The university experience

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The university experience
Jessica was sound asleep when a noise at the door woke her. She propped herself up by her elbows and glanced over to her bedside table. Struggling to focus she stared at her alarm clock. The bright red digits revealed it was 02:03. She looked over to the bed opposite and saw that her room mates bed was empty.

The noise at the door returned. It must be Lisa she thought and true enough the door unlocked and Lisa came in, except she wasn’t alone, she was accompanied by a boy.

Unsure what to do she pulled the covers over her head and pretended to sleep. She knew where this was going but at the same time was curious as to how it would play out. Jessica carefully folded her covers so she could peek out.

Lisa didn’t normally bring boys back to the dorm room, choosing to stay out all night.

Jesssica was quite different from Lisa, she was shy and studious while Lisa was outgoing and sociable.

The moonlight pierced the gaps between the slated blinds and cast a soft white glow on Lisa’s bed. The stage was set.

Lisa walked to the bed and turned around to face the boy standing by the door. She unpicked her shoulder straps and seductively pulled her dress down, revealing a sexy combination of black lace bra and panties.

She curled her index finger to invite him over.

He looked at Jessica’s bed and then back at Lisa.

“What about your room mate”. He asked.

“Don’t worry about her she’s sound a sleep”.

Jessica quietly watched from beneath the duvet as Lisa sat down at the edge of her bed and began to unbuckle his belt, she gave a swift tug and loosened the needle from its notch and proceeded to undo the top button on his jeans.

She slipped her fingers into each of his side pockets and slowly pulled down his jeans and underwear. His penis sprung up, released from its captivity and nearly hit her in the face. She flinched and then laughed.

Jessica was transfixed at the size of it, it was at least 8 inches. She couldn’t take her eyes of it, she wasn’t used türkçe bahis to seeing the opposite sex this close up and certainly not like this she was a shy girl and didn’t feel comfortable with boys.

She watched on as Lisa gently gripped the base of his penis and brought it closer to her mouth. She took her tongue and softly ran it from the base of his shaft right up to the head. It throbbed in her hand, she could see the veins thicken as the blood surged through his now fully erect penis.

Lisa flicked her tongue on the head of his penis, where it swelled even more and then took it all in her mouth. He let out deep groan and was happy to relinquish control to Lisa, but only for a moment. He put his hands either side of her head and ran his fingers through her long black hair, before interlocking his fingers at the base of her skull and thrust forward. Lisa gagged as she tried to accommodate him.

Jessica watched on from the sidelines as he continued to probe Lisas mouth, her cheeks expanding and then contracting with each thrust of his hips. Lisa looked up with her big brown eyes and he looked down, they were loving it.

They weren’t the only ones. Jessica was getting hot, she bit her bottom lip, unable to take her eyes away. She felt a tingling sensation below, her hands being drawn south as if pulled by strong magnets.

She slowly lifted her nighty and began rubbing herself, she was getting wet.

The boy slowly withdrew from Lisa mouth, the saliva still connecting them. Lisa took off her underwear and sat back on the bed. He positioned himself between her legs, crossed his arms and pulled up his top revealing his chest. He was very well defined and the light glistened on his pronounced abs. He flung the shirt behind him and put his hands on her knees and gently parted them, whilst moving his hands between her inner thighs. In a flash he had scooped her up by her buttocks and buried his face between her legs. Lisa arched her back and immediately gripped on to güvenilir bahis siteleri the rails of her headboard, she moaned as he pushed his tongue deeper inside of her.

She released a hand and grabbed the back of his head clutching a handful of his hair and pushed him deeper. She was on fire, continuously hitting the right spot, waves of pleasure lapping over her.

He lifted his head from between her legs and beckoned her to turn over. She was putty in his hands. Lisa got on all fours with both hands gripping the head board. He gently spread her legs and grabbed her by the hips and slid inside of her.

Jessica buried her fingers deeper inside and mimicked the rhythm of the couple opposite, trying desperately not to make a noise.

He increased his thrusting, then glanced over to Jessicas bed. He could see the duvet twitching and smiled to himself. The sweat formed on his chest as he continued to build a steady pace. He pulled down hard on Lisas hips and arched his head back, his whole body bucked wildly as he erupted inside of her.

At that moment it felt as though both Jessica and Lisa climaxed at the same time.

He pulled out and collapsed on the bed with a deep breath. He was done.

Lisa got up held her breasts and ran to the bathroom to clean up. A few minutes later she was back in bed with him and they kissed.

Jessica also needed to use the bathroom, but she had to wait a little for them to fall asleep.

She waited 20 minutes before getting out of bed and headed to their small en-suite bathroom, trying to be as quiet as possible.

She turned the small light on and looked in the mirror whilst washing her hands, still in shock as to what she just witnessed. She glanced down momentarily at her hands before looking up again. Except this time there was someone behind her. He stood there naked, unashamed. Jessica froze, like a rabbit in headlights, unsure of what to do next. He approached her from behind and placed his hands on her shoulders, while maintaining güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri eye contact through the mirrors reflection. He leaned his head forward.

I know you were watching. He whispered in her ear. His hot breath sent shivers down her spine. He kissed her softly on her neck, once, twice and then nibbled at her earlobe. Jessica closed her eyes, overcome with the sexual energy.

What are you doing? She tried to say as her voice trembled.

He closed the bathroom door behind him and turned Jessica around to face him. He slowly lifted the bottom of her nighty, she tried to resist but she wanted it too much. He continued to lift it up over her head and dropped it on the floor.

The bathroom was cold, Jessica could feel her nipples getting erect.

“But, but what about Lisa.” She whispered.

He placed his finger over her lips.

“Shh! I won’t tell if you won’t.”

He gently caressed her breast. She closed her eyes, while he continued to explore her body before gently lifting her up on to the edge of the sink, he was so strong she thought.

Jessica wrapped her legs around him and watched as he pushed his now erect penis inside of her.

She winced with pain. With a look of concern. he withdrew, there was blood on the tip of his penis. Her head dropped as she felt embarrassed.

“I’m, im a ….”

“Shh! “ He whispered and lifted her chin, cupping her face and kissing her passionately.

Their embrace gave her the confidence to continue.

She gave hIm a nod and he tried again. This time he moved deeper inside her, she clenched and dug her nails into his back. She used her legs to pull him closer.

He lifted her up off the sink and she hugged him tighter. This time he was prepared to let her drive. He stood while she began to gyrate her hips on him, feeling every inch of him inside her. Her breath became laboured and her heart raced.

Just as she was about to climax she bit down of his shoulder to muffle the screams of pleasure. She felt him cum inside her, the short bursts of warmth. He lowered her back onto her feet and withdrew. A small bit of cum dropped to the floor. They cleaned each other up and went back into the room. She went to her bed and he slipped into Lisas bed. They exchanged a quick glance before drifting off to sleep.

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