Welcome to the Resort Ch. 04

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Lisa and her sister walked from the pool to their room. Suddenly Monica grabbed her arm.

“Isn’t that Mom?” The blonde girl looked back and her mouth fell open with shock. Across the width of the pool their mother’s body was sandwiched between two hard male bodies, pussy and ass filled, while a third man fed her his cock. Their father sat nearby, another blonde impaling herself on his dick. The twins stood speechless, watching the fucking six in stunned silence.

They saw Celeste shake, then arch back; releasing the cock she was sucking in order to express a sharp cry, then swallowing it again. The other woman was rubbing herself as their father’s cock slid in and out of her wet pussy and her orgasm was only a step behind their mother’s. The trio of men redoubled their efforts, fucking Celeste with savage abandon until the one in her ass stopped, tensing, and squirting into her bowels. The man in her pussy cried out beneath her as he too came. Celeste caressed the balls of the man she was sucking; from where the twins stood they were sure she was sliding a finger back between his legs, perhaps as far as his anus. With a muted cry the man shot his load into her mouth. Celeste swallowed quickly, not letting a drop escape. As softening cocks slid from her holes she motioned for the other woman to approach, and then pushed her down between her legs. The other blonde ravenously lapped at the cream oozing from Celeste’s pussy and ass while her husband, their father, fed his cock to the voluptuous blonde. Sucking furiously as she worked her fingers into his ass Celeste was rewarded with another mouthful of cum.

Lisa watched aghast, the heat between her legs warring with the flipping of her stomach. She knew what took place at the Resort. She had experienced something of it cavorting with Josie, Isabella, Anna, Sophia and John. It was another thing though to watch her own parents engage in sex with other couples. Like most teens she was quite happy to pretend her parents never had sex at all and seeing the disconfirmation before her own eyes was…

“I think I’m going to faint.” Monica’s voice came from beside her. Lisa nodded wordlessly.

“Hey hey now, that’s no way to react.” The woman’s voice behind them was warm, teasing. “I know it’s a shock, but people do come here to get fucked.”

Startled Lisa turned away from the pool, Monica echoing her motion. The woman who spoke lay back on one of the sun loungers that circled the pool, a large umbrella shielding her from the sun. She was possessed of long jet black hair, smouldering dark eyes, and a fabulous body. Her breasts were large, her curves were full and like so many other women there she was waxed smooth. Her skin was as pale as Sophia’s, although more startling against her darker tones, and she had indulged in black lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish. “Hi, my name is Heather.” Lisa frowned, the name seemed familiar. Something that John had said? A second woman slid into the seat beside Heather, holding two glasses, another woman with jet black hair, a woman as like Heather as Lisa was like her sister. Twins! The second woman handed a glass to Heather.

“You’re Heather and Michelle?” Monica made the connection just a breath before her sister did. “John said there were other twins here,” she attempted a flirtation, “He didn’t say you were so cute.” Lisa giggled. It seemed that Monica found the prospect of lesbian sex more enticing than being penetrated by multiple strange cocks. Being honest with herself, she felt the same way.

Heather smiled, “Why thank you.” She inspected the blondes with the same frank Lefkoşa Escort admiration that they gave her. “How was the introduction with John and Sophia?”

Lisa sat on Heather’s seat by her feet. Heather took the opportunity to rub Lisa’s back with her foot. Monica took the same position with Michelle.

“We learned a lot about ourselves in a very short time… especially…” She looked at Monica and blushed. Heather smirked knowingly.

“It was the same for us.” Michelle nodded in agreement. “John is a very sexy man, but he does have some freaky ideas, especially when it comes to seeing sisters together.”

“He likes doing girls up the butt.” Monica added. Michelle nodded again, this time speaking.

“You noticed. I’m sure he prefers the ass to the pussy. Mind you, I think Sophia prefers it that way too. At least when I’ve seen them fucking he’s usually in her ass.” Heather spread her legs so the others could see the green based plug nestled between her cheeks.

“Did you both?” Monica shook her head at the incomplete question.

“He did Josie, Isabella and Anna, but not us.” Heather nodded.

“There’s no shame in that. It took us three days to train ourselves enough to take him. He is a big man.”

“You trained yourselves?” Lisa asked. Michelle answered her.

“We trained each other.” She grinned impishly. “I guess you had the same idea, you weren’t just carrying those dildoes for fun were you?” Lisa looked down at the Feeldoes in her hand and giggled again.

“I’d almost forgotten about those. Yes, I was planning to take Monica back to our room and fuck her ass till she can’t stand.” Even as she spoke the words she realised how much she had changed in a few short hours. She had gone from a few shared kisses to planning sodomising her twin. Wow! Monica’s expression was priceless.

Monica shrugged. “I suppose turnabout is fair.” The other girls looked at the blondes, then at each other then they laughed merrily.

Heather shook her head, “the joke was on us of course.”

“Joke?” Monica looked puzzled.

“Not really a joke as such,” Michelle chipped in. “We just didn’t realise that there’s nothing compulsory about getting ass fucked.”

“Not compulsory?” A light dawned for Lisa. “You mean…”

“Everything that goes on here is voluntary,” Michelle continued. “No one forces you to do anything, especially take a hunk of man meat like his up your ass. A few women here wear red plugs, and more wear amber. They like anal, but only with someone of more… umm… modest dimensions. I guess Heather and I are size queens.”

Lisa laughed, “Well that’s a relief I suppose.” She hesitated. “I still want to try him though… but it’s nice to know that I won’t be kicked out if I can’t manage him.”

“Kicked out?” Heather laughed. “Someone as hot as you will have all the guys and girls coming round, and take it from us, being twins has an allure all its own.”

The four said nothing for a few minutes, contemplating the connection that they shared with their sisters.

“Have you two tried the spa?” Heather’s question broke through the silence.

“There’s a spa?” Monica queried.

“Absolutely, come with us.” Taking their glasses Heather and Michelle rose from their seats.

“Heather, hey, where’re you going?” A man seated on the other side of Michelle caught their attention. Short cropped bleached blonde hair topped a tanned lean frame. Lisa wondered why she hadn’t noticed him earlier.

“Sorry Stevie.” The raven haired beauty blew him a kiss. “Girl time; I’ll… sorry… we’ll Kıbrıs Escort make it up to you later.”

“No worries then,” the man leaned back on his chair, stretching and flexing as he did so. A brunette woman in her late thirties waved from his other side.

“Enjoy yourselves, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get… umm… lonely.” One brown eye closed in a conspiratorial wink. Heather laughed.

“Okay, thanks Amelia.” She paused. “Hey, how are Cynthia and Connie?” The brunette smiled back.

“Good… good… They’re putting on a show after dinner tonight.” Heather’s face brightened.

“That sounds great. Will you join in too?”

“Maybe, I think they want it to be just their efforts though. They’re doing really well at the club, two of the most popular girls there.”

“Good, good…” Heather beckoned to Lisa and Monica. “Later peeps.”

Amelia waved, as did Steve, then she regarded the younger man with hungry eyes. The quartet of twins saw her take his cock in her mouth as they turned and left.

“Steve’s my boyfriend,” Heather told the other girls as they walked away. “We’ve been together for four years now.”

“Where did you meet?” Monica asked.

“Oh, here, strangely enough,” Heather smiled. “His aunt brought him along as her partner. Our parents brought us to celebrate our eighteenth birthday. We hooked up, and we’ve been together since then.”

“Is it an open relationship?” Lisa questioned. Heather shrugged.

“In one sense yes but in another no; while we’re here yes, I can fuck anyone I want to and he can too. When we’re at home it’s just him and me…”

“And me,” Michelle added. Heather slipped an arm around her sister.

“Of course, what kind of sister doesn’t share?” Michelle giggled as Heather’s hand dropped to caress her sister’s buttocks. “Steve can tell us apart, but sometimes he pretends he can’t.”

“Like that time I was washing some dishes…”

“…and he came up behind you…”

“…flipped up my skirt…”

“…slid his cock into your pussy…”

“…and whispered ‘good morning Heather’ in my ear,” the four burst out laughing.

Heather had led them into an open fronted building. Six free standing tubs sat on the slate floor. In two of them women sat talking and laughing. Two were in one, three in the other. One took the time to wave hello, but the others simply continued their conversations.

Heather stopped by one of the tubs, and offered a hand to her sister to get over the waist high rim. Michelle slid over the top, and then helped her sister in. Monica did the same for Lisa.

The water was warm, and Lisa settled back against the edge letting the heat soak into a body that suddenly felt surprisingly sore. She wondered slightly at the seat under her, which consisted of three widely spread stainless steel pipes. It seemed less comfortable than she expected, until Heather’s hand moved to one of the controls on the rim. With a smirk she pushed a button, and from the floor under her a steady pulse of water began, pumped up through the seat.

“Oh my,” Monica sighed as the water pulsed against her clitoris. Heather touched another control and jets behind them began a massaging pattern.

“Good, isn’t it?” Heather said. Lisa simply moaned her appreciation. The jets were reaching points that even Sophia’s tongue had left untouched. The quartet sat with half closed eyes, silent for quite a while.

At length Lisa turned lazy eyes to her sister. The other blonde smiled, leaning towards her. Lips met, fingers twirled in hair, tongues caressed. Free hands Girne Escort fell between parted thighs, fingertips stroked hardened clits. Heather and Michelle watched intently then echoed the younger girls’ movements with each other.

Monica slid from her seat to sit on the pool edge. She beckoned Lisa towards her spread legs and exposed pussy. “Come on sis, eat me.” Without a word Lisa kissed her way along her twin’s thighs then let her lips and tongue caress the delicate petals of the sweet cunt. Michelle grinned at Heather then slid up beside Monica.

“Sauce, goose, gander,” she told Heather, and the black haired woman knelt beside Lisa and began eating her sister too. In mirror image motion Monica’s left hand, and Michelle’s right, took a firm grasp of their lover’s head, ensuring that their moving tongues couldn’t draw away.

Monica gasped as she came, Lisa stroking the now overly sensitive organ more vigorously, pushing her sister beyond her limits. Monica’s hips bucked, trying to pull away. Giggling Lisa rose to her feet, kissing the blonde once more.

“Partner swap,” Heather looked up from her sister’s pussy and addressed the others. Monica giggled, turning her head to kiss Michelle. Lisa turned her lips to Heather and was swiftly wrapped in the other woman’s arms, breast on breast, belly on belly, and tongue on tongue.

They moved once more, and now Lisa ground her pussy against Heather’s face, standing astride the raven haired beauty, fingers entwined in her blue black locks. She could see the women in the other tubs watching approvingly as the twins fucked. Heather’s hand worked the plug in and out of her ass, and her tongue worked like a Trojan against Lisa’s swollen bud. She came again.

Beside them Monica crouched in the water, Michelle bent over the side and Monica worked over her pussy and unplugged ass with fingers and tongue. The appreciative groans from the other twin suggested that Monica too had learned her lessons well.

Heather pushed her back, and Lisa looked down into her dark eyes. “You want to pass over those dildoes?” The other woman asked.

“Why?” Lisa responded; Heather raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve had enough of eating this pussy, I want to fuck it; I want to fuck it hard.” Lisa handed one of the toys to Heather without another word and with enough haste to knock her sister aside.

“Hey, don’t act so eager sis.” Monica complained, Michelle echoing her protests. Lisa didn’t answer. Heather mounted the toy securely between her legs with the ease of long practise. Then Lisa was bent over the edge and the toy buried deep inside her. Keeping her word, Heather began a vigorous thrusting motion, a motion that the blonde’s own hips responded to, pushing back onto the rubber cock.

“Get the other one,” she heard Michelle say. Almost immediately Monica was duplicating Heather’s motions behind the other woman. Michelle was as responsive as Lisa and for a long time there was only the slap of flesh on flesh, punctuated by pants and moans as one or another of the four hit her orgasm.

At last they all slid back into the water, their activities leaving them exhausted. There came a cheer from the other tubs, and Lisa acknowledged them with a weary wave. Heather glanced at the clock that hung on the wall.

“We’d better get out if we want to eat, dinner is in fifteen minutes.” She poked Lisa affectionately in the ribs. “And if you stay any longer you’ll get all wrinkled and prune-like.” Lisa shook her head.

“Don’t tell me that people eat naked. I don’t want to eat spaghetti surrounded by sixty naked people.” Heather laughed.

“No silly. We’ll grab some robes from the wardrobes in our rooms. Hell, there are enough spares that you and Monica can just grab some from ours.” She paused. “Oh and don’t ask for spaghetti, steak, salad, chicken, potatoes okay, but not spaghetti. You’ll upset the cooks.”

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