The Good Neighbor Ch. 04

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While Maggie was being filled by Jason in Los Angeles, David’s mailbox was being filled by the postman. Like most people, the Lawton’s rarely got “real” mail but the number of folders, catalogs and fliers seemed to have increased considerably. David, dressed in his working clothes of sweats, made his daily trip to the front door to empty the mailbox. As he stood on the front porch he saw that the mailbox was literally stuffed with the usual stuff. He emptied it and dropped it on the hall table and continued back to his office. He glanced at his table deposit and noticed an envelope sticking out of the other junk mail. The envelope caught his attention and he retraced his steps and fished it out of the pile. He looked at it and saw his wife’s name on the outside. He was about to put it back on the table when he noticed it was from a doctor. He didn’t recognize the name and wondered why she didn’t go to the normal doctor. Images of her having cancer or some other serious decease flashed through his head. He thought it would be just like her to go to a strange doctor to keep anything like that away from him.

David took the letter into his study and picked up an ivory letter opener from his desk. A slight twinge of guilt hit him as he stuck the point into the envelope and opened it. He fished it out and opened it. As he took a seat behind his cluttered desk, his eyes scanned the letter. It was from a Dr. Browning and he was obviously a gynecologist. It said that her last check-up was good but he recommended that she use another anti-conception pill because of her slightly elevated blood pressure. David reread the letter two more times before the implications crystallized in his mind. Maggie had been lying to him. How long had he been trying to start a family and how long had she been taking the pill? These thoughts tumbled in turmoil giving him a sudden and serious headache.

He spent the next couple of days as a recluse; refusing to go out, even to collect the mail. He wrestled with the revelation that the doctor’s letter brought, and came to the conclusion that the woman he loved wasn’t a woman he knew. She had obviously lied to him and never had any intention of starting a family with him. A flood of different emotions washed over him; from sorrow to shame to love lost and finally ended in loathing. He was going to wreak his revenge on her for the hurt she had caused him. He spent the next two days planning how he would go about this new task. His perquisites as her husband put him in a position of power that he now planned to exploit. When Maggie came home David was in his study. She came in and gave him a bright smile and a quick kiss on the brow.

“How’s the story coming along?”

“I have lost it…. My inspiration is gone and I’m seriously considering starting over again.”

A frown creased her forehead as she said, “You were so excited when I left. I thought you would have been finished and brimming with pride at your accomplishment.”

“Shit happens… How was Kartal Escort your trip?”

“S.O.S. I had to get the office there back on track but it looks like I’ll have to make that trip more often to make sure they stay on the ball.”

David closed off his computer and with a barely audible sigh stood up and walked to the door. Instead of exiting he closed the door and locked it. He turned and looked at his wife’s questioning expression. Very calmly and quietly he said, “Take off your clothes.”

“I beg your pardon…”

“I said take off your clothes. NOW; STRIP!”

“I just walked in and really need to take a bath…”

“If you don’t strip now, I will tear those clothes off of you.”

She slowly started to strip. A new look of fear clouded her features. “If you want to make love to me, wait until I’ve cleaned up and I will be glad to accommodate you.”

In a sudden burst of anger and frustration, David crossed the room and ripped her blouse open and tore it from her body. She stood in front of him with her upper body, clad only in her bra. He reached around her and with a Herculean burst of strength tore it from her body. His fingernails made two scratches that ran from her back to her side almost to her breasts that were now shaking before him in fear, frustration and indignation. He made another move toward her and she instantly stepped back and hurriedly began removing her remaining clothes. The skirt dropped to her feet and she stepped out of her shoes as she stepped out of the skirt. Her remaining clothes were stripped off in one movement, leaving her completely nude before him.

He viciously grabbed her and stuck her left breast in his mouth. He sucked on it and bit the nipple with his teeth.

“Ouch!” she yelled as she pulled away from his hungry mouth. “That hurts… you have to be more gentle or…”

David grabbed her again and cut off her protests with his mouth and forced his tongue deep into her mouth. His hands reached behind her and spread her butt cheeks. The fingers of his right hand sought her anus and he savagely forced two fingers in it. When he penetrated her he knew instantly that she had also been unfaithful as her ass accepted the invasion with little resistance. It had been a few years since he had taken her this way and he knew that the sphincter muscle should have been much more resistant. He pulled them out after a few thrusts and forced them into her mouth. Wetted with her saliva he renewed his attack on her anus. Drops of blood were smeared over her breast where he had broken the skin around her nipple. He noticed the red smear on the white breast but they had no affect on his anger.

Maggie couldn’t understand the anger that David was displaying. There was no way he could have found out about her affair with Justin. She was far too careful for that to happen. In all the years she had known David she had never seen him so angry. When he demanded that she strip she was taken completely by surprise. Pendik Escort He normally always wanted to take her clothes off himself. She was trying to figure him out and didn’t comply with his instructions fast enough. When he stripped off her blouse and bra she was suddenly scared; something she had never experienced before. That feeling spurred her to strip the remaining clothes so fast. This David first confused her, then scared her, but was now exciting her. His savage attack on her left breast surprised her more than hurt her. He was always so passive there and treated them more like a world wonder than a means to cause her pain. She could feel his passion when his mouth brutally crushed hers and his tongue aggressively invaded her mouth. When his fingers forced their way into her anus she felt it accept it easily enough but it was still sore from her California trip. When he put his fingers in her mouth she instantly tasted the tang of her own shit. The sharp taste caused her eyes to water.

He pumped his fingers roughly until he got a groan of pain from her. He removed his fingers and ordered her on her knees. She looked up at him as she kneeled before him. He took two steps toward her and grabbed her hair in both of his hands and forced his penis between her lips.

She was trying to blink away the tears her feces had triggered when she felt him invade her anus with renewed force. The pounding caused two small split tears that burned like there was a hot poker being forced into her unprotected hole. He finally removed the violating fingers and ordered her to her knees. She was dazed but knew what he was expecting of her. She felt a feeling of relief that her anus was no longer being violated. She was breathing hard from his brutal attack but opened her mouth to accept his iron hard penis. She wasn’t prepared when he forced it in to the back of her throat. She tried to ease the oral attack with her tongue but her success was marginal. She managed to keep the head of his dick from penetrating her throat but she couldn’t keep him from reaching it. Within two minutes a spurt of thick cum shot out of him as his penis head reached her throat. The combination of these two factors caused her stomach to heave, and when he released her hair and turned her over on her stomach she threw up.

He felt his cum shoot in her throat but had no intention of stopping. The years of frustration and the realization of her deception kept his penis hard and he was a long way from letting her go. He pushed her onto her stomach and as he lifted her hips he saw her throw up. The sour smell of vomit filled the room but didn’t temper his aggression. He lifted her hips and viciously pushed her upper body down. Her head landed in the vomit and her white ass was the only thing off of the floor. With his hand he pushed his penis down and worked the head in her exposed anus. He pushed it in as far as he could but couldn’t quite achieve maximum penetration. Her anal passage was dry Göztepe Escort and fought the invasion. As he pumped her ass his right hand went to her cunt and invaded it with three fingers. It was wet and accepted the fingers with ease. Soon a fourth finger joined the others and her juiced started to flow more freely. He continued to push himself into her ass and her face was moving back and forth through the vomit on the floor. Small chunks of puke were clinging to her red hair. He felt no compassion; only anger. His fingers closed and he plunged his fist into her violated cunt. As his fist moved in and out of her wet hole he felt his sperm getting ready to erupt. With a violent shove her shot his cum into the deep recesses of her bowels.

She was suddenly vomiting and she could neither control it nor could she keep her head from landing in it. With a tremendous effort she was able to turn her head and keep her face from landing in it. He invaded her anal passage and she felt no pleasure. She was dry and it felt like her ass hole was on fire. His fingers weren’t gentle; his fingers were brutal but they sparked a flame of arousal. Her heart seemed to momentarily stop when she felt his fist assault her vagina. She instantly imagined how child bearing must be and it only strengthened her resolve never to have children. She felt his ejaculation in her anus and a feeling of relief swept over her. She knew that this nightmare would soon end.

David was panting when he stood up and looked down at her. She was still as he left her with the side of her head stuck to the carpet with her vomit. “You’ve wanted me to take you in the ass and now I have.” She rolled over on her side and looked at him with a glazes look in her eyes. “Consider that and this as my parting gift to you. He then held his penis and let his amber flood wash over her. She was too tired and defeated to even move out of the way and lay passively as the warm fluid covered her body. When he finished he pulled up his pants, walked behind his desk and disconnected his computer. He recovered his jacket and walked out the door and the house.

He was awash with guilt within the hour. He couldn’t believe that he had actually done what he had done. He felt shame and spent his first night away from home fighting fits of tears and remorse. His shame didn’t however change his resolve to divorce her. He pictured her going to the police and for the next couple of days actually expected them to arrest him.

Maggie stayed on the floor in the puke and piss long after David left the house. She was both empty and exhausted. She still didn’t know why it happened but she accepted it. She knew that it was just a matter of time. She never considered reporting this to the police. It was degrading enough. She didn’t want anyone to know this had ever happened. Long after David walked out of her life she stood up and painfully walked to the shower. She turned on the hot water and hoped the spray would ease the pains that seemed to rack every part of her body. She picked out pieces of her lunch and her husband’s sperm then added a half bottle of shampoo. Maggie wasn’t mad; she was relieved, and soon planned her new future.

It took a month before the divorce was finalized.

(to be continued)

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