The Method to Her Madness Pt. 02

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A year passes of volleying messages between Sam and I. All of them innuendo-laden and suggestive. He’d ask for pictures, he’d send me some. This was before tech was as good as it is today, so a few pictures here and there was kind of a big deal. I’d see him at the bar I liked to go to. We’d flirt, exchange that heat and I would always chicken out. I’d always make him chase me. I was scared of that dick.

That huge, delicious dick. Afraid it would rip me in two and I’d come out of it a different person. Afraid of his pull on me. Pretty much afraid of it all.

One lonely night off work, staying in, texting several people at once, in comes a message from Sam, “Wanna come see me? I’m home all alone all night.”

My heart kicks up a beat, I giggle to myself in giddy fear, and on a pure whim, I reply “Sure, give me some time to get ready, and I’ll head that way.”

“Wait, seriously??” -Came his incredulous reply.

Hands shaking, I click out “Yeah, I’m ready.”

He responds, ” Oh fuck yes, you won’t regret it, come on over baby girl!”

I turn to my best friend and exclaim, loudly, ” Oh shit girl, I’m going to go fuck Sam, remember the tall guy with the huge dick? YES OMG!”

Do I know why I freaked out so much, like a little girl being made a princess??

I think maybe it’s because I was proud that I could do something so daring, so illicit.

He was darkness and desire, and I wanted to do more than dip my toe in.

Maybe I was tired of the dance around. I wanted to get down. Experience something new.

So I showered and shaved and made myself as smooth and delicious as possible. I drove to his house listening to loud music, my hands shaking on the wheel. Heart hammering in my chest. Pure excitement running through my veins. My panties are already very wet. I’ve thought so much about fucking this guy. I’m full of curiosity on how he will be, what he will like…

I get to his house and he answers the door without his shirt on. His long torso with a hint of abs, long, well-muscled arms with those beautiful hands. Kurtköy Escort Jean shorts on, beer in his hand. Hungry look in his eye.

I exhaled, meaning to say hi, but it ended up sounding something like “hheeehhh oh fuck it!” I went up on my tiptoes so that I could reach his neck, and wrenched him down to my hungry mouth. His hands instantly curled around my waist and lifted me through the door, into the living-room, The meeting of our bodies was hot. I pressed my pussy into his cock through his jeans. I was a wild cat, and he was my prey. He moaned as our lips met. Whispered to me against my lips “Ooh, I’ve missed these lips.” as he captured my lower lip in his teeth. I moaned, locked my legs around him, buried my hands in his hair, pulling it, hard.

I awoke the animal in him by pulling his hair, he put his hands under my arms and threw me down to the couch. I bounced and by the time I came to rest he was on top of me, hands up my skirt, fingers gently tugging my panties aside, exploring the silken depths of my pussy. I was so hot for him, his fingers were quickly slick with my lust. I love a sloppy finger fuck. All those sucking noises. I could feel the heat of his fingers inside my pussy. I writhed against his hands in a figure eight rhythm, while our mouths danced in time with my hips. He took a heavy breath against my lips and used his other hand to yank my dress up and over my head. Muttering about how beautiful my skin was. “Like ivory, with freckles..” He said with wonder when he melted my bra off my body. I felt disconnected from my body. So heady was the moment. So powerful our mutual energies. This was true lust.

He looked approvingly at my naked breasts, heavy milky white with light pink, flat nipples. He rubbed a finger on my left nipple. His right hand had two fingers deeply exploring my g-spot. He had me on the edge already. Such skill he had. He wasn’t rushed. He wasn’t spastic. Calm and practiced movements. Full of passion. Designed to drive me wild. It was like he could feel exactly what I wanted, needed. Like he Maltepe Escort moved with my mood.

He took my nipple into his mouth and suckled, and I was lost. I came all over his fingers. He moaned with me as I came, pressed his cock into my hip as I rocked through the most intense orgasm of my life. It pulled me into a deeper sensation, to feel him enjoy my pleasure so deeply. To hear it. To see it.

I reveled in his enjoyment of it.

He looked me in the eyes as the storm that was my orgasm passed from my eyes and my body stilled, and slowly removed his fingers from my pussy, sliding them into his mouth. “Mmmm, you taste gooood…” he murmured. I loved hearing it. My body already overloaded with senses percolated even more at his naughty act. I’d never seen a man taste my pussy in the light of day from his fingers, and I found it intimate and dirty. It tickled my already pulsing pussy to see.

Breathing a bit heavily still, he got down on his knees in front of me, splayed before him, and before I had a chance to be insecure about how much of me he could see, he dipped his head down and locked his mouth around my clit. He suckled me gently. He rode my hips as I ground down into him. He rubbed my clit with his tongue ring and drove me wild. I came again against his mouth, and it was the first time a man had made me cum twice before he’d ever stuck his dick in me. I was sated, but still hungry. Panting, sweating slightly, I stood up on shaky legs. “Where’s your bedroom?” I stammered. I wanted a bed so that I wouldn’t get carpet burn riding that huge cock into the sun. “It’s through here, you delicious woman. I can’t believe you’ve made me wait so long to taste you” He said, licking his lips. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had a moment where the reality of this dream hit me. I was living something ultimate. Strange time to have such a moment, but I did. I knew I’d never forget this man, this time.

He strode out of the room, I hear cabinet doors opening, closing. He comes back with a condom on his massive cock. I bit my lip and Tuzla Escort smiled at him. “Oh good, you’re ready” I murmured to him.

I grabbed his hand and lead him to his room, where he tugged me to him, grabbed me by the ass, and lifted me up, lancing me with his massive cock as I slid down his body. I let out a gasp of shock as I was pierced with this girth. This hot, slick, throbbing girth. He let me slide down his engorged cock until he hit my cervix, and then he stilled. He was shaking, I could feel it. His hands digging into my ass cheeks, his teeth set into my neck. He just stood there, holding me in this intense moment.

“Feel me.” He whispers in my neck. He begins to move.

Little sparks are flying around low in my belly with every thrust he makes into me. My insides start to vibrate with an intensity I’d never before experienced. I kept moaning. He’d thrust into me hard, and I’d moan, and he’d thrust again. Deep, slow strokes. The man had so much control.

It made it deep. Heady. He was drinking in my pleasure again. He drove me absolutely wild. I lost myself. I dug my nails into his back, and he growled, “Harder!!”

I set my nails to his back as he thrust into me so deeply I drew blood.

At that moment he turned me around in his arms, threw me on the bed, slapped my ass once, hard, and laughed. He crawled over me on the bed, ran the wet tip of his condom clad dick over my butt cheeks. He runs his hands down my back, over my hips. He takes his time. Drinks me in. I feel as though he is reveling in touching me. I feel at that moment so worshiped. So wanted. He grabs my legs and yanks me to him, slides back into me, setting off more sparks low in my belly, and drives us both, slowly, hotly, to a climax that brought tears to my eyes. He took me to a height I’d never even known existed. It wasn’t fast and hard. It was slow, purposeful. With skill and art.

Some time later, on my way home, I just kept laughing in giddy delight that I got to live such an amazing night. I couldn’t believe my daring, my luck.

Cherokee men, and Native American men in general, are rumored to have the biggest dicks on average in the world. Might not be true, but from my experience, it’s very true.

Sam was a passionate, capable, empathic lover. I’ll never forget him as long as I live.

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