50 States of Sex Vol. 01 Pt. 02

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Volume 1: Part 2 (a brief visit to Bangor)

June 26. Augusta, ME.

Senate Inn, Presidential Suite

I was never a huge fan of giving blowjobs. In fact by the time Jake and I started planning our trip I still hadn’t gotten my mouth close to Jake’s crotch in our 2 ½ year relationship, and I could probably count on both hands the times I licked or swallowed a cock prior to Jake. I suppose this was in part because Mike, my previous husband, never seemed into them (yeah I know, right?). Plus, Mike was pretty hairy down there which was a definite turnoff.

So I surprised even myself when I found myself licking on Jake’s engorged penis like a lollipop the morning after we made love in Augusta, the first stop in our Capital XXX love tour. At the time I attributed it to the simple but powerful sex we had the night before. But in hindsight, it was much more. We had been spending months planning for this sexual odyssey. Every day Jake and I had been thinking about this trip. And while there is a lot more to this journey than sex – I can safely say that I never thought about sex or pictured myself having sex more often than during those couple of months. Last night was simply the tipping point. But something had been stirring inside of me for the last few weeks at least.

I’m sure another reason I found my mouth bobbing up and down on Jake’s pole was completely superficial. We both looked great; probably the best we’ve looked in 10 years. We were toned and as lean as 50 something’s with some baggage could be expected to look. We were well groomed in the body hair department. Even Jake had taken to some personal man-scaping and admitted with some embarrassment that he had some waxing done. Jake left enough hair in all the places men should have hair and I discovered last night he had done a first rate hair trimming job. And both of us even took the liberty of a few quick tanning sessions despite the physical risks of UV rays.

So when I woke up from my deep sleep, and I swung my arm over his shoulder to feel his firm and fleshy chest with skin, muscle and bone I felt a surge of something in my loins. I nibbled his neck and he stirred. I licked and kissed his shoulder. He turned from his side facing away from me to lie on his back and I slid my body partially on top of his and kissed him on the lips. Morning breath be damned, I was feeling horny.

Somehow through the evening I had wriggled out of the white toga and snuggled in under the covers. I remember pressing my chilled flesh against Jake’s warmed body. I clung to it like a bear cub to its Mamma. I coaxed the heat from his naked body into my breasts, chest, and abdomen. I warmed myself from the glow of his beating heart. I slept great that night.

Now my naked breast was pressed firmly against his upper rib cage. I broke my kiss. I nestled my head into the crook of his neck and I swear I heard myself purr like a cat. “Where was that coming from?” I thought to myself but continued to nuzzle. My body was warming under the covers and my free hand worked down his chest, down his rib cage and settled on his hip and upper thigh. My forearm nudged the top of his cock and I could tell I was getting his attention.

Technically this was a no-no. I was going off book. I was deviating from our plan. We were supposed to take a couple of days off before our next sexcapade. We were due to spend the day touring Augusta and enjoying the spa and then head to Montpelier tomorrow for our next adventure. But I was having more fun exploring his warm and salty skin. I suddenly had a strange craving. I wanted to taste his cock. I wanted to nibble at its tip. I wanted to feel it in my mouth with my tongue darting circles around the elastic flesh. My mouth watered at the thought. This was a new craving for me. This wasn’t my summer time desire for a cold beer or even my usual lusting for chocolate (hmm, a chocolate covered dick?). Right now I craved cock. “What was coming over me?” I thought.

My hand rubbed his lean thigh a few times and then it casually slid to the object of my desire. I wanted to make sure he was as interested as I was. While I was suddenly becoming fascinated with the idea of drooling over a rock hard penis, I wasn’t quite ready to engulf a half-interested member – at least not yet in my sexual journey. Luckily Jake’s cock was cooperative and I quickly rearranged my body while I gave his awakened stiffie a few soft strokes with my free hand.

Now I was up on my knees between his legs and my body was leaning forward prone over his crotch. I guided his purple head over my chin a few times to get his attention. He raised his head and he caught my wanton look. I didn’t plan on it, but I’m sure I must have looked like a complete slut; his cock just an inch away from luscious lips, my eyes wide with desire, a wicked smile stretching my mouth and bringing a red blush to my cheeks. The likely sight of messed up Greek Goddess hair and a few smudges to my mascara probably enhanced the wild slutty look. bahis firmaları He smiled then moaned as I took just the tip between my lips. I kept looking at him. I kept eye contact. His smile encouraged me. I flicked my tongue on the sensitive underside of his swelled cockhead. In an instant, his smile of support shifted to a look of intensity and desire. Then he dropped his head back on the pillow and I set to work.

I was slowly working his cock in my mouth and feeling his head expand ever so slightly with each bob when a few knocks on the door and then an opened door latch broke my worship. I turned my head over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of a dishwater blonde maid peeping through the door and then disappear. What a sight; my ass up in the air, barely covered with the comforter; my head bobbing in slow motion; and I’m sure the noticeable smell of coitus.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I heard her apologetically stammer as she made a quick retreat. The door slammed behind her.

“Shit,” Jake moaned, now sitting up on the bed. “I forgot to put the security latch on the door last night. I guess I had other things on my mind,” he joked.

I looked at the clock. It was just after 10am. I looked at Jake and laughed. “Good morning,” I said with a smile.

“Oh, it’s a good morning all right,” he said as he settled back expectantly.

I pressed his cock forward so it lay against his stomach. I rocked it back and forth like an upside down pendulum. The spell was broken. I was coming to my senses. “You know Jake, this isn’t part of the plan,” I said without any eye contact. I felt him raise his head again off the pillow. “I think we agreed to give 2 or 3 days between ‘exploits’; you know so we can make the most of each Capital City.”

His hips relaxed and he exhaled sharply. “Uh, last night didn’t you say we could do anything we wanted?” he urged.

“Well, yes. And what I want is to have mind-blowing sex in Montpelier,” I said as I raised my body forward. I shifted my body to straddle him. It was a delicious reminder of our sex from last night with the added benefit that there no longer was a satin toga to hide my pinkish brown skin. Jake could see my shoulders, my breasts and my stomach towering over his rod that was now smashed against his belly button and was tickled by the small thick hairs on his stomach. He could see my lean thighs hugging his hips like a cowgirl riding a maverick. My groin was pressed up against his cock. The honey that was beginning to lubricate my pussy was now dribbling on his dick and being co-mingled with my spittle and his precum. I rubbed my crotch into his groin to reinforce the tease. “Plus,” I continued, “You remember Bangor.”

Bangor, ME was our staging area so to speak. We live in Nashville – or I should say we lived in Nashville. We gave it all up! We sold everything. I know it sounds crazy, but it actually made sense at the time and maybe I’ll explain more later. But suffice to say we wanted to be unencumbered by possessions and financial obligations. But lawyers and accountants don’t always move as quickly as you’d like. Even though we were ready to start our intimacy tour we found ourselves with lots of loose ends that needed tying up. So we adjusted our plan. Now we’d drive one car up to Bangor (we had already sold the other two) where we would finish up our planning (we still had about 10 state capitals to research). We waited in Bangor to finalize the final arrangements on our homes, insurance and assorted items. We didn’t want to kill the mood of our trip by having to field calls from lawyers, doctors or agents while we were in the middle of our self-discovery sessions.

Why Bangor? Well, it’s close to Augusta, our first stop, and it boasts a large public library with high-speed internet and a lovely architectural style. Also, we found a great deal on Craig’s List for a used SUV and Trailer. We figured we would need some extra storage space if we were to be on the road for a while. The seller was in Bangor and it was ours if we could come and pick it up. So that seemed to clinch it. But I really think the real reason is that Jake liked the name. Childish I know, but add ‘bang’ to anything and Jake would probably giggle.

Well, there we were in Bangor, ME’s library. I was taking advantage of their super-fast Internet access and a good assortment of history and travel resources. I was researching Texas’ Capital of Austin as well as the sexual attitudes of the lone star state. I discovered there are lots of porn stars from Texas – as well as a famous strip club or two. I was beginning to feel a little hot and bothered as I started coming up with ideas on how to celebrate Texas sexdom when I noticed Jake had disappeared.

I wandered the stacks looking for my cowboy and I headed up the old marble stairs and back to the history section – an area I know he loved. Jake was in the last row of books leaning against one of the tall bookcases at the very back of the library. He had a book cracked open kaçak iddaa and he cradled it in one hand while the other scanned through the text.

“Well, hello there handsome,” I said. “Fancy meeting you here,” I added with a clear lack of creativity.

He raised his head. “Well, hello to you too, little lady,” he replied with a western drawl. I got close to the big man and saw he was reading a book on the western railroad.

“What you got there?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Well just researching Colorado and Utah a bit,” he replied. “You know Utah is where they joined the Transcontinental Railroad. They used a golden spike to ceremonially join the eastern with the western tracks.”

“Fascinating,” I lied in my reply. “Tell me more about this spike. Was it a big spike?”

“Um, big enough,” he replied with a laugh.

“I bet it was plenty big,” I moved into his personal space and my hand cupped his crotch.

“Ookaay,” he said slowly, “what have you been researching, because this can’t be coming from calculating the mileage between Cheyenne and Denver?”

“Oh, just contemplating the Lone Star State. Seems there’s a strip club in Dallas called LaBare that caters to women. Lot’s of gorgeous guys doing things like the Dirty Cop routine and the Urban Cowboy,” I answered. “Got me wondering what my cowboy was up to,” I rubbed my hand on his jeans and felt the denim come to life. “Ah, I can feel you are up to something,” I chided.

“Why do I think this is just a tease,” he responded. But if it was he didn’t care. He placed the book on the shelf and he pulled my hips into his. His hands ran over my ass, my hips and the small of my back. I kissed him long and deep as his paws rubbed, then massaged my cheeks. I could feel his heat and his hardness flow through the thin fabric of my sundress and panties. I broke the kiss and looked over his shoulder and then back behind mine to make sure we were still alone in the stacks.

My lips found his again and now his hands had hitched up my sundress and they were covering the back of my exposed thighs and working their way under my pink panties. “Oh god,” I moaned as I broke the kiss and then immediately shushed myself with a self-conscious giggle. Jake’s hands continued to grope my ass cheeks with wild abandon. He squeezed them together then stretched them apart in several slow caresses. His palms moved to the side of my waist and his thumbs wrapped around to the front of my pelvis. They tickled the top of my thigh causing tremors to radiate down through my crotch. Then his two magical hands returned to manhandle my ass and pull me into him.

This heavy petting was doing its work. My heart rate was accelerating. I felt my nipples swell against the fabric of my dress and press into his chest. My stomach had that wonderful ‘roller coaster’ feeling and blood was swelling my pussy lips as my sex began to release its sweet lubricating nectar. There was more groping of my hips and ass. I lifted myself up on my tiptoes and he reached even further under my butt almost lifting me off the ground. When he pulled my ass cheeks apart I could feel the slight sensations of my lips being opened and then rubbed back together when he pushed the cheeks tight against each other. It was ever so slight, but it was enough.

“Go check to make sure we’re alone,” I finally gasped while looking up at him from our embrace. “I don’t think this is a tease anymore,” I added.

Jake shot back a very manly and confident smile then he broke the embrace and quietly walked to the edge of the stack and peeked around the tall bookcase like a spy. Meanwhile, I took a step or two back into a shadowy corner. I lifted my skirt and deftly slid my now damp panties down my shaved legs, past my 3-inch heeled clogs, and off my legs. Wondering what to do with them I thought about stuffing them in my bra for safe keeping, but then turned toward the books and just placed them on an empty part of the shelf. Jake came up to me from behind as I faced the books. He kissed the nape of my neck. He hugged me around my rib cage and then he worked his hands down my stomach to caress my hips and upper thighs. His hands felt strong and manly as they pressed me back into him. I felt his cock press against my ass. I yearned for it. I wanted to feel it inside.

Jake took half a step back and I could tell he was fiddling with his zipper. It seemed to take forever and I was just about to turn around to lend a hand when I felt the soft pressure of his cock spring against my skirt and brush my inner thigh. That sent another chill through me. This was getting real and I was getting ready.

Jake pulled me back a step then gently placed a hand on my back and guided me to lean forward. I held the bookcase and stuck out my ass. I was bent over with one hand leaning on the shelves while the other helped Jake flip my skirt up off my legs and up and over my ass. It gathered the silky fabric up at the small of my back like a curtain revealing its stage. kaçak bahis The cool air of the library touched my butt and moist lips and sent another small chill through me. I looked back expectantly. I saw a determined Jake reach down and grab his fully erect cock and then position himself at the right spot and the right height behind my uplifted buttocks. I moved my feet an inch or two apart to give his cock easier passage. I felt his cock touch my pussy lips and I muffled a groan as I turned to look forward into the book shelves. Jake continued to rub his cockhead against my cunt, parting the full lips and allowing more of my welcoming fluid to coat and lubricate his spear. I wiggled my hips. His strokes continued and I could feel his cock now rubbing smoothly against its target. It pushed down and forward and teased my clit. My body shivered. He stroked my nib several times, each time drawing a wave of electricity. “How much more of this teasing was he going to do?” I thought. I raised my ass. He took the hint. In one smooth movement he settled back then his cock found the dark opening and it slid easily inside of me. I bit my lip to hold back the scream.

Jake began an urgent plunging while I did my best to keep my ass in the right position and to stay steady even as my knees began to feel weak. Without words, we both realized that making love in a public place was not a time for either slow teasing manipulations or the super passionate crashing of bodies against each other. Jake seemed to have a natural instinct for this middle ground with urgent thrusts that drove deep but then stopped just before his groin made a slapping sound again my exposed ass. He was in stealth mode. The only noise was a low ‘slurping’ as his 8-inch ramrod slipped in and out of my drenched vagina.

I was concentrating on Jake’s penetrations and feeling the wave of pleasure build. His cock slid out of me for a moment and I opened my eyes in surprise before Jake quickly filled me again with his manhood. He started a more circular motion with his hips that massaged the inside of my pussy while keeping his penis from falling out.

I stared ahead and momentarily caught a book title in the stack ahead of me. I suppressed a laugh when I saw the name. It was another book on the history of the western railroad called “Iron Horses” by Walter Borneman. I misread the authors name and for a moment I thought the last name was Boneman. Suddenly I imagined my own great “Boneman” plunging his Iron Horse deep into my wilderness. It was a mighty steam piston working its way across my prairie and deep inside my mountain passes. I raised my ass at the thought. His iron felt stronger and hotter. I pressed back. “Come on Boneman,” I thought to myself. “Come on. Next stop, mile-high city!”

Jake had returned to pistoning in and out of my tunnel. His surges grew stronger and slower. His hands held onto my hips with both strength and desperation. Then he plunged forward into me one last time and his cum splattered deep inside my womb. The Iron Horse had arrived and just as he came into the station the ‘town’ celebrated with fireworks worthy of a great steam locomotive making its first transcontinental journey. I saw colored lights as his warm sticky substance lined my pussy and it was all I could do to keep from crumbling to the ground.

But even before the last of the fireworks had shattered the sky, the train had to pull out. This was no time to linger. Jake helped me stand straight and he moved my dress back down to cover my ass, thighs, and knees. The curtain was lowered. The show was over. I could feel the dribble of mixed liquids flowing down the inside of my thigh. It tickled and only added to the final shudder – one final applause. Jake turned me around and gave me the courtesy of one short embrace before he separated, slid his dick back in his pants, zipped up and rested a moment against the book shelves.

“I’ve got to sit down,” I said with a whisper. I patted his shoulder as if congratulating him on a job well done then headed back to my seat at the PC. I looked back once to see Jake watch me sway away. We exchanged a smile. It wasn’t until I sat down that I realized my panties were still in the stacks. I squeezed my legs together hoping to keep more fluid from running down my crotch but decided to leave the panties for some curious curator. “Maybe that will teach them. They really should install cameras in the library,” I thought. Then the scary realization occurred to me. “My god, what if they already did?” I looked around for signs of flashing red recording lights or ceiling bulges. I sighed with relief when none could be found. I just hoped there were none back in the stacks.

So we learned several things in Bangor. We learned that some great sex can come at some of the most unsuspecting times. We also learned to check for cameras in public places. But there was another lesson we learned and I had to remind Jake of this back in the hotel room in Augusta.

“Well I remember Bangor very well,” Jake said with a smile of recognition, “and I think we did a pretty damn good job at laying down some track.” He was still lying on the bed in the Presidential Suite trying to convince me to swallow his load.

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