The Barlows – Thea

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This is the first of a new series. If you enjoy it and prompt me to continue, I will. The tale is long and it contains plenty of erotica. This is my first attempt. Be nice in your responses.

Chapter One
“The Beginning”

The cloudless sun beat down unmerciful on the somber gathered contingency as they looked on with sadness and compassion at the black clothed figure of a young blond headed girl. She was bending down next to a fresh dug plot, sobbing quietly as an imposing figure of a man whom appeared to be in his late, possibly early fifties, was offering condolences. His name was Dan Barton a man of great importance in this part of the world.
“Come my dear, let us leave.” He, the girl’s uncle whispered as he took
her by the arm and gently lifted-upward. “Let’s get out of this sun.”
Sniffing, the blemish – free girl nodded, rose, and took his arm. On the way to the limo, several people stopped and offered condolences. Driving away, Thea Barton, who had just turned nineteen years old three days ago, turned and looked back one more time at the grave of her dear departed mother. The thought of not seeing her anymore sent a heavy feeling of remorse through the young girl as once again her cheeks felt the salt of tears as they rolled from her beautiful round, cobalt – blue eyes.
Dan Barton frowned slightly as he heard his niece once again begin to cry. Sighing, he could readily sympathize with the young beauty as he had suffered the same fate when his beloved wife Kathryn, had died four years ago.
Closing his eyes, a vivid memory of her materialized in his mind. Knowing there could never be another to take her place, he had silently vowed at her funeral never to wed again. That however, did not mean he would abstain from the company of women. No, no! He had no intention of doing that! For the pleasures of the female flesh almost consumed him at times.
Kathryn had been aware of this desire and that was one of the many reasons why she had married him. For she enjoyed being stripped and pushed upon her back while the hard root of Dan or someone else, filled her hairy moat. Plus the enjoyment and knowledge of coming from a woman could elevate her to another level of pleasure was always a welcome addition. Either sex or the two together, it made no difference. But to truly enhance her senses, she loved to be taken as Dan watched on.
Looking out the windows, he recalled a kaleidoscope of events that caused a rush of blood to his male phallus. The past recalled scenes of Kathryn on her hands and knees, whimpering with delight as an employee had her on his desk, and the lowly field worker who plowed her slit with gusto one hot day in the middle of a field. The only woman he knew of that could compare with Kathryn, had been this sobbing child’s mother, Martha.

God! Now there was a woman! Beautiful, smart, and possessors of one of the most sensuous bodies he had ever seen. Just imaging her made his penis so hard that it was uncomfortable to sit. But when Martha and Kathryn joined forces, it was a sight to behold! Those two women were something! Not only were they ready for any type of sex, but also they ready to do it with who ever happen to be available. Male or female! Young or old! Black or white! It made no difference!
Speaking into the limo intercom, an excited and heavily perspiring Dan Barton told his driver to increase his speed. Lord! Right now his heart was beating so hard that he felt faint! His need for a woman to work off his sexual excess was increasing. And at his huge farm, there was an abundance of them. All that was necessary to have one was a nod and they were ready. And right now, he needed one! Shit, he needed two!
Months later, Thea had grown to enjoy the life at Uncle Dan’s farm. The fresh air and food had given her another layer of beauty. She still however understandably longed for her mother and father. Poor Papa! He had left on a business trip to the middle – east five years ago and had never returned. From all reports, he had died although his body had never been found.
Money would never be a problem for the young beauty. She was now the sole owner of a huge conglomerate. Uncle had her meet the present officers and after an independent investigation of all the records, it was found that everything was above board. The only thing was, a Chairman had to be appointed.
Uncle suggested some ideas to her and at the end of two months; she had a Mr. Albert Epson who was presently one of the directors, elevated to the top position. Thea then met with him and outlined her future life. She assured him that until she decided as to her course of action, there would be no interference from her in the day to day operations. With Uncle’s help, they had constructed a plan that offered him generous options only if he remained in his present capacity for many years to come. He readily agreed and signed the necessary papers that attested to that fact.
Uncle Dan had then graciously extended an invitation for her to stay with him as long as she desired. She accepted and soon learned the rural farm – life appealed to her with its fresh air and freedom. The country offered a freedom much better than the concrete jungle she had been brought up in. Here there were horses to ride, cool clean streams to swim in, and shaded paths to enjoy a walk on.
The size of the farm was hard to ascertain, as Uncle Dan was constantly buying up adjoining lands. His work force numbered at least a hundred just at the main farm and he had at least those many at each of the other six. Each farm was completely self – sufficient as Dan employed all trades. He promoted within his work force those that displayed honesty and loyalty. This action had resulted in very devout managers.
Thea got along good with everyone and soon picked up the many aspects of the operation. Her small proposals were accepted and as time went on, Dan let her implement more important ones without his approval.
Eventually however as in any young vibrant woman, the mysteries of sex became important. Like why did she get a feeling deep in her lower body when she watched the animals copulate? Or why did some of the workers have to cross their legs when she spoke with them. There was always that “Why!” There was no one to ask the question to. And then she met Lois

Lois was an extremely light colored mulatto. Evidently her mother had been white and her father undoubtedly came from a family of fair skinned people. She had been born on the farm twenty-seven years ago and unbeknown to Thea; Uncle Dan had taken her maiden- head on her sixteenth birthday and still Sex hikayeleri continued his enjoyment of her. She was married to David Washington, a mulatto and very handsome. Mr. Dan had sent him to a mechanics school and he was now in charge of all farm equipment. A job he was extremely conscious of.
The first time Lois set eyes on Thea, her groin twitched. Plus, when Mr. Dan had told her that Thea was a virgin, she became even more interested. For Lois enjoyed girl – girl love. Yes indeed! She also enjoyed a little pain, especially the act of and thrill of administering it. Many times her hand had felt like fire as she had brought it down firmly on a pair of buttocks, or across a nice set of boobs. Probably the part she liked best however, was the use of a little whip with a handle no longer than a pencil. Attached were slim pieces of leather about four inches long.
Lois loved to kneel between the owners of a pair of naked thighs and swat their moist sex with this whip. The first few swishes felt like a caress. But further administration upon the soft tender and sensitive flesh soon caused the lips to swell and emit their fluid of love. When Lois would continue with more force, the sensation would increase and their butts would rise to meet the blow. From then on, she was able to add them to her constantly growing numbers of converts. A list that was continually increasing.
She couldn’t wait to see between this white- girl’s thighs. Or better yet, watch some big throbbing cock shoved up between them! Oh yeah! A big black one would be even better! She was sure Floyd would love to stroke this girl! Uh huh! She was sure! And the titties that this girl had! Wow! They looked like two big balls inside her clothes. Yeah! She just knew they had to have strawberry tips. And Lois did like strawberries!
“Hi! Thea! How are you?” Lois said to Thea as they met. “Where are you going?”
Returning the smile, Thea answered that she was just going to walk around.
“Can I go with you?” Lois asked her white teeth dazzling in the morning sun.
“Sure. It’s such a beautiful day, that I didn’t want to stay in the house.”
Rounding a corner of an out building, Duke, one of the many dogs that were on the farm, was atop another one. His wet red colored male member was jack hammering an obviously happy female. The girls stopped for a minute, as the dogs were blocking their way. Thea looked at Irene in a sheepish way and then back at the dogs. Lois gave her a little smile and turned away. Acting as though nothing was amiss, she looked at the white girl who was raptly engaged by the act.
Uh, huh! She thought! Do I spot something in this girl? I do believe so! Lois thought as the animals uncoupled and moved on. No more was said until they got close to a holding pen.
Suddenly Thea gave out a little muffled cry as her eyes caught the sight of two sheep. Like the dogs, they also were also busily engaged. Thea gave Lois a nervous smile and Lois swore that she saw a bead of sweat break out on the white girl’s forehead.
“Looks like all the animals are busy today don’t it?” Lois replied. “Mr. Dan gonna have more animals than ever!”
Giving a slightly nervous laugh, Thea agreed. “Yes, they are…uh, busy?”
Lois gave the teenager a quick few looks and saw the faint impressions of her nipples emerge and push delightfully against the thin summer dress. Um, she thought. Let me begin this child’s education! For teacher Lois would sho’ nuff teach her!
Laughing softly, Lois remarked, “That’s a good busy though!”
Again Thea only smiled and her body gave a little shudder. Gosh, there was so much for her to learn! She didn’t even know what Lois was referring to. Why oh why didn’t Mom tell her anything? Hmm, she wondered if Lois would explain all these mysteries. Possibly, perhaps she would ask her.
Over the next few weeks, Thea little by little began to ask Lois questions about these mysteries. At first they were of no significant importance. But as time passed they developed into more and more of a personal nature.
Naturally Lois was happy to explain them. And explain them she did! She held nothing back and over a time period; her graphic descriptions got to the point that they did not upset the white girl. Soon after, she voiced a very graphic description on the description of a sex act. Thea thanked her and left. Lois had noticed that the girl had been almost shaking. Lois smiled as she watched her go and then whispered,
“Yo’ ass is mine!”

A few days later, Thea heard that a prize Ewe was to be mated. This was to be conducted in the huge cavernous barn. Having long ago discovered a place long ago where she could observe the main floor while being undetected, Thea decided to watch.
Taking an out of the way approach to the barn, she came upon Duke who was lying in the shade. Stopping to pet him, her heart – beat picked up when he rolled over and his penis came into view. Quickly straightening up, she looked to see if anyone was looking. Seeing no one, she bent down and continued to pet him. When his cock began to get hard, it was hard and shiny, as it had emerged from its sheath. Letting her hand bump against it a little, she flinched at the touch. When she quit, Duke gave a little bark and accompanied her.
A big Ram was already up on the prize Ewe as Thea sat down on a bale of hay. Her position enabled her to view the sex organs and she gasped as they looked almost like hers! The moist – lips looked as though they were stung they were so full! The penis of the Ram had the hole stretched and with every stroke, the Ewe would bleat.
Within minutes of watching the meshing of the sexes, Thea became excited.
Lois had explained this act to her several times, but seeing it in person was different. This was the first time Thea had ever been this close to such a spectacle and it was having an adverse effect upon her person! Her crotch felt suddenly full and daringly she put her hand up under her skirt to touch the thinly covered warm virginal flesh.
Whimpering slightly, she opened her young thighs and pulled the now damp panty crotch material aside. Shivering, her slim fingers found the itching apex. Ah! How good it felt. This self- gratification was good and the longer she rubbed herself, the better it felt!
Suddenly, a swelling made her breath catch. Then her chest swelled up and her generous breast flesh stretched the cloth containing them to its fullest. The welcome release of an exit of fluid between her firm thighs felt like she had peed on her self as this liquid leaked out around the soft downy covered pubic lips and onto her hand. Keeping her fingers in place, she gasped and whimpered with delight at the sensation rippled through Sikiş hikayeleri her. Um, that felt good! Lois had told her it would. And she was right! Her wet fingers were trailing aimlessly along the length of the wet labia lips which suddenly brought on another tremor that made her breath become short.
Pulling her hand away, she lay back on the hay with her legs spread apart. The exertion and mystery caused her eyes to close. Murmuring softly, her chest, which had been rising and falling, finally began to even out. When sound reasoning returned, she wondered about these strange feelings.
Why? How come? Perhaps further exploration would hold one of the keys to these mysteries. Yes, she decided, let me continue! What! Wait! This small whiffs of warm air that was blowing between her thighs? Reaching down with her sticky hand, the finding made her jump!
Duke had put his head between her blemish free thighs and before she could do anything, his tongue came out and lapped her stained panty-covered twat. His rough tongue was like a bolt of lighting! The hot breath from his wet nose made her nerves want to short circuit as the tongue which found the taste to its liking continued.
Whispering in a jerky voice for him to stop only made Duke emit a low growl of denial. Stopping, she gasped, whimpered, and was forced to open her thighs even more as Duke was forcing his big head closer to the treat he had found.
When the taste became more acceptable to Duke, he pushed his nose firmer against the crying girl’s cunt. The thin panty material soon wadded up and permitted the slurping dog to enjoy the girl’s cunt meat.
Thea became scared as Duke suddenly tried to tear the material out of his way. Slowly with whispers to the dog, she put her hand down until she could grasp the wet material. Pulling it out of the way, she also opened her thighs so now he could have her properly. When she felt the second flow of semen flowing out, she became scared again as Duke increased his hunching against her virginal cunt and the speed of his tongue. The third time she had a spasm and pushed against the dear dog, she felt him slow down. The fourth and fifth time, he stopped, backed up, then gave her cunt one more lick.
Duke finally tired and moved away from the wet crotch. Wagging his tail happily, he accepted the gentle pats on the head from the female who was leaning back on the hay. The smiling face seemed to say that he had done well, and would be allowed to do it again soon. “
“Thank you.” Her voice said. “We will do this again….and again!”

Two days later, a lonely Thea was lying on her bed looking out the window.
The sounds of a barking dog were starting to give her ideas. It was planting time and the big house was empty. Duke was somewhere…close! Perhaps…!
“Hello!” The word interrupted the thought as the cheerful and welcome voice of Lois rang out. Lois continued to smile but if close attention had of been paid, one would have seen the nervousness in her walk. That was for two reasons. One Thea was in bed. Two, she had on just her night -gown. Clear indents of her lushness could be seen. Oh yes! Here comes the teacher!
“Lois! Please come in. I’m so lonely.” Thea brightened up at the sight of her friend.
Lois continued to smile as she slipped of her shoes and sat down on the bed. The two began talking. The warm summer air seemed to permeate the room and before long, Lois had stripped down to her thin summer underwear as she lay across from a similar dressed Thea.
The sheet was down and the gown Thea had on was up high. The nice exposed expanse of thigh made her look even more tempting.
The girls talked for a long time on various subjects. But when the subject of Thea’s parents came up, tears came to her eyes as she explained their disappearance and death.
Lois brushed the clear drops from the white girl with her fingertips and then suddenly and softly, she kissed her natural red lips. Thea gasped and stared at her friend. For a full ten seconds, she didn’t know what to say.
“Did that upset you?” Lois finally asked in a low voice.
“I … don’t know! I have never been kissed by a girl like that.” She finally responded after drawing a deep breath. “It … was, well, I will admit, sort of nice.”
“Good. Here is another one.”
Lois responded in a gay tone and put her hand behind the younger girl’s neck and held her as their lips forged together.
Thea got a giddy feeling as the tongue of her best friend slowly explored her mouth. Suddenly the same tingle she had experienced in the barn returned. It was a heady feeling, a very nice feeling! Um! This was nice! When they separated, Thea nervously smiled and this time took the initiative as her lips returned the favor.
“Umm! That was good. Thank you.” Lois smiled as her hands went to her own bra hooks. “This bra is killing me. You don’t mind if I pull it off do you?”
Thea smiled and blushed as the high firm tits bounced forward. The nipples were like hers, small and …hard! The only difference was the color. She complimented Lois on them.
Lois cupped the luscious flesh and slightly squeezed them. “Thanks honey. My man David sho nuff likes them.” She added with a laugh.
“I… can understand why. They, uh, look very nice.” Her eyes had been glued to the smooth dusky colored skin. The nipples looked so sweet and!
Giving the blond another short sweet kiss, Lois thanked her and in a low voice, “You can touch them if you like.” Taking them in her hands, she scooted closer. “I like it when they get touched ___and kissed!” She slowly added.
Thea slightly trembled at the words. Gingerly she reached out and touched the full- high flesh. Running her hands underneath where the flesh was even smoother, she brought them back and lightly fingered the nipples. Lois was gasping and her lips sought out those of her tormenter. When they finally broke apart with a gasp, Thea’s big blue eyes turned up and looked at Lois. “They…they are…beautiful.”
As their lips hungrily fed on each other, Lois took Thea’s free hand and pulled it against her warming crotch closing and trapping the nervous hand.
Suddenly she felt Thea hesitate. “Lois! 1, uh! “She said nervously.
Tightening her thighs some more, Lois whispered, “Shh! I know what yo be thinking. It’s okay. Girls be doin’ it all da’ time. I done be telling you dat before! Come on; give me a few rubs. Sides, you done gone and got me all hot. It be yo’ fault!” Lois said as her hips pushed against the trapped hand.
Thea was unsure what the word “hot” meant. But to please her dark friend, she slowly began to rub the softness under her hand. Almost immediately, she learned that touching this area felt good. Her own crotch was tingling and she Erotik hikaye felt like that day in the barn. Lois was now kissing her face and neck. The little nips on her skin felt so good. This “girl” stuff was nice. Umm! This was so nice! How good Lois’s lips felt on her neck and now her throat. Yes! Now on her chest, yes! She felt the straps on her gown being pulled down as the dusky girl kissed her shoulders. That feels good, Thea said to herself.
Lois had the gown top now down to her waist! Stop she wanted to say, as her breasts were now open to the staring eyes of Lois. Stop! Oh! No! Oh, her lips! Ahh! Yes! That feels so good! They felt so swollen from the kisses, Thea was sure they were going to burst.
“Lift up honey.” Lois suddenly told her.
The sound of the girl’s voice finally brought her back to some reality. Whimpering, she lifted her butt as her gown was stripped away. She was now completely bared!
“Lois! No! Oh! Please!” She gasped as Lois pushed her back down and spread her virginal thighs.
“Shut up! Or I be whipping your ass!” Lois hissed out and brought her hand back in a strike mode.
Startled, Thea stopped. Her eyes wide!
Lois gave her a hard look and then swiftly divested her own clothes. Her eyes continued to stare down at Thea. A look that sent a chill through Thea!
Seeing that the white girl was almost shivering from fright, Lois recomposed herself and began to whisper words of condolences. Crawling closer to Thea, her words continued. Pulling the now more relaxed white girl close, she kissed her lips. Then easing the child onto her back, Lois continued to whisper words of love.
Hurry, Lois was silently saying to herself! She had to have this girl! Finally, with a beating heart, she was between Thea’s legs. Finally, her hands were cupping the strawberry tipped tits! Finally, she was where she had dreamed of being! Just as she began to lower her face and taste the expected sweetness, the sounds of voices and a door opening from the ground floor was heard.
“Damn!” Lois said as she squeezed the heaving breasts of Thea. “We get together again, okay baby?”
“Yes. Oh yes!” Thea responded in a faint rasping voice. There was no doubt on her part! She would be ready!
“Whenever you want!” She whispered. “And wherever you want!” She added in a silent voice.
After Lois had dressed and left, Thea lay there and reflected over the past event. Some questions had been answered today. But, there was so many more!

Three weeks later, Thea exited the house. Her body was tingling as Lois and
her was to meet in the nearby woods. Since the two had started, Lois had constantly introduced her to new and exciting things. This girl-girl love was nice! Now she couldn’t wait to see what was next! Within minutes she was at the appointed place. A smiling Lois was already there.
“We be good here. Nobody see us.” Lois said looking around. Insuring no was spying; she backed a waiting Thea up against a tree. “I’ve been waiting all morning.” She whispered as she put her left arm around the girl’s waist.
When their lips came together, Lois’s hand slid underneath Thea’s skirt and clamped onto her nude pussy. “Hmm! Dat be good! Dat be damn good! You no wearing drawers done save you an ass whippin’!”
Staring into Thea’s glazed eyes, she slipped her finger up the warm tight channel of the heavy breathing girl and began to expertly masturbate her with the fingers of her right hand.
Thea’s knees became weak in only lust filled minutes and if not for Lois’s left arm around her slim waist, she would have fallen. The plunging hand was causing her to experience new and exciting sensations. Lois’s thumb had found Thea’s elongated clit and was teasing it unmercifully. Thea began to buck and her moans coincided with the wind blowing through the branches. Lois smiled in an evil look as she unmercifully ground her knuckles against the youngster’s velvet mound.
Reaching out, Thea circled the neck of her girl lover. Their lips again increasing the intensity of the fire that roared at their young loins. Reaching for the buttons on Thea’s dress, she unbuttoned it until the white girl’s big breasts jutted forward.
“You know what gonna happen now don’t ya’?”
Nodding with tears of joy falling from her blue eyes, Thea nodded.
“…How…Do you want me …my back, or…?” Her voice cracking with passion.
“Damn! You be learning! Yeah! Git on yo’ back, open dem legs up too!”
Lois said with a grin. “For being such a good girl, I gonna let you lick my snatch.” She said with a laugh as her hands were now massaging the succulent flesh.
Straddling the body of Thea, Lois inched up until she was in position. Her
hands cupped the warm vibrant tit flesh and squeezed until Thea whimpered. Looking down at the girl she said, “I can’t wait to see a big old fat cock laying up here between this meat! What you be thinking bout dat?”
“I…don’t want to get a baby!” She said with a pained look. “Please!
“Huh! Don’t be worrying dat pretty head bout dat! I be showing you how to stop all dat shit!”
Lois said as her hands tucked her skirt in her belt.
“Okay now, I want to be feeling them lips and tongue good now, or you be knowing what I do to yo’ ass!”
“Yes.” Thea answered. Her head lifting and bending toward the dark purple hued labia lips of Lois’s vagina. Her mouth latching onto the wiry covered flesh.
“Damn! Yo sho’ nuff be having a good mouth!” She said as her hips bucked against the girl’s face.
“Go on! Lick me bitch! Oh! Yeah! Oh shit! Damn! Yo’ tongue done gone and got me hot!”
God! What a cunt licker this white girl was! Unbelievable! Lately she had made her kiss and lick her in every hole she had and da white bitch be lovin’it! Hmm! One of these nights she gonna take dis hot ass down to da barn and have her suck some cocks! Boy! Dat be a sight to see! Her white ass next to some black one! Ahh! Oh shit! Here it comes!
“Okay ho, now, make sho you swallow ever drop! You understand bitch!”
Lois’s face look pained as her hips shot forward and her slit vented its goodness past the pink lips of Thea.
Thea licked frantically as the fluid of life coated her throat. Um, she thought, Lois was so good to let her do this. That was probably why whatever the Mulatto wanted, she done.
Lois slid off the girl onto her side and then her stomach. Reaching for her buttocks, she spread them and said, “Okay bitch, guess next where yo tongue be goin’?” With no hesitation, Thea ‘s nose separated the coffee colored cheeks. Lois gurgled with pleasure. Ahh! What a life!

.Three days later, Lois and David were packing. Uncle Dan had bought a farm three states away and he wanted David there as soon as possible.
Thea cried as she watched her friend and lover leave. Her remorse however, was short lived. Within days, Uncle Dan hired a new man to take over the job David had. His name was Floyd. His wife was called Irene. From the minute they were introduced, each knew their friendship was going to be special.

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