The Daughter’s Boyfriend Pt. 04

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Big Tits

Note to the reader: This story contains depictions of non-consent and reluctance as the lead character discovers his inner most desires.


I woke to the feel of Jackie’s warm breath on my chest as she nestled into my shoulder. Her leg was draped across my pelvis. I was completely content and sexually drained. Her soft warm skin felt like heaven and I did not want to move. What 42-year-old man would not want a 19-year-old naked girl clinging to him at (I looked at the clock) 11:47 AM? That being said, my mind was already turning to my newly developed craving for cock.

My mind reeled, as I recalled this morning with Jackie. A week ago, she was an innocent little girl that I thought of as a second daughter. Today she was some sort of nympho dominatrix that brought to life the many thousands of hours of porn I’ve watched since my wife died 10+ years ago.

I had purged myself of porn 4 days ago and hoped to make a new start after I discovered my daughter had been following me down the path of porn addiction without my knowledge. She found my entire stash years ago and I unwittingly corrupted my sweet little angel, turning her into a blackmailing sex addict.

My “new beginning” failed completely this morning when I wildly fucked her best friend Jackie’s ass before, Jackie in turn, pegged my ass and made me beg for it. I gently caressed her smooth satin skin, running my fingertips over her back and shoulders. Her breathing was steady and warm across my chest. Even with this sexy young lady snuggled against me, my mind turned to my lust for cock.

The memory of Eric’s huge dick pumping into my mouth was so powerful I could not turn it off. When he fucked my ass, I thought he would tear me up permanently, but it didn’t take long for me to cum in the pillow that blanketed my cock as he pounded my prostate. His arrogance was off the scale, but he tapped into something in me that made me want to comply without question. It was almost hypnotic. A dark part of me wanted to be humiliated and dominated, that was the worst part of all of this.

Once again, I dozed only to be rudely awakened by Amanda’s voice, “What the fuck Daddy!”

Jackie and I both were shocked awake and sat up.

“What a hypocrite! You say I need help but look at you. Can’t keep your hands off my best friend for a day!”

“I’m sorry, ‘Manda!” Said Jackie as she rolled off the bed.

“The strap-on Daddy. You made her buttfuck you too?”

Ashamed, I just laid there staring at her angry eyes as Jackie scrambled to pick up the dildo and return it to the duffle bag. She grabbed her clothes and ran out with Amanda following.

My inner voice screamed at me. “You fucking idiot! Please get some kind of control! You’re ruining your daughter’s life!”

After a few moments I heard the door slam, then the car started and pulled out tires screeching.

When I searched the house, Jackie was also gone. Amanda must have taken Jackie with her. I wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or not but hoped for the best. It didn’t seem like a good idea to text Jackie if she was in the car with Amanda, so I decided to give them a cooling off period and reach out later.

After a shower and some breakfast, I decided to take a bike ride and think about what’s next. I rode twenty-eight miles and felt a little better afterwards. I concluded it was time to pressure Eric to either help with the intervention or move on. If he could not help, then I would have to come up with my own plan.

I felt confident we knew where all her blackmail material was and with Markus’ help, we could delete all of it, but we still needed a united front if we were going to be successful getting her the counseling help, she needed.

I sent him a text.

Me: Are you available today to talk about Amanda.

Eric: Sorry working doubles this weekend. Monday night?

Me: When and where?

Eric: My Place 6:30 I will need both orifices 🙂

Me: I’m Serious, we need to talk about Amanda.

Eric: The poor thing is pretty upset you made her bestie ass fuck you this morning. I could have done that if you would have let me know.

I could not believe he knew about this morning. But at least Amanda was talking to him again. Unfortunately, it seemed the only way she would talk to him was if she were pissed at me.

I had a quiet day at the house and by evening, I still had not heard from Amanda, so I texted.

Me: Coming home for Dinner?

Amanda: Staying over at Jackie’s

Me: OK, I miss you.

Amanda: Miss me or Jackie?

Me: I miss YOU. Sorry.

There was no response after that.

Her shutout continued Sunday unit around 10:00PM she came home and went straight to her bedroom and shut the door.

I followed and knocked.

“Amanda, can we please talk sweetie?” I asked pleadingly.

“There’s nothing to talk about Daddy. You’ve got issues and you pretend it’s me that has a problem.” She replied sniffling.

“I admit I need help, OK? But your manipulation and blackmail of Sandi and others Maltepe Escort is not only wrong but illegal! We can both go to counseling, I promise. It’s my fault, I admit it. I never met for you to see any of that stuff. I know it had to be confusing…”

“Shut the fuck up and leave me alone Daddy! I’m an adult and can make my own decisions. I’ll fuck whoever I want, and you have nothing to do with it. Just leave me alone!”

I cried riddled with guilt, ” Please sweetie, just talk to me!”

“Leave me the fuck alone! Please!” She screamed in tears.

I left her alone and went to bed. I laid awake for hours, until I finally dozed off.

I awoke at 6:00AM to find her gone. By 3:00PM I was worried sick and texted her for the 5th time and left another voice mail with no response.

Next, I texted Eric.

Me: Heard from Amanda?

Eric: Not since Saturday. what’s up?

ME: Gone this morning and not responding to texts or calls.

Eric: Probably should talk about it later after you suck my cock.

I ignored him and texted Jackie.

Me: Is everything ok? Amanda with you?

Jackie: She’s here.

Me: At your house?

Jackie: Yes

Me: Is she any better?

Jackie: No. Pissed and crazy. She’s texting with someone a lot. Gotta go.

Thoughts of Mistress Jackie were getting me going again. I flipped on the TV to distract me from the inappropriate thoughts. I recalled how soft her skin was against mine. It was like the finest silk only warm and smelled so wonderful…

I once again had to pull myself together. These years of porn addiction seemed to have destroyed any self-control I had left. If I couldn’t control myself with Jackie, there would be no hope for mending my relationship with Amanda.

As 6:30 approached I sent a text to Eric.

Me: Still on for 6:30?

Eric: I’m up for it. (There was a picture of his boner.)

Me: To talk about Amanda!

Eric: Your lips will be moving…

Why was I still looking at the picture and why was I getting hard already? It was huge in my mouth, and the pulsing sensation I could feel on my tongue as he unloaded in me will stick with me forever.

Me: 6:30 no more games. You’re in or you’re out. Step up and help or I’ll come up with a plan on my own.

He did not respond. I had on a pair of loose-fitting jeans hoping that would give me some cover if I could not control my thoughts.

As I was preparing a text came from Amanda. Sandi, Eric and Jackie were all copied.

Amanda: There seems to be a double standard in the family that you can fuck my friends at will and use them for your perverted little pleasures. It seems to me, Daddy and Aunt Sandi, that there is a difference between me doing my peers and you doing people half your age. Yet you sit in judgment of me and want to stage an intervention.

Amanda: Jackie and I were together long before you got your horny little hands on her.

She attached a video of her and Jackie. I clicked on it and it showed them kissing and undressing from a few years ago.

Amanda: Now Daddy has turned my boyfriend gay to keep him from me. Well it ends now. You both will back off or I will show the world how you both have taken advantage of my best friend from your positions of authority.

This time a video of Jackie and Sandi along with a second one of Jackie and I was attached.

Amanda: Your “intervention” plans are over. You know what they say about people in glass houses and throwing stones. I am an adult and you just need to let me live my life. Any attempt to force me to get “help” and it all goes public, plain and simple. Accept I am an adult capable of making my own decisions and no one will ever know. This is the last time I will speak on this matter. I love you all but it’s my life.

Once again shame and humiliation washed over me. My mind started a slide show of the shocked faces of my friends and family watching me suck cock and fuck my daughters best friend. The picture of Jackie’s parents watching made my chest tighten, and I began to feel faint.

I steadied myself as a panic attack came upon me. Hyperventilating, I dropped to my knees bracing myself with a hand against the wall. As it began to ease up, I thought to myself, “At least now I can talk to Sandi and get her help with this.”

Then I recalled Eric’s statement that if I received a text from Amanda with her and Jackie in it, I would know his plan was working. I jumped in the car and drove to Eric’s hoping the tide would be turning soon.

When I arrived, he greeted me at the door wearing a bath robe with damp hair.

“Right on time Porn Hound,” he said smugly.

His robe was barely tied at the waist and as I stepped in, his pink cock head popped through the front of the robe. My eyes blinked and locked on, but I quickly looked up and into his eyes.

“This is serious Eric; we need to talk about Amanda. You saw her text I’m sure. She is out of control, and we’ve got to put a stop to this.” I said stepping into Kartal Escort the hallway.

He crowded me as I squeezed past him to get inside wanting to avoid a repeat of the embarrassment, he put me through, the last time I stood on his porch.

“Relax Porn Hound, as I told you, this is all part of the plan. We have other things to discuss first. Right this way please, I’ve missed you,” He said walking toward the living room.

As he walked, he dropped the robe exposing his round little ass and narrow torso. The porn brain kicked in and I pictured kissing that beautiful ass all over, slowly savoring his warm skin. Not thirty seconds through the door and my will was breaking.

He sat on the sofa, legs spread with his eight-inch flaccid cock leaning to the left, touching the sofa.

I sat in the chair I was in when I watched him fuck the horny schoolteacher. My own cock was already abandoning flaccid and on the express train to Graniteville. I tried not to stare. but could not break my gaze when it twitched and began to expand.

I watched as he pushed a rush of blood into his dick and it rose up off the sofa before settling back down but pointed a little higher. After a few seconds, it pulsed again, slowly pointed at me and settled back not quite touching the sofa.

The rim around his cockhead became more pronounced with each pulse. Again, it rose and remained pointed directly at me. I could barely breath and swallowed hard. It was nearly ten full inches and thickened by the second. Then it pulsed again, pointing to the ceiling and remained stationary for a few seconds before it settled back to ten o’clock. Or should it be ten o’cock?

My boner was fully hard and the tingling sensation through my cock and balls was overpowering. I had no idea where I was or why I was there other than to admire the magnificent tool that pointed over my head at the perfect angle to meet my mouth. My mouth was flooded with saliva from the memory of how it felt blasting my mouth with hot cum.

My cock pulsed with electricity as I watched a drop of glistening pre-cum form on the tip of his pink head.

The silence was shattered snapping me back to reality. “You got a woody like a sixteen-year-old in Victoria’s Secret Porn Hound. Tell me what you want?”

He made it rise up again and the droplet of sweet juice grew larger.

“Say it…” He taunted.

I did not respond but did not break my gaze either. My breathing was labored and deep and my heart pounded. My legs were pressed firmly together, and I flexed my thighs putting pressure on my cock. I thought I might cum in my pants just looking at it.

All inhibition vanished as gravity gripped the glob of pre-cum and it slowly slid down. Unconsciously, I walked quickly to him, knelt and extended my tongue. The droplet of sweet juice sent a jolt from my taste buds to my balls and I pressed my lips to his cock head. My tongue scooped the pre-cum from his slit as my lips engulfed his crown.

“Damn Mr. Thompson,” he sighed touching the top of my head.

He pulled me off, “Where are your manners Porn Hound?”

“Please, let me suck your cock Eric. I need you to cum in my mouth!” I said urgently.

“Strip naked and show me how much you want it!” He commanded.

I stood up quickly, whipped off my polo shirt while kicking of my shoes. Then I unbuttoned my jeans and yanked down my pants and underwear. My boner caught in the waist band of my underwear and snapped against my belly as it broke free.

My six-inch hard-on paled next to his 10+inch monster. I dropped to my knees and gripped him with both hands. My armpits saddled his thighs and my elbows pointed to the floor as I held his hot stiff meat.

“Manners?” he asked arrogantly.

“Please, let me make you cum Eric. I need you to cum in my mouth,” I begged and shoved it in.

I began to pump him hard and fast, anxious to feel him unload in my mouth. As I did, I heard the door open, and his hand held my head in place. I could see what looked like Markus out of the corner of my eye. My heart sunk at the thought of him seeing my weakness.

“Hey Markus, just in time for the show. Why don’t you get out of those gym shorts and come get you some? I’m sure Porn Hound would share. You know you’ve been thinking about it since the last show.” he said smugly.

I tried to look but Eric pulled my hair and raised my head to look at him. “You just keep your lips on the prize and your eyes to yourself Porn Hound.”

He pushed back into my mouth.

“Oh yeah, excellent Mar, arcus,” he sighed as I bobbed faster.

I could see Markus standing beside me out of the corner of my eye. He appeared to be stripping naked.

“Oh fuck!” Grunted Eric pushing my head. “Th, this is g, gonna be great!”

I saw Markus step in beside us, knees against Eric’s thighs. His cock was stiffening by the second. It looked like he was falling prey to Eric’s huge cock also. But, instead of kneeling, he bent forward and put a death pinch on Eric’s neck and shoulder. Eric groaned Kurtköy Escort in pain as Markus squeezed and pulled him closer.

Eric’s mouth was agape as he yelled out in pain, and Markus shoved his cock in Eric’s mouth. Eric struggled to get free, but I pressed down hard with my upper body, pinned his legs and deep throated his boner.

“Mmmuuphhh!” was all Eric could say with Markus shoving his cock into his throat.

“Watch your fucking teeth or I’ll twist your fucking head off Cocksucker!” Growled Markus.

I was shocked, excited and turned on, seeing Markus turn the tables on Eric.

“Mwaaaaa!” Screamed Eric as the grip on the nerve plexus of his shoulder intensified.

“Relax and suck my cock and this will be over soon enough.” Said Markus in a soothing tone.

Eric continued to struggle only to get an even harder pinch, before finally getting the message. His whole body relaxed, and he seemed to be cooperating. Markus held the back of his head bobbing him up and down on his cock.

“Oooohhhh Yeeeaaah, Eric, much better. I knew you were lashing out at Mr. Thompson because of denial. You’re a cocksucker, damn your lips are soft, but you’re afraid to admit it buddy. Shit, that feels goo, oo, ood. Get me good and wet, oh yes.” Sighed Markus.

I could taste pre-cum leaking from Eric as he began to moan while he sucked Markus’ cock. I picked up the pace, but Markus withdrew from Eric’s mouth, pulled him by his hair and stood him up.

“I think you owe Mr. Thompson a little payback Buddy. Mike, sit there on the sofa and let Eric suck your cock. It’s the least he could do for being an arrogant little prick.” Said Markus firmly.

He was such a sight to see, his cut linebacker body dwarfed Eric’s skinny frame. His dark skin seemed to shimmer from the light reflecting off of it. Eric held his head to the side trying to lessen the pain of Markus’ grip on his hair.

I reluctantly let Eric’s prize cock flop free, but quickly jumped on the sofa with my ass against the armrest, left leg on the seat touching the back of the sofa and right foot on the floor. Markus walked his head toward my solid steel boner.

“Hands and knees Eric. You’re gonna suck Mr. Thompson off and swallow his fuckin’ spunk or I’m gonna break your fuckin’ neck, Bitch.”

“Please don’t make me…Ah!” He screamed in pain as Markus really jerked his hair. “OK! OK!”

Eric put one hand next to my right hip and the other gripped my ready to pop boner. He pointed it toward the ceiling. Then he lowered his head toward my throbbing dick.

“Beg for it!” Markus commanded with a really loud slap to his naked ass.

“Ow!” Yelled Eric. Panting and grunting, he continued, “Please let me suck your cock Mr. Thompson.”

I tilted my head back and spread my legs wider as his lips touched my cock head. I was oozing pre-cum and nearly shot my load immediately as his soft warm lips pressed onto my boner.

“Ooooohhhhhhh,” I sighed long and slow and nearly came immediately.

Slap! Markus spanked his ass hard and he grunted onto my cock.

“You’re my little Bitch Eric and I’m gonna fuck the shit out of that round little ass.” Said Markus as he smiled at me.

He wet a finger in his mouth and shoved quickly and firmly into Eric’s ass.

“Mmmmmuuuuuuhhhhhh!” he groaned and pulled off. “No, please that fucking hurts…”

Slap! “Fuck!” yelled Eric.

Slap! “Did he cum in your mouth Bitch?”

“No!” Squealed Eric.

“Then get it back in your fucking mouth and finish the job!”

Eric complied and started sucking me hard. “Oh fuck!” I groaned.

Markus waddled on his knees closer to Eric’s gorgeous ass and pressed his stiff cock head against his virgin ass. “You’re gonna like this Eric,” he said mockingly.

He pulled off me again, ” Please…” Slap!

He quickly resumed his cock sucking duties and had me to the edge as Markus thrust his seven-inch rod into Eric’s tight little asshole.

“Maaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” he groaned loudly but kept his lips engaged with my boner.

I recalled how much his round little ass excited me and the thought of fucking it made me instantly jealous and excited at the same time. Markus smiled at me and lipped, “I got you.” and winked.

I put a hand on Eric’s head and pushed him faster.

“Fuck, that’s good Eric! I, I’m gonna f, fuckin’ cum!” I yelled and thrust myself into his throat.

He masterfully took all six inches and his lips tickled my balls with each bob. My back arched and legs stiffened. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! AH!” I grunted and jerked in rhythm to my jets of cum unloading in his mouth.

Eric groaned and sucked it all in swallowing almost every drop.

“Oh fuck, Eric that’s so good.” I whined pumping his face.

Markus pressed slowly in and out and I could sense Eric’s body beginning to relax as his asshole stretched a little more with each pass.

“Nice work Eric.” Said Markus calmly. “Now back up here and stand up. We’re gonna let Mike here finish what he started.”

He grabbed Eric’s hips and pulled away from me. I groaned, disappointed when he pulled him off. Then he grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to a standing position.

Maintaining a painful grip, he whispered in his ear. “Are you gonna do what I tell you Bitch?” Asked Markus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32