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The time is 1950. Monique is your name. You’re a woman living in a rural area, somewhere in Western Country, North America. At twenty eight years of age, you’re still not married. And your figure went from tall and slender to plump and downright matronly over the course of recent years. When you look in the mirror, you see a blonde-haired, green-eyed tomboy whom the years haven’t been too kind to. It’s not your fault that you are different. You’re a gal who loves to play rugby and football and even wrestling with the tough young men of the village. They were reluctant to accept you at first but when they discovered that you loved sports and expected no special treatment, they welcomed you. You wanted to be treated like a man. No better or worse. You’re not a feminist. You’re the all-American gal.

The young men of the village went to college and studied anything from business to fire science. They became cops, firemen and businessmen. You went to college too. The college you attended was a hundred miles from home. It was worth it, though. You got yourself a business degree. You started working at the local manufacturing plant as one of the managers. You loved your job. It’s a good job. Most of the men working there are people you have known all your life. The few women workers, well, that’s another story. They tend to be catty and get on your nerves sometimes. You get along with men much better. They’re nicer, and definitely simpler. You like them the way they are. Most of your friends are male and that suits you just fine. Professional fulfillment brings you a certain kind of joy.

One day, you meet a man who changes your life. The town has built a new college nearby. The new school is state of the art. It looks shiny and bright. They have a brand new Division One Football team. Lots of young men and women from the local high schools choose to attend the college. The college president is a progressive man. He hires someone who knows the locals and their habits as one of the building managers of the athletic department. You agree to do this part-time because the manufacturing plant has recently done some downsizing. Everyone either got fired or took a major pay cut. Besides, you’re in the mood for something new. The school creates many new varsity sports teams, for both men and women. For men, they offer Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, Track, Archery, Rifle, Tennis, Swimming, Fencing, Cross Country and Skiing. For the women athletes, they have Basketball, Gymnastics, Softball, Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball, Track, Badminton, Tennis, Archery, Rifle and Swimming. The athletic director, Mr. James Simon believes in treating both men and women bahis şirketleri fairly. You are proud to work for such a man. He is years ahead of his time. His wife Katherine Simon is a tall, red-haired, lean woman who coaches the women’s Basketball team. She’s a very nice lady. Truly fine people. They hail from Los Angeles. This is their first year in the countryside.

Your job as manager of the athletic buildings does allow you an unprecedented access to the world of athletes of both sexes. You are fascinated by them. Young men and women of great ability. What an impact they will have on the future. You like the job. Everything runs smoothly, until you met him. The gentleman in question is a tall, good-looking young man with sandy hair, light bronze and pale blue eyes. He’s walking around in a football jacket. He looks damn good in it. All the women on campus fawn over him. Why shouldn’t they? He’s absolutely hot. He’s bolder than anyone else on campus. You are intrigued by him. He notices you too. You blush as he looks at you. You’re a decade older than him at the very least. You’re the tall lady who dresses like a man, and not a very stylish man at that. You’re the mystery woman who keeps the athletic department buildings neat. What could he possibly want with you?

One day, he approaches you and introduces himself. His name is Luke Simon. At the mention of his last name, your heart skips a beat. Quietly, you ask him who his father is. Laughing, he tells you. Point-blank. Like it’s not a big deal. He’s your boss’s son! You probably shouldn’t be talking to him. He’s the campus Bad Boy. He’s been known to bed half the women on campus. All the men envy him. Your instincts tell you that he’s someone you should stay away from. He smiles at you in a charming manner and you notice how strikingly handsome he is. You tell yourself that conversation with a handsome football stud can’t hurt nobody.

He smiles and the two of you walk together. You hope that he wants to know everything about you. He only wants to know one thing. Do you have a boyfriend? You shake your head in negation. Nodding, he starts telling you about himself as you walk through campus. He tells you about his life in California. You smile as he talks to you. His voice is simply dreamy and he regales you with tales of a life spent in Hollywood, the town where big-screen superstars like Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe ruled the world. You can’t wait to hear more. He invites you to his dorm. What do you say to that? Sounds good to you.

You are led to the football stud’s dorm room. It’s a fairly nice spot. A single occupant room, to be exact. He is talking to you, alternating between professional and personal bahis firmaları questions with ease. You do your best to keep up. He is taking off his shirt right in front of you, and stripped to his boxers. Apparently, he thinks he’s rough around the edges from football practice. You smile. Sweat looks good on him. He’s a tall, sexy man. Undeniably masculine and charming to the very end. You watch him go about his business. Although you maintain the demeanor of a professional, inside you are in turmoil. The sight of this sexy young stud is making you feel wet in funny places. When you look at his washboard stomach and well-cut abs, you feel your pussy twitch. Damn, this man is fine!

He grins at you, and asks you if you like what you see. In a moment of unusual boldness, you nod. Yes, you definitely love what you see. He is a fine specimen of American masculinity. Suddenly, he drops his boxers. Your eyes widen as you see his cock. It is both long and thick, uncircumcised and mighty. You gasp. Damn, this stud has a big cock. He waves it at you invitingly. You look at him and asks him what he wants of you. He tells you with his eyes. You kneel before your new lord and master and take his cock into your mouth. You begin sucking on his long and thick member hesitantly at first, then enthusiastically. You suck his cock until he gets hard as steel. When he finally does cum, you drink his masculine seed. Guzzling down his sperm without spilling a single drop. He congratulates you on your technique, then tells you to get ready for round two.

He smiles at you wickedly. You look at him innocently. At this point, you’re enamored of him and would do anything to please him. He knows this and it gives him power over you. What he has in mind will only enhance his already fantastic masculine power beyond measure. He is the lord and master and you cannot resist. Part of you longs to be conquered by him and submit to him. You are asked to get on all fours and spread your butt cheeks wide open. Obediently, you comply with your beloved man’s request. He positions himself behind you and presses his cock against your anus. You feel his big cock about to penetrate your tight asshole. There is a moment of sheer panic. You’ve never been penetrated anally before. This is your first time. The moment has come and it’s too late to back out now. Will he be gentle with you? You’re about to find out how getting a big cock shoved up your asshole really feels like.

Your anal opening is opened as ten inches of hard cock shove their way up your asshole like an invading army. He grabs your hips and thrusts into you. You feel his cock in your ass. It’s huge and you’re amazed that it can fit in such a tight kaçak bahis siteleri place. You are screaming as he shoves his big cock deeper into your ass. You are getting your tight asshole stuffed full of hard cock. It hurts, but at the same time, it feels oddly good. It actually feels good to have your tight asshole filled with his cock. So much that you find yourself pushing your booty backward, grinding it against his groin. You can’t get enough of his massive cock in your tunnel of darkness. You’re in love with the big cock that’s drilling your asshole and if loving it was wrong then you didn’t want to be right. He continues pounding your asshole with that wonderful cock of his until he’s had his fun. That’s when he decides to cum. Once more, his cock spits out its manly seed. His hot cum floods your anal cavity and rushes out.

He grabs you and shoves you on your back, legs spread, with his cum still streaming out of your now gaping asshole. Apparently, he wants to see you like this. This is how he wants to remember you. On your back, your plump yet sexy body covered with sweat, with his cum leaking out of your stretched asshole. Utterly conquered. Fully in his power. He smiles triumphantly. Your head is spinning. Your body loved what just took place. It derived a strange pleasure from complete and ultimate surrender. Yet your mind is racing. Why did you just do? You let a man through the out door. You completely surrendered to a man and let him take your ass. You are surprised at your own actions. You’re a strong woman and strong women don’t let men fuck them in the ass. Or do they? Maybe they should. You got a serious kick of this anal sex session and you can’t wait to share the good news with the sisterhood. Or maybe you shouldn’t. They might look down upon you. You’re going to keep this guilty pleasure to yourself. For now.

Your charming lord and master tells you to rise. That’s when he kisses you. He’s never kissed you before. He’s made your pussy wet. He made you suck his cock. He also shoved his cock up your ass. But he’s never kissed you before. It is this kiss which implies true intimacy. More than the raunchy and unconventional sexing he just gave you. This simple, intimate act makes you his. Forever. You love this man and you will do anything to earn his love. He smiles at you and wishes you well. He also tells you that you matter to him and that he will be seeing you again, real soon. You smile dreamily as you walk away. He loves you! He just can’t bring himself to say it yet! You are determined to make him love you back. By giving him what he wants the most. If it’s ass he wants, he’s going to get all the booty you have. Inwardly, you cringe. You got off anally today but you’re not entirely sure that getting your ass fucked everyday is something you can do. Oh, well. Since you love him, you’ll have to find a way to endure it. It’s worth it, in the long run. Yep. You’ll just have to get some more lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32