard cock, squeezing it as I pushed in and out of her. I couldn’t hold it much longer as I could feel her start to contract and buck her hips toward me, pushing me as far in her as I could go.

“Oh god yes…yes Max…fuck me harder and faster…oh yes!” Darcy moaned as she through her head back and wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in, pushing my hard cock as deep inside of her as it could go. “Fill my pussy deep with your hot sticky cum!”

I started to moan as my cock started to spasm inside her wet throbbing tight pussy. My balls contracting and pushing my cum up my hard cock as I started to spray my cum deep inside of her. Wave after wave engulfing us both in a sense of bliss as her hips bucked into my hard cock erupting inside her. our juices mixing and seeping out of her wet pussy, trickling down my cock.

“Oh god Max,” Darcy moaned with her eyes still closed, subsiding from her climax. “I could have you do that all day long.”

“I wish I could,” I replied, looking at her now as she opened her eyes.

Still inside her and her legs wrapped around me, she leaned up and pushed her chest into mine wrapping her arms around my neck giving me a passionate long kiss. Holding her by the bottom of her ass cheeks, I picked her up and walked her over to the couch and gently laid her down on it length wise, slipping my subsiding hard cock out her wet hairy pussy as I did so.

“Mmmmm,” Darcy moaned lightly looking up at me wiggling her hips a little bit as I slid out of her. “Unfortunately, we probably should do some chores to get them out of the way before we go over for dinner.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied as I laid down next to her, pushing my warm naked body against her own giving her a soft warm kiss. “We better get started.”

We got eventually got up, got dressed and went about the rest of the afternoon picking up the place, running a few errands and so forth. I really don’t know what entirely she meant by something happening this evening. I mean, Ruth and/or Lira doing something with us? Though I guess with all that has happened and changed for the past week or so, I guess I can’t really be surprised.

We were getting ready to leave when Darcy’s phone rang, it was her mom. “Hey mom, oh Lira is coming too for sure? Great, alright see you soon!”

With that we left her apartment for the car and started the thirty minute drive to my Aunt and Uncle’s place. They lived in a nice home in a wooded area with a lot of privacy. It had a nice large expansive deck that ran around all four sides. The kitchen and living areas were on the middle floor with some extra bedrooms upstairs. Downstairs was really pretty nice as they had their own billiards table, darts, air hockey as well as their television.

Driving up to the house it looked like Lira wasn’t here yet. Only Ruth and her husband Bob had arrived.

We walked into the house and upstairs where Aunt Kathy and Ruth were talking.

“Hi Max, nice to see you again,” Ruth said with a smile looking over at us as we came up stairs. “The boys are outside, talking about who knows what. Lawn mowers probably,” she added with a laugh.

Ruth was 57 years old, two years older than my Aunt. She had shorter grey hair that went down just under the bottom of her ears. Long hanging earrings hung down and accented her gorgeous green eyes. She was tall like my aunt and wearing a flower tank top showing off her freckled arms and chest. It was actually pretty low cut as I could just make out the top corner curves her smaller breasts. They were probably just a little bit smaller than Darcy’s, but obviously sagged a bit which were being held up by a bra it seemed at the moment. Her jeans weren’t anything special but didn’t look bad at all either.

“Good to see you too,” I said again with a smile looking at her. “I’ll go see what they are up to.”

I walked outside and found them up on the hill above the house. I greeted them and sure enough they were talking about boring things such as lawnmowers, what my Uncle wants to do with this or that tree, cleaning the deck and so forth, all things that seem rather boring to me. After about ten or fifteen of idle chit chat I announced I was going to go grab a beer.

“Down in the fridge in the garage, you know where it is,” he replied.

Leaving them to talk about their mundane interest, I went back inside. No one seemed to be up stairs, they must have gone downstairs to play pool or something of the like. I had to go through that room anyway to get to the fridge in the garage for the beer. Going down stairs I found all three of them laughing and playing pool, except they had all taken off their shirts. They were staring at me, a bit startled as I opened the door.

“Oh wow,” I said looking at them around the pool table. “What is going on here?”

Darcy was wearing a black bra with pink lace around the edge. My aunt had a lacey pink bra on that pushed her breasts up and out a bit. Ruth was just wearing a basic tan colored bra but it looked good on her.

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