Sex Shop with Sister-In-Law Pt. 02

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My night with Erika was something I always wanted but never thought I was going to have. After we rested and got some strength back, she got up and had to make her way home. She gave me a long kiss goodbye and said we would see each other soon. I was excited but also very nervous at what had just happened.

Would we be able to even find time again? Would her husband or my wife find out? What would happen to our families? Even though we kissed, was it kind of a last time kind of thing? I showered and finally went to sleep so I wouldn’t smell like sex the next day when my wife, Danielle, got home.

The next week went by as normal. I didn’t talk to Erika since our night but i knew i would see her soon. I didn’t stress but i have to admit i really loved everything we did. I heard she was stopping by one night so i made sure i was available and done with work.

When she came over, she was with her husband, Mike, and we greeted each other like normal. They came in and we talked, the girls cooked while me and Mike talked about sports and work. It was a bit odd i have to admit, but i didn’t want to make anything seem awkward so it kept it going. Before dinner, i was finally able to pull her aside and see what she was thinking.

“Hey, so…everything okay?” I asked not sure of how else to start.

“Of course. I just didn’t think we should run off the second I got here,” she laughed.

“I hope you aren’t having second thoughts about the other night or anything. I have to admit I-“

“Oh, I’m not,” she interrupted. “In fact,…In fact it was incredible. I haven’t had sex like that in so long. Maybe forever.” My heart started pounding faster. I was so happy to hear she enjoyed it and didn’t want it to be weird going forward. “I thought maybe it would help me turn my sex life around with Mike. We did it the next day but nothing near close to us. It was like pulling teeth with him.” She looked down almost ashamed.

“Hey, I don’t know what his deal is, but you were amazing. That may have been the best sex I ever had also. It’s all I thought about since that night. I hoped that it wouldn’t be the last time either…” I let her in on how i was truly feeling and she jumped at the offer.

“I hope it wasn’t either. I feel like it was an awakening in me. I just hate how boring he has made me. Hes a great guy in every other sense but can’t do anything to fill my sexual desires,” she said, biting her lower lip. Even in just jeans and a t-shirt, she looked so sexy right there. I didn’t

wait any longer as i pushed her against the wall and began to kiss her like it was going to be my last time on earth. So easily reciprocated, grabbing my face in a very sexual embrace. In just those few seconds, our hands quickly started to move around our bodies wanting to undress the other. We knew we couldn’t, we were risking it as it was. She pulled away and said out of breath, “I want to go back to the shop and get something sexy to wear for you. Mike is leaving this weekend and i have the whole house to myself…”

I agreed to go with her and kissed a few more times before we had to return to everyone else. I had to sit there at dinner with a raging hard-on as we pretended to go about our lives. Mike and Danielle had no idea what was going on, making it even better. While I did feel a bit guilty, i couldn’t stop what I was doing with my sister-in-law.

I told Erika i could meet her at the shop on Friday but could only stay to help pick out a few things before i had to get home. We planned to have our date the following night. I parked on the side of the building and waited for Erika. She followed yalova escort a few minutes later and went in as a couple. The same cashier was there and gave us a smile and a wave as we walked back to the clothing section.

“I’ve never worn anything like this stuff before,” she commented as she looked carefully at everything. I saw a lot of the normal stuff, schoolgirl, maid etc. I personally loved all the lingerie. She seemed to like it as well.

“These look really sexy,” I said as i grabbed a pair of lace panties. Erika looked at them and seemed to like them.

“I have a few thongs but nothing like this,” she laughed also feeling embarrassed she doesn’t have anything so sexual.

“There are a lot of options here. These are also really hot,” I said looking at some teddys. I could see her studying them hard trying to find the right outfit.

“There is just so much. They all look so good!” I could see her getting excited because she finally had a reason to buy something someone would like.

“I wouldn’t get a costume. Get something that feels more real. More personal.” I was excited as well since my wife never wanted to wear this stuff anymore.

“Let me find a few things and I’ll meet you at the register. I want you to be surprised for tomorrow.” She gave me a playful shove away. I loved she was so into this and i let her be as she kept looking. I glanced at a few toys on the wall near the register.

“Interested in pegging?” The girl behind the counter said. She could tell I was a bit confused and explained. “Girls get that and they peg their bf with it. A lot of guys aren’t gay but love the feeling of it in their ass. Really hits a good spot.” I was kind of intrigued by the thought of it. Ive never really had any type of anal play before, but I wouldn’t be against it if Erika wanted to try. Maybe another time as we were focusing on the lingerie. The cashier understood and back off she chatted a couple of more minutes until we saw Erika walk up.

“All set, she said as she tried to hide her purchase. The cashier quickly grabbed them and gave us a price. It was a bit high and asked if there was any type of discount like last time. Me and Erika were prepared for another kiss which didn’t faze us now. Instead, it was a bit more.

“Always happy to help with a discount but you’re gonna have to do a bit more for these,” she smiled. We expected a longer kiss or maybe playing with her tits a bit. “I wanna see how good your cock sucking skills are.” Her smile grew wider. We were shocked by the stranger’s request.

“Right her in the open?” I asked getting a bit nervous of being caught.

“I think we’ll be okay. But it’s a good discount so it’s up to you.” She could tell we wanted to. I looked around and moved off to the side. Still not hidden but a little bit better.

Erika followed and quickly dropped to her knees. She was more nervous about being seen and having the cashier watch us than anything. As I looked down at her starting to undo my pants, i can see her eagerness as she quickly wanted to get my cock out of its pants. There was no hesitation as she took me in her mouth.

It was incredible as she began to suck me off right there in the store with the cashier smiling. She stood between us and the door, helping block anyone that may walk in.

“Fuck baby,” I said as she continued to work my cock. As it got more and more wet, it began to slide more easily down her throat. My meat wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, but my wife had never been able to deep throat me like her sister was doing right then. Not only that Erika seemed to love it.

“Mmmmm yalova escort bayan MMmmmmm,” she moaned slurping all around my shaft. She went back deep, this time using her tongue to lick my balls easily. It was amazing what she was able to do. I would have never guessed she hadn’t done this. I wanted it to go on forever but i knew we were risking being caught. As soon as I was ready, I gave her the alert I was about to cum.

“Fuck yes give it to me,” she demanded. She grabbed me with one hand and held my swollen head in her lips as i spewed my cum right into her mouth. After a few seconds, I was emptied out and she stood to her feet. She showed her cum filled mouth to the cashier before she swallowed it without any thought.

“That was some blowjob,” the cashier smiled getting back behind the desk. “You guys are one fun couple.” We just looked at each other and laughed. She really was so much fun to be with. Nothing like my wife at all. With her items paid and half off, we made to the car to leave.

“That was amazing. When was the last time you ever got to do that?”

“Not like that in a long time. maybe When me and Mike were dating. He never showed any appreciation for it though,” she said looking sad just mentioning his name.

“Well, he’s a fucking idiot. I cannot wait for tomorrow to see you in your new clothes.” I leaned in to give her a kiss goodbye. It was sexual but something more. I could taste my cum on her lips and it was so hot knowing she was much more adventurous. It was going to be a long 24 hours before i was able to see her but on my drive home i began to think about her more. Not just the sex but my feeling towards her. I didn’t want to say anything but i could feel myself falling for her.

The next day dragged on. I couldn’t wait to see what Erika had picked for me. I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms and to kiss her entire body. With my wife going out with friends and the kids at a friends for a sleepover, i finally made my way to Erika. I sent her a text I would be there soon. She told me to just let myself in and lock it when i was in.

Walking in, the lights were dimmed low. I followed the path of candles to the bedroom where her back was facing me.

“Before I turn around, I want you to strip down for me.” She was holding the bedsheet against her making it difficult to tell what she was wearing. Her hair looked great, curly and down past her shoulders. I did as demanded, not even wearing socks. She turned slowly still holding the sheet against her breasts, blocking my view.

“Mmmm looks yummy,” she teased. I did a bit of trimming this afternoon, getting my balls and shaft nice and smooth with just a bit of hair on the top. “Stroke it for me.” I did as instructed, taking in her beauty.

“Tell me what you like about me,” she asked. While it was her trying to be in control, i felt there was something else like. Like she needed confirmation that she was sexy.

“I like how open and adventurous you are. I like how you are willing to try something new even if you may not like it yourself,” I told her stroking my growing cock. “You are absolutely beautiful, and I like that I get to talk to you and have a lot of fun.” Her whole face lit up as she rose from the bed, standing on her knees. She slowly dropped the sheet, and I was able to just take it in. She wore a black teddy with a small collar around the neck and a wide gap down the middle. Down at her pussy, I could see it was well trimmed as it was crotchless.

“Get over here,” she motioned with her finger. As I got closer, she leaned back until she was laying down. He pussy greeted escort yalova me as I crawled on the bed. It smelled incredible and I didn’t wait for any more direction. My lips and tongue went right in and could taste her right away. I loved knowing she was wet before waiting for me.

“Oh god yes,” she said putting her hand on the back of my head. She didn’t need to push as I wanted to go deeper, forcing my tongue in and around her slit. I sucked on her pussy lips as her moaning only got louder. After a few minutes, i flipped her around as her ass was now sticking up in the air. I went back to eating her out.

“Holy shit this is amazing,” she panted. I spread her cheeks and lips out, trying out different angles as i moved up to her asshole. As I slipped in some fingers in her pussy, my tongue circled around her tight hole.

“You taste incredible. So much better than Danielle.” She seemed to get off on that more as her leg was shaking.

“My useless husband would never be able to do this,” she said in-between short breaths. She pushed her ass back, forcing me to fall on my back this time. Her juicy pussy never left my mouth as she positioned herself on top to suck my cock.

“I fucking love when you take control,” i said after more licks of her ass. She grabbed my cock and went right back to where she was the previous night in the store. In our 69-poisiton, it was easier for me to get my cock deeper down her throat.

“This is going to slide right into me later,” she exclaimed giddy. Both of us were beyond dripping. She worked my cock like I have never experienced before. Her tongue movement, her stroking and licking of my sac. It was all so amazing. I never wanted to stay where I was so bad and just keep her pussy flowing the way it was.

“I need you in me now,” she said lifting her leg up and allowing me to finally get right side up. “Fuck my pussy and hard.” I got right behind her and easily slid my cock into her. I didn’t need to take my time as I began pounding away. With her still in the teddy, it was so hot to see her dressed and taking me with her looking back at me. She had a devilish grin that told me I knew this was not going to end for a long time. She was suppressed for so long and was finally getting what she wanted.

“Fuck that cock is so good. My sister is a moron for not wanting this all the time.” Just like her, it was a turn on for me also talking about her sister, my wife, about how much better we are than the other. I grabbed her hair in a giant ponytail and held on as I pulled her while fucking her with everything I had.

“Ahhhhhh, fuck yes,'” she yelled.

“Fuck baby, your pussy is amazing. Fuck your husband.”

“My sister may not want your cum, but I do. Fucking give it to me. I need it.” The dirty talk was stepping up and I loved it. I held her close as I deposited my seed into her wet, cheating pussy. She pushed back as well to make sure all of it was in there. We finally collapsed on the bed together.

“You are amazing,” I was barely able to get out.

“Me? I have never been fucked like that in my life,” she said happily. We took a minute getting our breath back when I decided I wanted to express myself to her.

“Erika, I know I shouldn’t risk making this more than it is, but I’ve known you a long time. These last several weeks have been amazing. You are literally everything I’ve ever wanted. I think…I think I love you.” She got up quickly and leaned on her arm.

“You really feel that way?”

“Yes. I do.” She quickly gave me a kiss.

“I think I feel the same way. I never want this to end.” With that she leapt on top of me and began to ride me as my cock began to grow again.

The next month or so we did this every weekend. Dates, sex, having fun.

One day when I came over, she gave me the greatest news.

“Babe, I’m pregnant.”

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