The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

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About a week had passed since my first encounter with the girl next door, Meghan. I was sitting in my living room watching T.V. For some reason I chose to quell my boredom with re-runs of some stupid comedic drama instead of getting off my ass to enjoy the great summer weather. The plot of the show was so enthralling my eyes had been reduced to slits, Thankfully my boredom received a temporary reprieve when I heard a loud knocking at my front door.

Upon opening, I could see Megan’s smile, but she was not alone. At her side was a girl from my school, her name was Jen I believe. Jen did share a common age with Meghan, but that was pretty much the end of their similarity.

Jen’s long blonde hair encased her beautiful blue eyes, little nose, and full lips. She was much less voluptuous than Meghan, featuring an exquisite set of A cups and a small round ass. Jen certainly lacked size, but she had more than enough shape. Combined with the unbelievable gorgeous features of her face what her body lacked still allowed her to get a perfect score in my eyes.

Jen was quite a bit taller than Meghan, measuring a good 5’6″. Despite her height advantage I would still put her in the same category as her friend, a small girl, probably not weighing more than 110lbs.

“How can I help you girls?” I asked as they stood on my front step.

“Jen and I were wondering if you were busy today? Maybe you want to hang out for a bit?” Meghan asked.

“Not busy at all, why don’t you two come in?” I offered, “can I get either of you something to drink?”

The girls stepped through my door way, requesting ‘whatever is easiest’. I led them through my house, stopping in the kitchen to pour them two glasses of water which I took out to my back porch. I set down the glasses, and offered them to sit on the patio, enjoy the sun with me.

We three chatted for awhile, I made both Jen and Meg giggle a number of times with stupid jokes. I recounted stupid anecdotes about how I led our school to numerous sporting titles. They seemed rather impressed by my obvious bragging.

“Ya Meg told me how you humbled her in basketball last week.” Jen told me.

I paused to savour the spoils of victory, I doubt Meg shared the full story with her friend.

“Up for a rematch? A little two on one might be a little more fair.” Jen suggested.

“Two on one? Trying to humiliate me?” I asked.

“Just a friendly match. From your stories, you seem to claim to be the best, how could the best not beat up on a couple of little girls?” Jen taunted me.

I guess she was right. To prove my dominance I should be able to win the match.

“Okay, we can do that I guess.” I accepted her offer and we went to the net my parents had put up for me in our driveway.

The game was a much tighter contest than I had previously encountered just playing Meg. In the end it had the same outcome however. All exhausted after the match I suggested we catch our breath by returning to the back porch once more. I made a stop first in the kitchen, grabbing the jug of water and an extra glass. I went to meet the girls, pouring us all a drink before I sat down. We gulped at our waters, sharing stories from the game.

“You really are that good.” Jen told me, Meg nodded her head in agreement.

My ego enjoyed being told this. I puffed out my chest and offered a thank you to the girls.

“I mean it, you are awesome!” Jen said as she reinforced the previous sentiment.

Our conversation continued on in this manner. Who am I to stop two girls from speaking their minds?

“I think that performance deserves a treat, don’t you think so Meg?” Jen got out of her chair and moved over to me.

Meg joined her friend, the two girl’s surrounded me as they closed in.

“A t-t-treat?” I stuttered, even though I had a good idea of what they meant.

Jen and Meg halted their advance as they had almost reached their destination.

“I know this one doesn’t mind.” Jen shot a glance to Meg, “but do you think your other neighbours would care?”

Looking around I could only see empty backyards. Who else would have chosen to stay at home, and not tried to take advantage of this sunny afternoon? I looked up to Jen and shook my head. With that Jen’s hands descended to my crotch, wasting no time she began to unwrap.

“You told me it was big…but I never thought…” Jen said holding my soft cock as she looked to Meg.

“Give it a few strokes, it get’s much bigger.” Meg grinned back to her friend.

With wide eyes Jen worked her fingers over my hardening shaft. Meghan’s hands joined her friends as they both stroked and admired my penis.

“Can I put it in my mouth?” Jen asked.

In my head I was rolling my eyes. Did she really think I would have said no, and that it was only for display purposes? My lips though, did not want to be rude in this situation, instead of mocking her my hands came to a rest on the back of her head as they gently pushed her mouth onto me.

After allowing her lips to house my Harbiye Escort cock for just a few moments Jen popped her mouth off.

“Somehow it tastes even better than it looks!” She announced.

Jen’s lips quickly returned, this time she forced them all the way down to the base of my shaft. I had never experienced the full feeling of a throat before, let me tell you it felt great.

“Your throat feels so good!” I told her.

She moved her lips up before easily pushing them down again. She continued fucking me with her throat til I could barely take anymore. Meg sensed my need for a break by the heightened tone of my moans.

“Slow down you greedy little thing!” She said as she pulled Jen’s eager mouth away.

“Sorry, I just can’t control myself sometimes. Having a big dick like this in my throat just feels so right.” Jen apologized to her friend.

“I wouldn’t know, maybe I should give it a try?” Meg said.

The chocolate lips dropped, and soon enough engulfed my dick. They managed to slid about halfway down my shaft before I heard a gag. Meg’s mouth rocketed off my member as she continued to cough.

“You make it look so easy.” She complained to her friend.

“You just have to remember to relax your throat, make yourself let him in.” Jen coached her friend.

“Okay, let me try one more time.” Meg responded before dropping her mouth onto me again.

She was unable to take me much deeper than the first effort. Meg was determined to get me in her throat though, one turned into two, three,…I lost track of how many efforts she gave. Honestly, I enjoyed her struggles a little more than Jen’s smooth attempts. Hitting the back of Meghan’s throat was a wonderful feeling, watching the little girl gag on my cock was just the cherry on top. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, Meg was finally able to overcome the urge to gag and slide her lips down to the base of my shaft.

“I knew I could do it!” Meg said with a sense of pride as she came up for air.

“Nicely done.” Jen applauded her friends achievement.

I managed to survive the fierce deep-throating that ensued. Meg and Jen taking turns, handing my pole off to the other awaiting mouth.

“Got anything left, stud?” Jen asked me popping her mouth from my cock.

To me this sounded like a challenge, a challenge the competitor within just wouldn’t allow me to lose.

“The room just inside the door has a pull out couch, that will give us much more room.” I said.

Standing up, still constricted by the basketball shorts at my knees, I led the two girls through the door. Almost in one motion I kicked the shorts off, removed my t-shirt, and readied the bed. For a split second I remarked how good it felt to get out of those sweaty clothes, then I felt two hands on my chest. Jen lightly pushed me back onto the bed.

“Sit back and enjoy the show.” She told me.

The two friends quickly embraced, exchanging kisses. Jen and Meg’s hands both wandered, as they slowly peeled off the each other’s clothing.

I stroked myself as I watched this display. With each stroke I felt I was about to explode but I managed to hold my load.

Jen’s panties were soon the only article that remained. I could imagine Meg’s tongue thrusting into her friend’s mouth from witnessing Jen’s reaction to the each deep kiss she received. After her tongue administered another distraction, Meghan’s hooked her fingers into Jen’s panties.

Unimpeded by any more pieces of cloth, the two girl’s beauty was on full display. Many men would enjoy a handful of chocolate chips as much as they would a tall glass of milk, but combine the two and you have something truly special. If not for the contrast, I could not see where one girl’s flesh ended and the others t began.

Jen broke the girl’s embrace as she turned her eyes to me. She stepped forward, replacing my hand with her own. She raised herself up to straddle me with those perfect milky white thighs. Without warning she descended herself onto me. The lips guarding the entrance to her pink hole wrapped around my member as she began to ride.

“One, two, three,…, seeeeven, e-i-e-i-eight, na-na-na-nine.” She counted out every inch as she slowly made her way down.

As she slide down to my base, over and over, I could see a pool of her juices beginning to form on my stomach. I was very pleased I could give this beauty that kind of pleasure, fuelling my desire to do the same to her patiently waiting friend.

I peered around Jen’s bouncing frame to see Meg shaking her glorious hips.

“Ready for me again?” Meg asked as she noticed my glance.

“Just a little longer.” Jen moaned as her bouncing slowed.

“You can have him when I’m done.” Meg said reassuring her friend.

Meg’s words were enough to encourage Jen to disembark. I had previously been impressed by the volume of the puddle, but the amount of Jen’s juices left on my shaft was insane.

Meg soon replaced her friend guiding me inside her hole. As Escort Harbiye she found her pace, I tried to decide, did I prefer the dark or light chocolate more? Each was so sweet, how could I choose with only one taste?

Meg continued to push my cock into her. Was it possible that only after a week she felt this much better? Where did see find the time to learn? I guess Jen helped her study, a ‘cramming’ session? My fantasy of the two girls licking and playing with each other was broken by Meghan’s loud moans. Thank god no one else was home, too bad the city had not been evacuated though! Her juices joined the puddle Jen had left on my stomach.

“I’ll clean that up.” Jen volunteered pointing at the mess on my torso.

Her long tongue darted out of her mouth as she lowered her head closer to my body. My muscles tensed beneath the massive pool with anticipation. The little kitten lapped up the spilt milk. As her tongue mopped up the fluid it lingered dragging itself across the ridges of my muscled stomach. Having finished the cleaning, her hungry tongue was not satisfied and reached up to find Meghan’s swollen clit.

The look of shire delight on Meghan’s face pushed me even further.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to blow!” I screamed.

Jen relieved her mouth from its duties, “Hold on there big boy, we have another surprise for you.”

There’s more? How could there be more? I had already sampled either girls throat and pussy, what was left? Then I realized what Jen meant.

“Have you ever?” Jen asked seeing I had finally detected her true meaning.

I shook my head.

“Two? How lucky am I. This will be Meghan’s first time as well.” Jen shared.

“Be gentle.” Meg implored.

At this point, I doubted my ability to be anything but. Meg pulled off of me and I switched spots with the girls. They turned their torso’s over and stuck their asses out at me. For a moment I took in the picture. Thinking about what wonders awaited me inside the yin and the yang.

“Me first! So Meg has a chance to catch her breath.” Reasoned the greedy Jen.

I could not fault her rational and decided to give in to her wishes, positioning myself in front of the paler set of cheeks. I used my hands to spread them apart, giving myself a better view. My cock in place at the entrance to Jen’s ass.

“It’s just like a pussy, no need to be shy.” Jen said over her shoulder.

The girl obviously did not share my sense of curiosity. Regardless, I headed to her wishes and thrust myself forward.

I was able to move past her sphincter a lot more easily than expected. The semen both girls had drenched me in allowed a smoother insertion as I moved deeper.

“Slowly now…you have a freaking huge dick!” Jen urged.

I lessened my pace as I began to hump.

“Yea, just like that.” Jen purred, “I’m so glad Meg was willing to share your huge dick with me.”

“Spank me daddy!” Jen barked.

I swatted her cheek.

“Don’t be a pussy, smack it harder!” She ordered.

I coiled my arm back a bit further before my open hand found her cheek.

“Harder!” Jen yelled in frustration.

I smacked her cheek with all my power, leaving a bright red hand print.

“Do it again!” She instructed.

I smacked her again and again while I pushed my cock into her ass.

“Keep going and you’ll make me cum.” She groaned.

I was delighted by the revelation that I could give her anything close to the feelings she was giving me. I continued to hump and smack her through her moans.

“I’m almost there!” She screamed.

I really wanted to hold on for her friend, but having her tighten around me once more was just too much. Our moans harmonized as I began pumping my load deep with in. I humped as deep as I could until I had given her every drop of fluid left in my body.

I pulled out and fell backwards. My body crumpled on the floor as I gasped for air.

“Where did that come from?” I heard Jen asking.

I felt bad enough about it, but what kind of men was she used to? I thought I had done a superb job even by not firing into a throat.

“I was looking forward to my turn.” Meghan’s voice chimed in.

“You better not think we’re going to let you lie there forever, you still have a job to do.” Jen reminded me.

Seriously? These girls were vampires, out to drain me of all my juice.

Hands found my crumpled self and started to roll me over on my back. I opened my eyes to identify the source of the warm breaths I felt. I could see Jen’s mouth as it took in my softening cock. She sucked and sucked. It was cute watching her try and get me ready for her friend. I was fairly confident I could not achieve the blood flow she desired just yet, but I did not want to interrupt the attempt.

This girl really knew what to do with her mouth. She was able to use her tongue to give me feelings that compared to the orgasm I just had. I closed my eyes, fully allowing myself to enjoy this pampering.

“Is Harbiye Escort Bayan it ready yet?” Meghan’s voice asked.

“Just about.” Jen responded.

This girl has shown her greed enough, so she has moved on to the next sin? Just when I was about to call her a liar, I opened my eyes to see her mouth had almost worked my cock back to full strength!

“All done!” Jen said to her friend as she popped her mouth off of me.

She had managed to get me fully erect once more.

“Get up!” She said to me, “there’s a big black ass waiting for this.” She gave me a squeeze.

My brain overruled pretty much every muscle in my body as it forced me to stand up. Jen had drawn so much blood to my cock that just getting up caused the room to spin. I rubbed my eyes to remove the dizziness. When the room became less of a blur I saw Meg, still in the same position I had left her. Bent over the edge of the bed, her round cheeks wiggling in my direction.

“You’re going to have to take it even slower with me.” She reminded..

“Here, let’s get you lubed up for her.” The ever helpful Jen said.

Now kneeling in front of Meghan on the bed, Jen leaned over her friends torso, angling her mouth at my crotch. Jen sucked me in making sure to apply a tremendous amount of her spit. Once she was satisfied with her efforts she removed her mouth, leaving me dripping with saliva.

“This will help it go in easier.” Jen said.

I smiled at Jen to thank her for the preparation. If I could see through Meghan’s back I bet there would be a smile on her face ten times larger than mine.

As I did with Jen, I positioned my cock at Meghan’s hole. I stroked it a couple times before I took the plunge. I pushed about as hard as I did with her friend, but Meghan did not let me in. Remembering her words, I wanted to be gentle with Meghan but it just wasn’t going to happen.

“I need to push harder.” I said.

Instead of offering a protest, Meghan jolted her head forward to brace for impact.

Gathering myself I focused my efforts on pushing once again. I applied a little more force to each thrust, but after many attempts still no penetration.

“You’re just too tight.” I said to Meghan.

“Do I have to do everything?” Jen said rolling her eyes.

In a make believe huff, Jen moved around Meghan’s torso to position her head just below her friends crotch.

“Peek-a-boo!” Jen said looking up at me through the small gap left between Meghan’s ass and my stomach.

Jen reached a hand around my cock and led it into her friend’s ass.

“You’re right, she is super tight back there.” Jen said to me after she had given up.

I could see from the look on Jen’s face she was trying to figure out how to solve this problem.

“I know!” Jen had her eureka moment.

“Honey, he’s going to have to push real hard, but I will try my best to make sure you don’t feel the pain.” She began explaining her idea to Meghan.

“Don’t hold back.” Jen gave me my instructions before turning away.

Soon after Jen’s head disappeared Meg let out a high pitched yelp. Meghan’s initial yelp of surprise faded in pitch to a low frequency moan.

Unfortunately the lengthy deliberation of how penetration could be achieved had allowed much of Jen’s saliva to dry off my rod. Thinking on my feet I aimed down and spat on Meghan;s butt hole. This would have to do.

I forced my cock at Meghan’s ass and was finally able to get past her gate. The penetration added a scream to her moan’s of pleasure.

The ass hole really was tight. Jen’s did feel great, but Meghan took this experience to a whole other level. Not to harp on the point, but the visual Meghan provided also far surpassed Jen. Looking down to see that amazingly round ass parting for me was a heck of a sight. Again, not taking a shot at Jen, her friend’s body was just made for being rocked from behind!

I probably could have held off for awhile longer, I was just too tired, and I could tell Meghan had had enough.

“I want you to blow on my ass!” Meghan screamed.

I wanted to more! Her smooth ebony skin, the ridiculous curves of her backside, it would look amazing under a coating or two of semen.

I pulled myself out and began to stroke. Jen reached around Meghan’s body to lend me a helping hand. After getting myself close I allowed Jen to take over. She had gripped me with a second hand at this point.

Jen milked the streams out of my sack, making me spew my second load of the day all over Meghan’s ass. Opening my eyes again, I was a little surprised at the volume my balls had left. After the first load I felt completely drained, but somehow I managed a healthy sized second.

Jen kept jerking me for awhile after my spurts subsided. When she let go I almost instantly collapsed on the bed next to Meghan. The afternoon had taken so much out of me, I needed a rest. The plan was to just close my eyes for a second, but when I opened them the sun had gone away. I glanced at my watch to confirm it, I had been asleep for the last four hours.

Looking around I could see that the girl’s had taken-off, I felt a little upset that I had been abandoned, but more than that I felt sleepy still. Thankful that I had survived the vampire attack I hugged my pillow and drifted back to dream world.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32