Witch Mother

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Warning: as the title implies, there is magic element in this story.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


Evanora was grinning, breathing hard and covered in sweat. She was even moaning faintly with each breath despite the fact the peak of her orgasm had passed long minutes ago. She was reclined on her bed, completely naked with only the long strands of her hair partially covering her body. A few more tremors shook her luscious body before she felt the last embers of her pleasure finally fading. “Gods have I become good at that!” she thought, giggling.

As her body quieted down, Evanora looked around her and was satisfied to see that her incense was still burning, as were the four candles she had placed on the bed posts. “Thank the Dark Mother!” she thought, fully conscious that if any one of those fires had gone out, her shrieks of pure lust would have awakened her son on the other side of the wall. Given that they were still lit, she let her fingers tickle her drenched clit a few more times and gasped aloud as some of the cinders came back to life.

The incense and candles were not, in fact, there for the mood. Evanora had been single for about three years now, and was sexually charged more than enough so that she didn’t need to set the mood for a good masturbation session. No, the fires were there as the basis of a silence spell. Evanora wasn’t a regular mother: she was a witch.

Then again, anyone looking at Evanora would instantly know that she wasn’t a regular forty three year old mother. Oh no. She was rather tall at 5’9″, had unnaturally long pitch black hair that fell below her waist in wild unruly locks, was too thin for her very large and firm breasts that nonetheless moved with the wholesome grace that only natural breasts could display, the flare of her waist below her narrow waist would grab the attention of most males and her long lean legs made just about everybody turn around to look at her. Looking down at her body, at least the parts of it she could see between her jutting breasts, the witch smiled. “I still look great at my age!” she thought. Of course, the many magical ointments and creams had a lot to do with her amazing looks.

Over the course of two years, when she was about 18 years old, Evanora had applied a special cream to her breasts every single night. She was pretty sure her breasts were at least two cup sizes bigger than they would have been naturally. Now she only had to use that cream five or six times a year to prevent the effect from fading. And even though she was thin boned, another cream had kept her waist very small even after her first child. Finally, another one had made her hips and thighs slightly rounder.

Evanora gently sat up in bed and remembered the special conditioner she used on her hair every other day. Even as a small child she’d had very long hair, but she had kept it enhanced for years now. In the mirror in front of her, Evanora watched as her breasts bounced around as she tied her mane in a tight bun before getting up. “Damn! Am I really 43?” She looked at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, very pleased with her body and her work. Glancing at her naked pussy, she remembered that years ago she had made a very powerful cream and had applied it to her entire body from her neck down. Ever since, not a single hair had grown.

She blew the candles and walked to her door. Listening for a moment to make sure that her son Caius was still asleep. Hearing his gentle snoring, she walked out into the hallway fully naked and enjoyed the calm and stillness of the deep night. She grabbed a glass of water before dropping into the huge leather couch in the living room. The brief cold made her shiver, but she was still so hot that she was very comfortable. Looking out at the starry night sky, she relaxed until the sweat vanished from her body. Evanora then stood up in front of the window and stared at the house across from hers. Thinking about the grumpy old neighbour living there, Evanora wondered what he’d say if her happened to look at her nude body right now. “Probably jack off right in front of his own window!” she thought, smiling.

The witch walked back to her room and slipped back under her blankets. When she closed her legs together and felt yet another spark of pleasure, she sighed and smiled. “Damn!” she thought. “I really need to find a man!” her mouth opened in pleasure as she slipped her fingers deep into her well lubricated pussy once more. “I’ll have to be more discreet this time.” she thought, knowing that the silence spell was over.

As she let her fingers work their own natural magic, Evanora allowed herself to think back to her younger days. She had been so damned wild back then! Deepthroating before it became more common in porn, lesbian fun, threesomes and foursomes, sex in public places, golden showers, so much anal sex and even that one time when she let a girl with small hands fist her! “God I miss those days!” she thought, Bomonti Escort biting her lower lip under so much pleasure. Ever since she’d had Caius her sex life had dwindled dramatically. “I need to do something about this! Bring back some of that crazy fun!” she decided. With flashes of such naughty memories popping into her head, her body ignited again and she climaxed again.

But as it turned out, she wasn’t all that discreet. Across the wall, Caius was woken up by the sweet sound of his mother’s moans. He had already been dreaming one of his frequent sex dreams, but as soon as he heard his mother’s obviously sexual moan, the faceless woman in his dream turned into his mother. Caius grabbed his cock and pumped his massive erection. He strained his ears as much as he could, keeping his breathing perfectly silent, and every time he heard one of his mom’s moans, his pleasure surged.

He wondered what she was fantasizing about, and sometimes he dared to believe that she was thinking about him. When he wasn’t masturbating, Caius knew that was impossible. While it was one thing for an 18 year old male to fantasize about his utterly sexy mother, it was quite another for that mom to return the fantasies.

But right now, his mind swamped with lust, he imagined his mom moaning his name in her own room. “Oh Cai…” she would say in her little voice. “Why don’t you come and sleep with me tonight? Oh! Well yes I sleep naked… I’m too sexy to cover my body, you know that silly!” in his mind, he heard her seductive laugh. “Of course you can remain naked too! It’s 100% natural, and nature can’t be bad, right? Now, come here and lay that sexy body of yours next to me and place your head on my huge breasts… That’s it, that’s right, come right here, right next to me. Are you comfortable?” Caius was masturbating faster and faster, his imagination overwhelming him with pleasure.

He pushed the fantasy even further. “Ooops!” his mother laughed. “What was that? You want to suckle on my nipples? But of course you can my dear son… Oh… Shit! You’re good with that tongue of yours!” Right at that moment he heard his mother’s very real moan through the wall and Cai knew he was about to climax. In his mind his mother suddenly straddled him and took his entire length inside her without pause or any problem at all. Caius’ climax exploded and felt the first rope of sperm landing right on his face. In his mind, the scene had instantly switched and he saw his mother’s face covered with his cum. Caius’ body arched upwards as blobs of sperm now pooled between his pecs and on his belly.

In her room, Evanora climaxed at the same time as her son without knowing it. She was biting her lower lip and thought she had succeeded in remaining quiet. But while Caius had been thinking about her as he came, she wasn’t thinking about him. In fact, that time she had been picturing a woman between her legs with a large cock pumping in and out of her pussy. She could imagine her pussy being splayed apart by the giant she-male cock and even the feeling of so much cum overflowing from her lips afterwards.

As her body settled back down from a second powerful climax in less than thirty minutes, she remembered that one time, years and years ago, where she had dared to use very forbidden magic to make a real cock grow between her legs. She had found that recipe in a very well hidden book in her grandmother’s attic. She had been extremely nervous about the whole thing, but gasped in shock and pleasure as she saw her clit transform into a long cock. Even though the penis-induced orgasm had been mind-blowing and profoundly different than her usual climaxes, Evanora had vowed never to try that again.

When she took a deep breath after her climax, Evanora realized that her pussy and inner thighs were drenched with her juices. She got up silently and walked to the bathroom. She was still hazy with pleasure and didn’t notice that the light was turned on before she opened the door. In the bathroom, standing with his back to her les than four feet away, was her son. Naked. When he heard her open the door he turned his head around instantly and cried “Mom!” Evanora startled and closed the door, mumbling an apology.

Caius was nearly scared out of skin when his mom opened the door. He cried “Mom!” reflexively, but when he looked at her, naked as he was, he received a second shock. He only had one single second before she pulled back and closed the door, but that image of his naked mother would be seared in his mind until the day he died. Caius knew, of course, that his mother was extremely sexy. So did all his friends, and just about everybody from their village. His sexual attraction wasn’t just an oedipus thing.

Then again, seeing her naked like that, for the very first time, truly was a shock. Despite his recent orgasm, Caius knew that the next time he would masturbate he would have this very vivd image Bostancı Escort of her to think about. Shit she was hot! Caius knew that his mom used magic to enhance her looks, but given that he had seen her unexpectedly, he was now convinced that it wasn’t illusions. Just her creams and potions and lotions and ointments and tinctures… Fuck it worked good!

Looking down at his own cock, Caius grinned. He knew that it worked. Taking a deep breath as he finished cleaning himself off, Caius realized that he was doubly lucky. Not only he had seen his mother naked, but he had had his back to her. Why was that important? About a year ago, Caius had managed to sneak into his mother’s secret chest of creams. She kept some of her least potent creams in the pharmacy, mostly first aid stuff, but he knew she had a secret stash of more powerful stuff hidden away. Having found the chest, it was only a matter of picking the lock. Thank you Youtube!

In there, none of the pots were clearly identified. Or rather, it was all encoded. Caius knew that his mom’s magic could be powerful, so he wasn’t about to mess with all of them. Instead, he had one cream in mind. No woman so thin could have breasts so wonderfully big, and Caius was sure she had had magical enhancements. He couldn’t make sense of anything on the cryptic labels but he smiled when he saw one with the stylized letters “DD” on it. “Yeah right!” he had thought. “At least double D!”

He tried a small drop of the cream on one of his toes and saw, the following morning, that it was now bigger. The next time he had the opportunity to do so, he sneaked back into his mom’s closet and opened the chest again. This time he lathered his cock profusely with that “DD” cream. When he woke up the following morning, he cried out in pure joy. It had worked! Caius knew that nature had given him a rather small penis, either when soft or hard. Now… Shit! He had a monster between his legs!

Without wasting a single second, he had closed his eyes and had fantasized about his mother. When he felt himself being fully hard, he couldn’t believe his size! Shit! More than a match for male pornstars! When he had climaxed a few minutes later, the amount of sperm that had shot out of that cannon took him by surprise and he had to clean his bedsheets. Ever since that night Caius walked around with a large cock between his legs, convinced that once he’d get a girlfriend she’d be impressed and pleased with his size. Boy was he up for a disappointment.

After closing the bathroom door, Evanora scurried back to her room completely embarrassed. She put on a bathrobe and waited to hear her son walk back to his room. When he did, she said “Sorry again Cai…” through the door, not wanting to even look at him. She heard him reply something before going back to his room. She sighed and went to the bathroom for a hot shower. After a while, she smiled and thought about her friend Mary-Ann. Mary-Ann was a single mother like herself, living with her son. Justin was actually a friend of Caius.

Evanora remembered one time, years ago while she was roaring drunk after being dumped, when Mary-Ann had confided that she found her own son very hot. Evanora, also drunk at the time, had agreed laughingly that Justin was indeed really hot! “Oh… If he wasn’t my son!” Mary-Ann had added. “What about you, Eva? Ever think about your hot son like this?” And she hadn’t. Ever. Even after learning that her friend did lust after her own son, Evanora had never felt those peculiar sensations. She could see that her son was growing up to be quite the man, and seeing him naked from behind only confirmed that. His strong legs, firm ass and nicely muscled back were pretty hot!

Evanora surprised herself by squeezing one of nipples and shook her head. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” she asked herself. “If it hadn’t been already clear… Shit I have to find a man!” She finished her shower and reaffirmed that she didn’t harbour any sexual thoughts for her son. He was handsome and sexy, yet he was still her son. If it were another person in that body, now things would be different… But that was not a type of magic she was interested in trying. “Ew!” she felt disgusted at the thought of fucking her son’s body with another man’s mind inhabiting it.


Many months after that bathroom incident, Evanora having pretty much forgotten about it, something else happened that would put things in motion. Strange things. It began innocently enough when Caius came back from campus weeping openly. Before she could even try to ask what had happened, Caius put his hand up and said that he didn’t want to talk about it. He walked straight to his room and slammed the door. Resisting her maternal instincts as best she could, Evanora waited in the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later she quietly walked to his door and judged that he wasn’t crying anymore. She knocked softly. He invited her to Esenyurt Escort come in with a low voice. She found him in his bed under the blankets, his face red but looking calmer now. She sat next to him and placed her hand on his chest. She could feel his warmth and beating heart. She looked at him and waited for him to be ready to talk about it.

“Portia broke up with me.” he finally grumbled.

“What? Why?” Evanora asked.

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

Evanora took a deep breath and studied her son for a moment. Portia had been his son’s first real girlfriend and she was pretty sure they were having sex by now. Given that she came to the house often enough and seemed to be happy with Caius, Evanora had believed that everything was going great. Apparently not.

“Are you sure?” she asked him, a small smile on her lips. “I’m a woman, you know, maybe I can help…”

“Yeah, very sure… I can’t talk about this with you, I’m sorry.” he replied.

“What? How come? You know you can talk to me about anything young man.”

“Well… Maybe…” Caius paused, then coughed nervously. “I’d rather not…”

“Oh come on. I’m guessing this is sex trouble?”

“Mom!” his eyes bulged out.

“Oh cut it out. I’m no virgin and I’m pretty you’re not anymore. So…” But she could see in his eyes that she had been wrong. He still was a virgin. “Oh. Well, that doesn’t change anything. I’m a lot older than Portia or other girls your age, but maybe I can still give you tips or suggestions or anything—”

“My cock’s too big for her!” Caius blurted out suddenly, staring at the wall, his face even redder than it had been.

Evanora was surprised by that revelation, but she refrained from smiling. Keeping a straight face, aware that sexually inexperienced young people made big problems out of small details, she said “Now now… Portia was a virgin, yes?”

“No! Not even!” he replied.

“Ok… Well. Maybe she just wasn’t used to someone with a bigger… well, cock. Hmmm. Just, er, just how big are you?” she asked hesitantly, cursing the fact that she was a single mother for the very first time.

“Er… Big enough.” he said timidly.

“Ok.” Evanora sighed and cursed out loud. Caius looked at her, surprised to hear the word she had chosen. They both laughed nervously, but it broke the tension. “Damn it… I’m sorry this is so awkward Caius.”

“It’s OK Mom, it’s not your fault.”

“No, but still, I’m all you got. Shit. Wanna… Wanna show me?”

Caius nodded, still red faced and looking at the wall again. When he pulled the blanket away from his lap, Evanora saw that he was already naked. And she gasped. Out loud. Gasped at his size. “Fucking Christ!” she whispered.

While Caius said “Shit!” and covered his face with his hands, Evanora felt, for the first time, a burst of lust for her own son.

She fought the urge to stand up. Shit that was a big cock! It looked like some of the unnatural cocks she had seen in a few 3D hentai videos. And it was limp! Damn! It was just so big! But then, after her shock faded, she realized just how unnatural it truly was. The witch narrowed her eyes and looked at her son with a serious expression.

An expression her son had seen many times in the past. Caius had been caught! He was suddenly very nervous and sat straighter in his bed. Seconds later his mom said “You used some of my creams, didn’t you? And don’t even think of denying it!”

“So, what if I did?” he replied, on the defensive but irritated by her tone.

“You know perfectly well that it’s dangerous to do that without my supervision!” Evanora stood up and looked at Caius, fire in her eyes.

“Well, I know you used it yourself for your breasts!” he shot back.

His mom was stunned by this revelation. “I did not!” she said reflexively. But Caius could see that she was now extremely conscious of the fact that she was wearing a very tight and low-cut tank-top without a bra. She glanced at her top and cleavage a few times before adding “And what if I did? I’m the witch here and I know what to do and especially what not to do!”

While his mom combed her fingers through her thick mane, her eyes closed, Caius looked at her breasts. The position of her arms highlighted her stunning curves and Caius’ eyes widened when he saw her two nipples clearly poking tents in the fabric. Was she aroused? He then felt his cock involuntarily twitching at the sight. And then, adding to his discomfort, he saw that his mom had seen that twitch. “Fuck! Can things get any worse?” he thought. “She’s freaked out by my cock and now she’ll learn that I lust after her!”

Even though he was sure his mom had seen his cock move and start to lengthen, she didn’t say a thing. Instead, she sighed and sat back down next to him. “Could you please cover yourself… Ok. Ok, then…” she paused. The witch then added “I probably have a cream that could help you restore your cock to, er, a more normal size.”

“Is it really that monstrously big?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t think you’re breaking records, but you’re way up there, son! Most women would probably get used to your size, but a young girl?”

“I don’t want to have it smaller…” Caius stammered.


“Well, don’t women like big cocks?” he asked, a smile on his lips.

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