Sheila’s Secret

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It was a Thursday in June and I was doing the laundry at my daughter Julie’s house; I had the place to myself, with Julie having gone out for the day with a friend, her husband Rob at work and the kids both in school. Following a change in Julie’s medication things had improved over the last few months, but she still had problems and though Rob did his best, he still needed to go to work to put food on their table; Julie wasn’t comfortable with my doing her chores, but if I can address them while she’s asleep, or better yet, out of the house, we can all pretend that the housework-fairy has done them.

It was late morning when I heard the front door open and saw my son-in-law stride into the room: “Hi Rob, taking time off? Julie’s not here, but you must know that; it was you who WhatsApped about Heather taking her out for the day.”

“Er yeah, I…, well… I needed to speak to you about something… in private… while Julie and the kids weren’t in.” That sounded rather ominous?

“Of course love, you know we can talk about anything and I’ll do everything in my power to help out, I’ve told you that often enough too.”

“Yeah, I know Sheila… that’s why I’m here…” Rob was twisting his hands, moving from foot to foot and looking anywhere but towards me; I was getting increasingly concerned, until and after the deepest of breaths Rob eventually blurted out the words in a rush: “It’s Julie’s new pills — we can all see that she’s better for them, but they’ve killed-off our sex life completely — things haven’t been… regular, ever since Nathan was born, but since February she’s never said yes to anything — if I don’t get laid soon my balls are going to burst!”

Rob trailed-off into silence, his eyes again averted and his face red with shame; my complexion was no doubt similar, though in my case it was from embarrassment. “Wow, I don’t know what you expect me to say. I know how hard you try and how much you’ve suffered, but to ask me to condone that… your having an affair, while I presumably keep an eye on Julie and babysit the kids for you. I know I’ve always said that you could ask anything of me, but this… Julie’s my daughter; what happens to her and the kids if your fling turns into something more serious? Even if it doesn’t, I’m sure we can both imagine Julie’s reaction should she discover that you were cheating on her. I’m sorry Rob, but I can’t sanction this.”

“Nooooooooo! I don’t want to have an affair and for exactly the reasons that you’ve just listed; I meant that I need to get laid and right now, I was hoping that you could… would… well, you know…”

I was gobsmacked! “Oh My God! You güvenilir bahis meant… I… we… together… having sex? That’s crazy, I’m your mother-in-law… is it not incest? Even if it’s legal, it’s certainly not appropriate! How could you possibly suggest such a thing?”

“Because I’m desperate Sheila and you’re the perfect choice. You’re not married yourself, so we won’t be cheating on anyone else; as far as I know you’re not looking for a husband and even if you were, you’re certainly not going to try and snag your daughter’s. If there’s one person in the whole world whom I can rely on not to let Julie find out, that’d be you. I don’t want any relationship beyond the one we already have, I just want; no, NEED, to get laid!”

“I’m sorry Rob, but I can’t agree to it. If I dropped my panties and spread my legs for you, I’d feel that I’d betrayed Julie, I’d never be able to look her in the eyes again; there must be someone else you could ask?”

“When do I ever get the opportunity to meet other women? I’m either working or at home caring for Julie and the kids; oh I’m sure I could find some professional lady of the night, but how discrete would that be and God knows what I might catch…”

I shook my head in disbelief; my heart ached for the man, but what could I do, Rob was certainly very attractive, but barely half my age and most importantly; married to my daughter! I was still looking for a way to let him down gently when Rob continued: “…The way I’m feeling Sheila, I’m about ready to rip your knickers off and fuck you regardless!”

I was like a statue, open mouthed and silent; whether Rob read his answer in that silence or perhaps saw it in the expression which settled on my face I’ll never know. He promptly grabbed me by the shoulders and tossed me backward; I landed on the couch with a yelp, my skirt riding high onto my hips and a moment later Rob was on top of me. I struggled, how could I not; but I was no match for Rob physically and within seconds he had both of my thumbs grasped in his right hand and my arms stretched above my head. I begged Rob to release me, pleaded with him to stop, though concede that I never screamed or shouted loudly for help; I knew that their neighbour Mr Robinson was outside in his garden, not fifty feet beyond the window, was my reticence about so doing despite or because of his presence?

Rob’s left hand dove beneath my disarrayed skirt and with his knees wedged between my splayed thighs I’d no opportunity to resist; he didn’t rip my knickers off as he’d threatened, instead he simply pulled them aside before pressing two fingers into the soft channel which lay beneath. güvenilir bahis siteleri I suspect that Rob was surprised by how easily those fingers penetrated, even more so by the wail of obvious pleasure which their intrusion drew from me and most especially by the wanton jerk of my hips which met this assault, so driving his invading fingers even more deeply inside of me. Combined they brought him up short, but not for long; bestial growls from Rob accompanied his second, third and fourth rough penetrations with his fingers, whereafter it was my own guttural howl of release which provided a soundtrack for the fifth.

It was Rob who’d claimed that his balls were about to burst, but I had been the one to orgasm so peremptorily; had Mr Robinson heard my climax from this garden? In that moment I was beyond caring, if needs be I’d find some way of explaining away what he might’ve heard; a young man at home with his conservative, middle-aged Mother-in-Law, it couldn’t possibly be what he might have thought. As I wallowed in the aftermath of that orgasm I was aware of Rob’s left hand withdrawing to work frantically at his belt and the waistband of his trousers; as he wriggled around to remove those his knees too ceased their intrusion, though rather than taking that opportunity to close my splayed thighs, I instead opened them wider in anticipation.

The next intrusion between the soft folds of my labia certainly wasn’t Rob’s fingers; it may have been some years since I was last penetrated by a man’s prick, but the memory remained sharp; Rob was well proportioned and VERY hard. The frenzy and aggression with which Rob drove into me provided a more than adequate confirmation of his need; as to my own? Well, let’s just say that it was fortunate that our joint groans of pleasure in that moment were so powerful, otherwise I’d likely have suffered the embarrassment of having Rob hear a loud splash when his cock ploughed into me; I was positively awash!

Given our discussion beforehand and the urgency of Rob’s initial penetration, I was rather surprised when he didn’t continue to assail me with that same abandon; perhaps knowing that this would be a one-off, he was striving to make it last? I certainly wasn’t complaining: after just a few sharp, hard penetrations, Rob’s assault settled into a phase of slower, softer, but altogether deeper thrusts which brought me to a second albeit more subdued climax. It was only after that had passed when Rob really let himself go, pounding into me like a veritable jack-hammer; it was short, but oh so sweet and a third orgasm was ripping through my belly as the first powerful stream of iddaa siteleri Rob’s semen flooded into me. Notwithstanding, I pushed Rob off me the very moment that I recovered my wits; what had he done to me?

I would’ve liked to believe that Rob had raped me, but I knew that my own half-hearted resistance to his assault and perhaps more especially, the expression which had crossed my face just prior to it, undermined that notion. My husband had been a… forceful man, no doubt why I’d found myself pregnant and married before my nineteenth birthday; his death ten years later had left a large hole in my life which had never been refilled. Oh I’d tried dating but soon found that the men whom I attracted – or perhaps to whom I was attracted? – were not the sort one felt comfortable in introducing to a household containing two pubescent daughters. Having resigned myself to remaining single until the girls had flown the nest, I by then found that my social circle no longer included such men and the friends whom I had retained had long since ceased trying to pair me off with anyone; I was just Sheila, the happy singleton.

For several minutes I lay sprawled and silent beside Rob on the couch, not only recovering my breath — and senses! – but also considering what had just occurred and its ramifications. Rob too remained silent, so it eventually fell to me to open an inquest into proceedings, though I still couldn’t look him in the eye as I did so: “That should NOT have happened. I can never forget what you just did Rob, but I will forgive it. I know how difficult things have been for you and can appreciate how your… frustrations might have built-up; but it will never be repeated and we shall never speak of it again.”

Rob didn’t reply, the silence dragged and in exasperation I turned toward him, only to find Rob grinning like a Cheshire Cat: “What the hell’s so funny?” I snarled.

And finally a response: “Sorry Sheila, I wasn’t laughing; I was just so happy at your having said ‘No’.” That left me nonplussed, but Rob quickly elucidated: “If you’d simply dropped your panties and opened your legs, we’d have still been having this conversation and I would have been nodding my head in agreement, while silently wondering how long before I could cajole you into a repeat performance? Perhaps in three or four months if I were lucky, but more likely another six, or even longer? Instead, I now know your secret Sheila; what it is that you enjoy, indeed actively crave, so I won’t have to wait six months for you to surrender, I can take what I need in only six weeks, or even six days…” Rob’s eyes dropped to his crotch and I was unable to prevent mine from following; his cock was again, or perhaps ‘still’ half erect.

“…or with a little input on your part, maybe just six minutes.” Rob’s grabbed me firmly by the hair and drew my face inexorably toward his now twitching cock.

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