princess loses her virginity and gets a surprise two weeks later

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Once upon a time there lived a prince and a gorgeous princess, Princess Amanda, with 38DD boobs and weighs 130 pounds. She is about 5’9″ age 16, with blonde hair; a natural goddess. As for her prince, Prince Billy, he has a nice 7 1/2″ dick. He weighs 122 pounds and is 5’10” age 18 with close cut black hair. One day at the castle the prince made the princess breakfast in bed before she woke up and left it at her bedside. When she woke up, she smelt the breakfast and ate it all up and went down stairs to find Billy, in her micro mini night gown with a sky blue lace thong and matching bra; finding him on the couch watching Aladdin, she walked over to him and gave him a nice French kiss on the lips as a thank you for the breakfast. The prince then said “You’re welcome” and kissed her back.

Later that day, the princess told the prince she wanted to pay him back. She told him she wanted to give him a blow job and have him jizz all over her naked body and smear it all over her with his dick. So, of course, the prince said,
“Sure, my sweet, beautiful, princess.”
When they got in their room, the princess stripped off her night gown and unzipped the prince’s jeans to release the pant’s prisoner, she immediately started licking and kissing it before she took it in her mouth. When she saw the Sex hikayeleri precum oozing from his dick she finally took it into her warm, tight, sweet, mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth on the prince’s cock. After a few minutes, Billy said he was about to cum so she stopped and laid down just as the prince started squirting his jizz all over her boobs face and hair and smearing it all over her with his still erect dick, once he finished, she cleaned his dick off by licking it again.

The princess was still a virgin, and wanted that to change so she asked the prince to take her virginity, although he was skeptical, seeing as it was his first time as well, he agreed. So, they got on the bed Princess Amanda on bottom and Prince Billy on top all, grabbing his dick, she led it to her fuckhole and told him to go for it. He slowly enters, her making her flinch as he feels the tightness of her hot, very wet, virgin, cunt, her vagina muscles crushing his cock and he loves it. Reaching the cherry and she tells him to go for it, so he pulls out and he slams back in making her scream, loud and high pitched. After about two minutes of his dick in her twat she’s ready and moans,
“Go ahead, my prince, continue fucking me.”
The prince fucks the princess for another 30 minutes, Sikiş hikayeleri she reaches her peak and screams her prince’s name, followed by many moans, she drifts off with cum and sweat covering her body and her prince still inside her pussy.

When she woke, her prince was gone and she was cleaned up and dressed again. She went downstairs to thank her wonderful prince and she saw dinner made and ready on the table for her to eat sitting down with her, he asked her if she could, after dinner, finger herself and describe it to him while he watched her. She though about it for a long while and she finally agreed. So, after they ate they went upstairs to their bedroom and she got undressed again, and started fingering herself describing it like this,
“I started with slowly rubbing my tight cunt until it was dripping wet and then shoved a finger in and then after a little bit, after I could feel the liquids on my hand, I put another one in and fingered myself, harder and faster, imaging it was Prince Billy. After a short while, I peaked and quietly moaned Prince Billy’s  name.” As she was doing that, Prince Billy was jacking off and was ready to cum when Princess Amanda had her orgasm and he shot 6 sticky globs of hot white jizz all over her tight cunt and her smooth toned stomach. When Erotik hikaye he was done shooting his load Princess Amanda smeared it all over her and then licked her fingers. When they where done kissing, they went and took a shower together and Princess Amanda got on her knees and sucked her prince’s dick and he shot a load in her mouth, which she swallowed a whole mouthful of. After words, they got out and they dried each other off, paying special attention to each others’ forbidden zones. When they were done, they went to their bedroom and fell asleep naked.  In the morning the princess woke up to find her prince still sleeping and he was rock hard and she was dripping wet, so she got up and started fucking him feeling her wet, tight cunt stretching from his long, thick dick. After about ten minutes or so she had an intense orgasm. When she opened her eyes, she saw her prince looking at her, smiling.  The prince then laid her on her back and licked her tight cunt clean.

Two weeks later

The princess came running downstairs screaming “GUESS WHAT!!!!!” after a short guessing game, she shared that she was pregnant. Need less to say, they were both thrilled and they decided to name the kid if a boy, Billy JR, if a girl, Rhyan. And they lived happily, slutty after.

the end.

Please comment; and thanks goes out to my wonderful wife, who made it able for me to do this. She gave me a lot of the description in the story, if it wasn’t for her this story wouldn’t be a success.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32