A Barista’s Last Day

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I stand at the front counter, distractedly staring into space and reflecting on this, the last day of my employment at the coffee shop. I’m glad it’s a closing shift – it’s quiet and slow, only a young co-worker and I, and I don’t have to talk much to him or to the few customers who have wandered in. It’s almost closing time and aside from a few last minute tasks, we are basically done with our work for the night.

Deep in thought, I don’t hear the door open and I’m startled when I hear a familiar voice greet me. “Hello Katie,” you say with the Welsh accent and friendly smile that have both helped make you into my favorite customer. I break out into a wide smile, glad to see you. “Ian! I was afraid you weren’t going to make it in tonight.”

“What makes tonight such an occasion?” you ask, giving me a quizzical look.

“This is my last day,” I frown. “You knew that…oh! you’re teasing me,” I say, my cheeks a little warm when I see you laughing.

“Oh yeah,” Vincent chimes in, looking at you. “She’s been wondering where you were all night.”

I shoot Vincent a wicked glare, blushing furiously. “I just wanted to be able to say goodbye,” I protest, too embarrassed to meet your eyes. I’m attempting to lean casually on the counter, my palms flat on the surface. When your hand briefly covers mine I am startled by the intensity of your look as I glance up into your eyes.

“I know it’s your last day.” you explain, removing your hand a little too quickly. “I wanted to be your last customer. So you won’t forget me,” you add, smiling shyly.

“I wouldn’t!” I exclaim, getting your coffee. “And it’s time to lock the door so you have succeeded in being my last.” Stepping around the counter, my hand brushes over your arm on my way to the front door to lock it. “I’m glad you came.” I say quietly, smiling up at you, your height somehow more obvious when we’re on the same side of the counter. You follow me to the front door and I instruct you in a hushed voice, “Just wait outside a few minutes, okay? I’ll send Vincent home in a few. I mean, of course, if you want to, ” I stammer, aware of my presumption.

“It’s all right, Katie. I’ll be here.” I look at you and nod, butterflies of nervousness and anticipation fluttering in my stomach. All these months of flirting with you have left me with a heightened excitement and your attitude this evening is doing nothing to dissuade me.

Vincent and I quickly start with the end of the day tasks and he’s done well before me. “Hey, Vincent, I can finish karşıyaka escort bayan up if you want to get on out of here. I’m almost done and there’s no reason for you to hang around.”

“That would be great,” he says, going to gather his things.

We say our goodbyes, promising to stay in touch and I follow him to the door to see him out. I glance across the street at you then I watch him walk around the corner and out of sight. I gesture for you to come back and stand in the open doorway, enjoying the cool breeze of the evening.

I stand aside to let you in and shut the door behind us. “You won’t be in any trouble then?” you ask.

I laugh, turn to face you, and start to answer, but suddenly you are very close to me and your hands are lightly gripping my shoulders. I freeze, my eyes wide and locked on yours. Before I can react, you dip your head down and kiss me. I’m surprised, of course, but pleased, and after a moment of shock I’m returning your kiss and we’re embracing passionately. We separate for a second and I smile at you, “Wow, where’d that come from?”

Your grin sends a thrill through me as you reply, “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”

I take your hand and pull you over to the leather chair in the darkened alcove and push you gently into it. You reach for me and I sit across your lap, facing you. “And I’ve been waiting for this since the first time you walked in here and ordered in that accent.” With that I kiss you urgently while I begin unbuttoning your shirt, moaning when I get my hands on your bare chest. I feel you tugging at my shirt and I move back to let you pull it over my head. I inhale sharply as you cup my tits, your hands warm against the black satin of my bra. Trapping your hands between us, I rush to kiss you again, my tongue thrusting into your mouth, tasting the coffee on yours. You free your hands and reach around me to unhook my bra and I shake it loose from each arm in turn, finally tossing it to the ground.

Your hands are spanning my shoulder blades as you pull me closer, your mouth encircling first one nipple, then the other. I kiss and bite at your neck, my hands under your shirt. You sit back abruptly and gesture for me to stand up. As soon as you are in front of me I’m pushing your shirt off your shoulders and you are reaching to undo my trousers. You push them over my hips and they fall to floor; I kick them away and stand in front of you, naked except for my panties. I swat your hands away from karşıyaka escort your trousers and unzip them myself, letting them fall. I stare, transfixed, at your hard cock outlined in your briefs and reach out to stroke it through the thin fabric. Your moan makes me dizzy and I stroke more insistently, squeezing the shaft a little harder, feeling the moisture oozing from your cockhead.

You pull off my panties and push me back into the chair and drop to your knees, between my legs. Putting your hands on either side of my hips you coax my arse forward in the chair, bringing my pussy to the edge of the seat, easily accessible to you. With a quick, fevered look into my eyes, you bury your face in my cunt, your tongue quickly finding my clit. I’m crying out in pleasure, my hips pressing into your lips and you respond in kind, pressing the flat of your tongue against my throbbing clit, your fingers spreading my pussy lips for access. Suddenly, I’m arching my back and wrapping a leg around your back, my muscles tensing, holding my hips upwards as I come violently, crying out loudly.

You grin at me from the floor, your hand rubbing your manhood through the briefs. We both stand and I pull your briefs down, smiling as your cock springs free. I sit back down in the chair and draw you closer by your thighs, aiming your cock directly at my lips. I can’t resist slowly licking the drop of precum about to fall from the tip. Your hips jut forward almost involuntarily and your cock pushes between my lips and I take it eagerly, the shaft disappearing into my mouth, my nose tickled by your pubes. You begin moving slowly, your prick sliding easily in and out of my mouth, my tongue pressing against the underside and tracing the glans. Sensing your excitement mounting I intensify my movements when I feel you gently back me off, your hand on my shoulder. I stare up at you, a little dazed by my lust, biting my bottom lip.

“I want to fuck you,” you say, your voice raspy with desire as you pull me to my feet.

“Over there,” I point in the direction of the front counter, smiling wickedly. “Get one last memory out of this place, yeah?” I walk to the counter and lean over slightly, my back to you, turning to gaze at you with a smile.

“Yeah,” you breathe, coming up behind me, your arms circling me, your mouth on the back of my neck. I moan deep in my throat as your hand on my upper back presses me forward and I feel your cock against my pussy lips. Instinctively, I push my ass back into escort karşıyaka you, trying to impale myself on your very erect, very hard cock. I briefly wonder if anyone can see us inside the darkened café from the street.

Every thought of being watched vanishes as you guide your oozing, throbbing member to my glistening wet hole. I get leverage on the counter and push back onto you as I feel the head push through my tight opening, your cock quickly buried in the hot wetness of my cunt. We both pause a moment, connected up to your tight balls, overwhelmed by the delicious sensations emanating from our loins. I contract my sweet pussy walls around your cock and you groan loudly, push me down further on the counter, withdraw almost the full length of your cock and then slam back into me forcefully, making us both cry out. Spurred on you begin fucking me in earnest, one hand on my back, the other guiding me to and from you by my hip. My arms are splayed on the counter, your violent thrusts shaking my body so that I’m knocking things to the floor, but we’re both oblivious to the clanking and crashing going on around us.

I am screaming with every full thrust of your prick into my dripping pussy, wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through me. Murmuring a string of dirty nonsense, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuuuuuuuuckkkkkharderharderharder, I feel myself start to come and I bang my palm on the counter, exclaiming loudly, incoherently. I hear your string of moans and I know you are not far behind.

“I want to cum on your arse,” you growl, bending over to say it into my ear.

“Oh god, yesyesyesyesyes YES,” I moan, waves of orgasm still overwhelming me. Your exclamations ring in my ears as I feel your hot spunk landing on my ass and my back, loving the feel of your balls up against my pussy as you press closely against me.

You collapse on me for a moment, both of us panting together, recovering. You move aside and I turn slightly and kiss you, my eyes glazed with orgasmic bliss. I giggle languorously, enjoying your happy expression, and we both stand straight, suddenly quite aware of our nakedness. You see me looking around for something and you reach for a cloth and gently clean my back; I smile at you, shyness overtaking me and I hurry over to the piles of our clothing. You follow more slowly and take my arm before I can dress, turning me around to face you, tipping my chin up with your finger and kissing me deeply, embracing me tightly. I feel myself melting into your kiss, into your body, but I pull away before I lose any more control.

Placing my hands on your chest, I briefly rest my forehead on your shoulder then look up at you. “Let’s get dressed and get out of here?” I ask hopefully, beginning to pull my clothes on.

“Of course,” you agree, buttoning up your shirt. “Let’s go get a coffee.”

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