The Break In

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It was midnight. The moonlight dripped across the grass, shading the once green blades silver. The sky was clear- the stars were out. Her breath came quickly, but not from exhaustion.

As she walked across the field, she felt the urge to run, to move faster, almost as if she was being chased, but she was not, and she knew it. The only thing behind her was her own nervousness, her own fear. She sprinted, letting the wind flow around her body and snap her hair behind her. She felt free, her long blonde hair flowing, and knew that tonight many questions would be asked, maybe even answered.

It had all started almost three months ago, when she had caught his eye while getting her morning hot chocolate. He was tall, taller than her, and she had memorized every feature of his face and body. He was sleek, well muscled, thin but not angular- the long arms that would enfold her in a gentle hug, his tapered fingers and lithe hands, how he would smile, and that’s all she would need to laugh- all this, and so much more. She was drawn to his eyes, how deep and honest they were, so thoughtful, and still sparkling with some hidden dreams of mischief, like he hadn’t quite forgotten his childhood. When she caught him looking at her, he had an artist’s look on his face, a desire to capture that which he saw in the immortality of canvas and paints. Over the weeks she had gotten to know him, and realized that this was wholly accurate- he was an artist, not only with lines and pencils but with words. They had spent so much time talking and laughing, sharing tastes in everything from poetry to music to life itself that she felt an intimate connection, a bond that she could scarcely understand.

And now, what was she doing? She knew he lived alone, although she had never been inside his house before. And so here she was, her car parked on some back country road, walking across a field so she could break into his house. She knew she could knock, but she wanted to surprise him, and so when he signed off for the night, she left her house and began the drive out to his. Shivering- it wasn’t a cold night out- she approached the massive structure majestic even against the mountains. She opened the gate and closed it quietly, creeping across his yard lest she awaken his dogs. She found the window he had inadvertently told her about, the broken one that he hadn’t had time to replace. She pulled the cardboard off, careful not to rip it or the tape. She climbed in, dropping to the floor, and replaced the cardboard. As silently as she could, she made her way across the basement floor, taking a step and pausing, making sure nothing was moving, then continuing. She found his door, and grasped the doorknob, and, seeing that it was unlocked she smiled and let herself in.

He lay in the bed, breathing softly. By the soft light of the computer monitor, his handsome features were shadowed and almost too perfect. She could see his chest, muscled and broad, where the sheets had slipped down. Setting her pack down, she closed the door and took off her sandals. She noticed İstanbul Escort the sketches all across the floor, with notes and writing, just before she stepped on a sheet.

The crinkle, as quiet as it would have been, amplified by the darkness seemed to echo. She cursed silently, but there was no reaction from the figure on the bed. She wasn’t sure what to do next, so she took off her jacket, revealing the lacy black cami she was wearing, and her favorite dark blue jeans. Stepping carefully around to the side he was facing, with a bedside table, she leaned forwards onto the bed to see if he was awake. He didn’t react so she summoned up her courage and reached forward, giving in a little to desire, and traced her fingers along the outline of his neck, down across his shoulders, and-

In an instant his hands shot up, seizing her painfully by the wrists. In the blink of an eye she was flipped onto her back, struggling with her arms held above her head and a sudden ice across her neck.

“Don’t Move. I have a knife at your throat.” The deep growl slapped across her face, and she froze, shaking with adrenaline.

“Who are you? What the hell are you doing in my house?” She didn’t dare speak with the knife against her throat. He released it a little, still

holding both her hands above her head with one of his. She dared to breathe, and started to say his name. “Tal-“

“Jesus, Tanya, I could have killed you! What are you doing here?” She shook her head, and he took the knife away.

“Mmm… nice to see you too, handsome. Sorry I didn’t bring any of my knives, if I had known there was going to be a party…” He grinned and shook his head, and showed her the knife. It was short and finely honed, the edge glittering wickedly. A wolf’s head was carved into the handle, obviously professional. She nodded in appreciation, and he laid it back down on the table.

“So when do I get my hands back?” she wriggled a little underneath his body, making sure he felt it.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he flashed a smile “I kind of like you where you are.” He looked over her body, and Tanya shivered, and blushed.

“Now now, you wouldn’t dare.” She scolded him, and he smiled.

“I don’t know about that, see- you came into my house, and I think I have full rights to do whatever I want with you.” He said it silkily, but the ragged edge in his voice caught her breath in her throat and she shivered.

“I could scream,” her voice was little more than a whisper.

“Yes, but why?” he inquired. “I haven’t done anything wrong- yet.” With that, he leaned down, and carefully, oh so gently, touched his lips to hers, and caressed them, such passion and yet such control. A kiss- sweet, simple, no lust, only longing. Her muscles quivered, her strength left her, and she was caught up in the deep connection, lost in a whirlpool, drowning, yet she didn’t care. He pulled away and she lay there, unable to move save to breathe. His mouth sought hers again, but this time she felt the need, the hunger, the power in his kiss and Escort Bayan she wanted more. He released her hands, and she reached down, tracing her fingers along his face, his neck, and his broad naked shoulders. He sighed, and she ran her hands up and down his back, caressing it, embracing his body to hers. She nestled her head in the base of his neck, and pulled him down to her, pressing her body against his, matching his need with her own. She let her hands wander across his chest, and pushed him down onto his back, feeling him shudder with- Pleasure? Anticipation? She would soon find out.

Her hands slipped down his body, feather light, across his chest, around his neck, then slowly, ever so slowly, she let them go further, below the sheets, up and down his thighs, teasing him until she could hear his heartbeat speeding up. She moved up, and kissed him softly on the forehead, then continued down, pausing on his lips, to tease them with her tongue, and then down his neck. She took both his hands and held them above his head, and ran her hands down his sides, kissing as she went lower. She finished her last kiss, and looked up at him. He glanced down at her, saw the look in her eyes and let a tiny moan escape his lips. She started to stroke him, slowly, with only her fingertips, and watched his face as he grew in her hand. She licked her lips, opened her mouth just a fraction, and lowered her mouth down around him tantalizingly. His gasp at the initial entry was enough to make her shiver, but she continued, taking all of him deep into her mouth, then her throat. He pressed up against her, but she stayed still, not moving her tongue or lips, just holding him there in her mouth. She started to move her tongue side to side, and he pushed up against her with his hips. She started moving her head up and down, brushing her lips over his head every time, as slowly and gently as she could. He moaned again, and she took him deep into her mouth as quickly as she could and froze. He bucked for a second, then strained against her, but didn’t come.

She took her mouth away, ignoring his protests, and started kissing him again, down his thighs, his calves, and back up. When she reached his hips she felt him push up, but didn’t stop until his neck. Turning his head to the side she bit him softly, gently, teasingly. He caught her hand, and she looked into his eyes. Caught in them was the same spark she remembered, but now they were burning, and she gasped as his mouth captured hers, hard, pulling her against him with the force of an ocean wave- irresistible, powerful. He turned her onto her back, and she saw his hand grab for the knife on the bedside table, she struggled away, but he caught her, and in one swift movement he slipped the knife against her stomach and up, but cutting away- and her shirt was ripped off of her, her milky white breasts revealed. He threw the knife down, and grasped her chin in his hands, kissed her, then lowered his head to her chest, taking the tip of her breast in his mouth, circling it with his tongue until Eskort it hardened and swiftly moving on to the other one. His hands ventured down, across her taut stomach muscles and to the waist of her jeans. Pulling them down her hips, he revealed lace and silk, smooth and soft to the touch. Almost shyly, he tugged them below her ankles and off, then with an uncertain hand he lifted her leg away from the other, and kissed her calf, then her thigh, and as the sweet scent of her sex rose around him, he chanced a daring kiss at the triangle of desire. Her body trembled in response, and he pushed her underwear aside with a single finger, and lowered his mouth for the most intimate kiss of all.

He let his tongue slide along her outer lips, and with soft, gentle flicks he teased, some softer, steadily growing more intense until she pushed against him, then he pressed her into his mouth, sucking hard and then soft, massaging her with his lips and drinking in the tangy juices that invaded his mouth. Her hands pulled his head against her, and he grew bolder, teasing her more, pushing her until she gasped and then stopping, slowing, bringing her back down. He started rhythmically stroking her, and at the same time, his hand caressed the inside of her thigh, growing closer and closer until he reached the very spot he was sucking, and pushed a finger deep inside her. It slid in with a wonderful slick friction, and he pulled it out slowly, then pushed it in quickly, and out slowly, all the while still licking and sucking her. Her gasps became harsher, and she moaned, almost a growl.

“please…” panting, she begged him for release. He started pushing his finger into her only halfway, pulling out before she could react, and smiling at her moans of frustration. She thrust against him, and he paused, forcing her to stay still while he brought her closer. Still teasing, he crawled alongside her, and caught her mouth with his own, just as he pushed into her as hard and as fast as he could. She screamed into his mouth and came, and in an instant he was again between her legs, enjoying her orgasm as much as she had.

When he was finished, and her quivering lips gave him no more moisture, he kneeled in front of her, running his hands over her body, massaging her, calming her. His touch grew more urgent, and she saw the need in his eyes. Clasping his hand, she pulled him down across her, feeling his skin slide against hers. She laid him back against the pillow, and leaned in to kiss his chest, neck and then, as she positioned herself over him, until his tip was barely touching her, she kissed him deeply- and lowered herself onto him, inch by inch, slowly. She gasped as his full length filled her, and he grasped her hips and drove deeper into her, and then flipped her around so she was under him, and started to thrust savagely into her. She lifted her hips to his rocking motion, driving him into her as hard as she could, until his breath caught, his body spasmed and he collapsed onto her.

When they both caught their breath, he slid off and relaxed completely, holding her in his arms. She snuggled against his side, soft, warm and deliciously feminine. Her face, now innocent in sleep, was that of a deeply satisfied angel, and he smiled to himself as he drifted off-

‘Best break-in I ever had.’

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