The Hotel Maid Pt. 02

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‘What are you doing?’ The woman’s voice was almost inquisitive rather than angry. It was however, a rhetorical question that needed no obvious answer. Annabel’s heart turned to stone as she stared in horror at the unexpected return of the stunning Asian woman she had passed in the corridor. Between her legs, the hot streaming flow of body warmed piss she had been spraying over the hotel chair vanished yet there was no hiding the obviousness of her actions. Unable to move she continued to squat with her buttocks poised over the cushioned seat that moments ago she had just been pissing over with her squirting urine fountain.

‘I asked you what you are doing,’ the woman repeated. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she stood beneath the overhead light that illuminated the area around the door. She moved forwards, just two steps, allowing the door to close behind her.

Annabel found that she was shaking, not from the sexual thrill of her perverse act of pissing over the chair but from fear over the consequences of her actions. She could not afford to lose her job no matter what, a fact that made her extremely vulnerable to the mysterious guest’s whims. The fact that she had mirrored the other woman’s earlier misdeed in spraying her piss over the chair would count for nothing.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she managed to whimper. She was very aware of the dampness beneath her pussy where she had just been peeing.

‘Stand up,’ It was an instruction given in a calm, assuring manner. The woman moved closer, her gaze locked on the piss stained chair where they had both peed.

Annabel slowly complied, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She was very aware that her pussy was on full display, droplets of pee still on her thighs.

‘What a mess you’ve made,’ commented the softly spoken woman, her large brown eyes appraising the size of the soaking piss stain.

‘I really needed to go,’ whimpered Annabel pathetically.

‘Do you still need to pee?’ asked the guest. Annabel simply nodded.

‘Then you best come into the bathroom then. No don’t stop to gather your things, come right away. I don’t think that chair can survive any more piss, do you?’ With that she turned, the perfect outline of her bum cheeks revealed by the sway of her walk. She was wearing black high heeled shoes that probably cost more than Annabel’s yearly salary. There came a flick of a switch and the bathroom was illuminated. The woman moved to one side to allow Annabel to shuffle past, head hung in shame. She had never felt more miserable in her entire life. What she expected next was an embarrassing order to sit on the toilet to finish off her leak. To her surprise the tanned Asian woman with her exotic skin and sparkling brown eyes blocked her way to the loo.

‘No, not in there. I want you to place your buttocks over the edge of the bath and then I want you to finish what you started.’

‘You want me to pee in your bath?’ Annabel was horrified and yet strangely aroused at the same time.

‘It’s not my bath and besides you’re the maid, you get to clean it afterwards.’ With that she crossed to the toilet and lowered the upper lid before turning to seat her perfectly formed posterior on top.

‘Come on or do I need to call somebody to report your little accident?’ The woman took a bottle of mineral water off the nearby shelf as she spoke, twisting its top before taking a long swig of its comments. Not once did she avert her eyes bursa escort from staring at Annabel’s exposed pussy.

‘Okay, I guess,’ mumbled Annabel. Excitement was beginning to compete with her shame. She moved toward the bath turning about to treat her companion to a wonderful view of her uncovered bum cheeks as she made to take to her place of relief. The bath edge was cold against her flesh and it was this more than anything else that triggered the urgent need for her remaining relief to come squirting out.

A loud hiss accompanied Annabel’s wee. Her squirting piss fountain splattered over the ceramic bath wall before flowing down to the bottom where it began to form a running stream toward the plughole. By all rights she should feel completely abashed at her situation, forced to piss in front of another woman in such a manner yet she could feel her companion’s tight attention focused on the space between her legs where her hot, squirting shower was flowing from her lower lips.

The Asian goddess took another long swig from her water bottle. Her pert nipples were most obvious through the expensive press of her blouse.

‘I take it that you were enjoying your little toilet in my room before I entered?’

Annabel nodded. She was purposely holding back with the pressure on her bladder, sensing that the woman sat atop the toilet wanted her to last as long as possible. Only a thin trickling stream was flowing between her legs, a continuance of her much needed pee.

‘What about now?’

Annabel was forced to nod again. It was not wholly a lie!

‘Do I make you uncomfortable?’

Another nod.

‘Then maybe I should join you.’

Annabel was utterly shocked, so much so that the stream of pussy pee leaving her slit vanished. With a rapidly growing form of increased arousal she watched as what had once been fantasy turned to reality. The Asian woman stood, finished off the water in the bottle before placing it back on the shelf. With quick deft motions she then began to strip from her lower garments. Her revealed nudity was as every part of perfection as Annabel, still squatting with her bare bum over the piss stained bath, had imagined. The woman’s pussy whoever was infinitely more desirable when seen in the flesh. A slight protrusion revealed her hidden clit, the tightly cut mass of her pubes forming a wondering tapering invitation to where her pee hole was likewise hiding from view. Within seconds of disrobing she had adopted a ‘woman about to piss’ squat over the bath.

‘Now we can pee together,’ she said with the widest of smiles. At the exact same moment a strong hissing sound from inside the bath announced that she was doing exactly that. Annabel was astounded. It was the answer to a fantasy that she had never known she possessed. Unable to do anything else she also began to pee, a new jet of piss squirting out of her lower lips and decorating the bath with a new torrent of hot, wonderfully wet, flowing urine.

The two woman pissed without speaking, each staring intently at the gap between the other’s legs as they continued their naughty deed. Annabel could just make out the sight of fast flowing piss as her companion enjoyed their shared unorthodox toilet in the hotel room. For her, Annabel was on fire. She didn’t care about any stigma or labelling. She just wanted to fuck this mysterious stranger more than anything in the whole world! As it turned out çanakkale escort she would not have long to wait.

They finished peeing at the same time, giggling like schoolgirls as first one of them, then the other managed one last little quirt into the bath beneath their bare buttocks. It was a perfect way to remove any lingering barriers.

‘My name is Gabrielle,’ offered the beautiful half naked woman, enhancing the moment by allowing a new squirt of piss to escape from her pussy and rain into the bath. Beneath the naked buttocks of the two women, a mixed stream of pee was still tracing toward the plughole.

‘I’m Annabelle,’ said the maid, trying to keep a straight face as she too allowed a little fountain of urine to flow from her pussy and spray into the bath that had already been victim to their joint golden showers.

‘Do no more for now,’ instructed Gabrielle, standing up from her pee squat over the bath. With two steps she had reached the shelf where more bottles of mineral water awaited. Annabelle could not take her eyes from the curve of the woman’s bare buttocks, or of the slight sight of what was located underneath. Drops of urine marked her perfect legs.

‘Here drink this. We have a lot more fun to share before I will allow you to return to your duties. Do not forget that you are in my debt for not being reported to your manager for vandalising my room with your pee-pee shower. I do not think the owners of this facility would take kindly to knowing that you like to go to the bathroom, without using the bathroom, so to speak.’

‘Oh my god, no,’ protested Annabel, horrified at the idea of her manager receiving the news or the shame it would bring as she was marched out of the front door, with the other staff having learnt of her misdemeanour. Yes, it was true that the cleaning staff often discovered stains in the rooms attributable to the naughty business of the guests, but it was not for the staff to join in by having a pee over the furniture as well!

Gabrielle’s accent was hard to trace. She was well spoken, her English impeccable yet Annabel suspected that this was not her first language. There was more than a hint of erotic mystery to this exquisite example of human perfection, her mane of midnight hair ending at just above the beginning of her exemplary buttocks which all so much finer for still being on naked display.

A sudden thought jumped unbidden into Annabel’s mind. ‘Why did you come back to your room?’

‘Ah, very perceptive! Did I forget something or was it the thought of finding you alone in my room a temptation I could not resist?’

Annabel’s thoughts raced. It was difficult to think straight with her hormones in flux. She had just been caught peeing over a chair and then shared a toilet into the bath with a gorgeous woman who was no doubt part of the jet-set, a model, or mistress to someone with a lot of money and power.

‘I don’t know,’ Annabel babbled. I know I’m not that pretty, so you must have forgotten something.’

‘Tut, tut,’ said Gabrielle, drawing closer. She placed a soft hand between Annabel’s parted thighs, touching her pussy slit at the base and then slowly tracing upwards whilst applying a growing amount of pressure. Annabel’s nipples were hard inside her bra, betraying her excitement. ‘At some stage in the very near future, I am going to have a very long piss over these,’ she said, moving her hand away çankırı escort from Annabel’s clit and placing a wet finger over one covered nipple and then the other. ‘But first, we need something inside us to allow for more fun.’ Gabrielle offered a bottle of mineral water to the still squatting Annabelle. This treated the young maid to the most delicious of views of her companion’s pussy from up close. It was all so could do not to leap from her pee squat and descend to her knees before burying her head in the other woman’s utterly enticing muff.

‘Stand up,’ Gabrielle instructed between long swigs of chilled mineral water. Annabelle did as she was told hoping that the sight of her uncovered pussy would turn on her companion just as much. She could but wonder as to where Gabrielle intended for them to pee next. Maybe in the shower cubicle or even in the sink…

Gabrielle moved to where the toilet paper hung from its roll. She took a strip and tore it off. ‘Let me dry you,’ she offered in a husky tone, her large brown eyes locked on Annabelle’s green orbs. The maid complied, desperately attempting to resist the urge to shake with raging desire. Gabrielle’s hand moved the toilet paper to Annabel’s muff, slowly applying it the grove of her crack. It was the most mind blowing sensation.

‘After I have peed over your tits then I want you to pee on me,’ she breathed hotly into Annabel’s ear.

The maid felt as though she would explode with unrestrained bubbling sexual tension.

‘Now you do me,’ the damp soiled toilet paper was pressed into an unresisting hand. Annabel could no longer restrain from the deep rooted trembling that had taken hold inside. She placed the paper up to Gabrielle’s lower lips, gently tracing upwards along the crack until she reached the woman’s clit. She rubbed over it, coming back for a second pass, then a third. Gabrielle let out a low moan of bestial pleasure.

‘Now we fuck!’

It was an instruction that was impossible to deny. Annabel was taken by the hand, led from the scene of one naughty toilet to that of another. Ignoring the totally sodden, piss stained chair they mounted the bed then one another, taking it turns to stay on top whilst they rolled and swooned in orgasmic pleasure. Blouses were shed along with their bras, excited nipples straining at the end of soft, curving breasts. Gabrielle’s smaller tits were of no comparison to Annabel’s firmer and much larger assets yet the stimulus of her nipples appeared to bring much greater arousal not that any was required. Both were wet beyond belief, their pussy tunnels wet and slippery, ideal for the press of fingers and deep rooted exploration.

Annabel had given way to her animalistic desires. She no longer knew who she was, all sense of self identity forgotten. Vaguely she recalled taking a piss, a trigger for events set to follow. It had been the naughtiest of toilets, a long extremely satisfying squirt of hot pee out of her pussy and over the already soaked material that Gabriele had already urinated all over. The piss she had been instructed to do in the bath had been tame in comparison yet both experiences had paled to her shared toilet as she and Gabrielle had squirted their pee together, out of their pussies and directly into the piss stained bath. It was with these swooning thoughts that she was treated to the most special of treats. Gabrielle, sweating on top, opened her pee hole and allowed a hot, extremely wet spray of her pussy piss to cover her lover’s belly. It was the dirtiest deed imaginable and Annabel climaxed, her orgasm ripping through her body, stealing her soul and transcending her to another world of existence, one where bliss ruled supreme.

To be continued…

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