Slumber Party Scavenger Hunt Ch. 01

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Natalie, a petite blonde teenager, and her four best friends were sitting in a circle on her queen-sized bed, gossiping, giggling, and playfully tickling each other. Dressed in lingerie and skimpy pajamas, the ravishing teens could qualify to star in any straight male’s wet dream. It was a scene that would make a man ache with carnal desire if he could have found a way to peek into that upstairs bedroom window.

It was the spring of their senior year, and the girls were gathered at Natalie’s house for a slumber party in celebration of Natalie’s 18th birthday. The birthday girl was a sexy, petite blonde teen with a bubbly attitude and a butt to match. Natalie stood at only 5’1,” but as far as looks went, her fit body and perky C-cup tits more than made up for her short stature. With her sparkling green eyes and pretty girl-next-door smile, Natalie had a certain air of innocence about her. The girl did, however, have a wild side, but she rarely let her naughtiness be exposed. Tonight, Natalie would have the opportunity to release the passionate, fiery temptress inside of her.

Danielle, a voluptuous Venezuelan teen, turned to the birthday girl and said, “Natalie, you’re finally 18. What special presents did you get this year?” Danielle’s accent hadn’t quite dissipated from when she moved to the U.S. two years ago, and she still sexily rolled her R’s when she spoke. She was sitting on Natalie’s bed with her legs tucked under her body, squashing her luscious butt against her calves. Her ass was big, there was no doubt about that, but it was round and firm without the slightest hint of sag. The male attention that Danielle drew from her curvy bubble butt was matched only by the lustful stares at her massive rack. Their high school’s male student body was split into two factions: fans of Danielle’s ass, and fans of her tits. Her current boyfriend was an ass man, but her previous two had worshipped her ample breasts. Tonight, those breasts were proudly displayed under a sheer black baby doll, which allowed the girls tiny peeks at their friend’s big dark nipples.

Natalie was sitting cross-legged on her bedspread, wearing a white v-neck t-shirt and little black running shorts. She had opted not to wear a bra or panties to the sleepover, and it thrilled her to know that she was secretly naked underneath her thin escort clothing. Glancing over at Danielle, she smiled naughtily at her friend, and reached under the bed to retrieve a small box.

“I’m glad you asked, Danielle,” Natalie answered softly. “This year, I got an amazing present. It’s not just for me, though. It could be for any one of you.” The room fell silent as each girl focused her attention on Natalie, eager to learn what was in the mysterious box.

As not to prolong the suspense, Natalie promptly reached into the box and pulled out a smooth, cylindrical vibrator. Its golden finish shone brightly against her bedside lamp, and Natalie flicked its switch so that the device whirred softly in her hand. She rose up from the bed and stood behind Danielle, wrapping her arms around her friend’s shoulders and leaning in close.

“This vibrator is my special gift,” Natalie whispered lustily into the Latin bombshell’s ear. “I’m willing to give it to any one of you, if you girls are interested.”

Natalie ran the whirring toy along the upper slopes of Danielle’s heaving breasts, making her natural melon-sized tits jiggle in a mesmerizing fashion underneath her sheer black baby doll. Danielle exhaled deeply, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the soft caress of the vibrator. Natalie let Danielle enjoy the vibrating sensation for a fleeting moment, then removed the device and moved to the foot of the bed, where her friends Taylor and Jenna sat side-by-side.

“You see, girls,” Natalie cooed, twirling Taylor’s brunette pigtails with one hand and stroking Jenna’s scarlet curls with the other, “I’ve organized a little game for us all to play tonight, and the winner will get the prize that I hold in my hand.” She paused to run the vibrator up and down the girls’ arms and stomachs, making her friends shiver in delight. Taylor’s flawless sun-bronzed skin contrasted nicely with Jenna’s pale, freckled flesh, and the girls held hands and stared longingly at each other while Natalie teased them with the toy.

Taylor and Jenna had been best friends for longer than they could remember. The girls were extremely popular in school because they were notorious for drinking too much and locking lips at nearly every party that they attended. The two were so inseparable that they made sure to coordinate outfits for every outing izmit escort bayan that they attended. Tonight, Taylor wore a pink tank top with aqua blue lace boy shorts, while Jenna had on the reverse: an aqua top and pink boy shorts. They even looked almost identical, with firm C-cup breasts, pouty lips like flower petals, and toned, shapely legs that they loved to show off in matching tennis skirts. If not for their differences in hair color and skin tone, Taylor and Jenna could easily be mistaken as twins.

As the girls hung onto her every word, Natalie crept away from Taylor and Jenna and toward her final friend Kimmie. Kimmie was a gorgeous half-Japanese girl with perfect, creamy skin and long, slender legs that made every man she passed go weak in the knees. Despite her stunning appearance, Kimmie was very shy, and she had always been too bashful to accept any of the invitations to dinners and movies that she had received from smitten high school boys. Although Kimmie rarely spoke, the girls enjoyed her presence, and tonight she was wonderful eye candy in a lavender satin camisole that clung nicely to her slim frame.

Natalie continued, “Girls, this is a brand-new, state-of-the-art golden vibrator. I’ve heard that it’s better than sex, that even the most fleeting contact can send a girl into a mind-blowing, bed-rocking orgasm.” The teen ran the vibrator through her own lustrous blonde hair, then rested her chin on Kimmie’s head and used the back of her hand to stroke her female friend’s soft cheek. She suddenly pressed the device against Kimmie’s puffy pubic mound, teasing her clit through her purple cotton panties. The shy Asian teen was already wet with anticipation and could feel the tip of the vibrator adding to her arousal, threatening to send her into orbit at any moment. Kimmie gasped and started to squirm in her seat, her face red and her eyes squeezed shut. Natalie had her free hand around Kimmie’s waist, holding her writhing body tightly against her chest, kissing her head and softly whispering, “Quiet baby, you don’t want to wake my parents.” Just as Kimmie seemed on the verge of climax, Natalie snatched the toy away and left her friend panting and moaning, her underwear soaked in juices.

Natalie climbed back onto the bed and faced her friends again. She looked around izmit sınırsız escort the room and was delighted to see every girl’s eyes glazed over with lust and desire. Jenna, the tantalizing redhead, finally broke the trance. “Natalie, quit teasing us. We’d all love a chance to have that vibe for ourselves, but what are you suggesting?”

“It’s very simple,” Natalie explained. “The game is sort of like a scavenger hunt, but nothing like the ones that we used to do in Girl Scouts.” She gave her friends a devilish grin, a look that none of them had ever seen on Natalie’s face before. “You horny sluts look like you haven’t had a fuck in ages, and tonight is your chance to find a man that can satisfy your sexual cravings.” The naughty blonde paused to take a breath, and she was tickled by her girlfriends’ stunned expressions.

“In a few minutes, you will sneak out of the house and search around town for a man to seduce. Once you’ve successfully slept with your guy, you need to find a souvenir that represents your sexual escapade. Be back here by 3 AM, and whoever has the best souvenir and the best story will win this lovely vibrator.” Natalie smiled brightly and stroked the device in her palm, imitating a game show hostess.

Each girl’s shocked expression gradually turned into a naughty smile, and they all gathered for a group hug before the game began. As they leaned in close for their collective embrace, the alluring scent of their combined perfumes was overwhelming. Natalie addressed her female playmates, their sultry lips just inches apart. “Girls, tonight isn’t just special because of my birthday. It’s also your chance to kick-start the sexual adventure that our college years will bring. I know you all have it in you to come back with an unforgettable story, and to win my special prize.”

Each girl gave Danielle’s lush breasts a firm squeeze for luck as they headed out of Natalie’s bedroom off into the night. Natalie hung around her house for a little while, curious to see if her friends had any strategies in mind. Danielle was checking her cell phone as she left the room, and Taylor and Jenna had snuck out of the house hand-in-hand. Kimmie, strangely enough, had headed in the opposite direction of the stairs, venturing further down the hallway of the second floor. Maybe she needed to go to the bathroom first, Natalie thought. She shrugged and tiptoed out of the house, confident that she would have the vibrator all to herself in a few short hours. After all, she had a strategy that no other girl could possibly beat.

To be continued…

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